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Baba's Mandate on Myanmar Situation

From: "gabriel jans" To: Subject: Baba's Mandate on Myanmar Situation Date: Fr, 06 Jun 2008 21:03:11 Baba "Malay va'ta'se madhu nishva'se ke go ele mor phulavane..." P.S. 1801 Purport: O' the Divine Entity who are You who has come in my flower garden in this spring season with a sweet and charming smile. When I saw You for the first time I was surprised, and it was difficult to think that such an attractive Entity would be here. I wanted to look towards You more intimately but I could not, that time I was sitting in the flower garden unmindfully. I couldn't even hear the footsteps of Your arrival, & You did not give any hint or clue before coming to this garden. So I could not receive You properly nor could I offer You a garland. You have graced me by coming here but You have not cared about receiving an invitation. Please tell me, O' Divine Entity, who are You? Understanding Your liila is impossible. Within a flash You become tough and then in the next moment You are as tender as a flower-- like a garland of love --so sweet and charming. O divine Entity You cannot be understood. You are Infinite--no beginning, & no end. Through the practice of sadhana and dhyana I am surrendering myself at Your alter . Baba You have graced me by coming to my mental flower garden...
Namaskar, Right now there is so much turmoil in the wake of the recent cyclone in Myanmar (Burma). Worst of all, most of the suffering and damage is due to the ruling junta regime's not accepting outside aid. Because of that, Myanmar's own citizens are diseased, missing, and dying-- 133,000 & counting. Plus there are approximately 1.5 million who remain shelterless & in need of support. Under such dire situations, what is to be done. What should the world's governments & citizenry do? As with everything else. Baba has given the precise answer.
According to Baba, we are to force our way in and help the suffering people. We are to overpower the ruling junta government and rescue those cyclone victims. Baba says, "Now, suppose a man seems to have good relations with his neighbours, but it becomes apparent that he is about to murder his wife, what should be the duty of the neighbours? Will they remain tight-lipped, sit quietly with their arms folded, and dismiss the situation as purely a domestic affair, thereby making the murder of the woman easier, and thus assist in establishing static peace? No, that is not the dictum of human dharma. On the contrary they should rush to the house, break down the door, save the woman, take suitable action against the male tyrant, and in this way come forward to establish sentient peace." (POD #15) Hence just as one is to exercise force to save a defenseless wife from her ruthless husband, similarly we are to use military might to push aside the crude leaders of Myanmar and rescue its suffering citizens. We are not to just sit around and watch from the outside. Baba's directive is to take direct action and do whatever is necessary to save those cyclone victims. Here again is one of Baba's important teachings on this matter. Baba says, "If any country perpetrates atrocities on its minorities or attacks a weak neighbouring country, then the other neighbouring countries should, if necessary, resist the oppressor with the force of arms, and thereby come forward to establish sentient peace." (POD #15) Thus the shocking neglect of the cyclone victims is not just Myanmar's domestic affair. It is an issue for the entire globe. It is a common concern and problem that demands action by the global community, especially since Myanmar is purposely disregarding the needs of their own people.
That is why we have to conclude that the United Nations & other governmental bodies are guilty of not fulfilling their moral duty. Because of their cowardly approach, the United Nations et al have allowed untold suffering by hundreds of thousands of people in Myanmar. All because the United Nations & Co did not forcefully do something when action was needed. And indeed there are so many situations like this are going on around the globe.
By Baba's grace, He has given this below vanii which perfectly relates to the inhumane ordeal in Myanmar as well as so many other injustices around the globe. With the spread of AM teachings, we will be able to bring that soothing touch to the suffering humanity. Baba says, "The very import of the history of human welfare is the history of struggle and strife. Even the sweet gospels of peace could not be preached in an environment of peace and composure. Devils did not allow the apostle of peace to work peacefully – that is why I say that peace is the outcome of fight." "This endeavour at the well-being of the human race concerns everyone – it is yours, mine and ours. We may afford to ignore our rights, but we must not forget our responsibilities. Forgetting the responsibility implies the humiliation of the human race." "In order to march ahead on the road of human welfare, we will have to strengthen ourselves in all the arena of life. The complete seeds of welfare in all the spheres – physical, mental, moral, social and spiritual – are embedded in the sixteen points. Hence be firm on the sixteen points." (A'nanda Va'nii #45) Namaskar, Gautam
Here is just one of the countless reports about the tragedy taking place in Myanmar. "It is Myanmar’s leaders who politicised the aid effort by blocking much-needed aid due to their obsession with perpetuating their oppressive rule. For two weeks after the cyclone, The State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) not only dismally failed to provide much-needed relief to their own population, it also blocked humanitarian assistance and disaster relief experts from reaching those most in need, amounting to a blatant violation of international human rights obligations. According to reports received by Amnesty International, nearly a month after Cyclone Nargis struck Myanmar’s coast, no more than 40 per cent of up to 2.5 million survivors of the cyclone have received any international assistance at all. This result stands in stark contrast to the readiness and openness with which the regions’ governments, including India, dealt with the December 2004 tsunami."
******************************************** Be Careful in Desiring
Baba says, "Human beings attain Parama Purusa in whichever way they want. Their desires to attain Him are fulfilled according to their expectations. Suppose someone has a desire to eat delicious food. Parama Purusa will grant that wish and the person may be reborn in the next life as a wolf or wild boar to eat to his heart's content. A woman who wishes to adorn herself with ornaments may be reborn as a colorfully marked peacock. One day, however, a hunter may shoot the beautiful peacock with an arrow. As one desires, so one attains. Similarly, human beings attain Parama Purusa according to their inner desire. So, before wishing to attain Him, one must be extra cautious. Suppose a man wants to be a king. In the next life he may be born into the household of a poor man whose surname is `Raja' (king). He wanted to be a ra'ja' (king) and he became one! One must be very cautious before wishing for anything." (AV-4, p. 62)

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