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Misuse of "See the Bright Side"

Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2005 23:36:25 -0500 From: John Kanter Subject: Misuse of "See the Bright Side" To: Baba "Niirav caran'e baran'e baran'e aja'na' pathik a'j mor ghare elo..." (P.S. 4900) Purport: The Ajana Pathik has come to my home with His silent footsteps. Today, in the remote corner of my mind, the Ajana Pathik has appeared with His form and melodies. Neither could I recognise Him nor could I understand who He is. I did not have such intimate knowledge about Him, even then He showered me with His divine love. He created a soft, sweet feeling for Him in my heart. In this way my mind is no longer in my control. He took away my mind; He stole it. Previously, I was thinking that that divine Entity-- Aja'na Pathik-- lives in a far, far distant place, millions and millions of kilometers and light years away. In my dogmatic way of thinking, I was also believing that He does not pay heed to my call. I thought that He just goes on doing His work silently & secretly, not listening to anyone. But now I see that everything is just opposite. He in fact does pays heed to my call and He graciously showers His love. Today, the divine Entity, Parama Purusa, has come in my heart… (Note: In the above song, the devotee is indirectly expressing his inner feelings to Baba and addressing Him as Ajana Pathik, as if Ajana Pathik is someone else. The devotee is expressing his loving heart-felt feeling to Baba indirectly.)
Namaskar, One on-going issue in our Marga revolves around: "See the bright side." There are conflicting ideas about what this guideline means and how this should be understood. Without properly understanding the spirit of "see the bright side", we will never be able to bring our Marga onto the proper track. Please consider the following and write in with your thoughts.
On 26 November 2008, a small group of exceptional youths made an arduous journey from Pakistan to Mumbai (India). Despite being fatigued from their trip, they focused their minds on the task at hand. With excellent planning and meticulous preparation, this small yet dynamic team of youths executed their grand plan to perfection. Nobody was their equal - their courage and valour were unparalleled, as was their technique. With their firm determination to do and die for their cause, they were unstoppable. All in all they put forth an historic effort that people will remember for ages and ages. Is this how we should see the bright side? Is this the way we should remember the tragic tale of what occurred in Mumbai (Nov 26 - 28, 2008) when armed terrorists unleashed their fury on the financial district and tourist areas of Mumbai, killing more than 200 people and wounding at least 300 others during their bloody and destructive 2-day siege of the city. Or should we tell how a reckless bunch of militant and heartless terrorists open-fired on innocent, helpless people and travelers, spilling blood all over the cafes, hotels, and offices of Mumbai. What should be our portrayal? Of course we should choose the latter so that we can prevent such events in the future. No rational person can object by saying, "That is not seeing the bright side." Because when any wrongdoing, injustice, or harm is done in society or collective life, then our moral duty is to point out that problem. We should not sit back and ignore the matter and just raise superficial good points. Rather we are to point out the wrongs and correct those problems. That is Baba's teaching and He Himself has done like that. Baba says, "I direct this not only to those who think deeply about social welfare, but to all members of society, to impress upon them that no one, through their thoughts, words or actions, should ever condone injustice." (HS-1) That is why Baba has gone to great lengths in so many discourses to outline the injustices and wrongs done by communists, capitalists, crafty politicians, dogmatic priests, and the like. And He wants that we should do the same.
Baba's special guideline about "seeing the bright side" applies primarily to individual life. We are to see the good qualities in others and accept them as our brothers and sisters. Every unit being has their defects - they may dress poorly, or even be illiterate - but we should not harbor those defects in our mind, rather we should embrace other people's inherent gifts and accept them as our kith and kin. That is how we are to see the bright side and that will have a huge impact. The main thing is that seeing the bright side is used primarily for individual life, not critical social issues like womens' rights, child abuse, stealing corruption, plagiarism, and embezzlement etc. In the name of "seeing the bright side" we are not to pay a blind eye to such injustices. Yet that is what a few advocate when rational margiis point out the current ills in AMPS. In that case, they misuse Baba's teaching, "See the bright side."
