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Making Holes in One's Dinner Plate



This entire email is composed of 3 parts:
(1) Posting: Making Holes in One's Dinner Plate ;
(2) Trailer Quote: Psychic Disease: False Health Problem;
(3) Prabhat Samgiita #4490;

Each section is demarcated by asterisks (***).


"One evening I* also went to that house in the Rly Colony which had been converted into an Ashram. Deep Narayanji was also with me. As Baba was to come, we waited for Him. Baba came in the evening and everyone present did Sastaunga Pranam to Him. That day Baba talked of philosophy and said that this school of philosophy will be called, 'Ananda Marga'. This philosophy and the object of sadhana was Absolute bliss. Therefore this has been named as Ananda Marga. Then Baba said about sahaj Yoga, "Saha Jayate Iti Saha'j", i.e. which has been born with one's birth - that means that which is natural is Sahaj Yoga. To get bliss is the natural aim of everyone that is why it is called Ananda Marga. Baba stopped after saying this. I happened to utter at this stage, "Baba, though it is called 'Sahaja Yoga' i.e. simple practice, but in effect Ananda Marga is a very difficult path." (1)


In this above paragraph, Acarya Naginaji is writing his own account and referring to the grand occasion when Baba first gave the name "Ananda Marga." In particular, Baba was explaining about the beauty of Ananda Marga philosophy, sahaj yoga and sadhana.

But because of Ac Naginaji's recent demotion from his post in the Indian government, his mind was low and he was feeling very frustrated. In addition so many classes and duties were going on, so under such circumstances Ac Naginaji gave a negative comment about Baba's conclusive idea.

Baba was telling that this path of Ananda Marga is blissful. But because of Ac Nagainaji's own simplicity, he did not understand that really Ananda Marga is blissful. So in front of Baba, Naginaji essentially uttered that Ananda Marga is a very tough path; it is not blissful.

Listening to this, Baba became completely unhappy; He did not like it. Verily, why should Guru should appreciate such things.


It is just like if one good margii reached to teach yoga, meditation, & sentient food practice to alcoholics or meat-eaters. Then after one day of practice if one of the alcoholics / meat-eaters says his opinion that 'this sentient food and sadhana is very terrible - it will destroy and ruin my life - I cannot tolerate this anymore'. Then true Ananda Margiis will not like to hear this. They will think that this person has no experience, that is why he is uttering like this and being negative.


So when Ac Naginaji gave this negative comment about Ananda Marga, then Baba became very uncomfortable and serious. Baba disliked that comment. Further, please read this following paragraph where Naginaji is expressing his regret and mistake about what he had done.

"I felt sad that I had interrupted Baba when He explained the philosophy of Ananda Marga by saying that it was not so easy a path as its name and philosophy indicated." (2)

Because Acarya Naginaji has devotional feeling, that is why he understood Baba's feeling. And Naginaji realised that Baba did not like to listen to any negative comments about His theory, teachings, or practices. Because Baba's spiritual teachings are "Apta Vakya": Perfect and Divine. To realise this one has to do deep sadhana and penance for some time. Superficial comments will be proven silly. Thinking this Ac Naginaji felt repentance for his behaviour.



We know this very fact that (a) those who do not do proper sadhana, and (b) those who do not have deeper understanding of Baba's teachings, because of their own weaknesses, such persons think Ananda Marga is not the path of bliss, but the path of pain and difficulty.

But those who are doing proper sadhana will never think like that. The moment any person starts doing sadhana, they think and realise that their life has been changed. They feel they are receiving Baba's grace. They understand that there is no comparison between non-margii society and the Margii way of life. So persons in Ananda Marga realise the meaning of Ananda Marga: That Ananda Marga really is the 'Path of Bliss'.

Because by practicing the Ananda Marga cult, following 16 Pts, and leading a devotional life, then one's whole existence is full of bliss. And that is what? The Ananda Marga path of bliss.


