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For Today & For Tomorrow

From: "Ratan Manjhi" To: Date: Thu, 04 Sep 2008 23:46:05 Subject: For Today & For Tomorrow Baba PS Into: In devotional life there is no one else besides Parama Purusa-- Baba. So devotees are always talking with Him, in one manner or another. In this below song, the devotee is communicating with Parama Purusa indirectly. Thereby demonstrating that there are multiple ways to communicate with Baba. It is just like how someone's Ista Mantra may be based on auto suggestion or outer suggestion. In either case, that mantra japa is related only with the sadhaka and Parama Purusa. No third person is included. The shows how the devotional expression may vary, but in all cases the devotee is communicating with Parama Purusa. Here is another example which demonstrates this same idea. In various reporting session, many devotees used to say directly to Baba, 'I want the grace of Baba'-- as opposed to saying I want Your grace. Or some would say to Baba that, 'I want His grace'. Or here is another thing that would happen. Sometimes when talking about Himself, Baba used to say, "Baba knows everything', instead of saying, 'I know everything'. This all goes to show that there are the various ways of expression. The central idea is that whatever is expressed in this below Prabhat Samgiita is communicated directly between the devotee and Parama Purusa. The devotee is referring to Parama Purusa as 'He' and 'Him', not 'You'. And not only in this song, but there are many songs of this nature in our Prabhat Samgiita collection. And in each case when coming across such songs, we should think that the devotee is communicating with Parama Purusa-- there is not any third party involved. Whereas in the dogmatic Hindu religion this type of song is depicted as one devotee talking to one other devotee about Parama Purusa. But in AM our devotion is pointed. Besides Parama Purusa there is none. "A'ma'r e manobiin'a' chandahiina'..." (PS 198) Purport: The viina of my mind has no rhythm; it only plays if He plays it. Only by following His tune can my viina be played. I do not have an iota of devotion in my heart. I cannot do sadhana. There is no rhythm. Only if He comes and graces me and fills my heart with devotion, only then is it possible for me to do sadhana. Because without His divine grace, my mind is dry and does not have any devotion. My spiritual life will only come in the proper flow by following His do's and don'ts, His guidelines, His teachings, His ideals etc. In that case and only by His grace will sadhana be possible. He is surrounding me in all directions; He is everywhere. Every expression is His smile; whatever has been created in this universe is His beauty. With the blossom of the flower He smiles, with the chirping of the birds He smiles, and with the natural wonder of the mountains He smiles. All the flora and fauna is nothing but His divine magnificence. He is everywhere-- all around me. But when I sit and try to close my eyes to do sadhana and request that He should sit close to me in dhyana, then He does not come close. Rather He drifts away to some far, unknown, distant land. Where He goes who knows. But in that situation the happiness and blissful feeling of my heart wanes. From a distance He looks towards me because He is all around me. But He does not allow Himself to be held; He does not come close in my heart or in my mind. With the tune of His divine liila, He goes on dancing somewhere-- who knows where, O' Lord, I do not have any quality, or sweetness, or devotion, in my heart. If You grace me and if by Your own attribution You come and sit in my heart and smile softly, then only is my sadhana possible...
Namaskar, All are aware that AM ideology is the panacea and the way to solve all worldly problems as well as the path for spiritual growth and realisation. Yet years and years various group leaders would openly tell that AM ideology is not for us to follow-- but for others. Or in come cases the peculiar situation has arisen that some margiis and WTs willingly accept that Baba's teachings are great but at the same time they state that they feel helpless and that 'it is not possible for me to do'. They maintain & justify that future generations will follow AM because these teachings are invaluable, but that in the present world it is not possible because society is very bad-- life is too tough. In this way a small few give various excuses and relegate themselves to not following Baba. To say further such persons also justify that Sixteen Points is also too much to manage-- that it is beyond them. And in the realm of Prout they also think that it for the future or for non-margiis, but that it is not related with "us". This type of dogma is still continuing. As for those group leaders, exactly when exactly it started it is hard to say, but it is well known that in 1994 various Central Committee members were claiming outrightly that Caryacarya is not for today, but rather for the future generations. And that we should avoid all these things and that in the future it will be done. Like this they rationalized that they need not follow Baba's explicit guidelines.
