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Not Just Stressed Out

From: "Daniel Bromberg" To: Subject: Not Just Stressed Out Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2008 23:12:43 +0000 Baba "Madhur mohan tumi cita-rainjan a'cho sada' sa'the sa'the..." (3580) Purport: Baba, You are very sweet, most attractive. You have coloured my mind in Your colour. That is why You are cita-rainjan. Always You are remaining with me side by side. You have removed the despair and filled my heart with Your love. All the darkness & hopelessness was removed by that light. Baba, You are beyond the scriptures, intellect, logic, and reasoning, You are above all these; You are alakha-nirainjain, beyond description. Infinite and unblemished. Only You can shatter the bondage of avidya maya-- the mirage of negative attraction-- and grant salvation. Baba, You are the most charming, the most sweet, my own...
Namaskar, None can deny that the present day humanity has made tremendous headway in the material sphere. In just a short while human beings have marched forward into this ultra-modern, high-tech era. Our world is marked by i-Pods & weblinks, digital cameras and skype, as well as space stations, on-line everything, and talking cars. Such is life in this fast-paced, digital age.
However such rapid progress in the mundane sphere is not without its pitfalls and sticking points-- especially if it is not matched by similar development in the inner world, i.e in one's psycho-spiritual development. Here below Baba uncovers what happens when material development occurs in the absence of a proper spiritual outlook. Baba says, "For progress in the external world there should be clear guidelines, a clear and well-integrated philosophical base. The society often lacks this; and that is why people tend to lose balance in social life. When those who have developed intellectually come in contact with an uncongenial environment, they find it difficult to adjust." (NH-LOI, Disc:1) Thus as Baba warns us, when the complexity of life in the technological world far outpaces the growth in the spiritual realm, then people lose their balance. That is, they become uncomfortable with or maladjusted to the world around them. And that leads to a whole new set of problems & trials. In a phrase, people become not just "stressed out", but something far worse Here below Baba further discusses this predicament. Baba says, "Present-day humanity has, no doubt, made considerable intellectual progress. But in the external world, there is a lack of adjustment. This is the reason that among the educated people of today the number of lunatics-- people suffering from psychic disorders-- is on the increase: because there is no adjustment in the speeds of the inner and outer worlds." (NH-LOI, Disc:1)
So Baba has clearly issued a strong warning about the dangers of living in this modern world. Psychic ailments like depression, stress disorders, and all kinds of mental anguishes will creep into the mind when there is not a like & corresponding growth in the internal realm. That is Baba's strict teaching. Here again Baba has given the same warning-- namely that lunacy will increase dramatically-- in this imbalanced, modern era. Baba says, "These days many psychic diseases have appeared as a result of this mental complexity. Many people are committing suicide; many people are becoming lunatics. The reason is that people are unable to adjust with the various types of complexities in life." (AV-22) So the situation becomes so severe that people start resorting to the unthinkable: Killing themselves. All because of an extreme lack of adjustment between their fast-paced external environment and their deficient psycho-spiritual. The thing is that regular citizens do not have the capacity of mind to address numerous issues simultaneously and think in multiple directions. Yet that is exactly what people are called on to do. Earlier, human life was far more simple, but now with society driven by all kinds of technology the speed has increased multi-fold, and people do not know how to cope.
And this is not just theory only-- this is what we see practically happening in the world around. The huge increase of ailments in the mental arena is becoming more prevalent in various countries. But perhaps nowhere is this more rampant than in the US. Currently in the material kingdom of the USA, psychic disorders are cropping up everywhere-- exponentially. From the young to the elderly, from the unemployed to high-paid executives, there is no sector of society that has escaped. And rate of onset of these problems in happening at lightening speed. All because people are surrounded by an increasingly complex material environment yet they do not have the balance or depth of mind to handle the pressure of living in such fast-paced world.
