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Economic Myths Around the Globe: Part 2

Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2008 23:41:04 -0400 To: From: dharma@eco-net... Subject: Economic Myths Around the Globe: Part 2 Baba "Ogo prabhu tava la'gi ga'ntha' ma'la' shuka'ye ja'y..." (P.S. 1935) Purport: Baba, Oh my Prabhu, the garland which I prepared for You is gradually getting dry and wilted. Day by day my longing for You is increasing. And that long waiting for You, has gone in vain. Because neither did You come, nor did You accept my garland. These days even the red sun is unpleasant for me--and it was very blissful for me in earlier times. But now it's brilliance is no longer shining to my eye. Because passing the time in Your longing, my heart is restless. Everything is unpleasing for me these days. Even the gentle sweet breeze no longer remains comfortable for me. And due to my mind's restless state, whatever mental darkness was there, became more deep and dense. Indeed in my mind, the blackness which was there got more increased. Day and night is passing this way, in Your longing. Baba, there is no problem if I cannot get hold of You. And also there is no problem if You don't look towards me with Your sweet, loving smile. One thing You can do though--thinking that I am very low, You please grace me. And by Your ahetuki krpa, come close to me. Baba, in Your absence, my everything lost the charm and became dry. Time is passing like this. Please grace me and give me Your darshan...
Namaskar, This is in follow-up to the first letter in this series: After reading the above, margiis from our unit got together and brainstormed a half-a-dozen more myths. We have prepared two to share with you today.
We all know that this-- 'Money Solves All Problems'-- was a common slogan in our Marga amongst a certain section of workers etc. But not just that, this is a prevailing myth in the general society. Right now around the world there are any number of issues and problems: Poverty, global warming, diminishing resources, war, housing crisis, food shortages, AIDS, infant mortality, child abuse, sectarian conflicts, obesity, energy shortages, religious tensions, and the list goes on and on. There is seemingly no end to it all. Time and again, to "solve" the problems, the same solution comes up again and again: Money. The said leaders think that if 5.7 billion dollars gets appropriated for greenhouse gases reduction then the issue of global warming will be solved. They think that if 125 million dollars gets sent to Africa, then the AIDS crisis will be alleviated. In each and every circumstance, money is looked upon as the solution. That is the only thought. And amazingly, the general population grants approval. When the United Nations or the US Congress or the European Union designates a sum of money to solve a problem, then the common citizens feel that the issue has been properly addressed, and they feel heard. But money alone is not the answer or way to solve all these issues. That is why the very same issues like health care or poverty remain raging issues despite billions spent trying to solve these problems over the decades.
To solve any problem, right ideas along with good role models are the key elements needed. And yes, some money is needed. After all money is artha. But money is secondary to having the proper ideas and dedicated people to put forth the solution. For example, in the US child obesity is a major problem. The government is pumping more and more money into solving this problem. But because they do not know the proper method-- i.e. their diet recommendations are poor and they are unable to implement a good school fitness program or inspire kids to exercise-- then regardless of how much money the US government allocates they will never be able to solve the problem with their present course of action. Same is the case with so many issues. The root cause of poverty is the exploitative ways of capitalism, but the ruling governments are not at all thinking that this is the cause. Hence, it is just one foolhardy approach to denote hundreds of millions of dollars for the fight against poverty when the pillars of capitalism stand tall. Thus, when only money is applied to solving a problem and when right ideas and proper personnel are missing from the equation, then money will only be the tool for spreading dogma-- nothing more. Money alone cannot do everything. While few will admit as much, by their actions and seeing how the world leaders address problems, it is quite clear that much of the world thinks that money is indeed the solution.