1. Those who suffer from a defeatist complex are unable to embark on a new way of life. And that is why they may negaively react to dharmic guidelines and suggestions.

2. Nowadays in Ananda Marga, some become hopeless when they witness wrongdoings going on - and in certain instances they may even blame Ananda Marga philosophy. Not all fall in this category but a few. Many more want to correct those ills and establish a dharmic stance.

3. Those who do not want to change for their own betterment and benefit also "find fault" with Ananda Marga philosophy. But their situation is just like the patient who does not take the prescribed medicines as directed and then blames the medicine.

4. If one has any doubt about the path then they should first get their queries and confusions answered in a satisfactory manner. Then, only then, one should proceed ahead on the path without any doubt or hesitation. One should not move ahead on the wrong path.

5. The various religions are outdated and dogmatic from the start - their foundations are themselves defective and narrow-minded. So their leaders feel the need to compromise with current social norms. Otherwise they feel they will be rejected. So people say why shouldn't Ananda Marga also conform and bend to current societal trends etc. The reason why this is not done is that Ananda Marga has been built upon the strong foundation of dharma. And dharma is eternal and always prevails. Hence, there is not need to change or compromise, rather that would be harmful. The religions are forced to bend to popular values because their religious doctrine is illogical and cannot stand up to rational inquiry. Thus their only option is to change. So they adopt pseudo-culture values.


Here is a reminder about what it means to be on the path of bliss.

If anyone is in Ananda Marga but not following the rules nor doing sadhana properly and not receiving bliss, then it means that their approach is faulty - not the path itself. It is just like if a lazy, indolent student who never studied lodges a complaint about a well-reputed, prestigious university where many other proper students are getting success, then that student who complained is merely proving his own unworthiness. The university itself is not the problem. Thus if anyone is telling that the path of Ananda Marga is filled with problems, then it means they are not serious or sincere about Ananda Marga - they could never follow the proper path. Their entire approach is faulty not the path.

Here again the point should be clear. When joining onto the path of Ananda Marga, one should have trust on the path. First make inquiries and be secure - all doubt should be gone - one should feel in their heart that this is the best path. If one starts the journey with this mind-set, then success is sure. If when joining the path one's mind is full of skepticism and doubt, then they are just wasting their time. They will not gain anything.


Baba's own feeling about pessimistic and negative talkers and thinkers and writers. Those who talk negative about Ananda Marga, Prout and movement of society.

"There are some people who are pessimistic. They say that the society around us is very bleak, that it has no expression of vitality and that is seems that everyone is in deep slumber. Pessimists say this because they have never made any detailed study of human history, nor do they care to." (3)


Here are a few examples of Ananda Vaniis how Baba is showing the path of optimism and victory. It also proves that Baba never appreciates negative talk about our ideology.

- "...Be ready for the grand ovation to that new crimson dawn in every house...Be ready to respond to the supra cosmic trumpet." (4)

- "...Go ahead with courage. The humanity has been awaiting you. Establish it in the excellence and grandeur of glory." (5)

- "...That is why I say the future of the human race is not dark, rather it is strikingly resplendent..." (6)


When moving on any path then one should have 100% trust that it is the right path. For instance, if one is flying in an airplane they must be certain that this plane will take them to their destination. If a person is thinking that any minute this plane is going to explode, then they should not fly in that plane. That is the wrong way to go. Similarly, when traveling on the path of Ananda Marga, one must feel certain that this is indeed the perfect path. Those who harbour doubts yet still move on the path of Ananda Marga are sabotaging themselves and jeopardizing their entire existence. That is why we say it is akin to making holes in one's dinner plate.

in Him,

* Here "I" means Ac. Naginaji. And this story has been taken from the English Edition of Prajina Bharatii Magazine issues May & June of 1982. And in that article Ac. Naginaji is writing his own story which is the incident of 5 January 1955 in Jamalpur Ashram. And Ac. Naginaji is talking about his Jamalpur visit and Baba's liila. And in this story Nagina talked with Baba in a pessimistic way which Baba disliked.

