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An Important Part of our History

Date: 26 Jun 2008 22:47:33 -0000 From: "Chandramohan Jha" To: Subject: An Important Part of our History Baba "Tumi ye path dhariya' esechile ta'ha'r surabhi a'jao a'che..." (PS 756) Purport: Baba, the path on which You came still carries Your sweet fragrance even today. The divine love which You showered upon me with Your sweet and charming smile, its vibration is still dancing to this day. And it is blissfully charging my whole existence. Baba You came with the aroma of sweet songs; You came with the melody and tune. And You graced me and became my nearest and dearest-- You became one with my heart. It is Your grace. Baba, at that time why did You look towards me in such a sweet, attractive way and take my heart away. That very loving gaze is still fresh in my mind. Just one single glance of Yours changed my whole existence. Baba You showered me with Your loving grace. Baba, You thought about me and that is the greatest achievement of my life. What more do I need. The force of that Divine gift is not exhausted even today; it always gives me strength and inspiration to go on loving You. Even today, I am surviving on the hope that I will again get You as my intimate, as my close, as my own. Baba, Your sweet smile is still fresh in my mind and fills my heart with Your divine love...
Namaskar, Here is an important history of our Ananda Marga and is critically related with the situation in which we now find ourselves.
Here is one old mythological story which provides one glimpse as to how the face of our AM changed since 1990. Please read the following. Long ago in one kingdom there was one King who was extremely unhappy with his eldest daughter. She did not obey him plus she was constantly arguing and creating problems in general. Hence the King was furious with her. So to teach her a lesson the King came up with one plan. He decided that as he himself was responsible for arranging his daughter's marriage, then he would select the most foolish person in the kingdom to be her husband. By this way she might realise her past mistakes and arrogant ways. With this in mind, the King promptly sent out all sorts of volunteers, horsemen, & scouts to search out the most foolish person in the land. Quickly then reports were coming in from all the ten directions. And every day the King was hearing the news from his ministers about who could be the "perfect match" for his daughter-- i.e. who was that most foolish person. But thus far no one could satisfy the King's demand. So the King called for the search to go on until the proper candidate was found. In that setting, in depths of one forgotten jungle, 2 expert scouts from the King's army came across one remarkable scene; indeed they were shocked to see what was going on. There they found that one very simple, illiterate villager was high up in a tree, standing on a branch that was around 40 feet above the ground. And this fellow had one big saw in his hand and step by step he was vigorously cutting the branch. But that was not all because as this fellow engaged in his cutting, he had placed himself on the wrong side of the limb-- the part that was to be cut from the tree. That's why the scouts were watching this scene with great interest. Because by now the branch was more than 50% cut and still the foolish fellow was standing on the wrong side. Means this simple villager had foolishly perched himself on the side of the branch that, with just a few more strokes of the saw, would come violently crashing down to the ground. Without wasting any more time, the two scouts gave a quick look of confirmation to one another and then the senior scout immediately called out to the tribesman high up on the branch. And the scout gestured for him to stop his work and come down from the tree. Then the scout told him that, 'Congratulations, you are a prime candidate for becoming a royal relation'. And feeling quite satisfied that indeed they had found the most foolish person in the kingdom, the scouts quickly embarked on the long journey to bring their chosen person back to the King's palace by horseback.
Up to that point the King had already been presented with the tales of many a foolish person, but he had rejected all. None were foolish enough. So when the King heard that his two expert scouts had returned from the depths of the jungle with one very qualified candidate, then he was very anxious to hear the story that what this person was doing. So he told his ministers to have the scouts come immediately to his court. Then in slow, deliberate language the senior scout recounted the entire scene to King. How the unsuspecting villager was very high up in the tree-- and cutting the branch with a big saw-- and 40 forty feet off the ground-- and completely oblivious that he was on the wrong side-- and the branch was bending-- and still the foolish fellow was fully involved in cutting-- and the branch going to fall-- and cutting was going on more and more-- and still he was completely unaware of what was going to happen-- and forty feet above the ground-- the branch was making creaking noises-- and he was standing on the side that about to fall-- and... The king listened in amazement & near disbelief that how foolish this person was. And even before the scout had finished the story, with tears of joy and laughter in his eyes the king exuberantly cried out, 'Yes, indeed this is our man; he is the most foolish person in the kingdom. He will serve my purpose. He will be the one to marry my daughter'.
