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Baba's Guideline on how to Control Sex

To: From: Subject: Baba's Guideline on how to Control Sex Date: Sat, 01 Mar 2008 23:50:56 -0800 (PST) Baba "A'lo tumi tule dharo saba'ri sa'mane..." (2135) Purport: Baba, You grace everyone. With Your love, You show the path of effulgence to all. By virtue of one's little intellect and superficial knowledge, You cannot be realized. When I feel that I have understood You, then and there I realize that I am in the dark. Because of this ignorance, I feel that I am all alone. But when I surrender everything to You, then only I feel that You are residing in my mind. Baba, when I call You in my days of suffering, when I am burning with the fire of mental tension, dilemma and confusion, and various types of physical, psychic, and spiritual afflictions, when with a crying heart I desperately call You, then I feel that You are secretly residing in my mind-- in the core of my heart. Baba, nobody can know You or realise You by using their crude worldly attributions. By Your grace You shower all with the light of sadhana, and by that way I am able to come close to You. It is Your grace, it is Your grace...
Namaskar, One of the most important aspects of spirituality is knowing how to keep the mind moving in a sentient direction-- as well as recognising when the mind is starting to degrade.
All human beings have four inborn or basic propensities: ahar (hunger), nidra (sleep), bhaya (fear), and maethuna (procreation). These are present within each and every person, and one becomes great by gaining control over these propensities-- because then the mind will flow swiftly and smoothly towards the path of dharma and one's spiritual ideal. Failing that, the mind will move outwardly towards the mundane world via the indriyas (motor & sensory organs) and express in the form of these 4 cruder propensities. Unfortunately, in today's materialistic society, nearly the whole population is involved in this degenerated way of life. Of course for sadhakas, our way is different. We are to direct the mind towards the atman or soul and from there reach to God-- never allowing the flow of mind to degrade and blindly run after these four basic propensities.
The question then is how to control these four basic propensities. And here Baba Himself provides us with the answer. Baba says, "The peculiar nature of these propensities is this: if they are given indulgence, they increase. And they easily come under control with a slight effort; only in the initial stage, one must struggle a little to control them." (NSS: Disc 16) So the first half of the equation is that if we encourage these propensities-- if we act on them-- then that particular vrtti or propensity will multiply exponentially and one will become a slave to that propensity. Baba says, "As with any of the four vrttis, if sleep is encouraged, people can spend twenty-three out of the twenty-four hours of their day in sleep." (NSS: Disc 16) Hence just as one can sleep all day long, one be totally dominated by any of the 4 cruder propensities, if they are encouraged. A man can eat 150 eggs if that is his choosing. A person can become totally fearful of each and every thing in this universe if the fear vrtti encouraged. Likewise, one's entire existence can be swallowed up by sexual lust if one is not careful. Such is the case with so many so-called superstars of Hollywood etc. Then what are we to do? Baba says, "They [the 4 basic propensities] easily come under control with a slight effort." In a phrase, the second half of Baba's formula is that we are to discourage those cruder propensities-- we are not to act on them blindly, in which case their effect on the mind will diminish and the mind will be free to move towards a higher ideal.
But in this crude era of kali yuga, of extreme materialism, of degenerated capitalism, each and every direction one looks, or nearly so, there is the encouragement of the sex vrtti: In advertisements, on the internet, in movies, by risque dress on the street, and so many ways. Naturally, then the bulk of the population gets pulled in that direction. And the consequence is awful: Sexual diseases, unplanned pregnancies, ruined marriages, and the degeneration of mind such that peace and composure can never be found. So as sadhakas we are to take proper care, and, if at any time, our minds accidentally get exposed to sexually oriented things-- such as when browsing the internet-- then immediately we should close the eyes, take Baba's name, and see His image in dhyana. In a word, we are to ask His grace. That is the only way. Otherwise that crude picture will flash in the mind again and again. So it must be dissolved and replaced or diverted with something else-- namely Baba's image. By this way we will always get success because Baba's grace is far more powerful than those crude vrttis.