1. Prajina Bharati, May 82, p.33
2. Prajina Bharati, June 82, p.10
3. Prout in a Nutshell - 7, p.67
4. Ananda Vanii #69
5. Ananda Vanii #53
6. Ananda Vanii #49


Here is one unfortunate incident that happened some years back where one Dada was making jokes about the negative and exploitative tendencies of different countries and religions. Specifically, those days, Dadaji was using a derisive metaphor to make his point.

In his email, Dada was making jokes which exposes how each negative government would abuse and exploit, and finally in the culmination of the joke Dadaji makes makes fun of Ananda Marga, Prout, and Ananda Margiis. Dada publically concluded his email with a crude, degrading joke about Prout and master units.

In the end, Dada put Prout in the same type of exploitative group. This all gave the feeling and impression that Prout is also one of the exploiting agencies. Dada failed to describe Prout as the solution to all types of exploitation. Rather Dada listed Prout as something which is unsavoury and problematic. What he wrote that undermined the platform of Prout. (Note: For those interested, write me and I will tell you the name of the Dada who wrote this joke.)

In contrast, Baba guides us that Prout is the solution. Because PROUT is the panacea of all kinds of ailments and sufferings which society is facing these days. If our own Avadhutas, Acaryas, Purodhas make jokes and mockery about Prout, and if they put our Prout philosophy in the category of other outdated philosophies, theories and politics of crude countries like communist China, materialistic and other various countries, then it shows that the mind of such preachers or writers is very low and astray from the path. Such writings cannot help anybody. Rather they will create negativity in the mind of innocent readers. Simple people will be misled to believe that Prout is also one useless path. Simple people will think that by adopting Prout teachings only a negative result is going to happen.

On the point of adherence to 16 Pts, one of the points is non-compromising strictness and faith to ideology.  So negative jokes about ideology is anti-dharma. It gives an incredibly poor impression and result. No proper Ananda Margii will appreciate this. How can one make a mockery of the path which he has adopted - especially a sannyasi. If Dada had no hope or faith in Prout, then that is a different thing. Otherwise why did he write such a joke comparing Prout with other exploitative and negative groups.

Here I close with Baba's teachings.

"This earth of ours is passing through a critical juncture. The solution is of immediate necessity. It brooks no delay. That is why our Prout is to be propagated throughout this universe, especially on this planet of ours. You should chalk out programmes for its materialisation and implementation within a short period." (Prout in a Nutshell - 12, p.1)

"Today or tomorrow the entire world will accept PROUT as the only panacea for all of the world's mundane and supramundane ailments. There is no alternative." (Prout in a Nutshell - 17, p.30)

The section below demarcated by asterisks is an entirely different topic,
completely unrelated to the above material. It stands on its own as a point of interest.

Psychic Disease: False Health Problem

Even though they do not have any physical problem, psychically diseased people mentally suffer and cry and complain about different imagined physical ailments. Such types of psychic diseases are called mania. Following is one example:

Baba says, "There was another person I knew who was quite healthy and carried out his daily activities with ease, and yet he was under the impression, for no particular reason, that there was some trouble in his stomach. Actually there was no disease; he was in good health. Yet occasionally he used to come to me and complain that there was some disorder in his stomach. This was his [psychic disease] of mania." (Ananda Marga Philosophy in a Nutshell - 5, p.347)

Herein lies the solution:

Baba says, "One of the numerous benefits of sa'dhana' is that it keeps the mind free from psychic disease." (APH-5, p. 348)

Prabhat Samgiita #4490

"Aja'na' Pathik eseche..."  - P.S. 4490


The Parama Purusa Ajana Pathik has come. He has filled this mortal world with flowers, fruits & His divine love. For Him no one is distant, no one is alien, everyone is His own - close and intimate. He has wiped away all the tears and removed the suffering.

