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His Magical Grace

Date: Sun 20 Apr 2008 23:31:42 -0000 (GMT) From: Pradiip Bauer Subject: His Magical Grace To: Baba "Diner a'lote a'so ni, ele tumi a'ndha're..." P.S. 2073 Purport: Baba You are so merciful, You are so divine. Earlier when my life was full of happiness then that time You did not come; but now in this period of darkness You have come. It is Your grace. During my good days I wanted You to come and rejoice the occasion. But that did not happen-- in the effulgence of the day You did not come. But now in the darkness of night You have come. Baba, how You play Your liila. Baba in the smile of the moon, You do not present Yourself. But when I was suffering in pain, then with the soothing balm You came and relieved me of my suffering. Baba, You have come in this cimmerian darkness when I am crying. Baba, everyone knows that You are most-loving; and everyone knows that You think about one and all. Even then they involve in logically analysing and reasoning about Your ways in order to strengthen their love for You-- to love You in a deeper way. O' Baba, You are beginningless and Your abode is in infinity. In all the twelve months You remain constantly along with me-- in pain and pleasure. Baba, You are the divine shelter of everyone; You are the heart of everyone, the Soul of souls. And by Your grace You pull everyone close to You. You never discard or ignore anyone-- irrespective of how high or how low they are. Baba You have only come in this time of crying and suffering. In the good days when I was calling You then You did not come. Baba, Your glory is unfathomable; Your liila is beyond imagination; Baba, You are so gracious...
Namaskar, As we look around this earth we see so many positive changes sprouting up across the globe-- all of which signify how the winds are blowing in the favour of AM, due to His grace. Many jiivas, totally unaware of AM ideology, are now thinking, speaking, and implementing plans and programs that are in consonance with the teachings of AM. Because when Mahasambhuti arrives on this earth, He creates that special vibration wherein all move according to His divine rhythm. Baba says, "To deal a strong blow, a special manifestation known as Maha'sambhuti becomes inevitable. Every unit is doing the work of Parama'tman; everyone is the expression of God." (Disc MHB)
For example, just recently, major circles within US education are promoting the idea of separate education: Separating post-pubescent boys and girls in school. Because they have found the these tender youths concentrate better when they are not mixed together in the same classroom. This may sound like a simple idea, but it quite a giant step for a country that is home to the land of Hollywood and the exporter of so much sexually alluring pseudo-culture. So this concept of switching to separate education is no small thing in that materialistic, sensuous paradise -- as all of a sudden the education system will neatly mirror Baba's ideals on this highly important point.
And verily so many positive changes are going on in so many places: From diet to environmental awareness, from yoga and exercise to anti-smoking statutes, from multi-culturalism to spirituality, from holistic health to new economic paradigms. In all there are too many things to count. That is not to say that everything is now perfect and pure on this earth-- far from it. But in practically no time, causes and ideas that seemed totally distant and lost are now rapidly coming to the forefront of society. Many grand ideas are now on the cusp of common human experience. And side by side, more and more are fast realising the ills of many of the current institutions like capitalism etc. People are looking for new ways. This is even going on in the capitalistic monstrosity of the US. So this is also a plus point. In a nutshell, so many non-margiis are gravitating towards AM values, even though they have never seen an AM book, nor even heard of Ananda Marga.
Why is all this happening? Is it merely the luck of the dice or a fleeting trend? Actually, as we all know, it is all due to Baba's grace. Because when Parama Purusa comes on this earth then He not only gives the philosophy but also creates that special vibration wherein all His progeny-- margiis and non-margiis-- get benefited and their mentality changes. Suddenly, all are busy implementing Baba's ideas. Baba says, "Every unit is doing the work of Parama'tman." (Disc MHB) So when Mahasmbhuti comes, then He creates the situation wherein all move according to His divine vibration-- everyone's heart and mind gets touched by Him. Baba says, "Whatever has taken place, is taking place or will take place are all sustained in His existence, vibrated in His vibration, echoed and re-echoed in a thousand and one in his sound. His voice is the cosmic voice that establishes the beings of the mortal world immortality. His voice surges as the seed of the world, as the germ of the world, as the fruit bearing world-like tree." (SS-3) And verily we are seeing this unfold before our very eyes. When materialists suddenly espouse the benefits of separate education; when previously unheard voices suddenly have a way like the internet to spread their cries and please to one and all; when good people take to banding together to establish new ways of doing; when yoga becomes so popular that is is being recommended by common people and professionals on every street corner; when people suddenly recognise that the flow of mind has a huge impact on human life; when all these things come to light at the same time we can only say it is His grace.
