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Grade C Disciples & Fake Ananda Vaniis

Date: 18 May 2008 23:37:29 -0000 From: "Shivadayal Singhal" To: Subject: Grade C Disciples & Fake Ananda Vaniis Baba "Tumi esecho bha'lo besecho..." (PS 2435) Purport: Baba, by Your grace You have come and made me Yours. You have spread Your sweet smile and by that way You have captured my mind and dyed me in Your divine colour. You have made me colourless. Baba, O' my Dearmost, I cannot ever forget You. Always I am thinking about Your Your glory and charm. And I feel deep inside my heart that You love me and that You care for me in all the ways-- always watching for my welfare. What more do I need than that. Baba, You have graced me by coming in my dhyan. And by Your infinite compassion I feel Your proximity and closeness in anudhyana and sadhana. That is why I am forever engaged with You in this way. Baba You have come in my heart. It is Your grace...
Namaskar, This entire letter is about the situation regarding our A'nanda Va'niis. Because on this day of Ananda Purnima 2008, the various leading factions fabricate and distribute their own fake Ananda Vanii. And this is one dogma which should not be allowed to continue in our Marga. Only Baba's original teachings are part of our AM shastra, not any groupist ploys such as the Fake Ananda Vaniis.
Up to 1990 Baba has graced us with a full and complete collection of A'nanda Va'niis. Just as His teachings of A'nanda Sutram are complete, similarly His collection of A'nanda Va'nii is perfect unto itself. No more need be added-- rather that would taint the collection. So the tragedy is that since 1991 various groupist opportunists in Centre and certain factional leaders have injected their own Fake A'nanda Va'niis onto the scene. Obviously no real margii can accept these in their heart; that much is sure. For everyone's awareness here following is a little look at the psychological & mental make-up of those who are making these Fake Ananda Vaniis. And thereafter we will review the dharmic qualities of Baba's authentic Ananda Vaniis.
We all know that there are three types of disciples. And now we are going to see which type of disciple will abide by Baba's teachings and protect the integrity of His Ananda Vaniis, as well as which type of disciple goes against the Guru by creating their own Fake Ananda Vaniis. "A grade" disciples, learn all the things while they live at the lotus feet of Guru they . And when those "A Grade" disciples go away from the physical satsaunga of the Guru, then they keep all those teachings which they learned in their heart and they follow and propagate them accordingly. Such disciples maintain the integrity of Baba's Ananda Vaniis. Whereas those who are "C grade" disciples, for them the situation is entirely different. When they sit at the lotus feet of Guru, it appears as though those "C grade" disciples understand and are following whatever Guru tells. But when they go away from the company of the Guru then they leave all those things behind. Means they leave empty-handed; whatever Guru has taught them gets washed away form their mind. So such C-Grade disciples do not follow Guru's teachings rather; they do something opposite. Such persons invent their own Fake Ananda Vaniis and distribute them around the globe. This very type of phenomenon Baba has fully discussed in various discourses.
There is no scarcity of examples of such C grade disciples. We have seen them in our life and we will see them in future also. About such C grade disciples, when they were physically close with Guru it looked like they are A grade & neo-humanistic. But now their color has been exposed; their true color came and they forgot all those things what our Guru taught. Instead, groupism is rampant; and factionalism, lingualism, and so many isms are raising their ugly head and spreading poison all around-- thus polluting the entire margii society. They want to capture even simple margiis and tie them up in the serpentine noose of groupism. Only almighty Baba is saving the situation. Furthermore such C grade disciples ruin the Prabhat Samgiita by putting various filmy dancers and female heroines' pictures on His divine Prabhat Samgiita cassette covers. Indeed such C grade disciples have made so many nuisances. They created dogmatic tiirthas and holy lands, memorial, and dogma after dogma. Not only that, they are seriously involved in curtailing margiis' rights. Plus we will see in future how they will collect certain shlokas from Baba's various books like Shabda Cayanika, A Few Problems Solved, Prout, and Namah Shivaya Shantaya etc, and issue those things as Ananda Sutram. And this they will do in the interest of their own faction or group. The above are all the tainted works of C Grade disciples. Plus these lowly disciples also invent Fake Ananda Vaniis.
In the case of fake Ananda Vaniis groupist people are collecting various quotes in the favour of their group interest and wrongly labeling them as Ananda Vaniis. This we have seen since 1991.
But those who are A grade disciples, they know that Baba's each and every thing is unique in its own way. Thus for us as human beings who have comparatively very little capacity, how much can one understand about Guru's greatness. So what right do we have to manipulate His writings and teachings. Because He Himself specially designated a select number of His teachings as Ananda Vaniis. He Himself has made His Ananda Vaniis as one bright sparkling entity like a shiny star. Then we do not have right to interchange those them. Means some teachings He has given as Ananda Sutram, some as Prout, and some as Shabda Cayanika etc. So true disciples will respect and abide by Guru's instructions. And only lesser or fake disciples will mix those things according to their own selfish convenience.