So this is one mythological story yet it is quite applicable to one certain event in our Marga. Because in similar fashion, those days in 1990 Sarvatmanandji wanted to give some very significant post to a similarly simple person whom he could easily control, and thereby exercise the authority of that post. By this way Sarvatmanandaji thought that 'I, Sarvatmananda, will be able to execute full authority. So it needs that I should find some extremely simple person who will abide by my every order-- regardless of what I want to do'.
So in this lustful mood Sarvatmanandji began his grand search to find that most simple person. To that end he was gossiping all around to find the proper person. Checking behind every corner and underneath each rock to find the right candidate. Then some workers came to Sarvatmanandji and suggested him that this was a very easy request to manage. Because "right here in our compound there is such a very simple person whom you are searching". Of course Sarvatmanandji requested that on what grounds they were making this claim. And those workers replied that, 'Since long one very simple Dada has been explaining the purport of one old, commonly known Prabhat Samgiita-- but he is doing so in completely opposite fashion to the real meaning. So the whole situation is so peculiar. Since indeed this song is commonly known to so many Ananda Margiis, let alone senior workers living in Tiljala itself. Because those days, when Prabhat Samgiita was first given, then everyone was singing this song. It became part of everyone's heart and the meaning got imprinted in everyone's mind. Not only that but Baba Himself already has explained the meaning of all those early songs. Plus this very simple Dada was there sitting in the front row listening to those explanations. So this particular Dada is surely the most simple person. Because Prabhat Samgiita is just the natural expression of devotion. It is not something tricky or complex. Yet even then, despite all these golden opportunities, this Dada has his own way of explaining the Prabhat Samgiita song in completely flip-flopped manner-- i.e. 180 degrees opposite, wrong understanding. In his sheer simplicity this Dada really does not understand anything. So he will surely be the best person to suit your needs'. Like this they made the case to Sarvatmanandji. Immediately Sarvatmanandaji agreed realising that only such a very simple type of person could misunderstand Prabhat Samgiita in such a fundamentally wrong manner. And Sarvatmanandji further calculated that by keeping this simple-minded Dada at the helm, then surely he will be able to take the reins in his own hands, directly or indirectly. So without wasting anytime Sarvatmanandaji then settled the matter and put steps in motion for getting this very simple Dada inserted into the highest of posts.
Here following then is the Prabhat Samgiita song by which the very simple Dada Shraddhanandji proved himself as the most simple and suitable candidate & whereby he ultimately got selected to take hold of the highest organisational seat of Purodha Pramukha. Please read the following song and purport thereafter.
Prabhat Samgiita No. 4 "Sakal maner viina' ek sure ba'je a'j... Eso tumi a'ro ka'che, A'ro kache, a'ro kache Niye ja'o ja'ha' kichu sab"
Here then is the commonly understood meaning of Prabhat Samgiita No. 4, "Sakal maner viina'...": In this song the devotee is addressing Baba, and requesting Him to please come close, more close and take my mind. 'I am offering my mind to You, so please grace me and accept it'. Or in other words, it can be said that we know that mind is the cause of bondage and liberation. So if mind is colored with mundane world, then that is bondage. And when it is colored with Parama Purusa, then it is liberated. That's why we are doing dhyana. And in the last stage of dhyana, the devotee is offering their mind with deep love at the feet of Baba. So devotee is requesting that "Oh Baba, please come and take my mind". So the entire meaning of this song is that the devotee is offering everything to Parama Purusa, to Baba. That is why this song has been named as "Song of Sweetness". Because, without deep love towards Baba, full surrender does not come. And the stage of deep love is full of sweetness. In that way this song has its own title -- "Song of Sweetness". Because in this song the devotee is yearning for Parama Purusa that He must come and take everything from him (devotee) and make him His own. That means that devotee must reach his desired goal, by the grace of Parama Purusa. So the whole spirit of this Prabhat Samgiita is how the devotee is offering their everything at Baba's lotus feet... But due to his sheer simplicity, PP Dada Shraddhanandji took this song in a completely different manner.