Parama Pursua Baba has come riding the chariot of effulgence. He is associated with one and all through His ota and prota yoga [1]. He is pulling everyone with His divine attraction and with the blessing of His varabhaya mudra.

Today, Baba has come. The whole world is inundated with His love-- His grace...


Ota-Prota Yoga: In Subhasita Samgraha part 17 (Gwalior DMC in 1984), Baba has given the meaning of ota yoga and prota yoga in English. Ota yoga is "individual tactuality" between Parama Purusa and the unit entity; and, prota yoga is "collective tactuality" between Parama Purusa and all the entities, simultaneously.

The above definition is exclusively describing the intimate relation between Parama Purusa and His jiivas through His ota & prota yoga. This same devotional term has been explained in a slightly different manner in the following discourse.

"What is ota-yoga? He as the Cosmic Father has a direct relationship with each and every entity of this world...All are His affectionate children. This is His ota-yoga. Each and every entity, animate or inanimate, has a direct link with Him. Just as ota yoga means the Cosmic Father's relationship with each entity individually, prota yoga means His relationship with all collectively." (Ananda Vacanamrtam - 6)

Prabhat Samgiita Purport: Liila of Parama Purusa



This song offers a special type of devotional expression wherein the bhakta is communicating with Parama Purusa in a dramatic fashion - i.e. addressing Him in the third person yet lodging a loving complaint about Parama Purusa. So the beauty here is that the devotee is talking with Parama Purusa Baba, not with anyone else, yet addressing Him using indirect language.

"Tora' balo go tora' more balo, ja'r'ete keno na'hi phot'e kamal..." (PS 487)


Please, tell me about this strange liila of Parama Purusa. He is doing many things in a peculiar and bizarre way. The lotus flower is very charming and full of fragrance, but with the arrival of winter season it withers; that lotus does not bloom anymore. I am crying and crying in His love and longing; He is such a heartless One. He does not care and He does not like to come close to me. I do not know why He makes this type of strange liila. Why is it that for Whom I have love and cry in longing, and He does not care even a little about this.

Please explain this strange liila of Parama Purusa. In the summer months when there is a great need of water in the pond, at that time the pond is empty - all the water is dried up. So when there is a serious need, then there is no water; and, in the rainy season when there is not so much of a need, then it is full of water. I am singing the songs and chanting kiirtan; I go on calling Him with the hope that He will come. But, remaining distant, He just smiles and does not like to come close. Even then I know that He loves me. Why like this.

Please tell me why this happens. The palash tree is covered by orange flowers and becomes so beautiful. There are countless flowers on this tree yet it is so strange that it never bears any fruit. For whom my life is, for Whom I have come on this earth - I am doing all sorts of things for Him and He is so close to me - even then He prefers to make me cry in His love and longing by keeping Himself distant.

O my Dearmost, please grace me by coming close...

Brotherly yours,
in Him,

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Grand Celebration of Donkey Birthday

Via: <>



This entire letter looks at the phenomenon of various avadhutas / avadhutikas who are celebrating their worldly birthday. Such a birthday celebration is called a donkey birthday party. We have to seriously consider the appropriateness of this. Is this consistent with Ananda Marga ideological teachings or not. A listing of those involved is noted below.


Baba’s teaching that during initiation one gets re-birth. So in this situation, we should all consider & rethink the notion of celebrating one’s physical birth.

“With an initiated person the first birth was the physical birth and the second birth was the spiritual birth, during initiation. Such a person is divya, born twice: First, you are simply born as an animal being. But this second time, as a human being. So unless and until one is initiated one is not, one cannot be, treated as a human being.” (1)

Thus the physical birth does hold much value in the life of a spiritual aspirant. When they get initiated onto the path of dharma sadhana, that is their real birth – i.e. when the person gets initiated and takes shelter at Rev. Baba’s feet.