Our organisation is a social structure that has been formed to deliver Baba's teachings to the humanity. Thus when groupism, scriptural distortions, and the destruction of margii rights are rampant in our organisation, it is our duty to point out these wrongs and fix the organisation. Only misguided people will manipulate Baba's "see the bright side" guideline to cover up those social injustices. Yet that is what some do, and they strongly object when rational margiis point out the injustices and dogmas going on in our Marga. Margiis have rightly raised important issues like Fake Ananda Vanii, scriptural distortions, dogmatic tiirthas and mahaprayan, curtailment of BP rights, and so many other wrongs, yet in response some say, "See the bright side - keep quiet about all those wrongs - do not look in that direction - if you cannot say anything good then say nothing at all." But this type of response is nothing but a misuse of Baba's divine teaching of "See the bright side." Because when injustices are committed then it is our duty to point out those problems. That is what Baba has always done and He wants that we should follow His example.
Here are some more case studies. We must remember that "See the bright side" does mean that we should keep mum about social injustices. Shall we exclusively remember one lady in India as someone who held great power and grand appeal and wore a fantastic array of saris. Is this how we should see the bright side, or should we remember Mrs. Indira Gandhi as one hateful ruler who plunged India into martial law and tortured so many innocent citizens. Obviously, when Baba Himself has outrightly criticised Mrs. Gandhi then that is our way as well. And no one can say that we are not seeing the bright side. Likewise, shall we describe a leader in Europe in the early to mid 20th century as the person who created the most efficient war machine in history and had a great love of classical opera music. Is this how we should see the bright side or should we remember Adolf Hitler as one demonic man who put millions and millions to the grave. Shall we praise top capitalists for donating millions of dollars to universities and funding grants for new libraries. Is this how we should see the bright side or should we adopt Baba's platform and condemn such capitalists as being bloodsuckers of society. By all these examples, I think the point has become clear.
Here the main idea is that "seeing the bright side" does not mean ignoring what is wrong with society. We are not worshipers of the status quo. Mrs Indira Gandhi, Adolf Hitler, and top capitalists have a vast array of good qualities in their personal life - there are good things to say about them - but as their lives stand as a scar on society, Baba wants that their misdeeds should be known to all and rectified. That is why in His discourses Baba does not say that Mrs Gandhi dressed in a sentient manner or that Hitler was a vegetarian. Only Baba points out the ways such persons harmed society. That is the proper path.
In the same way, when our organisation is riddled with so many problems, when dogmas, the lust for power, and poor conduct are pervading all aspects of organisational life, it is clear that we should come forward and correct those things, and not blindly say, "See the bright side" and let those problems fester. That would be a misuse and abuse of Baba divine teaching, "See the bright side." Unfortunately, a few persons only want to talk about the opening of schools, or pracar events, or mass-feeding programs. They wrongly think if we "see the bright side" by ignoring all injustices then everything will be alright. They fail to understand that by fixing the problems in the organisation, then the number of AM schools openings will increase multi-fold, our pracar events will increase dramatically in size, and our mass-feeding programs will be huge and well-funded. All these great developments can and will happen by fixing the ills in our AMPS. But first we must ensure that AMPS is a proper representation of AM ideals. So pointing out the defects is a must and none should misuse Baba's great teaching of "See the bright side" as a way to close the door on fixing AMPS. "See the bright side" is Baba's great teaching on viewing all as part of our integrated and universal human family. We must not dwell on someone's personal faults but instead must view them in the highest way possible. That will help bring people together and overcome any divisive feelings. So "See the bright side" is a great tool for individual life. And when evaluating the society, then we must investigate any wrongdoing and pay a keen eye to resolving that matter. Baba says, "I direct this not only to those who think deeply about social welfare, but to all members of society, to impress upon them that no one, through their thoughts, words or actions, should ever condone injustice." (HS-1)
By Baba's grace we should understand all His guidelines and make our Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha shine. None should fall prey to the defective understanding of "See the bright side" and therefore conclude that wrongdoings in AMPS should be overlooked. This is not the way. Baba says, "If any physical, psychic, social, moral or spiritual weakness becomes apparent in a particular activity or in any sphere of individual or social life, it is the duty of the other members of society to eradicate that weakness with all the sweetness of their hearts." (HS-1) Namaskar, Jitendra
****************************************** Selection of Males and Females - Part II
Baba says, "It is very beneficial for society if people of sublime intelligence and brilliance reproduce more off-spring. The responsibility of rendering proper nourishment to the progeny of such persons will have to be taken by society and the government itself." (PNS-13, p. 47)

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