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Who Hates Whom

Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2008 23:29:36 -0500 From: RJ Watkins To: Subject: Who Hates Whom Baba "Keu a'lokei mishe ja'y, keu ha'ra'y va' a'ndha're..." (1278) Purport: Baba, Your divine creation is very colorful. All kinds of people are there. Some get human life, do sadhana, and ultimately become one with divinity. And some people do various misdeeds and move along the path of negative pratisaincara until finally they get lost in oblivion-- cimmerian darkness. Some want only You; while others do not want You, instead they want some boon or some gift from You. So this world is colorful. Baba, some are rushing towards the allurements of glittering objects, shining stars, or superficial worldly attractions. And some are absorbed in crying over their old outdated memories, deserted flower gardens, and skeletons of the past. In that way they waste their time. While those who are great devotees have accepted You as the Supreme quintessence and they want only You. Some are busy in intellectualizing about Your karuna and grace-- and they never get the real sweetness. Just they are jinanis involved in their own extravaganza. And some are dancing in the joy and happiness. Such devotees cannot be satiated by anything except You. You are everything for them. Those who surrendered at Your lotus feet they are the ones who pass their whole life dancing in the ecstasy of Your divine love. Baba, Your entire creation has so many types of people and various colours. Only the life of the devotee is filled with happiness and bliss...
Namaskar, Recently when one margii forwarded a letter about the deletion of the margii rights paragraph from the AM-Revolution discourse, then that senior margii was chastised by one of our "elders" for forwarding 'hate mail' onto a Marga email forum. This is a very real event that just transpired. So we should investigate the psychology and history of such so-called 'hate campaigns'. By scratching beneath the surface, we can better understand the truth about such proclamations.
As we all know, Baba graciously took form on this earth to dispel all the darkness and help everyone progress in all the realms of life. To that benevolent end, He directly pointed out the ills of communism not only to alert our Marga society about the shortcomings of communism, but also to give those communists a chance to redeem themselves and choose a better way of life. So Baba's approach was wholly benevolent and completely free from hatred. Rather, due to His great love for humanity He wanted to see everyone progress. But the communist leaders adamantly accused Baba of triggering hate campaigns against them. Those communist leaders did this because they did not like being pointed out and they wanted to turn their own followers against Baba & AM. So they specifically told their followers, 'Baba hates you and all communists'. Why? Because those communist leaders wanted to keep their own power and did not want their nasty ways exposed in front of one and all. Thus they wrongly accused Baba of running a 'hate campaign' against them. The capitalists did the same thing. Those top capitalists saw that Baba had clearly pointed out the ills of capitalism so they falsely accused Baba of launching a hate campaign. Why? To turn the general populace against Him, and because those capitalist leaders did not want to see the defects of capitalism in print. Rather they wanted bury Baba's views by branding Him as a 'hater of capitalism'. That was the easiest way for those capitalists to brush Baba aside and continue with their exploitative methods.
And indeed, throughout history, whenever the untarnished truth has been written, then various exploiters have wrongly accused the writer of launching a hate campaign. And they have branded those writings as 'hate mail' in order to keep their followers from knowing the truth. The exploitative and dogmatic leaders in various eras and in so many lands have always followed this negative policy. Baba says, "The upholders of dogma partly realize that clear, penetrating vision portends their doom. Consequently, some of them even exhort their followers, “Do not read such and such books… Do not even touch those books… They will cloud your judgment and confuse you.” However, the facts speak differently. The facts are that merely browsing through such books may or may not influence peoples’ minds, but studying them with proper understanding will definitely break the shackles of dogma." (PNS-16) The communists forbid their comrades from reading Prout, likewise the top capitalists in the US forbid Baba from entering the country. All because such dogmatic and exploitative leaders did not want the common people to be able to hear about or study Baba's ideas. And the most convenient way to do this was by saying that Baba was spreading 'hatred'-- nothing more. Then that would automatically turn the heads of their followers away from Baba's books.
And tragically this same turn of events are occurring now in our Marga. That is to say, certain exploitative leaders are branding some writers as being the creators of 'hate mail', all because those leaders want to bury the truth. When logic and reasoning is not on their side, then the easiest method is to brand such letters as 'hate mail'. Indeed, that is exactly what Pranavatmakananda did when SS Goenka forwarded a letter about Margii rights to the "" email forum. Goenkaji forwarded that letter on March 3 and because that letter contained clear cut, rational evidence how the dharmic paragraph about margii rights had been wrongly removed from Baba's AM Revolution discourse. Then within a short amount of time, Pranavatmakananda jumped into action to "put out the fire". Devoid of all logic and reasoning, Pranavatmakananda (PK) employed one and only one tool: 'Hate mail'. PK publicly scolded and chastised SS Goenka for forwarding a letter by people who run a 'hate campaign' etc. Why? Pranavatmakananda knew that the facts in that letter were true and he did not want margiis to carefully study that material. So to quickly brush aside the topic and suppress any rational discussion, Pranavatmakananda used that very tool which so many dogmatic leaders and crooked exploiters have used in the past. He said, 'That is just 'hate mail' and why are you (Goenka) forwarding such type of hatred'. What happened next? Goenkaji kept mum and there was no discussion about that letter on that forum, as all the oxygen had been effectively taken out of that Marga forum by Pranavatmakananda (PK). Here it should be said that only Sister Bhagyashree Nair boldly came forward to express her surprise at PK's ugly tactics. But for all practical purposes, PK had achieved his sorry ends, as there was no public discussion about the fact that certain top Dadas had distorted Baba's discourse by wrongly removing the paragraph about margii rights.
