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DMS News #2: Jan 2010

Date: Sat, 02 Jan 2010 06:26:32 -0000 To: From: Manomohan Sanyal Subject: DMS News #2: Jan 2010 Baba
== DMS NEWS #2: JAN 2010 ==
Namaskar, Here is an eyewitness report of the scene at the New Year's DMS at Ananda Nagar. Actually as you are surely aware there are two DMS's: Dec 30, 31, and Jan 1 held by Ranchi group, and then Jan 2 - 4 held by Kolkata team. The following is an initial report about events during the Ranchi DMS. Please watch for follow-up reports. As noted in the first DMS report on 29 Dec 2009, all the various groups arrived and stayed in various spots around:
During the Ranchi DMS, there was much angst amongst margiis for various reasons: WT division, costly food, no books, AN falling apart, and so many problems caused by the ongoing groupism etc. Margiis mostly go to see their friends and relatives - not because any group is able to conduct a proper DMS etc.
One central problem was that Ranchi conducted the DMS in almost exclusively Hindi. No English was used period during the talks at the Pandal. That made it impossible for South Indian margiis to understand. So when Senior Purodha Dada - Ac Vishvadevananda Avt delivered his addresses, he spoke exclusively in Hindi. And if he spoke for 1/2 hr, then when the Bengali translation was done, that was only for 5 minutes. And there was no English translation. So not only did South Indian margiis have a problem, but the many Bengali speaking margiis in attendance also were at a disadvantage - they only heard a short summary so it was not interesting for those margiis. That was one main issue. Note: The Senior Purodha Dada Ac Vishvadevananda Avt presided over the Ranchi DMS and he was announced as such, i.e. "Senior Purodha Acarya" etc, because due to the pending court case, he cannot officially be called Purodha Pramukha. But he carried out marriage blessings and made the DMS address. So he is getting prestige of being PP Dada but cannot be called Purodha Pramukha.
The Kolkata administration has suffered very low attendance recently for their later DMS (Jan 2 - 4), so to overcome this problem they gave permission for their followers to attend both the Ranchi DMS and the B group program. Kolkata officials hope that will boost their numbers for their own DMS. That means that margiis from Assam, West Bengal and other Bengali speaking areas were in attendance from Dec 30 - Jan 1. But many margiis were upset to see that still all the wholetimers are split up rigidly in groups. They do not show face during each other's DMS, rather they hang around the periphery. Hardly a single overseas margii was there - they were very few in number and mostly stayed with the EC / Third Front camp away from the main Pandal. Because of the severe groupism, overseas margiis are not inclined to make the trip.
The mass of margiis are much more interested in seeing unity and one Ananda Marga. That seemed to be one of the greatest concerns, along with the extremely high price for food at the DMS event, and the overall poor upkeep of Ananda Nagar. It was painful for margiis to see the lowly condition of our main global MU. So the distinct divisions within the WT cadre was a big issue with margiis. Margiis were thinking that when our own sannyasis cannot establish cosmic brotherhood then how can our Marga preach this to the rest of the globe. That was the main cause for margiis disappointment and disgust. During the Ranchi DMS, Ranchi controlled the main buildings like: The Pandal, The DMS gate, the Baba Quarter, the Kiirtan Pandal, the bookstore area, Prout Bhavan, PP Quarter, Gurukul etc. Even though B group wanted a presence in those places they were not allowed. The Kolkata Dadas instead stayed in the periphery to try and meet margiis such as around Baba Memorial, AMIT, but not nearby the main DMS pandal. The third front /EC Dada also were not allowed by the DMS gate / entrance. Then at 12 o'clock on 1 Jan 2010, there was a severe switchover from one DMS to the next. In the past all had to vacate the Pandal etc, but this year people were not forced to vacate. But Ranchi wanted nobody to stay - they want Kolkata DMS to be a flop. Plus this way Ranchi will clearly identify / mark / blackball those who attend Kolkata DMS. These types of shenanigans are still going on. Margiis were not at all happy about all these divisive strategies and powerplays being made by the various groups.