Similarly there is the dogma that our AM Archive is solely for collecting and keeping "important" things for the future generations, and that there is no need to provide Baba's divine discourses to the margiis now-- rather just put those things "on ice" for the future. Altogether some few dogmatic persons are presently thinking that Baba's teachings like Sixteen Points, the social and spiritual philosophy etc-- are all top notch and beyond reproach, but that they are only for the future, not for now. Rather, now we should prepare and keep all those things and teach others, but not follow ourselves because it is difficult. In the future one human society can be achieved-- but for today they question what can really be done. So all types of dogmas and peculiar justifications are continuing and we have to see what is the reality behind this. That how far ourselves how far Baba's teachings of AM are for us, for others or for the future etc. Like this certain intellectuals and groupist leaders have been whipping up their magic and one theme they started propagating is that the teachings of AM are not for Ananda Margiis. Though step by step this idea is slowly falling into disfavour. Nonetheless this is the question put forth before us all. Now then we have to all think that how far this notion that-- Baba's teaching is for us to follow at present.
In the below guidelines, Baba is clearly instructing every Ananda Margii and indeed our whole entire AM society to live according to the ideals and teachings of AM: Baba says, "In our A'nanda Ma'rga, 'love for all' and 'humanity is one family' are the guiding principles." (PNS-3, p.44) Baba says, "In our Ma'rga the seeds of an ideal humanity are sown from the very beginning of life." (TP) Baba says, "In our Ma'rga spiritual practices are based on rationality." (Prout) Baba says, "The entire society of Ananda Marga is founded on a common ideal, the goal of becoming one with Brahma." (TP) So by this way it is clear that Baba's teachings are meant to be followed by members of the Marga. Means, as Ananda Margiis we are to instill all the teachings of AM into our practical lives.
And the following directive also gives the guideline that we are all to incorporate Baba's teachings of Ananda Marga into our very existence; for this is the road to welfare. Baba says, "By adopting a sublime ideology in practical life, one can overcome all psychic afflictions." (NSS, p. 181) Here again Baba warns us that theory alone is not enough, rather it is essential to reflect that very philosophy in one's conduct. Baba says, "...Book-knowledge that cannot be utilized in life has no value." (Ananda Vanii #7)
By all these evidences, it is clear that the expectation is for us present day Ananda Margiis to implement the teachings of AM into our every day way of living. And this fact is not something hidden. Indeed that it is the basic platform which even every new Margii is aware of. And to make the point completely common and beyond question, in so many places over and over again, Baba emphasizes this idea that we should always check to see we are living according to the ideals of AM. Specifically in our each and every dharmacakra we collectively ideate on this when we recite our Supreme Command-- "Every Ananda Margii will have to perform sadhana twice a day invariably" & "the Lord's command is also to follow Yama and Niyama". These holy lines stand as further testimony that Baba's teachings are for Ananda Margiis.
So like this in our each and every breath of life Baba is encouraging and guiding us to incorporate the ideals of AM into our life's routine. And here below Baba is directing us that by following all the respective teachings of AM, we Ananda Margiis will be able to heal the wounds of the suffering humanity. Baba says, "Innocent human beings are at the mercy of human demons. We have to solve this problem. We must solve this problem through PROUT, Neo-Humanism, Microvita, art, literature, songs, music and spiritual Sa'dhana'. These are the panacea to solve all these problems." (PNS-12, p. 2) Baba says, "What we want is the rule of rationality. Human society is one and indivisible...This is what the spiritual philosophy of A'nanda Ma'rga says. Only due to dogmas, people think in terms of heterogeneity. There is only one ideology in the world which is not only all-embracing but also all-pervading." (PNS-12, p. 2) And here below Baba is telling that AM ideology has identified all the weaknesses and provided all the answers of today's social ills. Hence Baba has directed each and every Ananda Margii to lead by example and guide the society by spreading the teachings of AM throughout this entire expressed universe. Baba says, "Both the problems and their solutions [of today's society] have been pointed out. Now it is our bounden duty to carry this message to all nooks and corners of this world. The wind is blowing in our favour. We should carry the message to each and every particle of marrow of this living world." (PNS-12, p. 2) By all this it is quite clear then that Baba's teachings are for present day Ananda Margiis to follow. And by Baba's infinite grace and supreme compassion we will be able to please Him and build up one healthy human society. Namaskar, Ratan
***************************************** We Should Take Lesson
Baba says, "If one stays away from objects of attraction, one has no chance of using them and they may thus gradually lose their attraction; while if one is near them one may be attracted towards them more." (AMEP, 98 Edn, p.126) Note: Reading negative articles, crude books & literature, filthy magazines and watching crude movies invites degeneration.

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