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Here is...Divine Resonance of Those Days

From: "Girish Nath Biswas" To: Subject: Here is...Divine Resonance of Those Days Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2008 23:46:34 +0530 Baba "A'ma'r sakal dukher ma'jhe ele tumi dukhaharan'..." (PS 1421) Purport: O' Baba, You are Dukhaharan'. I was surrounded by sorrows & suffering; I was in big problem; my life was unbearable. I was completely miserable. But now, by Your grace, to save me, You have come with Your gazing eyes, silent footsteps, loving smile, and sweet face. Baba, by Your divine advent You have blessed me and rescued me by wiping away all my troubles and suffering. Baba, completely depending upon You with full surrender, in that very distressed and helpless condition, I was calling You and looking towards You. Raising both my hands in surrender I told, 'Baba, please save me; You are my only shelter. If You will not save me then who will.' Then at that moment You rescued me by showering Your grace. Baba, when I look around I see that because of Your gracious presence this entire universe has become vibrated & charged. The whole sky is enveloped in Your divine effulgence and my mind and heart is drenched in Your love. Baba, holding Your lotus feet, I sing Your glory in my heart and surrender to You...
Namaskar, Devotional life has no parallel, and while His vibration is with us always, the sweet reminiscences of our time on this earth with Baba hold special value.
Just uploaded to the AM-GLOBAL blog,, is an audio file which I've had since long of an especially devotional bhajan where devotees are seated at Baba's lotus feet and singing to Him with deep, deep longing. The scene is New Year's Day 1979 in Patna. I was present that time and was blessed by Baba to be able to get a recording of that most blissful occasion.
Listening to such a devotionally charged recording holds much value and specifically I can think of two ways that is a boon for our Marga community. Firstly, it gives us a unique snapshot of history as it depicts the highly devotional scene of how our AM bhaktas used to sing in front of Baba and what type of vibration was created, by His grace. Specifically, on this occasion, the bhaktas gathering on that day were totally charged and saturated with love for Him. So whether one was there or not, by listening to this an image comes to mind of how special life was in Baba's presence. This could be especially helpful to margiis & workers who never had opportunity to see Baba physically. So this stands as a special record of history of how things were those days-- of the divine resonance of those days. Secondly, this file serves the universal purpose of being a devotional tool for one and all. Because just by listening to this bhajan, the mind will naturally gravitate if not run towards Baba, as it will awaken and kindle one's yearning for Him. Because really on that occasion, Baba blessed the bhaktas with an especially strong desire to serve and please Him-- and that vibration is expressed by the devotional energy & love with which they are singing to Him. So everyone will get a devotional surge by listening to this bhajan.
Since the song was sung in Patna, the bhajan is in Hindi, and many of you may not know Hindi. Even then, just like with bhajans sung in Tegalo, English, German, Oriya, or Spanish, the devotional vibration shines forth. Plus, one will hear the devotees sing the name 'Baba', as that is one of the lyrics of the song. So even if one does not understand Hindi, any bhakta will easily be able to soak up the devotional feeling of that scene. Because on that occasion, the song was sung with deep love, by His grace. In that way, from the vishuddha cakra, nectar (amrta) emanates. This is part of the devotional science of AM. When the mind is elevated, then by Baba's grace a sweet vibration is created in the throat, which is controlled by the vishuddha cakra. In contrast, if the mind is in a debased state, then poison (vis) is emitted. But, on occasion such as this, when one sings with deep, deep longing for Him, then nectar (amrta) emanates. And if you listen, I think that is what you will find was happening on this day, just like so many other times when bhaktas were singing in front of Baba, such as during His visits to Ananda Nagar, Utter Pradesh, South America, Philippines, Tamil Nadu, Europe or wherever. By His grace, by His showering of love, wherever He was He would attract devotees and naturally those bhaktas would sing with deep longing for Him.
And in His discourses, Baba beautifully describes this phenomenon of devotional singing: In that case He transfers His cosmic nucleus to that very spot. That is the magical reaction that happens. And still to this very day, this is the case. Parama Purusa places Himself wherever the bhaktas sing His name.
Madbhakta' yatra ga'yante tatra tis't'ha'mi na'rada
Baba says, "Where devotees sing my name, there alone I remain. I transfer my nucleus to that place... I transfer my nucleus to the place where my devotees sing my name. Why? Because in devotees there is upsurge (ucchava'sa) and emotion (a'vega). With the help of that emotion, I radiate vibrations in the universe." (AV-1) So these days when we sing our Prabhat Samgiita or when we sing our Kiirtan, then naturally, by His grace, He brings Himself to that very place and creates a devotionally charged environment. Thus it is not that this only happened in the past and now those days are gone. Still today, this is the sweet result that occurs when devotees sincerely sing His name.
All in all, devotional tools like this audio file help bring back & inculcate that divine resonance and touch the inner core of the heart of devotees all around. Because when in front of Baba, then sadhakas would forget about all of life's difficulties and troubles, and with one pointed devotion they would get swept up into His blissful flow. And that unique vibration is captured on this very sound file. So everyone should listen and even download their own copy to hear in future.
By Baba's grace, here is His explicit instruction to us on how we should use our human faculties and He furthermore gives us the duty to spread this message all around. Baba says, "He has given you your organs. Utilize them for Him. With your voice sing His name, His praise, His kiirtana. With your mind think of Him. One who does not do this wastes one’s life. And where people have only human frame but not human mind, tell them this [aforesaid] message. Go to village after village, town after town. This is your duty." (AV-30)
By Baba's grace, now as well as back then, when we sing for Him with full sincerity and longing, then He shifts Himself to that very place and showers His fathomless grace. So we should all be eager to do more and more kiirtan and Prabhat Samgiita and realise His special presence in our life. Baba says, "He is everywhere, but that vibration originates from that place where His nucleus is. He seats that nucleus at that place where devotees sing His name." (AV-1) Namaskar, Girish
These days often times various artists go into the studio to record kiirtans etc and their minds are more involved with the sound of their own voice or the quality of their music etc. Because of this the overall devotional quality is less. Of course this is not the case with all studio recordings, but it is a common outcome, unfortunately. Whereas when bhaktas gather en mass and sing His name then there are no feelings of self-- only they are thinking of Him. And that makes those live kiirtans very devotional. So those recording artists must take special care to take a strong ideation when making a professional recording. Some do a fine job, but I think we all have heard many cassettes and cd's where this can be improved.

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