So in these times of change, we must take a hard look at our Marga. By His grace He has given us all the tools: He has blessed us with all the details and insights for helping to accelerate this grand change that is suddenly sweeping this earth. And it is our duty to mirror those ideals.
Thus we have some of our own obstacles to overcome. Of course, the burning topic of groupism is in the forefront of everyone's mind. The whole world is trying tirelessly to overcome racial divisions etc, and in our Marga we have the fire of cultural factionalism burning up to the sky. But even then that is not the only point. We have room to grow in so many respects. Now secular educational leaders are preaching the idea that keeping boys and girls in the same classroom is not good. It is distracting; it is an impediment to learning; it gives the wrong signal; it takes the child away from their work. So many reasons are there for why it is not beneficial for the social development and mental growth of the child. This they are realising. Yet in our own Marga, in almost all the overseas sectors, co-ed kiirtan is practiced: Where brothers and sisters dance together in tight quarters and sing. Whether anyone wants to accept the following or not: But it hinders one's ability to concentrate. When the general society is confronting its drawbacks, we should be open-minded enough to do the same. Mixing the sexes in programs like akhanda kiirtan impedes the ability for one's mind to run in the direction of Parama Purusa. No doubt many will blindly defend the issue and say that it is not true. But in reality the mind is quite delicate and easily swayed. It gets swayed by pseudo-culture, by the appeals of instant gratification, by the smell of food, and by so many things, including the attraction to the opposite sex. That is why Baba always insisted on the proper separation of the sexes during kiirtan. Because the mind is trying to engage in a very sentient and subtle ideation, and external hindrances must be minimized and altogether eliminated-- as far as possible. So when the goal is to sing kiirtan and ideate on Him then we should boldly create the best environment for achieving that goal, in the same way that the materialistic west is doing in their own classrooms. If they can make the jump so can we.
And verily it is our moral duty to be at the forefront of all these changes. Baba has bestowed upon us special keys and tools to unlock and break the shackles that currently bind human beings. In each and every sphere of life we must lead the way. The more we propagate Baba's ideas and the more we exemplify His teachings in our own lives, the faster His mission will spread. Already it is spreading by His grace and He will utitlise us to make it go even faster. At present all the conditions are ripe. The world is ready. It is just like the spring season when all that is needed is for the seed to be planted and mother nature will do the rest. Similarly, Baba has prepared the ground and has all the conditions ready. Just we have our small yet highly important role to play. We must propagate and emulate His ideals. Because as ripe as the conditions are, there are many on this earth who are losing hope; they think that nothing new is on the horizon. They have not yet heard the gospel of AM. So it is our moral duty to spread the word. There are many pious people who in their heart of hearts want to see something done-- the society has the strong desire to move. Just they need to be shown the way. Baba has come and created the vibration and graciously placed His divine philosophy in our hands. Now it is our turn to do our part. If we are honest and brave and remember Him, we are sure to be victorious. Baba says, "Such a figure or “Maha'sambhu'ti”, infuses dynamism in the social body and accelerates the speed of movement. All the virtuous people in the world respond to his call and rally around him. He creates a polarization in the society: the virtuous versus the wicked. In the clash between the two groups, the virtuous people emerge victorious by dint of their special efforts coupled with the grace of that great personality. His advent itself signifies victory in the war." (AV-7) Thus today's crude worldly leaders who are griping onto the status quo are no match for the spiritual soldiers of Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji. We may be small in number but with His grace there is no stopping our forward momentum. And verily He has created the situation where the whole society is ready to respond to our call. We should be ready in all respects and move on bravely-- ridding ourselves from any dogmas and groupism-- and spread His words to one and all. Because He has already created the vibration to make the ideals of AM come to life on this earth. That great work He has done, by His magical grace.
Baba says, "The newly awakened humanity of today is anxious to herald the advent of one universal society under the vast blue sky. The noble and righteous persons of all countries, bound by fraternal ties, are eager to assert in one voice, with one mind, and in the same tune that human society is one and indivisible. In this voice of total unity and magnanimity lies the value and message of eternal humanism." (AFPS-2) Namaskar, Pradiip
******************************************** Lust For Beauty Brings Crudification and Degeneration
Baba says, "Those who are vain about their physical beauty, or those who pray to the Supreme to give them more and more physical charm, are reborn as kinnaras. They are also luminous bodies." (YP, p.79) Note: Kinnara is one variety of microvita that is under punishment. Such type of unfortunate beings got degenerated and became microvita. So they are suffering and they long to once again get human life. But this will come only after they escape from the noose of the long-term bondage and state of punishment etc.

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