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Baba Story: Vijayananda's Account

From: Nataraj_Deva61@X-PRESS...
Date: Sun, 08 Jan 2012 20:34:02 -0500
Subject: Baba Story: Vijayananda's Account


"Saptaloke tumi bhariya' rayecho, maneri shatadale nece calo..." (PS 2555)


Baba, You have filled all the seven lokas with Your divine vibration. You are dancing in the hundred petal lotus of the mind. You are expressing Yourself through all my mental vrttis; You are present everywhere. Baba, You are the symbol of all my hopes and aspirations of life.    

Baba, I do not find anything comparable to You. In this world You are completely unique; You have no comparison. Whether my eyes are open or closed, in whichever direction I look, I see You. You are beyond comparison. Except You, nothing is permanent. You pour Your divine effulgence upon the faces of those who are hopeless and dejected.   

Baba, I see You in all the ways: In the depths of the nil moon night of amavaysa, as well as in the showering of the nectar on the full moon night. You are along with me all the time, both in happiness and hopelessness. Baba, You are more beautiful than that which is beautiful. You are more loving than any loving things.

Baba You have filled up my whole existence - all the layers of my mind are filled with Your divine presence. You are always expressing Yourself in each and every pore of my mind...

Note: The hundred petal lotus is representative of all the 50 vrttis (instincts) of the mind in both their inner and outer expression. So 50 (propensities) x 2 (inner and outer) = 100 petal lotus. So this is one step of dhyan and on certain occasions Baba also refers to the one thousand petal lotus. That literally means the fifty propensities times their inner
and outer expressions times the ten directions. Hence 50 x 2 x 10 = 1,000. So sometimes Baba uses the phrase hundred petal lotus and sometimes 1,000 petal lotus. Both He has approved and both refer to the full expression of human mind.


Note: The following is a first-hand account told by Ac Vijayananda Avt. As many know, Vijayanandaji worked faithfully in the AM Publications Dept for many years. Everybody is aware about him.

I first came in contact with Baba in Jamalpur - the year was around 1961 or '62. There were classes going on.

Dasarathji and Nityanandaji were teaching classes; and, on occasion, Baba Himself was also leading a class. Dasarathji was teaching in English; Nityananda was teaching in Hindi; and Baba was using all three languages: Bangla, Hindi, and English.

On this particular occasion, Baba was speaking on Ananda Marga philosophy related with His book, Idea and Ideology.


At that time I was not thinking that Baba is Parama Purusa or Bhagavan. I was there to learn philosophy and I thought this was a unique opportunity to attend a class given directly by one philosopher.

In my life I had not attended a class by any other philosopher. I did not get the opportunity to learn directly from philosophers like Marx, Kapil, the great rishis, or other thinkers. I had read 18 volumes of Marx's literature and was skeptical about spirituality. I was in the midst of testing how far spirituality is real. And I was thinking that Baba was a great philosopher and I am attending His class regularly. That was my feeling those days.


Then one incident made a distinct impression in my mind. Witnessing that incident, "I realised that, yes here is a man who has really some spiritual power and who can find out the inner secret of human mind."

Now let me tell you what happened.

One of the class attendees lost his watch while he was taking his bath. Thereafter a complaint was lodged with Abhedanandaji who then informed Baba about the theft.

Baba told, "What can I do - report it to the police."
The afternoon passed and that evening, in the usual way, Baba came and was sitting with His disciples.

He called one margii, "Come over here."

The margii immediately became fearful, and went close to Baba.

Baba said, "Take out what is in your pocket."

The margii hesitated.

Then Baba reached His own hand into that margii's pocket and took out the watch.

Baba showed the watch to everyone present and inquired, "Who does this belong to?"

The one who had lost his watch immediately came forward and claimed it. Baba then rebuked the margii who stole the watch.

Baba said, "This is the 9th time you have committed a theft."

The margii promised, "Baba, I promise will never steal anything again."

Witnessing this scene had a profound effect on me.

Seeing this entire episode, "I realised that, yes here is a man who has really some spiritual power and who can find out the inner secret of human mind."


By the above story as recounted by Vijayanandji, we have to keep in mind that many wholetimers entered the Marga without thinking that Baba is Parama Purusa. But then they became very strong and did a lot of work for Baba. They became committed to the path of spirituality.

Indeed Vijayananda himself thought that although Baba could catch a thief but that did not mean He is Parama Purusa.

So this story is a very good example of how we should bring youths into AM and inspire them to become Wts, even if they are not initially strongly inclined toward spirituality. Even if they are skeptical of spirituality, in time they may become great assets of the Marga.

We should bring more and more young people into the fold and in due course with sadhana and Baba's grace they will become very strong. If someone is skeptical about spirituality then we should not just disregard them. Rather we should encourage them to come close and embark on the path of sadhana. With Baba's grace, anything and everything is possible and Baba may take great work from them.


Sign of Devotees

Baba says, "When undergoing any trouble then some human beings think that they are shelterless. But you should always remember that in this world at any given moment you are never shelterless. Because when Parama Purusa is with you then how can you be shelterless. So there is no reason for any feeling of helplessness or fear in any circumstances. Because when He is with you the strongest and mightiest force of this
universe is with you. Then what is there to be afraid of? If you encourage fear complex it means you have the forgotten the fact that Parama Purusa is with you. So those who are sadhakas, those who are devotees, those who are adherents of the path of dharma, they will always be fearless. This is the quality of a sadhaka: That he is fearless. Why is he fearless? Because he knows that the most powerful entity, Parama Purusa, is with him. So there is a loving relation between devotees and Parama Purusa-- their relation is based on love. Because of this truth the devotee is never afraid. He will never be
afraid of anyone and under no circumstances will he be perturbed. Becoming paranoid is not the sign of devotees. Parama Purusa always remains with you and HE always watches over His devotees. He is always seeing how He can save devotees from any and all difficulties. So when in this loving way Parama Purusa is concerned about you, then why will you be disturbed. You should be fearless. There is no reason for any sort of paranoia in the mind of devotees." [SS-16 (H), p. 83, DMC Agra 19 Feb 84]

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