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Unique Practice to Enhance Sadhana

From: "Shantatma Kerketta" To: Subject: Unique Practice to Enhance Sadhana Date: Tue 22 Dec 2009 07:13:55 +0530 Baba "Tumi a'cho, a'mio a'chi, a'r keu nei e tribhuvane..." (P.S. 2027) Purport: Baba, You are my dearest One; by Your grace I love You so much. For me, in this entire universe-- tribhuvan*-- only You and I exist. There is nothing else in this whole creation except You and I. Baba, by Your grace You have brought me here. And with Your love and compassion You are nourishing me, always keeping me under Your shelter. Baba, by Your divine grace I always receive Your tender love and care-- both in times of great joy and as well as during times of intense suffering. Always, in each and every circumstance, I feel Your sweet and loving presence. Baba, by Your grace You bless me with Your blissful touch in the effulgence of the new dawn. Baba, Your charming smile gets expressed in the blossom of the lily and in the flowering of the lotus. Baba, in the dry, burning desert You are the soothing balm. By Your grace in that unbearable heat You provide a cool oasis and lush verdant leaves. You are ever gracious. Baba, You saturate my dreams with Your divine love. Baba, in the form and fragrance of the sweet flowers, You dance and emanate in the vast blue sky. Baba, You always manifest Your divine Self in each and every cell of my being-- as well as in the most distant corner of my mind. Baba, by Your grace Your magnanimous effulgent smile shines like a blissful lightening bolt throughout my entire existence-- inside and out, as well as in each and every pore of this vast, infinite cosmos. Baba, You are that most effulgent and loving Personality-- I surrender at Your alter... *Tribhuvan: The prefix "Tri" means 'three' and the term "bhuvan" means 'world'. And here Baba further clarifies what He exactly means by tribhuvan, or the three worlds: Baba says, "Tribhuvana means the expressed world, the psychic world and the astral world or, you may say, Causal World." (AV-2)
Namaskar, In the life of each and every sadhaka-- in the life of each and every A'nanda Ma'rgii-- there is an inherent desire to make sadhana better and better. This is the common feeling amongst all devotees. To that end we follow Baba's various do's and don'ts. Before sadhana we do half-bath, find a quiet place, do sastaunga pranam, and then sing and dance kiirtan before sitting for meditation. However in this ultra-modern and technological era, where machines and gadgets often dominate our lives, there is the tendency just to listen to kiirtan via a stereo etc-- and not sing ourselves. This can happen. Because that reliance upon technology can enter into every sector of our existence, including our devotional practices like kiirtan. So while living in this modern era we should be aware. Because Baba's guideline is that to get the real benefit of kiirtan then one must sing-- loudly. Baba says, "To proclaim the glories of Parama purus'a, the Supreme Consciousness, in a loud voice is termed 'kiirtana'. The Sam'skrta root verb kirtt means to 'utter something loudly so that others may also hear it'; thus kiirtana means to proclaim the glories of the Lord loudly for all to hear." (AFPS-4) And here again Baba delivers the same message, in slightly different language. Baba says, "Kiirtana means to utter good words loudly; not mentally, nor in a whisper, but loud enough for everyone to hear. It is never done secretly, but always openly...So devotees will openly sing praises to Parama Purus'a. Kiirtana means, as I said a little earlier, to sing the Lord's glory in a loud voice." (AV-7, p.36) As Baba explains above, part and parcel of "doing kiirtan" means singing kiirtan-- not just listening to kiirtan. And best is to dance as well. And then in this way one can get 100% benefit: A unique devotional feeling overcomes one's entire existence and one feels a deep sense of peace within. This we have all surely experienced.
As we know there is an underlying science behind all our spiritual-cum-devotional practices. And in this respect Baba guides us that by singing kiirtan we are engaging more of the body's organs than if we just simply listen. By singing the mouth, throat, tongue, and vocal chords are also involved. And this enhances one's ability to focus on the kiirtan. Baba says, "At the time of kiirtana, the vocal cord sings, the ears hear, and the hands and feet dance, and thus all the organs are kept preoccupied with the divine. They are not allowed to move wherever they want but are kept engaged. There is a popular Indian superstition that when ghosts are not kept busy they break the necks of their prey. Similarly, if the sensory and motor organs are not kept engaged in the attainment of the divine, they may lead one astray. Kiirtana is therefore most beneficial as it keeps all the organs fully engaged in a spiritual pursuit." (AV-8, p.13) Thus by singing kiirtan the mind is more engaged in the devotional practice of kiirtan than if one is just listening. And best is to dance also. And by this way our sadhana will be improved.
Some may say or think that they do not have time to stop and sing kiirtan. But the reply is that singing kiirtan itself need not take any extra time. One can sing kiirtan while doing their mundane duties such as when cleaning the kitchen or when bathing etc. So singing kiirtan itself can be done frequently throughout the day. It is a way to spiritualise all our daily activities and then when we sit for sadhana we will automatically feel the difference. So while driving or walking or when preparing lunch, we can sing kiiran. Actually, if we look carefully, we will come across some many moments in our day where we can sing kiirtan in a loud voice-- thereby enhancing our devotional life.
And last but not least none should consider whether they have a "beautiful voice" or not. Doing proper kiirtan is not a matter of singing in tune or in a particular pitch. That is the important characteristic of kiirtan. Because when we sing kiirtan Parama Purusa only thinks about the sweetness and sincerity of the devotee's heart-- not the tune or melody. So no one should suffer from any type of complex about whether they have a good voice or not. That is not the point. Rather we should always remember that we are only singing to please Parama Purusa. And for this we simply need to awaken that devotional feeling that is naturally inside us all. Ultimately between Parama Purusa and the bhakta there is an inherent relation of love-- that is based solely on the heart. And with this feeling we should sing and sing our kiirtan.
By Baba's grace singing and dancing kiirtan brings tremendous bliss in the life and enhances our sadhana. We should always remember that no matter what circumstance we may find ourselves in, always He is listening to our kiirtan. This is His unfathomable blessing upon us. Baba says, "Everywhere you are with Parama Purus'a, and never in this universe, nowhere in this universe, are you alone. So you are never helpless. Wherever you may be, do your Kiirtana, 'Ba'ba' Na'ma Kevalam.' He is with you. You are never alone. Your are never weak. You are never helpless." (AV-12) Namaskar, Shantatma
**************************************** Process of Channlisation
Baba says, "If people have a healthy body and mind their glandular system will remain balanced and they can easily channelise their physical energy into psychic and spiritual activities. This process of channelisation is the only way to check the mental flow towards crude propensities." (AFPS-9, p. 35)