The Ranchi and Kolkata teams had made a truce in order to not spend huge money on court cases and police protection. This has been going on for some time. Their truce is like a truce between mafia families: But during the DMS, Ranchi again insisted that there be a police presence. So although there was a truce, still the groups had to pay for police protection. The police were not patrolling with guns as in the past, but they were paid to be there to keep an eye on things.
The cost of the food at the DMS was extraordinarily high at the Gurukul area. Svarupananda is now in charge and the management has changed. The cost was too much for margiis. There were quite a few complaints about this. Plus in the past refills were given on curry items, but this time second portions were not allowed. So food was both costly in price and less in amount. Some margiis could not afford this and many were hungry. So this was a big problem for margiis and more about this topic will be reported in the next DMS update.
One other problem for margiis was the lack of available books. There were no AM books in English available for sale and in general there were very few books available during the Ranchi DMS. More about this will also be reported, but suffice to say here that our AM publications are not up to par - rather very much neglected. Margiis were quite upset by this.
Ananda Nagar has become quite dilapidated. It is not being well-maintained by any of the groups. The roads are terrible and so many of the buildings are in very poor condition. Many margiis were talking that it will not be long before the entire glory of Ananda Nagar just becomes one ghost town. It looks that bad. Considering the huge effort Baba made to make Ananda Nagar a shining jewel, it was practically and sentimentally difficult for margiis to see our Ananda Nagar crumbling away.
During January 1 itself, each of the groups issued their own fake Ananda Vaniis. The Ranchi camp was in the main DMS Pandal where Ac Vishvadevananda presided over the reading of their Fake Ananda Vanii. Then the B group had their own reading of their fabricated Fake Ananda Vanii. Ac Sarveshvarananda presided over that gathering as he will over the Jan 2 - 4 B group DMS. Finally, the third front / EC group read their own Fake Ananda Vanii at the Children's Home. Ac Yetishvarananda presided over that and delivered a speech.
There was also much talk of how during the DMS, the Ranchi heads had gathered and begun plotting for manipulating the upcoming Bhukti Pradhan elections (Feb - Mar - Apr). All those not supporting Ranchi outrightly have been scratched from the voter list. Many margiis were discussing this severe problem. In that sense it is no different from when B group ruled the scene and ruined the BP system. During the DMS itself, Ranchi was plotting in this manner.
The above is an initial report. As more and more margiis return back from the DMS, then certainly others will add onto this report. Please also write in with your news.
Even though times are tough now in our Marga, and the scene at DMS is less than favorable, margiis are inspired to rebuild our Marga society and by Baba's grace we will get success. Namaskar, Manomohan

You Are Fortunate & Why

From: "Satiish G.D. Bose" To: Subject: You Are Fortunate & Why Date: Tue, 01 Jan 2010 16:22:16 +0530 Baba "Kon shala'ka'y pradiip jvele enecho tumi a'ji..." (PS 1200) Purport: O' Lord today You have brought an effulgent lamp after lighting it with one divine match stick. Baba, by Your grace You have come and lit the devotional fire by giving initiation, Ista mantra, and Your varabhaya mudra. O' my dearmost, the divine lamp is illuminated and it has been decorated with a countless number of wicks. The lamp is glowing with its innumerable flames. Baba, the divine lamp which You have brought has made all the seven lokas effulgent. All the darkness has vanished from the mind. All the dogma and staticity has disappeared because the light of devotion has brought purity and cleanliness. All the lokas have been lit so the animalistic tendencies have been eliminated. Now by Your grace everyone is immersed in the flow of life divine. Baba, with Your divine compassion You have lit the lamp of devotion and made everyone's personality more pure, more sentient, and more devotional-- their heart is satiated. Baba, after the long penance of the jiivas, in the blink of an eye You have lit the lamp of devotion by Your grace. With that effulgent torch, in the end, You have completed all Your work and spread divinity throughout this entire universe and removed all the afflictions. Baba, it is nothing but Your mercy. Baba, You have come to us with Your divine lamp-- with Your causeless grace... Note 1: ABOUT PRABHAT SAMGIITA #1200 Baba has also expressed the central idea of the above Prabhat Samgiita in this below A'nanda Va'nii. As we know Prabhat Samgiita is a poetic and distilled expression of His entire Ananda Marga ideology. So the condensed ideas found in His divine songs-- Prabhat Samgiita-- are also described in greater detail in His discourses like this below Va'nii. Baba says, "The flame of a lamp lights up countless lamps. The touch of a great personality wakes up innumerable sleeping hearts. In the same way, the eternal glow of the boundless élan vital of Cosmic Consciousness has been illuminating the life-lamp of universal humanism since time immemorial, is illuminating it, and in future will do so even more intensely. That is why I say, the future of the human race is not dark, rather it is strikingly resplendent. So proceed on, ignoring the frowns of darkness." (AV #49)
Namaskar, By Baba's divine grace, we are all extremely fortunate and this letter explains exactly why. We should consider this matter seriously as we together embark on this new decade.
