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One of the Worst Judicial Systems

Date: Wed 23 May 2012 21:02:42 -0000
Subject:  One of the Worst Judicial Systems



Just this week,  a study revealed that 2000 people in the US have been exonerated of serious crimes in the past 23 years. Collectively, those 2000 people who were falsely accused spent tens and tens of thousands of years in jail for crimes they did not commit.

Once again we should reflect on Baba's key guideline about the justice system.

Baba says, "I am personally of the opinion that since flaws will always unavoidably remain, no matter how good the judicial system, it is not the intent of nature for one human being to penalize another. Moreover, a detailed analysis reveals that whenever a punitive action is taken to penalize somebody, a feeling of vindictiveness arises in the minds of those administering the punishment, which in turn creates a malevolent mentality. I therefore think that the term “penal system” should be deleted from social terminology. If and when somebody, whether a judge or an ordinary person, takes any type of action against another, it should be corrective, not punitive."

"Judges can rarely say with total conviction that one person is guilty and another innocent. Their verdicts are based on the testimonies of witnesses, the evidence and the arguments of lawyers. They have very little scope to verify whether or not the witnesses are telling the truth or whether or not the evidence is genuine. Experienced lawyers often win cases because even an eminent judge becomes confused by their arguments." (Human Society -1, Justice)

Baba's above teaching contains many points - one key point is that no justice system can be correct 100% of the time. Thus, the court system should not be based on a penal code but rather on rectification.

Unfortunately, in the US the legal system is totally contrary to Baba's guidelines. It is penal oriented and notorious for handing down harsh and severe punishments.

Here are but a few characteristics of the US legal system:

1. The US has a very high incarceration rate. At present, 1.6 million people are in prison in the US. That means .5% of the entire population is behind bars. That is an extraordinarily high number.

2. For even simple errors in judgment and non-violent crimes, the US court system hands down long and harsh sentences. For instance, for some non-violent crimes people can face 20 - 40 - 60 years in jail.

3. The US is also known for the severity and harshness of treatments of inmates. The US jails are notoriously dangerous where inmates are viscously attacked by one another.

4. In addition, the US penitentiary system, has an inordinate number of people in solitary confinement where they do not even see the light of day.

5. Many innocent people are still sitting in jail in those states that do not allow DNA testing. So they are innocent; and it can be proven via DNA testing; but DNA testing is not accepted in some US states.

6. Many are on death row, just awaiting their execution.

7. Finally, upon being release from prison, then ex-convicts are permanently stigmatized and marked. That label lasts their whole life. Never will they ever be treated as a normal citizen again. They lose so many rights including the right to vote and often they can never find a job. In that case they are force to turn to a life of crime and return to jail.

Now, as a whole humanity, it is time to rethink the legal system according to Baba's divine mandates. Baba has come and it will not be long before His teachings on this point are implement. That will be a tremendous boon for humanity.


"A'ma're dekhe calecho prabhu more pu'n'ya phale..." (PS 4477)


Baba, because of the virtue of having Your grace, I can feel that You are so close and that You are looking at me all the time. Baba, You are  with me each and every moment, in the brilliant effulgence and in the cimmerian darkness-- constantly, all the 24hrs. In my good days and bad days always You are and will remain along with me. Baba, You are so gracious.

Baba, when I am surrounded by the fog of hopelessness and despair, & when my life becomes burdened, then it is very difficult for me to move ahead - all my inspiration is lost. And when I cry in pain and the tears  are rolling down my cheeks like a river, and when I am drowned in pessimism, then I think that this life is useless and that this whole world is poisonous. In that case I feel it is better just to die. When I am in such a crisis, then with a very pleasant and sonorous voice, Someone appears in my mental abode and in a very sweet & intimate way He whispers, 'Do not worry, I love you'.

Baba, the effulgence of Your divine love never gets extinguished; Your love is eternal and never fades or ends. In this mundane world, everything comes and goes. Baba, only You are eternal and infinite. You are the sweetest Entity. You are that force that never stops. You are that magnificent bliss that never diminishes - always that bliss is growing and growing. Baba, You are my everything: The be-all and end-all of the life. By Your grace, I am under
Your shelter. Baba, in the deep core of my heart the only request I have is: Please do not forget that I am sheltering myself in You, at Your lotus feet.

Baba, by Your infinite grace-compassion You are remaining by my side always...

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