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Integral Ingredient for Renewing AM

Date: Tue, 27 May 2008 23:42:00 -0400 To: From: Miguel Subject: Integral Ingredient for Renewing AM Baba "Toma'r bha'laba'sa' bu'jhe nijeke khunje peyechi..." (P.S. 4504) Purport: Baba, only with Your divine love I could search for & find my true self. Earlier I was confused about who I am and I was always feeling sad and pessimistic about my future. But now by Your grace in my heart I feel Your love-- I feel that I am under Your shelter at Your lotus feet. Baba, now, by Your grace, I understand where I am; my life has become meaningful. Baba, You are the polestar of my life. By Your arrival, my whole existence is only moving towards You. It is so blissful. Baba when I get fatigued & tired by involving in the work, & when negative thoughts ruin my peace and tranquility, & when the clouds of hopelessness come-- then I take shelter in Your divine love. Baba, my mental sky, my air, my breath, my entire existence, my everything is dancing according to Your melody. My hopes get fulfilled by Your samvit (force of awakening). From the divine land, one unknown angel is beckoning me. O' my dearmost Parama Purusa, You are that very apsera' (angel). By Your grace I have realised this truth in my meditation. Baba, by Your grace, I am completely ensconced in Your love and now I understand that I am completely sheltered in Your lap...
Namaskar, In order to bring our Marga around to the proper path we must follow Baba in all respects-- especially with regards to pointing out the faults of others. That is the positive way to proceed. Otherwise, the various ills from group wars to Fake Ananda Vaniis will perpetuate themselves in our organistation. And that no one wants to see happen.
All around the globe, every margii & worker understands that everything Baba does is out supreme welfare motive. With His immense and boundless love for humanity, He has graciously shown us the pathway for making a clean, well-knit society. Even then one or two simple persons get confused from time to time by watching Baba's style. Because in their dizzy way they wonder why on the one side Baba has given various teachings like 'No Mudslinging' or 'Don't criticize' etc, yet then in His own conduct Baba Himself strongly abuses Wts in reporting sessions and harshly condemns the dogmatic religions etc in His discourses. Seeing this apparent contradiction in their little minds, a couple simple bystanders remain sunk in confusion about all this. When actually the matter is perfectly straight like an arrow.
Because we know Baba has deep love for all and He wants everyone to move ahead in a positive way. His deep desire is that we should all clearly understand what is right as well as what wrong. So we can reach our Goal. In that way, with 100% benevolent intention, Baba has given so many guidelines and enforced them as well. Because by this way we can all learn from our mistakes and grow into strong sadhakas and assets of the society.
It is similar to how those who are real friends, parents, and guardian guide others. Because they do not like to see their loved ones in problem-- committing the same error again and again. So with good feeling and compassion those family members guide their near and dear ones about how to correct and better themselves. This is the way it works when people feel close and intimate with one another.
Or the situation is similar to when anyone goes to a pathology centre. In that case those working at that pathological medical centre will put forth a sincere effort and try hard to identify and cure the problem. Because their desire is to help diagnose any and all diseases. And with that pure intention, they help their patients to regain their health, feel good again, and function at 100% capacity.
Likewise-- as all of us recognise-- Baba is the perfect personification of love and compassion. Thus when He points out the problems or defects with any worker etc, that is done on the basis of His benevolent intention. And side by side He supplies that person with the best solution. And by this positive approach that person will get purified and become more and more like the Goal-- Parama Purus'a. So Baba's entire style is not at all like mudslinging because in mudslinging one wants to maliciously make the next person look bad. In that case the intention is totally negative. While in Baba's divine example, the situation is the exact opposite. His motive is perfectly benevolent and He is pointing out problem-- not the worker. And in that situation by following Baba's instruction, then immediately that worker becomes blessed as he will eliminate the problem from his life & everything will be beautiful. The result being that the standard of that worker will be higher; and he will be more successful in his mission. All because of Baba's benevolent and pro-active approach.
So side by side, pointing out the problem and giving the solution is Baba's special and unique method for improving one and all and helping everyone to become great-- and free from defects. By His example and practical teaching, we can clearly understand that He wants and expects that His disciples should proceed in the same fashion. That is, with a warm heart we should always help others to improve by overcoming their problems. As this is one necessary ingredient for leading a harmonious life & achieving the Goal.
That is why on numerous occasion Baba guides us to strictly watch over everyone's growth and development, and not allow anyone to get stuck in any bad habits or poor behaviours. Rather Baba wants that we should help one and all to become top-grade dharmikas. Baba says, "Hence all A'nanda Ma'rgiis, when they see other Margiis actions against the principles of Yama and Niyama, must make them shun this habit either by sweet or harsh words, or by dealing even more strictly." (GHC, p.24) Baba says, "I gave a direction to all that they should keep watch on one another. No one will exempt anyone else regarding the Sixteen Points." (AV-23 p.149) Baba says, "Henceforth I direct every Ananda Margii to keep strict vigilance on other Ananda Margiis to make them practise the principles of Yama and Niyama." (GHC, p.25) So by following Baba's divine instructions by pointing out the defects & keeping an open heart for one and all, we can help one another to become better & better-- until we finally become one with Parama Purusa. Thus when we have so many ills going on in our Marga, it is absolutely essential to bring things into proper shape. Sciptures must be printed properly, BP manuals should not be manipulated, Fake Ananda Vaniis must be tossed aside, the dogma of Mahaprayan must be dropped, and so many more defects must get corrected. And the only way to do this is to point out and hammer on those groupists who are creating all these problems.
Baba says, "A perfect state of balance will be established between individuals and the collectivity, and between the collectivity and the cosmos...That will be the stage of all-round welfare, progress, and perfection for the entire humanity, for the entire living world." (AFPS-8, p.36) Namaskar, Mantreshvar
Certainly most have proper understanding and awareness about the aforementioned points. So they have Baba's teaching firmly in mind. Only a few simple ones take the matter in a negative way and for that reason they remain terribly confused. And not only on this issue but on any number of Baba's teachings these same type of naive & scattered persons take the matter in the wrong direction. When in reality such confusion is totally unwarranted. Because Baba Himself has given such colourful and perfect descriptions and explanations-- so no one should be confused. Even then some who are slightly less than clear-minded mix up one after another of Baba's teachings. And the above points about mudslinging, pointing out, and giving the solution are no exception. On these matters also they are confused.
This topic has great significance in building up a brilliant Marga society so any and all brothers and sisters should kindly come forward and also share their thoughts and views on this important matter. This is my humble request.
************************************************* Good Sadhaka
Baba says, "The mind of the man whose consciousness or discriminating judgement is awakened-- whose power of judgment is intense, always remains wedded to the 'Buddhi'. That is to say, his rein (mind) remains constantly under the control of the charioteer (Buddhi or discriminating intellect), and so, quite naturally, his organs remain loyal to the Buddhi. Random rambles of the organ-like horses (organs) will cut no ice with him. But in a case like this if the horses (organs) be bad and untrained, i.e. the organs are faulty, it becomes impossible for the charioteer (discriminating intellect) to get the desired result. Hence for the right functioning of the chariot (body), well-trained horses (organs) are indispensable. A sadhaka (spiritual aspirant) also should train himself likewise. His mind, body, intellect, and organs should be directed towards the Blissful Spirit (Shreya)." (SS-4, p.9)

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