A person's talents, skills, and qualities are more valuable when they are needed. Suppose a baker just baked dozens of loaves of bread, and suddenly victims of a famine were brought to town, naturally the baker's bread is going to be highly valued. Because that bread is the solution for the present problem - the bread will help nourish those emaciated by the famine. In contrast, if the baker is walking around with his breads and the entire populace is well-fed, then no one will seek out that baker. In that case his services and his breads will not be so highly valued. Same can be said of a doctor. If he lives in a place where all are suffering from an outbreak of a disease, then the doctor's services will be placed at a premium whereas if the doctor resides in a district where all have perfect health, then he will not be needed much. In essence, if nobody is suffering or in need, then the solution to that particular problem is of little value. Whereas, if a person has the skills to solve an urgent issue, then they will be highly regarded. Soon we will apply this theory to the life of Ananda Margiis.
We live in what Baba terms - yuga sandhi. Baba says, "What does “yugasandhi” mean? “Yuga” means “age” and “sandhi” means “joint”. Therefore yugasandhi means “juncture between ages” can see for yourself how the social movement is grinding to a halt. When social progress loses its velocity it is called “yugasandhi” (transitional period) in Sam'skrta." (AV-7) Ours is the transitional period, marked by a severe lull - wherein society is enmeshed in so many problems. In addition, during the yuga sadhi there is a strict dichotomy: Some very, very good people as well as some very, very bad people. And in between are the masses who are at the mercy of the exploiters. A struggle between the two sides erupts. Baba says, "You have all been born in such a transitional period and have assembled here today. In the future, the honest and virtuous people of the society will respond to Your call and will unite. The same polarization is taking place now as occurred in the past: the honest people are with you and will remain with you; the dishonest people win oppose you now and will continue their efforts to block your progress in future. Whenever there a war between dharma and adharma, you are sure to be victorious. You are not alone – dharma is with you, the benevolent intellect is with you, and I am also with you." (AV-7) So in this yuga sandhi, society is devastated and all are looking for a way out. The good people are providing the solutions and the bad people are aiming to maintain their exploitative grip on society.
Ours is the transitional period. Taraka Brahma has taken His advent to lead the society out from the darkness, and now the great drama is going to play out. At present, we can see the polarization: good and bad on either side. Smart and courageous people are involved in saving the planet from environmental destruction, addressing social issues, leading healthier lives, learning meditation, and serving others, while side by side, the exploiters are entrenched in cheating, butchering, and suppressing the masses. There is extreme good and extreme bad. In between, the masses are suffering from so many problems: Food shortages, housing issues, wars and destruction, disease, financial upheaval, invasions, terrorism and more. Problems abound. We live in a time where we are surrounded by gigantic problems in all directions.