So the two step approach in AM for overcoming sexual lust and the domination of any of the four baser propensities is (a) discouragement and (b) channelisation. Discouragement, as discussed above, means not (over)indulging in that direction whether it be excess sleep, overeating, fear complex, or crude lustful "pleasures". If one does not mentally or physically swim in that direction, then the mind will not be prone to flowing that way. In which case the mind will be free to move in a sentient manner, which leads into point (b), channelisation. As we all know, in our sadhana and dhyana, we are to make a link with Parama Purusa-- an inner relation with Him. And as Baba explains in His book, Namami Krsna Sundaram, the sadhaka is to adopt one of the various bhavas-- Friend, Father, Slave, Lover, whichever one feels natural. Then through that relation the mind will be able to run towards Parama Purusa. Then one's crude propensities will be wholly diverted and channelised towards Baba, and the degrading effect of those crude propensities will wane, diminish, or become nil. In a nutshell this is Baba's proven and scientific way for overcoming the bondage of the four crude vrttis and inviting bliss into one's life.
Even then there are many more parts to the puzzle which can be elaborated upon later or raised by someone else. Here are some of those pieces. * The way to divert sexual energy is by making a relation with Baba in sadhana, that we know. But when the eyes are open and one is walking down the street, then we are to look upon all females as mother. That is the tantric depiction of women. Then the feeling of lust will not arise because one will be involved in the sentient ideal that women are the mothers of men. Likewise, sisters should think that all males are their father, that will also discourage the sex impulse. But far and away, it is brothers who suffer more from this problem as the society exploits females and objectifies females as the tools of male enjoyment. * In order to overcome crude propensities, Buddhists resort to negative ideation and hatred by thinking of females merely as a combination of biological parts such as the stomach with its undigested food or the bowels with its storage of waste. That is how the Buddhist doctrine advises practitioners to overcome sexual feeling. But this breeds disgust and hatred in the mind, which is why it is far more suitable and appropriate to adopt the tantric ideal that all women are to be looked upon as mother. * Avidya maya wants to keep each and every person in her clutch. That is why when she sees anyone adopt the spiritual path then she hurls thousands of obstacles in that person's way in hopes of derailing their progress. Indeed maya is just like a female spy that is sent into enemy territory to get information by using her sexual appeal. Those who fall prey do not understand what they are getting themselves into. Same with the sadhaka who falls prey to lust etc. That sadhaka does not realise that it is merely Mahamaya trying to bound them in her clutch. * The human mind cannot go in two directions. So if the mind adopts a particular bhava and links up with Parama Purusa, then that mind will be less susceptible to degradation. Because the mind can only go in one direction. And when the mind is wholly engaged in its spiritual pursuit, then there is absolutely no chance of degradation. So it all depends on the degree to which one is involved in sadhana. * The whole path of mysticism is to withdraw the mind from the physical organs (indriyas) and channelise the mind toward the atman or soul, and from the unit soul reach up to God. Unfortunately, now many travel the opposite path and their mind flows towards the indriyas and from there they crudely interact with the mundane world, thereby indulging in those crude propensities. * Above all, the most important point is that when tempted in any negative direction, then immediately seek out and ask the sweet grace of Parama Purusa and request Him again and again to save you from all sorts of problems and difficulties. Then surely He will respond by showering His grace and you will be saved. Because let us never forget that His grace is more powerful than any force in this universe.
By Baba's grace He has given us all the tools and inherent longing to cultivate more and more anurakti, or more precisely para'nurakti, in life-- thereby shedding the effect of the crude, basic propensities like sex etc, and developing greater closeness and love for Him. Baba says, "When one’s psychic attraction is toward the crude, the mind has a downward tendency, which leads to one’s eventual downfall. But when the mind moves upward it is called anurakti [attraction for the Great]. The consummation of this attraction is devotion." (APH-8) Baba says, "Anurakti is of two kinds. The anurakti for the Supreme Brahma or Infinite Cosmic Consciousness is para'nurakti. The anurakti for Brahma under the sway of prakrti or the anurakti for the crude manifestations is termed apara'nurakti. God is an object for para'nurakti. When the aspirant considers the Supreme Brahma to be his own, it is termed bhajana' or bhakti." (AMIWL-2) Namaskar, Jiivendra

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