News About Third Grade Disciples

From: "Girish Chandra Mitra" To: Subject: News About Third Grade Disciples Date: Mon, 21 Dec 2009 16:26:40 +0530 Baba
Namaskar, One disturbing trend has taken hold in AMPS and now is the time to uproot this problem as it has very serious and ugly consequences. In short, some have registered AMPS in their own name in their own locale or state etc. This is happening within India and without. Some may be doing it with the best of intentions and some with the worst - whatever may be, this approach is unhealthy, divisive, and against Guru's wishes. This is not dharmic. No one should get involved in doing this - those who do will suffer the consequences.
Baba has given so many teachings on unity, samgacchadhavm spirit, moving together and one human society. That means we are to live collectively in a sentient manner under one roof. To snatch up and put AMPS in one's own name is totally off base. Such persons are third grade disciples: Baba says, "According to Tantra, disciples are of three categories. The lowest category are likened to pitchers placed inversely in a tub of water. Such pitchers contain water as long as they are kept in the tub, but as soon as they are taken out, all the water pours out. These disciples acquire spiritual knowledge when they are in close contact with the preceptor, but as soon as they are apart from the preceptor they forget all his teachings." (AMIWL-9, 'Tantra & Sadhana') So such persons who registered AMPS in their own name are the lowest grade of disciples. They totally forgot Guru's teachings. Such persons create huge problems. They do harm that even non-margiis can't do. Their horrific ways can be likened to domestic violence: To commit that nasty act one must be part of the household or family. Outsiders cannot do such harm. Same is the case with these third grade disciples. They are inside AM and from that stance they are snatching up AMPS and putting it in their own name. Such is their hellish approach. In the past certain crooked and misguided priests did such nonsense with Lord Shiva's and Lord Krsna's teachings. And now today some in AM are doing similar misdeeds with Baba's divine gifts. This is not to be tolerated. No one should enroll their name in such heinous activities.
In this below passage, Baba has graciously dedicated the ideals of AM to humanity. Baba says, "Today, you should remember that Ananda Marga is not limited to a handful of honest and intellectual people. Rather, it is trying to rally thousands of people under the banner of one sublime ideology. I dedicate Ananda Marga in this DMC to all sections of society. Prior to this DMC, I would only discuss intellectual topics, but from this DMC onwards I have become a man of the people because I believe that dharma is the property of the masses, not the exclusive monopoly of a handful of so-called educated middle class elite. Dharma belongs to one and all. From this DMC, I recognize it as the property of the common people." (AV-7) The basic meaning is that, Ananda Marga is for all. No longer will Baba just give lengthy, abstruse spiritual discourses in Subhasita Samgraha but He will also give very understandable discourses in Ananda Vacanamrtam. That is the spirit of Baba's above teaching. Unfortunately some thought that He is making AMPS the collective property of all. Even then the idea of registering AMPS in one's own name makes an utter mockery of the idea of collective property. Collective property does not mean to grab something of public ownership and then register it in your name and make it your own personal property. For instance: 1. Public land does not mean the members of the public should snatch up that land and register it in their own name. 2. A public servant who is doing work for the society on the whole cannot be dragged into your own house to massage your feet. No citizen can do like this. 3. The existence of a public library does not mean going there and stealing books and keeping them in your own house forever. Rather, if something is common to all, it means that everyone should take the strict responsibility to guard the sanctity of that common property and keep it as is, not let any single individual snatch it up for their own personal gain or destroy it. So those who think that because AM belongs to all then they can register AMPS in their own name are totally misguided. They are committing thievery if not sin.
Those involved in registering AMPS in their own name should beware. In the coming days, the names of all those involved will be made public and such persons will be disgraced and forced to face their misdeeds in front of all. Such persons will be publicly known as third grade disciples due to their crude conduct and misguided action. They will have no one to blame but themselves.
By His grace He has given Ananda Marga for all and as responsible Ananda Margiis we should safeguard His teachings of unity and collective spirit and keep AMPS out of the hands of any who try to register it in their own name. Namaskar, Girish

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