By His grace Baba has come and given all the solutions. Baba says, "A correct spiritual ideology is the only solution to the problems confronting the world. From this perspective we can call Ananda Marga ideology the philosophers’ stone. Just as the philosophers’ stone is meant to transform everything into gold, Ananda Marga ideology can, most definitely, find a just and rational solution whenever it is applied to any problem." (POD #36) So here is the thing: 1) Our human society is suffering terribly; 2) Baba has graced the humanity with the answer to every problem; 3) The exploiters are involved in their evil dance; 4) The masses are looking for the way out - they are seeking solutions; 5) Every Ananda Margii has some, most or all of those solutions in the form of AM ideology and our AM way of life. I think you can see where the situation is headed. The unfortunate affair is the out of desperation most of the populace is looking in the wrong places for the answers. They are like hungry infants who are picking up paper, pens, sticks and stones and putting them in their mouth - yet that will not satisfy their hunger. Same with the masses. They are looking emphatically in all directions and trying all kinds of things, but they are not getting the right solution.
Enter Ananda Margiis. Baba has blessed us and placed us in a very special position. There are problems in the world and He has given us the answers. Ours is a needed role and never before has the situation been more urgent. So you are fortunate. Your services are going to be highly regarded - that means you have been blessed with the opportunity to serve. There is no higher or more noble endeavor. All that is needed now is the right and proper action. Start teaching and role-modeling all that you know. If we had been born 200 years from now, most of today's problems will have been solved and society will be rapidly moving ahead. In that case, one does not have the opportunity to truly help humanity. Because already most are on the proper path. But instead we have been born in this most ragged and ravaged era where struggle and strife are rampant throughout. And we have all the solutions: spiritual, moral, political, economical, personal, emotional, social, and individual. In every sphere of life Baba has given us the solution. You have the medicine or cure for the day - in a time when those solutions are highly needed. Things cannot get any worse - we have hit rock bottom. Thus those who know about AM and practice AM teachings have much to offer, teach and distribute to society. That means you and all Ananda Margiis are a vast wealth of experience for the masses. That is why you are fortunate. Because you hold the key to the very issues most ailing the society. What could be a more blessed position than that.
By His grace He is depending on you to lead the people forward. That is His cherished gift unto you - to lead the society out of the darkness. For this reason you are fortunate. Baba says, "You boys and you girls, you are to establish yourselves as developed human beings and as blessed with the glory of human excellence at the helm of every affair. Society will recognize you because of your service, because of your sacrifice. And not only that, everybody is expecting that they will get your help, your assistance, your guidance, when there is a dire necessity for the same. You boys and you girls, you should know that I solely depend on you for the translation of our lofty ideology." (AV-34) Namaskar, Satiish
******************************************** Solution of Nightmares
Baba says, "You may ask, "How can I do pun'yam while sleeping? In the wakeful state, I may do Pun´yam. But while sleeping, how can I do Pun'yam? Can you? Yes, you can. What's the difference between habit and nature? When habit becomes one with your existence, it is called nature...By constant practice or under pressure of circumstances, one becomes habituated, and by encouraging this habituation, it finally becomes nature." "This is auto-suggestion. "Now it is time for my meditation", what is it? You are trying to habituate yourself. But when you cannot live without puja, then it has become your nature. Try to make it what - habit or nature? Nature. I never take a drop of water without doing puja. Why? It has become my nature. And I want that all of you should make it your nature also." "When auto-suggestion will become your nature, what will happen? While sleeping you will be repeating that japa (repetition of mantra) in your unconscious mind. You are sleeping, so conscious mind is not active. You are not having any dream, so your sub-conscious mind is also not active. But unconscious mind is there. Automatically there will be japa. 24 hours you are doing Pun´ya. While you are sleeping, you will be engaged in doing japa and using your incantation. Kuru pun'yam Ahora'tram." (AV-14) Note: In this materialistic era, people suffer from so many psychic problems such as nightmares etc. Because what difficult things one encounters during the day then the untrained mind will turn those events into nightmares during sleep. For example one might dream that their business went bankrupt, or one might dream of quarreling with a friend, or one might dream of being scared about unknown events in the future. All these types of disturbing ideas may take place in the mind during sleep. And even worse is that when one wakes up then they feel depressed and worried because of such types of crude dreams and nightmares. In His above teaching Baba carefully describes to us that if we train our minds to repeat our Ista mantra during the day time then the same will happen at night. In which case all our dreams will be sweet and blissful-- ever floating in His divine vibration.

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