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Needs of Our Margii Children- II

From: "Karma Rasa" To: AM-GLOBAL Subject: Needs of Our Margii Children- II Date: Tue, 03 Aug 2010 08:02:55 +0000 Baba "A'mi toma'y khunjechi girigucha'y, khunjechi an'ute an'ute..." (P.S. 2250) Purport: Baba, I have searched You in the caves of the mountains and in the nooks and corners of this entire universe. I have been searching You from this holy place to that holy place-- from this tiirtha to that tiirtha. In this way my time got wasted. And after a lot of searching now I am completely fatigued and tired. I did not get You anywhere; because of this my heart remains dry. You continue to remain distant from me. Baba, all my longings will be quenched, my whole heart will be satisfied, only when I will receive You in the deep core of my mind and heart, with my full existence, with full realisation. Baba, I do not know the reason why are You hiding Yourself. Why do You make me cry and why do You not like to understand my yearning and longing. In spite of this irony of Your not caring, I will go on searching You and I must get You. You must get held and that will only happen when You will grace me...
Namaskar, The whole focus of this mailing is how our margii children can develop into strong, dedicated A'nanda Ma'rgiis. Whether one is an acarya or family person, an LFT or a margii parent, this is something we all certainly want to see: Our margii children becoming strong sadhakas of the Marga.
However, in this grossly materialistic era, so many times our tender margii children drift away and get pulled into the crude waters of capitalism and materialism. While there are any number of factors that may contribute to this, but perhaps first and foremost is that it is simply a numbers issue. Our margii children get totally lost in the vast sea of the degenerated public. Surrounded by the pull and allurement of pseudo-culture such as Hollywood & Bollywod movies as well as mundane newspapers & fashion magazines etc, margii children see that their parents are part of a tiny, miniscule minority, whereas the whole entire society is moving in this very enticing flow. This is the misconception they get. Another factor that pulls children in that crude direction is that they often lack a philosophical base and deeper understanding of Ananda Marga practices. Many times our children may not understand the deeper value of a sentient diet or the practical value of sadhana and spirituality. Hence without this philosophical conviction, they just think it is all dogma and get swayed by the glitter of pseudo-philosophies. In that case our children get confused and conclude that 'it is not the society that is blind, rather it is my parents who are blind!'
While we may not be able to change the overwhelming numbers of society immediately, we can directly affect the quality and degree of our children's internal understanding of Ananda Marga. This positive step we can make. As far as possible we should give our children a margii education. This is the obvious solution, yet stands as one that is not always available. Because margii schools are not nearby and often enough we margii parents do not have time to do this on our won-- as we generally have to work long hours and are often struggling with more mundane parental issues. So in this present era, special efforts must be made to impart a margii education to our children. Because it is a fact that proper education is the pathway to bring youth into a particular belief system and way of living. That is why the Christians put such a huge emphasis on developing their parochial schools. Because they know that this is the best way to turn their children into followers of Christ etc. In out Marga, at present we do not have such a developed formal education system. But in this intermediary period there are some distinct steps we can take. And already around the globe there are margii parents and acaryas who are implementing excellent programs for our margii children. And here following are also a few ideas.
All around but especially in those areas where we do not have qualified AM schools, we should fill the gap in a positive manner. Let us organise children's camps-- separate from our main retreats. Let each local unit make 1-3 day camps throughout the year. These camps can be joyful and active experiences where margii children come and participate in so many AM activities and programs from drama and theatre to sports and games to kiirtan and sadhana to stories and poetry etc. All these components and more can be highlighted in our children camps which are organised 5-6 times per year. By this way our margii children will gradually develop an understanding and appreciation for our AM way of life. This internal and theoretical understanding will sprout. And side by side they will make new friends and get satsaunga. All this will aid their safe journey into the dharma of AM. Additionally, we should start our children in such camps and AM activities as early as possible such as at the age of three or four. That is the critical time. Because if one misses it then and instead waits for the early teen-age years like 14-15 etc, then it is basically impossible to bring those children into AM. Already they have their approach that is usually painted in the color of the general society. That is why Baba has emphasized that neo-humanistic education should be imparted in our primary schools and to young children in general. So those places that have such schools are really fortunate and where those schools are not yet in place these margii camps can serve as a solid alternative in this transitional period.
Here are some of Baba's important teachings on education which we should contemplate and apply to the raising of all our children in the Marga. Baba says, "Let everyone enjoy as much as they like on the subtle mental plane. Let everyone possess as much mental and spiritual wealth as possible. But individual hoarding of mundane resources and wealth must be stopped, even by force if necessary. Really speaking, both physical and mental cravings are born of mental hunger. It is certainly possible to transform the craving for physical enjoyment into intellectual hunger by channeling it toward a different goal through proper education. Human society today is badly in need of such education." (HS-1) Baba says, "What happens in the modern world. The existence of both individual and collective existence has become one-sided, that is, it has lost its balance. For this what we require most is a proper system of education." (PNS-18) Baba says, "For the purpose of training this turbulent mind, what should be done? We will have to educate the mind properly, along the lines of neohumanism. This neohumanist education will impart proper training to the mind. And at the same time there should be spiritual practice for proper psychic transformation. This is what we require most. There is no alternative." (PNS-18) Baba says, "Education is a part of cultural life. Education should be free, and education must be based on universalism." (AFPS-7, 'Renaissance in All Strata of Life')
By Baba's grace by starting early in life we can bring all our margii children into the sweet flow of AM. Baba says, "In our Ananda Marga the seed for a common ideal is sown from the very beginning of a child's life. At the age of five when children have acquired only a preliminary understanding of their surroundings, they are given the idea of Brahma or the Supreme Entity. The entire society of Ananda Marga is thus founded on a common ideal, the goal of becoming one with Brahma." (Tattvika Praveshika) Namaskar, Karma Rasa
Despite our best intentions and rigorous attempts, sometimes we find that as parents we get more concerned about the physical health and intellectual training of our children-- and we forget about or overlook their spiritual growth. This can sometimes happen. But Baba does not appreciate this and in fact warns us that even animals impart this much education to their offspring. They give training about how to survive in the their animal society but not more than that. Similarly we should not just ensure that our children can live in this materialistic world. That is not enough. We must ensure that they grow spiritually as well. In this regard, we should not just resort to pressure and force children to sit in sadhana for x amount of minutes. That type of pressure and externally imposed discipline is not enough. Side by side our children must be patiently given the logical and rational understanding and explanation about our AM way of life. This should be done gently and in creative ways to stir their interest. Then when such an inner understanding is cultivated, they will surely move along the path of AM-- now and in the future as well.
On this topic there are so many good ideas being carried out by margiis around the globe so everyone should come forward and share what is working in their area: How are you successfully bringing our AM children into the fold of AM.
******************************************** Future of Those with A Materialistic Bent of Mind
Baba says, "Allured by the paraphernalia of enjoyment these fools do not understand nor do they want to understand the Supreme Entity. They cannot even imagine a subtler world and so they totally deny it. Those who take the crude as their objective have to come again and endure the crude. Trudging along a dark path they are gradually transformed into matter." (SS-3, '92 Edn, p.89) Note: In the present world so-called advanced people in the general society suffer from this above described ailment. It is our duty to save them from their complete crudification.

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