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Organisational Order Related with Food Distribution

Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2010 07:58:49 -0000
From: Mukunda
Subject: Organisational Order Related with Food Distribution



                                  RELATED WITH FOOD DISTRIBUTION

Here is one important guideline from Baba related with our various food distribution programs. As many are aware, Baba's procedural / organisational orders are His explicit edicts for how we are to carry our Marga activities and run the AMPS structure.



                      AND PACKAGE PROGRAM of R3 OF ERAWS

In Baba's organisational order (168, 164) He clearly says that all Ananda Marga offices,  jagrtis, units etc  which run any type of soup kitchen, cheap kitchen, food distribution center, or food related relief project must not use tamasik food items to feed others.

Here is the exact line quoted from Baba's organisational / procedural order of R-3 ERAWS of July 1969:

                        "No tamasik diet will be served from such kitchens."

Thus when operating any such kitchen of Ananda Marga where we are serving food to those in need, we must not use any tamasik food items. That is Baba's explicit mandate

                                WE MUST NOT DISPLEASE BABA

Of course no sincere margii wants to displease Baba by going against His guideline. If one is not aware about the above mandate and doing something contrary, then that will yield an unfavourable result.

Just as an unknowing child will get burned if he puts his hand in the fire as the fire will not spare him, similarly every sadhaka should follow dharmic guidelines and not serve tamasik food to others, otherwise prakrti will not spare them.

One should not forget that in all AM service projects you are serving is Baba Himself. If you do not remember this fact then your "service" is no service at all. Because to whom you are serving, you must impose the ideation that you are serving Parama Purusa Himself.

Thus under no circumstances should you serve tamasik food to Baba (Guru) who is in the form of a poor, homeless, sick, or needy person. This must never be done as it will produce a bad result.

Finally, may we all remember this following teaching: If you make God unhappy then Guru will save you, but if you make Guru unhappy no one can save you.

                                             Shiva ruśt́e gurustrátá;
                                             Gururuśt́ao na kaschana.

Baba says, "If Shiva [Parama Purusa] gets angry, the Guru will save you, but if the Guru gets angry, no one can save you." (AV-5)


Note: Nobody should become emotional in this critical dharmic issue. This guideline is taken directly from Baba's organisational mandate. So we should view His teaching with our with rational mind; we must not become emotive. That will save us from us from all kinds of troubles and predicaments.

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