Here below Baba provides us with a clear-cut, rational portrayal of the problem that is bemoaning today's high-tech yet spiritually deficient societies. Baba says, "Not only is there maladjustment in speed but also in rhythm; that is, the pattern of internal psychic rhythm is altogether different from the external rhythm of the objective world. Obviously clash is inevitable, and the impact of this clash is felt much more in the psychic realm than in the physical sphere. As a result, human beings lose their mental adjustment." (NH-LOI, Disc:1) So in all the above ways Baba has clearly pointed out the problem of life in this ultra-modern era. And side by side in this below section He has given the solution.
Although the general society has become totally overwhelmed by technological advancements and are unable to adjust. That does not mean that we Ananda Margiis should also fall prey to such syndromes. Rather, we are to escape unharmed, if we follow Baba's guidelines. Because Baba has graced us with the solution to all the problems and difficulties of life in this modern era. And it is this which we are to share with the world around us. Here Baba neatly explains how 16 Points brings balance in all the spheres of life. Baba says, "Human existence is trifarious. A sadhaka has got his spiritual body, his psychic body and his quinquelemental body-- this physical structure--hands, legs, ears, nose, etc. When the flow is for the Supreme Desideratum, there must be an adjustment amongst these three flows of human spirit, human mind, and human entity. There must be parallelism between spiritual flow and the psychic, and there must be parallelism between psychic wave and the entitative wave. For progress in entitative flow, one is to lead a pure life, a moralistic life, a life based on moral principles...Follow a strict code of morality. Live a pure life, a neat and clean life. Be strict in 16 Points. What will happen? Your entitative flow will get purified and will be in parallelism with your psychic wave." (Baba in Taiwan, p. 44) So the ideal way to combat the onslaught of complexities of this technological world is to increase one's mental stamina and spiritual strength. And that is exactly what 16 Points does-- plus it keeps the physical body healthy and disease free. Therefore, to survive and blossom in this modern era, 16 Points is a must. That means from half-bath to kaoshikii, from dharmacakra to fasting, from Supreme Command to laungota wearing, following all the points are indispensable for maintaining and succeeding in this complex world. That is the only way we can keep ourselves from becoming victims of modernity. And by following 16 Points we will naturally become ideal examples for the rest of the world. And we can help all our brothers and sisters overcome the rigours of this materially advanced world by teaching them the systematic practices of 16 Points. However, to the degree we ourselves are lazy or inattentive to 16 Points is the degree to which we will become overwrought with the psychic disorders which plague the present day world. In that case we all will become victims.
Here again is Baba's clear-cut guideline that 16 Points is the way to welfare in all the realms of life, especially in this ultra-modern era. Baba says, "...The complete seeds of welfare in all the spheres--physical, mental, moral, social and spiritual--are embedded in the Sixteen Points. Hence be firm on the Sixteen Points." (Ananda Vanii #45)
By Baba's grace we will be assured of success because He has blessed us with all the needed directions in life. This is nothing but His fathomless grace. Baba says, "If one gets the guidance of a Sadguru...and diverts one's potentialities towards Parama Purus'a through spiritual practices, one is sure to be successful in life." (YP) Namaskar, Dharma
In this computer era there is a password for everything. For your email, for your bank machine, for your credit card, for your work station, for each and every sphere of life there is a password or code # or PIN (Persona Identification Number). This also puts added strain on the mind since one must keep a mental note of all these things. Hence a strong and clear memory is needed. And here again Baba has given the solution. Baba says, "Many people have asked me how they can increase their power of memory. Personally, I know quite a few secrets in this regard, as well as a number of physical exercises which increase the power of memory. In our 16 Points there are a number of psychic exercises which also help." (AV-7, p. 81)
*************************************************** Behind the Curtain
Baba says, "How one person sings melodious songs, how another dances beautiful rhythmic dances, how another delivers wonderful discourses, etc. But we cannot see the entity who pulls the strings from behind and runs the show. And the funniest thing is this: the speaker, the singer, the dancer thinks that he or she is the agent, the doer, and takes the entire credit for the performance. People do not care to think of the entity that pulls the strings from behind, or if they are even more foolish, they think that others see them alone, not the entity who pulls the strings from behind." (NKS, 97 Edn, p.181)

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