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Freeing Oneself from Capitalism

From: "Marc Pele" To: Subject: Freeing Oneself from Capitalism Date: Fri, 03 Jul 2009 05:39:46 +0000 Baba "Maner ma'jhe kon se ka'je a'cho balo na'..." (P.S. #2033) Purport: Baba, You are hiding deep in the recesses of my mind. What You are actually doing there I cannot say. Just You are sitting in the depths of my mind-- listening to all my thoughts. Baba You are everywhere: omnipresent. Nothing can remain hidden from You. Baba, it is impossible to hide anything from You -- what a torture this is. Your liila, Your divine play, is very vast-- verily immeasurable like the infinite ocean. To understand Your divine liila, is very difficult. When I go to measure the depth of Your liila, then my whole existence is lost. Only consciousness remains floating. Mind becomes one with You. And "I feeling" is lost. Baba, if You do not want to get held, please tell me what You want. If You tell me Your heart's desire, then I will change my desire and make it parallel to Yours. Then what You like will be my desire. Baba, You are eternally hiding in my mind and heart. Nothing remains unknown to You...
Namaskar, Baba is the divine teacher and He has given the solutions to all the problems in all the realms of life. Thus He has addressed all the 4 vargas-- kama, artha, dharma, & moksa. Because after all these things are inter-linked. Our life is not only spiritual; nor is it only social etc; every aspect of life we have to see. Thus Baba's teachings touch all the levels of life.
So this is the first time in human history that a Guru has given guidelines for how to move in the economic sphere. Otherwise, in the past, various so-called gurus always avoided this touchy issue-- or mostly they were oblivious, or if they did something they created only dogma. Such as what happened with Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. So Baba is the first to guide and preach dharma in all the spheres. Here below are the Proutistic guidelines and tips for how one can lead a proper life in a balanced way. That is Baba wants that we should be alert and savvy about the various tricks that ruling capitalists do in order to dupe the people and grab their money. Otherwise what we see happening all around is that common, simple margiis have started running and competing with the general society on the point of money and material prestige etc. And in that way they end up expending more energy and money and in that way their whole life gets overly stretched. So we should be aware of the situation and not get sucked into the whirlpool of psychic diseases, which the common society is suffering from-- such that they are tied up in one noose.
By Baba's grace we Ananda Margiis have been shown the path and are therefore the candle-bearers for the present day human society. Thus we have to follow and propagate Prout in our practical life. In that light, we should strictly follow those things which Baba guides us about. And then we will be able to guide others. This is the way. Indeed Baba has given us all the tools to lead a perfectly balanced and practical life. In that way we can guide the society-- as it is the duty of each and every Ananda Margii to lead the society out of the darkness. And if society will have artha (financial ease) then the psychic and spiritual renaissance can get stronger. So this point about economics is the common problem and it is not limited to family margiis only-- numerous Wts are also suffering from this same type of problem. So we should all pay heed to Baba's unique teachings and special guidelines on this significant point.
While talking about exploitation Baba has categorized this topic into many different types of exploitation. These days in society, when the psychic faculty is comparatively more developed than in the past history, the mode of exploitation has changed to psychic. And from there exploiters have paved the way to do psycho-economic exploitation. Earlier exploiters first usually doing just psychic exploitation. And their main strategy is to create all sorts of inferiority complexes in the minds of those whom they want to exploit. Now however the leading vaeshyas have become craftier. Now such raging capitalists do all these types of tricks-- including psycho-economic exploitation. That is one of the main reasons why the common public unnecessarily feels feel depressed about their status, thinking that they are very low. Here then are some practical examples of how capitalist exploiters execute their negative work of exploitation.
Due to extreme capitalist propaganda, nowadays everyday items such as clothing have taken on huge stature. No longer is it simply something that is used for covering the body. Instead clothing has become one important factor for getting prestige, social respect. In this regard, good clothes are needed-- costly ones, with a certain brand name or label from a particular company. This is what the capitalist agencies preach and this is what the innocent public has come to believe. Hence now clothes have taken on greater importance than human values. Human values like morality, kind-heartedness have been lost in the sea of capitalist materialism. In those capitalist countries one's status and worth is solely dependent upon one's physical possessions-- not one's inner feeling or existential quality. And the common people have started believing this because those capitalists have imposed their values on everyone through the propaganda machinery.