Regarding birthdays, it also has to be mentioned that our present life is nothing but a part life. It is not a full life. Our life began when our consciousness first emanated from the Cosmic Hub. Since that time we have undergone incarnation after incarnation.

“After millions of animal lives, a created being attains the human form...” (2)

“In Sanskrit, dvi means “two” and ja means “born”, so dvija means “twice born”…the first birth was the physical birth, and the second birth was the spiritual birth, during initiation.” (3)

Thus, one should not think that when the spermatozoa fertilised the egg and led to this particular birth, then that is one grand birthday event.

Our life is spiritual oriented, not goaded toward the mundane.

Thus, every sadhaka in the Marga should think twice about how far they should celebrate their “birthday”. For workers, there is no question of celebrating as they have given up everything of their unit existence for Baba. At each and every juncture or stage of an avadhuta’s development and training they are given a new name because each stage itself represents a new birth– a new beginning, all the while leaving behind their old life. In which case, where is the scope for an avadhuta to celebrate his own worldly birthday.

Indeed, all sadhakas in the Marga should take a moment and consider the points in this letter and see if really they feel it appropriate and beneficial to celebrate their own birthday.


Some naive persons may raise the question that when Baba has given the birthday celebration chapter in Caryacarya, then what is wrong if our avadhutas celebrate their birthday? The answer is quite clear. In Caryacarya, Baba also explains what type of meat a person should eat if they cannot resist eating meat. But that does not mean sincere sadhakas and avadhutas should also eat meat or that we should appreciate meat eating.

Remember, Caryacayra is our smrti shastra – our social code – which is not eternal. It depends upon time, space, and person. All kinds of people are coming into Ananda Marga. For some, Baba has given such rules for periods of transition onto the path of dharma.

Everyone knows that in Ananda Marga there are three types of sadhakas: pashvacariis, viiracariis, and divyacariis. Pashvacariis are half-margiis; viiracariis are mediocre sadhakas, and those who are very strict and do not compromise on points of dharma are divyacariis. There will always be a mixture of all three grades of sadhakas. Always, new people are coming into human life and they will enter onto the path of pashvacara. After many lives and with God’s grace they will one day become viiracariis.

This point of eating meat in Caryacarya is for pashvaraiis. They compromise on various aspects of 16 points, but they are also margiis. They live amongst us – we all know this and recognize who is who. A person may not openly declare, “I am a pashvcarii; I am a half-margii”, but everyone knows.

When such pashvacariis become strong, established margiis, their manner will be different. Then they will not do such things like eating meat and celebrating their birthday.

Just as meat-eating is a hindrance to those on that path of sadhana. Similarly, indulging in self-glorification – such as celebrating one’s birthday – is not conducive to one’s spiritual growth and development. Rather it is antithetical. Our spiritual philosophy condemns all forms of self-glorification.


The spirit of being Avadhuta is to dedicate everything to Marga Gurudev. By getting Avadhuta diiksa and by getting their new avadhuta name, they they no longer have anything of their own. In that blessed state, everything belongs to Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji. And Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji is their mother father, & everything. That is the oath they have taken.

They surrender their all – their entire I-feeling – at His lotus feet. Their name has changed; their address has changed; their identity has changed. They have no past connection with their worldly life, nor their worldly birth. Avadhutas give everything to Parama Purusa – they have nothing left to call their own.

That is why in the conduct rules of Avadhuta, there is no such thing as the observance of one’s own birthday or any form of celebration or glorification of one’s own unit existence. Rather the avadhuta’s goal of life and the be-all end-all of their existence is to glorify Baba’s image. They are to be established solely in Marga’s Guru’s glory.

“Avadhuta shall always keep himself engaged in the service of Gurudeva with sincerity and devotion, in thought, words and deed, in subtle and in crude spheres, in inner and outer expressions of life.” (4)

In that case, there is not an iota of scope to celebrate one’s own unit birthday. Our wholetimers are to think about Him and focus on the Goal.

