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How to Cure a Common Psychic Disease

Date: Sat, 01 Dec 2012 20:07:26 -0400
From: "dayal" jai.jai99@circuit....
Subject: How to Cure a Common Psychic Disease



By seeing others progress and happiness, it is quite common for people to become jealous.

For example, a neighbor builds a bigger house, then some feel upset. A fellow student gets a top-grade on an examination, and others become depressed. A co-worker gets a big promotion, and some employees are completely irritated.

Such types of reactions plague people. It is a common vrtti: Jealousy.

Baba explains that at present human beings have 50 propensities, one of which is jealousy. If a person does not have proper control over their mind or if their mind is not sufficiently elevated, then when they see others progress they feel jealous. Because they have that vrtti or psychic tendency.

Those not doing sadhana for mental purification will naturally suffer from jealousy. And they will wallow in that misery. They will not be able to sleep at night, and all day long they will not be distracted - just preoccupied with thoughts of jealousy. Such will be the extent of their misery.

The mind overpowered by jealousy does not like to witness someone else's success. This is the general rule. When a person suffers from jealousy, they feel upset, angry, and even devastated seeing someone else advance. It is completely disconcerting for them. That is why a jealous person will always want to drag down anyone who is making progress. And a jealous person will feel delighted by their downfall. This is the way jealousy works.

In the general society, jealousy is looked upon as a normal condition. This type of reaction is common and accepted - even praised. Yet, indulging in such feelings of jealousy only leads to misery, sadness, and hopelessness. In that situation, how can they think about Parama Purusa - they cannot. That is why in Ananda Marga, jealousy is classified as a psychic disease. It creates bad samskaras.


As sadhakas, we strive to keep the mind happy, calm, and blissful; jealousy only leads to misery, sadness, and hopelessness. We should never allow the mind to become consumed by jealousy.

The standard mechanism then for overcoming mental diseases like greed (lobha) and attachment (moha) etc is to channelise those negative feelings towards Parama Purusa. For instance, if one lusts a particular person or money, then that desire - "I want money" - should be channelised towards Parama Purusa. The aspirant should think, "O' Parama Purusa, I want You and only You." Then one will gain devotion, by His grace. The allurement for the mundane will no longer disturb them.

The question then arises: What to do with feelings of jealousy? Because that tendency of mind - i.e. jealousy - cannot be projected, redirected, or channelised toward Parama Purusa. One cannot say, "O Parama Purusa, I am jealous of You." So channelizing feelings of jealousy towards Parama Purusa is not possible.

In that case, what is the remedy?

For this, Baba has given us a two-step process:

(a) First neutralise those feelings of jealousy toward your friend or co-worker, by embracing that individual as your own. If you think that, "This person is my friend, or my close relation, or my colleague so I feel that it is good that they got success", then feelings of jealousy towards that individual will be eradicated. Once that happens the mind will become calm and balanced.

(b) The next step is to channelise that calm mind towards Parama Purusa by engaged in devotional practices: Singing kiirtan, doing sadhana etc.

Thus, it is a two-step process: First neutralisation, and then channelisation through the practice of kiirtan and sadhana.


In this following section of His discourse, "Taking the Opposite Stance in Battle", Baba practically shows us the technique for neutralising the mind.


Baba says, "When someone is happy, ordinary people feel jealous. They do not try to let their minds flow in the same direction as that happy person; rather they feel psychic pain thinking of that person’s happiness. The correct strategy should be to arouse the feeling of friendliness (maetrii) in the mind towards that happy person. Instead of feeling jealous one should think, “So-and-so is my friend – how wonderful! She is so happy!” If the mind thinks thus, then all jealousy will be removed." (Ananda Marga Ideology & Way of Life - 11, Taking the Opposite Stance in Battle )


By following Baba's practical suggestions and guideline, any sadhaka or any individual can easily reduce - nay remove - feelings of jealousy, and thereby avoid accumulating that negative samskara. This is one great boon for both individuals and the collective body. So much hurt and harm stem from jealous persons. Plus will have to undergo so many bad reactions. And Baba has graciously given the remedy.

