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What is Most Beautiful

From: "Karma Rasa" To: AM-GLOBAL Subject: What is Most Beautiful Date: Sat, 21 Mar 2009 23:01:22 +0000 Baba "A'ma'r katha' d'her hoyeche, toma'r katha'i shudhu bolo..." (PS 1803) Purport: Baba, You are the most fascinating and dearest Entity of this entire universe. Yet up till now, in my ignorance, I have just been focusing upon my own self. I was just infatuated with my own unit ego-- with my own 'I-feeling'. My whole existence has only been revolving around me. The time just passed in my own self-centered talk and gossip; my life passed in vain. Baba, now please be gracious and reveal something about Your divine Self. Baba, You are that Supreme One; with Your infinite compassion today You have blessed me with the desire to realise You. Please grace me by telling me Your intimate tales and make my life meaningful. Baba, after bathing me in the flow of effulgence-- after showering me with Your divine truth-- and blessing me with spiritual knowledge, please take me only on Your path, the path of divinity, the path of eternal fulfillment. Baba, You are the most gracious One. Baba, previously I was just involved in myself-- singing my own songs, thinking about my own greatness and glory. I was just involved in my own self-aggrandisement, again and again. My whole life got wasted in this way. I was only busy in satisfying my own ego. Baba, by Your grace, today I have floated the boat of Your name. By Your grace You have entered my life. Without Your grace it was impossible. Baba, please set the sail of Your divine melody so that by Your grace I can reach up to the Goal-- up to You. O' Sundar, O' Beautiful One, You are that singular eternal Entity. By Your grace I now know everything else is transitory. Baba, You alone are eternally emanating: This whole entire universe is Your divine expression. Baba, whenever the tide comes You release the boat. This is Your eternal way: When a unit being gets human life then You grace them by giving them sadhana make their path straight towards divinity. Baba, I surrender at Your lotus feet...
Namaskar, In the above Prabhat Samgiita, Parama Purusa is addressed as 'Sundar'-- The Most Beautiful One. So infinite beauty is one of the inherent qualities as well as one of the countless attributions of Parama Purusa-- of Baba. And by His grace devotees realise this in their lives. At the same time, often we see that people chase after "beauty" in the mundane world. So we should investigate what that worldly beauty really is, why one feels attracted to a particular thing, as well as how far those objects are really able to quench and satisfy one's inner desire.
As we have all remarked, in this day to day world, people find beauty in so many things. A mother finds beauty in her children; a man finds beauty in a woman; climbers find beauty in the mountain; a shopper finds beauty in a hat or a dress; and on and on it goes. So many people find beauty in so many things. Baba says, "Human beings look at the world, with its profusion of changing forms, and become fascinated by them." (NKS, Disc: 25, 'Aesthetic Science')
However it is also certainly true that what is beautiful to one person may not be perceived as being beautiful to the next. For example: One good-looking young man might chase after at one ugly girl. The whole society views her as ugly. She has as hooked nose, gross body, rotten teeth, bad smell, hairy fingers, and she is very short-tempered and mean etc. Everyone thinks she is ugly. The young man's friends make all kinds of comments about her ugliness and mean disposition. Yet this handsome young man finds her to be the most beautiful and stunning woman in this entire world. That fellow will become captivated and will be able to talk all day long about her exquisite beauty and charm. Because to him, she is very, very attractive etc. So that is the unending specialty-- and indeed controversy-- of worldly beauty: It varies from person to person. Some are totally enamoured with certain things and find them to be completely beautiful; whereas, others may find those very same objects to be totally quite ordinary, or distasteful, or even repulsive. This is the way of the world. Thus what is beautiful-- and what is ugly-- varies dramatically from one person to the next. Certainly we have all witnessed this in our lives. One person finds a particular painting worthy of being placed in the most honoured art museum and another person wishes to hurl that same painting into the trash bin. And like that, with each and every worldly expression, the degree of its beauty or lack thereof, depends solely on the perceiver.