Tadekam’ smara’mah…Tadekam’ nidha’nam’

“That Cosmic Entity alone should be created in your mind and no other object…He is the terminating point. He is the Supreme Desideratum.” (5)



It is very well known that no Wt or avadhuta should be involved in celebrating their own birthday. That is Baba's strict rule.

Many may recall how in the early 1970's when Ac. Nirmohananda Avt celebrated his own birthday in Daltonganj, then Baba reprimanded him. With His great love, Baba wanted to (a) see Nirmohanandji become a sterling example and (b) set the record straight regarding proper WT conduct. So Baba sent a strong message by rebuking Nirmohananda in front of everyone. Seeing this, all workers immediately understood that they have not come on this earth to party and celebrate their own unit birthday. That is not what Baba wants.

Since then nobody asked permission from Baba to arrange the birthday celebration of any avadhuta. Nor did any acarya dare do so.



Indeed, celebrating one's own birthday leads to the degeneration of mind. Because by thinking of oneself the mind gets smaller and smaller.

And when thinking of oneself in a glorified way by allowing an entire gathering of people to hold a party in your honour and sing happy birthday to you by distorting Baba's compositions of Prabhat Samgiita - which is what some of our acaryas are doing (more about this below) - then this goes against all codes of Wt conduct, etiquette, and devotional life.

Indeed this runs contrary being an Ananda Margii and disciple of the Sadguru Shrii Shrii Anandamurti ji. Such a scene will certainly lead to one's degeneration.

"Vanity harms the mind in three ways...The second [way] is gaorava, self-aggrandizement or boasting – projecting oneself as a great personality.... Is this really something great of which human beings can feel proud? And what is the result of this self-glorification? Raorava means the seventh hell." (6)

Thus when some of our Wts are having the entire room sing happy birthday to them - by manipulating Baba's Prabhat Samgiita which is meant for the arrival of Parama Purusa - and when those acaryas themselves are the guest of honour, and when everyone is there to celebrate them, then the entire event is just about their own petty I-feeling.

In that case, their degeneration is sure. As Baba warns, their destiny is the depths of hell.


Now let's critically examine how some of our Wt's are manipulating and entwining Baba's divine songs of Prabhat Samgiita into for the celebration of their own unit birthday.

First, our workers are not supposed to be celebrating their own birthday. This goes against the sanctity of their oaths and against the ideal of their life. They have come onto this earth for something else: To serve Parama Purusa and His creation.

Second, such Wt's are organising birthday parties for themselves and one another and then singing Baba's special Prabhat Samgiita #135, Janmadine..., in the honour of that worker. When in fact that song is meant to be sung to Taraka Brahma Baba and Baba only during our grand Ananda Purnima celebrations.

Yet, over the years, on multiples occasions, certain WTs have directed Baba's beloved Prabhat Samgiita toward themselves, as if they are the focal point of this divine song and as if their worldly birthday is so important.

As we know, that entire Prabhat Samgiit #135, Janmadine..., is all about celebrating the grand arrival of Parama Purusa, yet some of our workers have begun using this divine song for themselves. They stand there and smile as a whole crowd of people sing that divine Prabhat Samgiita in their honour.

Certainly, there are many, many disciplined workers who would never stoop to such degrading activities, so we are not talking about all Wts. The tragedy is that some disgraced workers are involved in this birthday scandal - and this reflects poorly on all. A few of their names are mentioned below.


As true Ananda Margiis will recognise, in Prabhat Samgiita #135, Janmadine ei shubha ks'an'e, the entire song is directed towards Parama Purusa. It is His holy arrival that is being celebrated, not one Dada's worldly birthday.

In the song, due to the grand arrival of Taraka Brahma, devotees are losing themselves in bliss - that is what is meant by the line, "Khusiite vibhora a'panha'ra'.