PP Dada actually invented his own flip-flop purport for the song, "Sakal maner viina'..." In his misguided way he mistakenly tells that this is the song where Baba is expressing His desire to give everything to the devotee. As if in the song Baba is telling the devotee to come more close and more close and take everything that He (Baba). Like this PP Dada is explaining the song. Whereas Baba Himself has explained that He wrote this song for devotees, so that they could express their own heart-felt feeling of love and surrender to Parama Purusa. So in PP Dada's sheer simplicity he completely missed the point and took the whole thing in the wrong way. And indeed he got so convinced that he justified his whole misinterpretation in his own book. And there one can see on page 16 of his autobiography how in dramatic fashion PP Dada reveals his own simplicity and unfortunately took the song in his own opposite fashion.
So it was in this way that Dada Shraddhanandji became the first Purodha Pramukha of AMPS of the post 1990 period. And it was in this way that he thereby became one grand tool of the then GS-- Sarvatmanandaji. This history cannot be denied.
Immediately upon inserting Dada Shraddhanandji as the Purodha Pramukha in 1990, then Sarvatmanandji used him for his own purpose. In no time at all the crafty Sarvatmanandji turned PP Dada into one rubber stamp whereby Sarvatmanandji could set in motion his own negative plannings and dealings. Thus from the expulsion of margiis and innocent WTs to the demolishment of BP rights, Sarvatmanandji infused his groupist agenda and selfish polices onto all aspects of AM life. All so that he himself could reap the benefits and soak up the power. So all in all those days what Sarvatmanandji liked, that thing got passed blindly by PP Dada. So in that phase Sarvatmanandji thought that this PP is working fine. Initially Sarvatmanandaji was thinking that indeed this PP Dada is the best tool. By this way 'I [Sarvatmananda] can do whatever I like-- & with the approval of the highest chair of Purodha Pramukha'. So to protect his misguided strategy Sarvatmanandaji infused dogma after dogma about the greatness of PP. Whereby he turned PP Dada into one demi-god. And he placed PP Dada on the same platform as Baba. In that way Sarvatmanandji created the negative rules that PP need not do kiirtan, not sing PS, not attend paincajanya, not go to dharmacakra, and the list goes on and on. Plus at DMS Sarvatmanandji was also manipulating the scene by saying & announcing things like-- "PP Dada is not happy with the works of certain margiis so he will not be coming out for general darshan". So like that Sarvatmanandji painted PP as being one god and then he promptly placed that thing in his right hand pocket.
Over time though the situation got completely changed. Still Shraddhanandji and Sarvatmanandji are there, but all the politics and dealings have switched hands. Call it ill-luck or what you will. But since long everybody in the Marg is aware about the two main groups and which one is on top etc. So the sense here is that for Sarvatmananda, his dreamland got scenario got completely washed away. Just like how someone dropped their sweet-cake down into the dirty drain.
Now is the time we should learn from the past and strictly pay heed to Baba's following directives. Baba says, "Incompetent people are not expected to carry the legacy of anything. If I teach something to an incompetent or undesirable person it bears no fruit, it gets wasted. A heron will never learn to speak like a mynah bird even if it is trained a thousand times to do so. The incompetent person is just like the heron." (AV-7) Baba says, "Those who are selected for discharging social responsibilities do not possess the above qualities [morality]. They have occupied the posts either for money or for recommendation, but no social good has been accomplished...If power is given to an incompetent person, it is the equivalent to leading society astray in cold blood." (PNS 7- p. 61)
These following words of Baba inspire us to step into the future singing the song of neo-humanism. Baba says, "Humanity is now at the threshold of a new era. Ours is the age of Neo-Humanism- humanity supplying the elixir of life to one and all. We are for all, and with everything in existence we have to build a human society, a Neo-Humanist society. So we must not waste our time - there must be maximum utilization of all human potentialities...we must not waste a single moment of our valuable existence." (PNS-9, p. 35) Namaskar, Chandramohan
*************************************************** Food Resources-- Ocean Bed
Baba says. "Through oceanographic research humanity has discovered a vast treasure of food resources within the ocean and on the sea bed. With the application of science and technology, we can explore these resources to
meet the challenge of the food problem." (PNS-13, p.47)

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