Here in more specific language, Baba pointedly reveals to us the science behind how and why people find beauty in a particular object. Baba says, "Suppose I see something. The vibration radiating from that object produces a sympathetic vibration in the mind. I begin to feel that I should assimilate that vibration, that I should accept it as my own. This is what is known as attraction." (NKS, Disc: 25, 'Aesthetic Science') So each and every expressed object in the vast universe emanates its own specific vibration. Every jewel, every stone, every cloud, every river, and every cockroach has a particular vibration. And accordingly one feels attracted toward that object, or not. And for those who do get attracted by a particular object, to the degree that that object satisfies, satiates, and fulfills their heart is the degree to which they will call that thing beautiful. The mother is highly attracted to each and every aspect of her baby-- the smile, hair, eyes, fingers, and laugh. Thus for her, that baby is extremely beautiful: she finds near unending beauty in that baby. So to some or more degree people are attracted to so many objects in this world: natural scenes like mountain springs and picturesque sunsets, music, houses, automobiles etc. To them those things are beautiful. It all depends on how far that object gives them a feeling of satiation in their heart. Thus the vibration of the wavelengths from a particular object has a strong capacity to attract someone-- or repel them. Because not every vibration may be soothing to every person. Indeed a visiting neighbor may look at that same mother's baby whom the mother finds irresistibly charming, but internally the neighbor may think that this is the ugliest infant ever to be born in the history of the world. They may think it resembles a monkey or a chimpanzee-- but not a human. So not everything creates a sympathetic vibration in everyone's mind. It depends on the object as well as one's in born samskara and mental structure.
But one thing is sure, when anyone does find something beautiful in this world then they want to remain in its contact. Baba says, "Suppose you see something and take a fancy to it. 'Ah, how fine it is!' you will exclaim in joy. Suppose you listen to a nice piece of music and deeply enjoy it. Your friend may be sitting nearby, but you will surely say, 'Wait a bit, please. Let me listen to the music a little longer'." (NKS: Disc 27) As Baba explains above, people want to remain near any object they find to be beautiful-- because it gives them a sense of satiation and fulfillment. And not only do they want to remain close, invariably people try to get more and more intimate with whatever they feel to beautiful. Because by getting closer and closer they want to increase the amount of inner satiation which they derive from that object. And since human longing is infinite, human beings wish to derive maximum fulfillment from worldly things up to eternity. This is their dream. Whether it be a woman, a sports car, a house by the lake, or whatever, the beholder wants to attain infinite happiness from that object which they perceive to be beautiful. So initially when people find something to be beautiful in this mundane world then they rush up towards that thing and desire to remain its contact-- and get closer and closer to that-- thinking that it will give them unending fulfillment. But actually in this mundane world, no object has that capacity to continue to attract someone and fulfill their desire up to eternity. No mundane expression has that charm; no mundane expression has that beauty.
So from a distance, initially people may think that something is very, very beautiful. But as they get closer or over time, they ultimately find that they no longer get that deep satiation from that object which they were initially feeling. Driving that same sports car every Sunday little by little begins to lose its appeal, until finally one day the owner is no longer attracted to that car at all and he sells it. Likewise, one day the woman of one's dreams no longer seems so attractive to them. And when this occurs, whey they no longer find her to be beautiful, then one goes to the court with divorce papers in hand. Every day such things happen. Likewise, women often lose their attraction for the man that they were once in love with. This is the way this universe unfolds: People lose their attraction for various mundane objects. To them it no longer appears to be beautiful because it fails to give that deep satiation in their heart. And in that moment, when an object loses its appeal, then one begins to feel-- to some or more degree-- that that object is ugly. With that change of feeling, with that loss of attraction, Hollywood marriages end in a flash, people sell their sports car, or people move from one house to another. This is the common reality. Because when people lose their attraction for a particular thing then they search elsewhere to find that beauty which will lighten their heart. But no worldly expression has that capacity to exude unending beauty for time immemorial. Ultimately, at some point-- sooner or later-- that object will fail to satiate their heart. And in that moment a sort of ugliness appears that wasn't there previously. It happens with everything of this mundane world.