Plus, the devotees are expressing the love and joy of their heart for Parama Purusa and no one else. That is what is meant by the line, "Udvela hiya' toma'rei la'giya'".

Each and every syllable, line, and stanza of the song is about the grandeur of Parama Purusa and how He makes everyone's heart dance in bliss, and how His arrival creates a new spiritual vibration that transforms the whole world, and how He has come to remain close to the bhakta.

Thus Prabhat Samgiita #135 is a very personal and devotional song that reflects a bhakta's joy in having Parama Purusa in the mind and heart and how His arrival is completely blissful.

To sing this song in honour of one Dada's worldly birthday goes against all ethics of devotional life. According to our standard of Ananda Marga, such an act is not only misguided but the height of hypocrisy.

It is absolutely shocking that they could even think to use Baba's divine Prabhat Samgiita in honour of their own mundane birthday - as if they are the Saviour of this universe.


Who can say they have heard about PP Dada's birthday or GS Dada's birthday. The answer is no one. Because it is not done. Yet If this birthday celebration would have been accepted & approved then certainly first PP Dada's birthday would have been celebrated every year. And then step by step GS Dada's birthday followed by , Purodha Board members and Central Dadas etc. Like this all high posted worker would be doing. But if you examine the history of AM never has such things been done. Because it is understood that this is not approved by Baba.

How far it is appropriate & befitting for Avadhutas to celebrate their own birthday. About this, everyone can surely arrive at the answer. Who can forget that at one time Vishokananda and Madhavananda also carried the title of Avadhuta.

Thus for those who do not follow the codes and standards of being avadhuta - their title of avadhuta is meaningless. Because Baba's guideline is that being Avadhuta in name only is not enough - one must follow the conduct and spirit.


Taking everything into consideration here following are some of Baba's important guidelines about acarya and avadhuta life.

"A'ca'ran'a't pa'thayati yah sah a'ca'ryah-- 'One who teaches through one's conduct is an acarya'.  If you cannot learn anything from the conduct and behaviour of a certain person, why should you accept that person as an a'ca'rya." (7)

"Bear in mind that people may be harmed or misled by even a small weakness or defect in the conduct of an acarya should always instruct by his exemplary actions and words." (8)


In Ananda Marga, if anything is done for superficial show or in an insincere manner then that is not at all acceptable. For instance, if someone serves you food only to show how great they are then Baba terms that food as: Donkey Food.

“If food is not offered with that heart-felt feeling then that food is donkey food, gardabha’nna. So one must not eat that food.” (9)

Similarly sadhana done with the primary motive of showing one’s greatness instead of pleasing Parama Purusa is donkey sadhana. And if kiirtan is sung with the primary motive as a display of one’s musical talent and instead of to spread the glory of the Lord, then that is donkey kiirtan.

Likewise, when any Wt or avadhuta celebrated their own birthday in their honour instead of spreading the glory of Parama Puruas, then their celebration is a donkey birthday.


About any such cases where Wts go against their own code of conduct - by celebrating their worldly birthday etc - Baba has given the following teaching:

"Mana na' ra'inga'ile ra'inga'ile yogii kapar'a.

Saffron and red do not a yogiis make
With mind undyed he remains a fake."

"Dye your mind with His colour. Those who have not done so cannot attain Him, for this very coloration is Prema or Divine Love...  No external sign of Sa'dhuta' or virtue is  necessary. Become sa'dhu  within. Behind the external show of virtuousness of many so-called sa'dhus exists a pharisaic state of mind. Preserve the true dignity of the word, Sa'dhu."

“Mu’r'ha mura’ye jata’ bar’a'ye...

With shaven head or matted locks
And ashen body a Sadhu walks
With the swaggering gait of a well-fed buffalo.
And crude mind filled with thoughts mean and low."