So the general society is suffering from this very problem: inferiority complex. For this reason they get sucked into purchasing certain expensive company brands, models, and designs to enhance their own prestige as they have forgotten their humanity. And again the root cause of this most tragic situation is the inferiority complex which is injected into the minds of the common public by rapacious capitalist exploiters. And in this particular instance it is that those who have cheaper clothes who are low and valueless. Even if those plain clothes are worn by one neo-humanistic, sadhu-minded person, even then that person will not be highly regarded or respected by others in the society. They will not get any status whereas if a scoundrel type of person wears good clothes or fancy threads, then they will be revered. So all the values have gotten changed-- distorted. In so-called poor countries this condition may not be quite so visible, but in so-called wealthy nations this thing can be seen so much.
Another example that abounds is about cars. Especially in so-called rich countries an automobile is not simply just a method of transportation. These days it is a model of prestige. How much costly a car one has, accordingly that person is great and qualified. Point is that with that costly car people get respect. No doubt one can get a fine car which might cost $2,000-4,0000 dollars US; and that can be used for simple transportation. But surely those who are the owners of such cars have to suffer the humiliation and inferiority complex as they are low, like a beggar. To avoid this, in the competition and race for prestige, people spend their whole life's earning and go into debt in order to purchase and maintain a costly, latest model car. Even they purchase vehicles that cost from $50,000 to $80,000 to more than $100,000 US Dollars and more. Common citizens do not know that all this is going into the capitalists' pockets, and the common citizens are going in the debt. So they became one tool or puppet in the hands of capitalists. What way the capitalists plot out the path, accordingly the common people dance. And unknowingly they think that this is the way of life. Because just they got caught up in the realm of material competition. Even good people fall into that capitalist net.
Hence all these examples prove how capitalist exploiters have created serious inferiority complexes by perpetrating psychic exploitation. Creating a false need in the minds of buyers, purchasers of their products. Baba says, "Capitalists exploit society through their gigantic propaganda machinery, and create unhealthy, artificial demands which not only poison the mind but encourage dangerous habits detrimental to psychic sanctity and expansion." (PNS-12, p.19) And it should be noted that this type of treacherous exploitation which Baba describes is not limited to the field of clothing and automobiles. Rather this negative scene and such type of exploitation has invaded into each and every aspect of life in materialistic countries. Such as in what type of house you have, where you live, what university you attended, what cosmetics you wear, what job you have, what restaurants and hotels you frequent. The list goes on and on. Indeed it has bled into every aspect of life. Baba has addressed this negative phenomenon in great detail and given the solution as well in His Prout discourses. In particular please refer to 'The Parts of the Economy', Prout-12. The overall point is that in this age of extreme capitalism, the great qualities of intellect, service, dedication, spirituality, kind heartedness, & Neo-Humanistic feeling have zero value. Instead behind this certain different types of dogmas have been injected by capitalist exploiters.
By Baba's grace He guides us to assess what is what and who is who and that we should recognize all the tricks being played by those capitalist exploiters. And by exposing their false shams and inculcating higher values in life and basing one's self-worth on psycho-spiritual development as opposed to material wealth and fashion, then immediately one steps out of the crude vaeshyan era and enters into a fresh, clean neo-humanistic way of living.
Here following is Baba's blessing: Baba says, "One must follow the path of the yogi, and one must accept that Universal Entity as one's supreme goal...finally you will be with Him, you will be one with Him." (SS-21, p.115) Namaskar, Mahendra
************************************** Medicinal Food / Herbs
Baba says, "Antidotes of poison-- green tumeric, spinach leaves, basil...mainly black basil and secondly white basil or any kinds of basil." (SC-20 Bangla, disc 156) Baba says, "If some negative effect is going on due to food poisoning or because of eating poisonous fish, then without any delay a sufficient quantity of spinach leaves should be eaten and by that way the poison will be antidoted. (SC-20) Note: These above quotes are excepts from a particular discourse in Shabda Cayanika.

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