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Baba Taught only 1 Thing

Date: 31 May 2011 16:26:43 -0000
From: "Chandramohan Deva"
Subject: Baba Taught only 1 Thing



The top-most ideal in the life of any sadhaka is to realise that,
'Parama Purusa is always with me'. To live with this feeling firmly
established in the mind is to be a true spiritualist. That is Baba's

As we know, devotion is everything for an aspirant; and devotion means
always feeling that 'Parama Purusa is with me'.

Baba says, "When devotion is there, Parama Purus'a is there." (SS-20
'Astitva and Shivatva')

So cultivating devotion and feeling His loving internal presence is the
central theme of our life. That is what we are to strive for.


If we take a moment to review Baba's physical presence on this earth, we
can easily see that this is also one of the main things He wanted to
teach us-- that He is always with us.

Behind His reporting sessions, behind His scoldings, behind His pointing
out, behind His Dharma Samiiksa, and behind His so many demonstrations
was the inherent idea that, 'I (Baba) am always with you'. That was what
He was showing us.

Because in all those circumstances, Baba was practically teaching us
that even when He was not physically next to us, even then He was aware
of our each and every thought, word, and deed.

How many times would a margii arrive from Brazil or Hong Kong, or how
often would a WT come from their posting in Bombay etc, and in step-wise fashion
Baba would recount all the details of their long and arduous journey, or
some other event in their life.

This was Baba's unique way of saying, 'I am not just this physical body,
always I reside in your heart & mind. I am always with you-- caring for

This idea Baba has repeated in hundreds of discourses. And in His
practical life, in countless ways Baba has taught this ideal: That He
remains with us-- wherever we go, in whatever circumstance we are in.

Baba says, "Pure shete yah sah purus'ah, that is, 'The witness-ship that
lies quiescent in every entity is the purus'a'." (AS, 1-1)

                     SOME REALISE & SOME NOT

Those who, by His grace, realise this ideal, to some or more degree,
feel Baba's presence in sadhana and understand that His physical
presence was just an external manifestation, and not the whole of who
Baba is.

Naturally then when they sit for sadhana then they feel internally
linked with Baba, by His grace.

Unfortunately, today there are some who claim, directly or indirectly,
that Baba is gone. This is a result of their thinking that Baba was just
a physical person on this earth, like so many others; and since 1990
Baba is gone, just like every other person who left this earth.

But we must not in any way, shape, or form support or encourage this
false notion that Baba is gone, as that undermines Baba's magnanimous
presence and is detrimental to our own spiritual progress.

                        NOT JUST PHYSICAL

While Baba's physical advent on this earth was so historic and
meaningful, it was never meant that we should take His physical body as
the totality of His personality. That is why from the very beginning,
sadhana was a mandatory practice. Baba's ongoing guidance was that we
should seek Him and serve Him within.

For that reason He has given kiirtan, dhyana, first lesson, madhuvidya
and so many other teachings and practices. To realise His presence inside.

Plus in Prabhat Samgiita Baba has described the sheer futility of trying
to find Parama Purusa in the external world.

            Vane upavane khu’nijiya’ khu’nijiya’
            Kona kha’ne tava dekha’ na’ pa’i...
            A'ja bujila'ma manete rayecho...
            Ba'hira vishve khunjiya' khunjiya'
            Ka’chera du’re pa't'ha'te ca'i (PS #1082)

      O' Baba I am searching for You in the forest and in the gardens
                  I could not see you anywhere
        Today I understand that You are remaining in my mind
              Those searching You in the external world
               Want to send You from close to far

So even when in physical form, Baba was describing that the only way to
truly get Him was to seek Him within.

Furthermore, He put forth the warning those seeking Him externally would
not only not find Him, but would push Him far, far away.

Baba says, "Du'r'a't sudure: if people think that Parama Purus'a is far
from them, then He is very, very far. Du'ra means far and sudu'ra means
so far that the human mind cannot even imagine it." (SS-11, p. 65)

               NOTHING HAS CHANGED SINCE 1990

Hence for those involved in sadhana, then nothing has changed since
1990, because the way to get Him has remained the same. He remains
eternally in our hearts and mind. In AM, by His grace, we understand
that it was just His liila that He physically manifested Himself on this
earth. But always He is with us-- in our minds and heart.

That is why in AM there is not a new Guru. On most paths a successor is
named to be the new guru. But in AM when Parama Purusa Himself is the
Guru, and when He is always with us, then there is no question of there
being any second or third Guru.

Thus the same inner link that was present before 1990 is the same as
today and will be tomorrow. And it is this link-- the devotional reality
that He is always with us-- that we should cultivate each and every
breath, each and every moment we are alive. That is how we are to find Him.

Across so many discourses, reporting sessions, songs, and PC's, there is
one main thing that Baba wants to teach us: That He is always with us
and the path of devotion means to realise Him and live with the
awareness that He resides eternally in our mind and heart.

                          BABA'S BLESSING

Baba says, "Parama Purus'a, the Supreme Father, is always with you and
you are never alone." (AV-12)

Chandramohan Deva

                     OUR SANSKRIT NAMES

Baba says, "At the time of initiation or shortly afterwards, those who do not
have a Sanskrit name should be given one by the ácárya/á. The word deva should
be suffixed to the name...the more the usage of deva as a title, the better it
is. The Sanskrit name should be used in all worldly dealings." (Caryacarya-1)

                  PRABHAT SAMGIITA

"Jakhani bha'vi kichu cini bujhi, dekhi a'mi kichu ja'ni na'..." (PS 3225)


 When my little ego dominates then I think that I know and understand
everything. It is only later that I realize that I do not know
anything-- I know not. When I try to move on the path with my own
strength, then it is difficult for me to decide what I want to do and
what is my goal. From the origin of which unknown source am I floating
and floating, from far to the farthest place, in the search of that
unknown divine Entity. Day and night I am searching and wandering; why I
wander around I do not understand.
 O' karunamaya, what type of divine play do You do with me. What type of
liila do You go on playing with this unit entity. How can this divine
play between unit and cosmic continue without Your grace. Baba, You are
everything, only by Your grace is anything possible...

                     Health Guideline

Baba says, "In order to digest starches and carbohydrates, the saliva of
the mouth must help at the preliminary stage. Chewing food brings an
adequate quantity of saliva into the mouth. No sooner does the food
mixed with saliva enter the stomach than the liver and the pancreas are
enabled to start secreting their bile and digestive fluids. So unless
food is chewed well, the liver can never function properly." (YT, p.1)

Note: In the fast-paced life of this 21st century, people no longer give
themselves proper time to attend to their basic life duties, such as
eating food. Instead people just rush off from one appointment to
another and "grab a bite to eat" along the way at any number of
drive-thru, fast-food places. In their hectic pace, instead of chewing
their food they just inhale their meal, nearly swallowing it whole. But
this way of "eating" is terribly hazardous to the health and invites
many diseases. As Ananda Margiis we should spread Baba's above teaching
to the members of the general society so that they may be benefited.

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