Here is another point. History bears this testimony that Baba himself wrote all those Ananda Vaniis in His own handwriting. And he did not do just one like this; but time after time for many years Baba continued to write those Ananda Vaniis with His own hand. All senior margiis are aware about those things. But in the case of discourses, Baba never did like this. Countless discourse He has given and always He was speaking and devotees were writing. Whereas Ananda Vaniis are relatively few in number and written by hand. So discourses are discourses and Ananda Vaniis are Ananda Vaniis. Each have their own specialty and distinction. So there is not only 1 reason but so many reasons that make Ananda Vaniis as something unique unto themselves. Any sincere devotee will certainly not ruin or manipulate them. But about the present situation here are some more facts.
Our Guru is Brahma Himself-- an ordinary human being. His teachings should be taken seriously. This is one of the major characteristics of the proper disciple. Means what Guru says, we should follow. And in due course of time you will understand that what Baba says, that is truth, meaningful. So we should see what is the validity of the so-called Ananda Vaniis on this very point. That will make it more clear.
There are many points to say, but here is the central point. The true Ananda Vanii which is given by Baba, is complete in itself. It is a full discourse. For example, this following true Ananda Vanii is just a couple of lines. BABA says, "Struggle against evil forces is life. We have to remember this fact once again on this threshold of a happy New Year." -Ananda Vanii #9 So the above Ananda Vanii is one entire and complete discourse which was given on 1 January 1959. And it has eternal value; it is timeless. Hence it cannot be altered, nor can its title be changed. And you will not find these above two lines, in any of the discourses. You will not get it anywhere. Because, this true Ananda Vanii given by BABA is complete unto itself. Nowhere you will find it in Baba's other discourses. So the whole message here is that true Ananda Vaniis are not the part of any discourse. They are a discourse unto themselves. And Baba titled such types of discourses as "Ananda Vaniis". So we cannot call Ananda Vaniis as any other thing. They are full and complete discourses- per Baba's design. So when Baba has named Ananda Vaniis as individual discourses, as true disciples our duty is to accept that. In contrast, if anybody thinks that they can make and fabricate their own Ananda Vaniis and haphasardly grabbing parts of other discourses, then such infamous characters are C grade disciples, or worse. The sole point is that when Baba has beautifully named these as "Ananda Vanii", then we should accept that and keep it as it is. We should respect Baba's view and guideline and no C grade disciple should create their own Fake Ananda Vanii. Baba's style of discourse has its own importance. Usually discourses are fairly long explanations on certain subjects. In contrast, the "Ananda Vanii" collection has a different aim and charm. It is short and striking like an arrow. It is one discourse unto itself. It is not the part of any discourse.
In true course, each and every thing which Baba has given, has its own inherent charm, beauty, and attraction. Its own uniqueness. Just like, some of Baba's poetry is available in children's stories also. And He named it as children's stories. That will be a blunder if we will include those things in Prabhat Samgiita. And thereby try to increase the number of Prabhat Samgiita from 5018 to something more than that. Indeed that would not be good. Likewise, we know that each and every literature like Namah Shivaya Shantaya, Namami Krsna Sundaram, Ananda Vacanamrtam, etc, it has its own beauty and importance. We do not have the right to alter it. Some ignorant persons, those who do not understand, if they are trying to ruin something, then we should try to correct them. The point at hand of course is clear: that the fake Ananda Vaniis which Centre is issuing is not Ananda Vanii. Rather they are a quote, a section of a pre-existing discourse. But those in Centre have painted such quotes of various discourses as "Ananda Vanii". This is the manipulation that is going on and has been going on since 1991 in the name of Ananda Vanii.
One related point is when one well known Didi collected hundreds of quotes from Baba's books, and she printed them as "Light Comes". As a very small pocket book type. And I was in that reporting session where Baba supported that work. But can you imagine if that Didi foolishly would have given the name of that "Light Comes" pocket book as "Ananda Vanii Collection". That means the "Light Comes" book would have been projected as "Collection of Ananda Vaniis", then what would have been the situation? So when Centre and various sub-groups are issuing a few paragraphs according to their choice, if we call it as "Ananda Vanii" -- if this very approach of Centre is accepted, then why not the book "Light Comes" should be treated as "Collection of Ananda Vanii". Why not? So the question is serious. But those who are dogmatic, they don't like to think on this very point. Perhaps because of lack of devotional heart, such people do not understand that as a devotee, our duty is to keep Guru's things intact. We should not allow anybody-- like C Grade disciples-- to ruin it.
We should take guideline from this following Baba's teaching. BABA says, "The characteristic of good people is to fight against injustice, to firmly adhere to truth and righteousness, to protect the helpless and fight against all evil persons. Those who are merely simple and are of a meek and goody-goody nature are not good people." (FPS part 5, p.28) So we should all stand firm and uphold the ideal that Baba's teachings should not be misrepresented. So Ananda Vaniis and quotes are two different things. They cannot be interchanged. Namaskar, Shivadayal
********************************************* How to Stay Fit
Baba says, "All glands need regular and proper exercise...systematic and rhythmic dances are those useful exercises...In the absence of the proper exercise of those glands, people lose many capacities at an early age-- especially the capacities of deep thinking and of sustained recollection...Considering all this-- considering the location of the glands, and the effect of chandas and mudra's-- Shiva invented a unique and perfect dance: tandava." (NSS, p. 23)

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