"That is why I say that you must bring about a revolutionary change in the flow of your judgment and thought, and see how, after overcoming your fascination with external colour, your mind becomes tinged with the His glorious colour." (10)

(A) Some time back in Jharsguda (Orissa, India), there was a big birthday party event held in honour of of so-called Dada Priyakrsnananda.

For those not aware, Dada Priyakrsnananda has years and years of experience in AM and even in his early years in the Marga he was a Central Worker who lived close to Baba. But unfortunately, those years he was like a rock in a river. Just as the water never touches the inside of the rock despite the rock being immersed in the river, similarly Priyakrsnananda Dada was very close to Baba physically for many years, but internally he was not drenched. Or what can say.

Perhaps most surprising is that there were many, many so-called senior workers on hand for this birthday gala event and in one big round, they all sang Prabhat Samgiita #135, "Janma dine...", in order to celebrate Priyakrsnananda's birthday.

This type of dogmatic occasion is 100% against the ethics of our Ananda Marga and it sets a very negative example.

(B) Not surprisingly then, more recently in SUVA sector, the very so-called senior Dada Paramatmananda and so-called Didi Ananda Shamiita organised two birthday parties. And once again, they both insisted that PS #135, "Janma dine...", be sung. Thus with printed song sheets etc that Dada and Didi made sure that the birthday event was celebrated with Prabhat Samgiita.

Our so-called senior most workers do not understand the basic principles about Ananda Marga and Prabhat Samgiita. They have forgotten Guru's teachings and guidelines.

(C) Some years ago at New York sector's Boston Regional retreat, Ac. Rainjitananda Avt celebrated his own birthday with full gusto and glory. In grand fashion, everyone present at the retreat sang a hearty round of the traditional American "Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You" song in so-called Dadaji's honor. And during the singing one sumptuous cake was brought out and served to so-called Dadaji. And like that the whole affair took on the flavor of one mundane Americana birthday party whereby non-margiis make a wish for mundane objects as they blow out the candles on the birthday cake and receive presents from one and all etc. So like that Rainjitanandji's celebratory occasion and birthday party was carried out whereby Dada accepted the card and cake and all arrangements in his own honour. Because at that moment so-called Dadaji's birthday was the showcase event going on at the retreat.

(D) Didi Ananda Kalyanshrii has also been involved in grand birthday celebrations. This Didi who used to be DSL Delhi and then became SWWS Delhi had big birthday celebrations where all her children's home kids would sing for her. Actually this Didi has a long history of self-glorification as she is involved in movie-making and videography and is not shy about putting herself on film etc. Now she is posted as SWWS Hong Kong Sector. All recall how Didi celebrated her birthday with much pomp and show.

(E) Here is a list of more Wt Dadas and Wt Didis who use Prabhat Samgiita to celebrate themeselves on their worldly birthday - plus they accept and receive presents as well. Please forward this letter to them so they are aware about this matter

Didi Ananda Vibha
Didi Ananda Anuprabha
Didi Ananda Advaya
Didi Ananda Usa
Didi Ananda Hitesana
Didi Ananda Danavrata
Didi Ananda Avisha
Didi Ananda Arundhati
Didi Ananda Sudha

Dada Priyakrsnananda
Dada Rathindrananda
Dada Nirmohananda

And there are more...

First please forward this letter to the aforementioned Wts. Second, write us if you have seen other Wt Dadas or Didis doing like this type of donkey birthday.


The sole reason for writing this letter and addressing this issue is to help those Wts rectify their conduct and improve the overall standard of our Wt cadre. If this problem is not solved, then some of the newer Wts many also adopt this birthday ritual and prolong the dogma. Yet we should not let this problem mount. We must also bear in mind that many Wts - new and old - do not support these Wt birthday celebrations yet they are not in position to rectify the matter. Whatever the circumstance, as Ananda Margiis it is our duty to bring this issue to the fore so it can be properly addressed and resolved.

at His lotus feet,
Nityanirainjan Deva

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