Another common economic myth is that if one takes care of oneself then one will be able to progress. This is the essence of capitalism. Build your own financial base, treat yourself right, and one will achieve many great things on this earth. It sounds silly no doubt, but the US has effectively exported this message of material selfishness all over the globe. This is the propaganda that is going on as we speak. And common people are thinking that it is alright. They see the glitz and glamour of the west and in particular of the US, and they think that looking out for oneself is the way. Going to nightclubs, having a fancy car, wearing nice clothes, owning a beach house, pampering oneself whenever possible etc. But what to speak of all this leading to one's progress, this type of seflish outlook is the main cause of their degeneration. By thinking of merely satisfying one's own self with material gain etc then the mind becomes smaller and smaller. It leads to one's crudification. Baba says, "The very nature of the mind is to become as it thinks. If it thinks of money, the mental stuff will one day, in a gradual process of crudification, be converted into money. After one’s physical death, the mind will be converted into money, and may find shelter in the iron safe of a moneylender. Will that be desirable? No, certainly not!" (SS-13) Baba says, "This principle of selfish pleasure rests on dogma. All the social, economic and geographical forces that normally motivate human beings are guided by dogma...Human beings yield to this dogma with the sole intention of attaining selfish pleasures; even educated people knowingly submit to dogma. They know that they are surrendering their intellect to dogma, and that the outcome will be undesirable; they know and understand everything – why, even then, do they knowingly submit to it? They are all deliberate sinners and intentionally accept dogmas as truth. They observe that these dogmas are based on a'tma-sukha tattva (selfish pleasure); but they think, “I don’t care whether it does good or harm to others, because at least I have got some pleasure out of it!” Being motivated by this idea, they enslave themselves to dogmas." (NH-LOI) Here the point is that if one thinking only about caring for oneself, then that will bring about one's demise. The person will become tied up with so many negative samskaras.
Rather than taking care of oneself, one must strive to serve all. Then one will be on the path of progress. Baba says, "Vista'ra (expansion), rasa (flow), seva (service) and tadsthiti (attainment of the Supreme) are the four aspects of human existence, and there must be progress in all these spheres." (AFPS-5) Without these essential elements of dharma like a broad mental outlook (vista'ra) and a service oriented approach (seva) then one is doomed-- locked into the path of degeneration. Yet due to the prevailing economic myth-- taking care of oneself-- much of the humanity is rushing headlong in the wrong direction.
To Ananda Margiis, these above economic myths may seem simple, even obvious. But billions of people around the globe are being strangled by these very myths. And not only that, tragically these myths have crept into our Marga. So we should carefully survey the scene and extricate ourselves and help others, as soon as possible. By Baba's grace we will be successful. Baba says, "You boys, you girls, you the spiritual aspirants, must always remember that you must never surrender at the altar of dogma. In the past, dogma committed so many nuisances, dogma created so many fissiparous tendencies in this human society. Your slogan should be “Dogma – No more! Dogma – No more!” Establish yourselves above the boundaries of dogma, and be established in the excellence of human glory." (AFPS-4) Namaskar, Dharma
****************************************** Manav manav ek Hai! (Human, Human, One!)
Baba says, "Is the division of people into castes and communities natural... Amongst the inimical forces, there are certain parties which are goaded by certain forces, by the spirit of certain fissiparous tendencies, and there are also some persons goaded by these fissiparous forces. How can this problem be solved? How can we check these belligerent parties from implementing their outdated ideas." (PNS-18, p.58) Note 1: In His above teachings, Baba poses the question and guides us that dividing human society according to caste, community, creed, color, race etc is totally harmful and negative. Furthermore, in His discourse 'The Dangers of Communalism', Baba has given historical examples which demonstrate the sheer terrors of such divisive tendencies like groupism & racism etc. Baba sharply condemns such social diseases and instead has given the beautiful ideal of one healthy, unified, human society-- free from caste distinctions etc. However, nowadays in our organisation there are groups trying to divide our AM family along communal & racist lines. Various groups are there like H, B, EC, and NIA etc. And while all are certainly bad and poisonous, on this point or communalism and class distinctions the worst is NIA (Non-Indian Avadhutas) as they are trying to split our society into Indians and Non-Indians-- crude divisions based on race and color. That is why nowadays their NIA faction is basically dead and static. No one is finding it appealing-- rather even dull-minded people find it abhorrent and grossly racist. So this harmful approach of trying to divide the humanity is as unnatural as preaching that people should walk on their head and hands-- as opposed to using their feet. But such groupist, fissiparous type of persons infuse this negative idea of division in order to promote their own self-interest-- i.e. to get some power. So although the various groups like NIA are trying to splinter the society along racist lines, they will never be successful as it goes against the natural laws neo-humanism and universalism. Note 2: Everyone is aware that the present central organisational structure is not working properly nowadays. To correct it, Baba's teachings should be followed. Certainly any type of misguided attempts towards division are not the solution. Universalism is the solution. Note 3: 'Manav, Manav, Ek Hai!'= (Meaning: Human, Human, One!) This is our universal slogan commonly used during the DMC processions and various other of our gatherings.

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