Everyone wants infinite beauty and until they come in contact with Parama Purusa then they go on running after tranisent objects and then one day by His grace one comes in His contact and the spiritual journey begins. And this is what should be sought after in life-- His Supreme Beauty. As long as this stage does not come they go on running after one thing of beauty yet then again that beautiful things becomes ugly to them and then they chase after another beauty. This type of never-ending search and feeling of frustration happens until starts his march towards Parama Purusa. Becuase in the relative sphere, which is most beautiful today becomes ugly tomorrow and this journey goes on and on until one comes in contact with Baba the Most Beautiful One.
So while people tire of mundane objects, the opposite is the case with Parama Purusa. At first from a distance one may not feel that He is so beautiful. Due to the pull of avidya maya, one may actually get attracted elsewhere. So until one is graced to find beauty in Parama Purusa, then in their desperate state they will frantically run from one mundane 'beautiful thing' to the next. Because everyone is moving around trying to find that most beautiful expression that can fulfill the yearning in their heart. But by Baba's divine grace and with their good samskara, sadhakas feel some initial attraction for Parama Purusa. His vibration satisfies a yearning in their heart and they find Him to be beautiful. This is His grace. Naturally then, by feeling His sweet vibration, the sadhaka desires to go more close. And because Parama Purusa is that infinite One, He can continually emanate and exude a sweeter and sweeter vibration that satisfies and satiates the infinite longing of the human heart. In that way His beauty increases more and more. So the closer one gets to Him the more satiation they feel, and the more beautiful He becomes. And ultimately, attracted by that ever increasing beauty, one moves closer and closer towards Parama Purusa-- until finally one day one merges in Him. That is why only Parama Purusa is Sundar-- only He is the most Beautiful One. Only He can give that complete satiation to the infinite longing of the human heart. By getting Him one feels so much fulfillment, that is why only Baba is Sundar. And ultimately, by His grace, we reach that permanent state of fulfillment-- drifting endlessly in His bliss. As sadhakas, our duty is to run after this real beauty-- His eternally beautiful Self, and not any illusory or transient thing which for a fleeting moment in time appears to be beautiful.
Yashoda'-Nanda nandanam' surendrapa'davandanam; Suvarn'aratnaman'd'alam' nama'mi Krs'n'asundaram. Bhava'bdhikarn'adha'rakam' bhaya'rttina'shaka'rakam; Mumuks'umuktida'yakam nama'mi Krs'n'asundaram.
"Salutations to Parama Purusa the Beautiful...whose lotus feet were worshipped by the gods, and whose body was adorned with precious gems. Salutations to Parama Purusa the Beautiful, who was the most reliable helmsman on the ocean of this universe, who removed the fear of annihilation, who granted salvation to aspiring souls." (NKS: Disc 4) Indeed, in this vast universe, only Parama Purusa is that most Beautiful Entity. By His grace may we all fully realise this divine truth. Baba says, "The Supreme Reality is vibrant with blissful vibrations; He is the greatest of all entities, the highest, above all, beyond all comparison... His existence, His stance, His ever-blissful state, is the highest stage of attainment." (NSS) Namaskar, Karma Rasa
******************************************** Solution of Misery
Baba says, "Human misery originates from one's imperfect thoughts. By ideating on the Great one can be relieved of misery forever." (AMIWL-7) Note 1: Baba's above guideline is very unique. He is explaining to us that pain is the result of improper thinking. The insinuation being: Pain is related with the mind only. Thus when the mind is filled with higher thoughts-- ideating on the Great-- then it goes beyond pain and pleasure. And that is the state of eternal bliss. We can see in our day to day life how this type of problem can be very painful to one person and to quite fine to another.. It depends completely on one's psychic perceptions and mental state of mind. We also see that just by thinking in a negative way people invite serious psychic tension and mental depression in their life. Whereas if their thinking is proper then that brings bliss-- but if it is improper then that causes sorrow. This is why in so-called developed nations the problem of depression and psychic diseases is more than in comparison to other places. As we all know, proper thinking means ideating on Parama Purusa. Sadhakas know this theorem but under the spell of Avidya Maya they forget this most of the time.

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