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Unique Baba Darshan + Audio File

Date: Mon, 03 Jan 2011 05:43:11
From: "Giriish "
Subject: Unique Baba Darshan + Audio File



At this very unique Baba darshan during a 1966 DMC in Bihar, devotees are chanting and singing directly to Him and experiencing various occult symptoms and feelings.

By listening to the accompanying sound file in the upper left column of the AM-GLOBAL blog, the spiritual vibration can be tangibly felt.

                                                BEST WAY TO LISTEN

It is important to listen to the entire audio file (8min 52sec) from beginning to end. Just listening to the first minute will not do; nor is it proper to skip around. One must listen from start to finish. Plus you should be in a sentient frame of mind not bothered by worldly duties. Best also is to listen alone, if possible.

By these three ways, i.e. listening to the full file, being in a devotional mood, and being alone, one can become fully ensconced & immersed in that highly vibrating scene at DMC.

One may or may not be able to understand the lyrics of the song but at least by listening one can feel the vibration and understand that our devotional cult and spiritual science is very real and practical. That is the unique beauty of this sound file.

                                      CONTENT OF THE AUDIO FILE

There are two bhajans and afterwards Baba begins His discourse in a very devotional manner.

Bhajan #1: Baba tumhii sahara, meaning Baba You are my shelter;

Bhajan #2: Tumhare liye giita gayenge, meaning Baba I will sing and dance for You;

Baba's Talk: Then Baba says that without His grace nothing can happen in this universe.

                           MORE ABOUT THE DARSHAN AT THAT DMC

At this 1966 DMC, Baba is sitting on the dais while devotees are singing. The sadhakas in attendance are experiencing various feelings, by His grace, as described in the following quote.

Baba says, "When the mental flow of a spiritual aspirant moves along the introversial phase of Macrocosmic meditation, one’s animative force, having the potentiality of divinity itself, rises above all tendencies – all saḿskáras – and proceeds towards Eternal bliss. In this state the mind is vibrated with Cosmic feeling. The unexpressed divine qualities of the higher glands find expression and the resonance of the mind vibrates the nervous system. This gives rise to pious expressions in the physical body. In the case of those people whose occult feelings are not physically expressed due to causes associated with the nerves, the mental vibrations cause certain radical changes, in the various glands within the body. These occult feelings are basically of eight types: stambha (astounding), kampa (trembling), sveda (sweating), svarabheda (hoarseness of voice), ashru (tears), romáiṋca (horripilation), vaevarńa (change of colour) and pralaya (fainting fit). There are other feelings associated with these major feelings. For examples, nrtya (dancing), giita (singing), viluńt́hana (rolling), kroshana (weeping), huḿkára (roaring), lálásráva (salivating), jrmbhańa (yawning), lokápekśá tyága (indifference), at́t́ahásya (bursting into laughter), ghúrńana (whirling), hikká (hiccoughing), tanumot́ana (relaxation of the physical body) and diirghashvása (deep breathing)." (GHC)

Once again, one may or may not be able to understand the lyrics of the song as it is sung in Hindi, but by listening to the sound file one can feel the vibration and understand that the devotional cult and spiritual science is very real and practical. Sadhakas are personally experiencing all that Baba describes in the above teaching.

Note: Those aware of the lyrics and meaning should write in with the transcription and translation.


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