So that is the recent incident about Pranavatmakananda's smearing tactics-- i.e. claiming something to be hate mail-- in order to suppress the truth and keep the facts hidden. In that case how is PK any different from the various communist and capitalist leaders who falsely accused Baba of spreading hatred in the past. Thus we should all use our rational minds and think, 'Who hates whom'. Does the writer-- who exposed the truth about missing paragraph on margii rights-- really hate anybody; or, is it that those suppressive leaders hate anyone who exposes their devious methods. That is indeed the question for us all to ponder.
In His below teaching, Baba clearly points out how various leaders like PK use the mass media to confuse the masses about the truth. And one of their favoured ways is to say that such and such letter is 'hate mail' as that quickly stops any and all discussion. Baba says, "Today the number of refugees is not only thousands but many millions in various parts of the globe. And for their precarious existence, for the ignoble deaths of those millions of wretched people, only a handful of people – demons in human framework – are really responsible. They come to the world and leave it in great ruins. During their lifetime, they fully utilize all the mass media. The common people become confused and cannot think beyond that which the mass media tell them." (NH-LOI, Disc: 10) So the above is Baba's clear cut warning about such "leaders' like PK who control the media and proclaim things to be 'hate mail' in order to deceive the margiis. Yet by Baba's grace, it is certain that we margiis around the world are destined to realise the truth. It is not that forever and ever that sacred paragraph about margii rights will be deleted from Baba's discourse. Through rational discussion, everyone will realise that Baba's original paragraph should be placed back into His AM Revolution discourse. Thus it is not that PK's accusation of 'hate mail' will brush aside the issue up to eternity. Rather in a short span of time PK's ways will be exposed-- as falsehoods always are-- and the sanctity of Baba's discourse will be restored.
By Baba's grace, our Marga will propel itself forward and become a true medium of Baba's teachings. Through sadhana, study, and analysis, the repressive tactics of today' groupist leaders will be easily uncovered, and then our Marga will really shine, as their groupist dogma will be replaced with the real dharma of AM. Baba says, "You will have to analyse each and everything in the proper perspective. Until you come to a clear conclusion after proper analysis, you cannot rescue the people from the tightening noose of exploitation. Here the importance of study is tremendous – you will have to do it. You cannot afford to shut the pages of your books and remain like frogs in the well. You must enlarge your mental horizons and move ahead by shattering all social bondages." (NH-LOI, Disc: 9) Namaskar, Rasa Deva
Here is Pranavatmaka's rebuke of Goenkaji written on 11 Mar where he is outrightly accusing Goenka of forwarding 'hate mail' onto the forum. But by now, we can all easily understand the truth behind PK's tactics as he merely wants to suppress the truth in order to hide the distortion done to the AM Revolution discourse. "Dear Goenkaji, Namaskar. I don't know what positive purpose you have served by circulating the following mail ...It is a well-known fact that the mails...are intended to whip up hatred and confusion amongst the Margis and WTs. By circulating such hate mails you have wittingly or unwittingly given the impression that you are still a supporter of hate campaigns...." Thus, whenever any person-- whether it be the communists, capitalists, or PK-- is fearful that the truth will alert the people of their crooked ways, then that exploitative leader will play the 'hatred' card in order to brush aside any criticism about them.
Just as with great love Baba pointed out the defects of communism to guide the people, similarly today various margiis and field workers are pointing out the defects of groupism and exposing how groupists are distorting Baba's scripture. So the real culprits of hatred are those communists and group leaders who try to suppress the truth, and it is out of deep love for humanity that Baba and various margiis bring the truth to light.
Here is the original paragraph about margii rights that needs to be put back into Baba's historic discourse, AM Revolution. They deleted it from the Hindi and Bangla editions of PNS-11 and from the English electronic edition of Baba's books. That is the tragedy. "Ananda Marga does not discriminate between a family person and a sannyasi (renunciate). The place given to a family person in our Marga is greater than the place given to a sannyasi, based on the reason that the former is not dependent on anyone for his or her maintenance, while the sannyasi has to depend on others. A family person is like a strong tree which is self supporting, while the sannyasi is like the vine which twines around the tree for its support. A family person therefore deserves more respect than a sannyasi, according to the trend of thought in Ananda Marga. This itself is a revolutionary idea. No philosopher or thinker, whether eastern or western, had ever dared to declare a family person as deserving more respect than a hermit or sannyasi. It needed the courage of a revolutionary to say so." (PNS-11 pp.6-7)
******************************************** Baba's Warning
Baba says, "Human civilization is not one flower, but a beautiful garden with innumerable flowers of so many scents and so many varieties...We should take proper care of this garden of civilization -- we must take proper care of each and every flower. If we do not do this there will be clashes, there will be imperialism. The owner of a piggery should not be allowed to use this garden -- the immoral pigs will uproot the trees and everything will be destroyed." (AV-30, p.95-6)

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