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Relations Btwn Wts & Margiis

Date: Sat, 15 Aug 2009 06:23:28 -0000 (GMT) From: Singh_Manindra Subject: Relations Btwn Wts & Margiis To: AM-GLOBAL Baba "Tumi esecho a'ma'r ghare..." (PS #3803) Purport: Baba, today You have graced me by coming to my house. This essence I understand-- that today I have received the showering of Your divine grace. Because I know how much sadhana I have. And I know that I do not have such type of strength of sadhana to bring You to my house. Still, amazingly, You have come to my house. It means You have graced me. I received Your grace; this cosmic truth I understand. Today I am seeing with my own eyes that the Supreme Controller of this universe is sitting next to me. Baba, You have come today to my home...
Namaskar, Here are some important points for building up our Marga. Actually the letter is more than that. As you read Baba's quotes in this posting, one can only think how ironic it is that our Guru has graciously given such warnings yet we have fallen into this very condition.
Some may be thinking that if we bring all the various groups together and have them shake hands etc, then we will have true unity in our Marga. But Baba warns us that such type of a plan has absolutely nothing to do with unity. The example is given how bringing a bunch of mafia bosses or bandits together will not lead to the creation of a pure and just society. Similarly, bringing H & B & NIA & EC leaders under one roof will not lead to true unity in our Marga. And indeed it is preposterous to think it would. How is real unity to be established in our Marga, here Baba gives the pointed answer. Baba says, "Human unity is purely an ideological unity." (PNS-15) Baba says, "For the unity of the entire humanity, the indispensable factor is spirituality." (AFPS-2) Thus according to Baba, the only way to advance the cause of real unity in our Marga is to rally around AM ideology-- i.e. the spiritual ideals of AM. That is the only way. Should we overlook this tenet--- if we fail to pay heed to Baba's guideline and instead try to make so-called unity by gluing together various groupist fronts-- then unity in AM will be nothing but a far-off dream, i.e. it will be spoiled. Baba says, "However, psychic or ideological unity may be affected if we encourage the exploitation of one group by another." (PNS-15) Hence to establish unity in AM, there must not be the presence of any faction or group. None whatsoever. Then and only then can we raise the saffron flag of AM and proclaim that our Marga is united.
Some may also be thinking that (a) our Marga can succeed if the family margiis take over the mission or (b) if the wt's alone control AMPS. But both these concepts are totally defective. Baba's view is totally different. In so many places, Baba firmly states that our Marga must be comprised of Wts and Family people-- and furthermore there must be coordinated cooperation between the two. That is the speciality and dynamism of the Marga. Here below, in these following paras, Baba clearly states how both family margiis (householders) and wholetimers (renunciates) are needed for the success and prosperity of our mission. Baba says, "The dedicated monks and nuns of Ananda Marga have accepted their life of renunciation not out of any escapist mentality, but to further the cause of human welfare; and through their service, they seek to lead human beings along the path of righteousness to the abode of Supreme Bliss." (AFPS-3) One of the specialties of wts is that they can go anywhere, anytime. For the cause of dharma they can be sent to any remote location on this earth and begin propagating the ideals of AM. This is one of the great benefits of the wt system. Whereas family people-- due to their many worldly obligations-- often do not have the flexibility to travel here and there for indefinite period in order to do mission work. So wts are needed. Baba says, "Family people are required to know the necessary rules and regulations for living an ideal family life, and must follow them in both letter and spirit. They will have to take the vow to render more service to the society." (AV-7) Likewise family people also have their distinct role. By establishing themselves in local regions, ideal householders form the fabric of society by engaging in all sorts of occupations: From business to education, from medicine to agriculture etc. So many projects are carried out by househoulders as well as social service and the propagation of dharma. By being established in one place, ideal family people rise up as local leaders to guide the society. Hence it cannot be denied that only one side is needed. Rather there must be both ideal wts and ideal householders. This is Baba's guideline. Baba says, "One should first understand the two paths [wt or householder] and then take a vow to follow one of them faithfully." (2 January 1979, Patna)
And here Baba warns us what will happen if there is not (a) unity in ideology, as well as (b) coordinated cooperation between family margiis and wts. Baba says, "Due to lack of coordinated cooperation, collective effort, a proper ideology and sound planning, society has been fragmented into many belligerent groups and sub-groups." (AFPS-9) Thus if we do not pay heed to the above points of unity in ideology and coordination between householders and renunciates, then get ready for more and more groupism. That is Baba's fateful decree.
By Baba's divine grace, our Marga will soon become something to behold on this earth. Namaskar, Manindar
****************************************** Summum Bonum
Baba says, "Spirituality is the summum bonum of life in all its aspects." (I & I, 'Cosmic Brotherhood') Note 1: We all know that spiritual sadhana is the ultimate human activity and the be-all and end-all of human existence. It is the sweetest expression of life and by the grace of Parama Purusa it is this sadhana which transforms ordinary humans into divine beings. Thus sadhana has an extraordinary role in human development and progress.

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