Certainly though, a sadhaka will not just neutralise the mind, but will follow Baba's guideline to goad the mind towards Parama Purusa. Because when the mind is clear of all feelings of jealousy, then in that calm and supple state, the mind is light and free and can easily be channelised to the Supreme.

So Baba's strategy of "taking the opposite stance in battle" means withdrawing the mind from a depraving tendency - neutralising it if needed - and then goading it in a positive direction by encouraging feelings of generosity, kindness, compassion etc. The most positive direction is towards Parama Purusa.

This is a very practical guideline that we should all use in day to day life.

in His love,


How does jealously create negative samskaras? Because by merely harboring thoughts of jealousy and wishing ill upon others, one will be prone towards negative actions, and hence have to undergo the reaction. Secondly, feelings of jealousy and other negative thinking patterns stain the mind. At the time of death that stain will remain, and one will get a body or birth according to that negative thought. If one's mind was stained with the idea of harming others due to extreme feelings of jealousy, then they may be reborn as lower beings (animals) so that they can spend their life inflicting harm upon others. Such is the danger of psychic diseases like jealousy. Yet so many in the general society are afflicted by this ailment. And they will suffer for it. That is the law of prakrti.

Baba says, "You are thinking mentally, “Let Mr. So-and-so be harmed, let So-and-so be destroyed, let So-and-so die. Then I will get my promotion.” One may think like this but afterwards one reaps the consequences according to one’s thoughts. One only harms oneself when one thinks ill of others because the thought of harming others is simply a mental action and the mental reactions follow. How shall these reactions accrue? The reactions materialize in the form of harm to you. So, if there is ill feeling in your thinking, i.e., if there is a feeling of malevolence, then that which you wish to happen to others will happen to you. Because somehow the mind has to be restored back to its normal state and that will happen through you. Then, you will say, “O Lord, I have committed no sin, then why did such and such things happen to me?” People behave like this. When one thinks ill of others, one does not say, “O Lord, how much harm I think of doing to others?” In other words, one acts completely to the contrary. This is nothing but deceit and hypocrisy." (Ananda Vacanamrtam - 10)


There was a man who was fully involved in long and arduous prayer to gain material wealth.

Finally his prayers were answered. The divine power appeared before him and said, "You have prayed for a long time. What do you want. I can grant you anything. Just tell me what you want. But be careful, whatever you ask for, your neighbor will receive double."

The person was intrigued - he thought and thought. He thought about what would happen if he asked for a fancy car, or gold, or other riches. Finally he said to the divine power, "I want that you should break one of my hands and one of my legs."

Hearing this, the divine power was astonished: "Why did you not ask for good things? Why did you not ask for gold, gems, or jewels. Why did you not ask for any riches?"

The man replied, "No, that is not the way. I do not want to see my neighbor happier than I am. Better I should suffer - I will be happy knowing that my neighbor is suffering more."

This story is a clear-cut case of jealousy. Such types of feelings are commonplace in the general society. As sadhakas, we should never fall in this way. Rather we are to follow the above teachings of Sadguru.
"Uttal sindhu utkrami tumi, esechilo mor ghare..."  PS (1077)


Baba, O' Divine Entity, after crossing the wild tidal wave, You have come into my heart - You have come to my home. Baba, You are the traveler of the solitary path. Even after encountering so many negative situations, You did not get scared with the fear. Nothing could terrify You.

According to the basic necessity or protocol, I did not have any of the necessary arrangements, so I could not receive You properly. My grief-stricken mind was full of longing for You, and my heavy heart was saturated with the tears.  

Baba, I have not done anything for You. In vain, I was just revolving around only mirages. With the new sun and strong call, by holding my hand
You showed me the direction - You took me onto the right path.
Baba, You have come into my heart; it is nothing but Your divine mercy & grace...

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