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Prout's Solution to Darfur Crisis

Date: 20 Jul 2008 23:43:38 -0400 From: Donald_G To: Subject: Prout's Solution to Darfur Crisis Baba "Sa'r'a' yadi na'i va' dile prabhu, a'mi toma'y d'eke ya'bo..." (PS 1813) Purport: Baba whether You choose to respond or not, but I will go on calling You through my kiirtan, sadhana, and dhya'na. To go on calling You is my duty-- it is my work. And by this way I will also be able to know what work You have. Baba, the rush of the restless breeze and the humming of the swaying trees in the forest go on calling You always. Do You reply to their call or not? I will ask them secretly about this. Baba, with deep yearning and longing, devotees make their garlands for You-- in the burning heat of the flame and in the cold chill of the fog. Baba, are you understanding their pain and suffering. If You do not understand then with the heartfelt composition of a song, I will explain their feelings to You. O' my dearmost Baba, I will call out to You again and again, please grace me by giving a response...
Namaskar, The current tragedy in Darfur (Sudan) stands as yet another example of how our world history is littered with the devastation of various native and local peoples. But this need not be a recurring pattern for centuries and centuries to come. Prout holds some simple yet defining points that will put an end to such crimes. In a nutshell, Prout protects indigenous and local populations from the onslaughts and aggression of outside forces. And just by upholding this statute, the spilling of human blood will decrease dramatically. In contrast, without this Proutistic solution, there will never be peace on this earth.
Since the beginning of humanity, outside communities have been inflicting immense harm on native populations. Baba says, "The period of Shiva was a most turbulent period in India. On the one hand there were the Aryans, the outsiders, and on the other hand there were the indigenous people, with their Tantra-oriented culture and religion. Into this conflict-ridden environment, Shiva was born." (NSS, Disc: 1) Thus from the Aryans of old, to the Americas of a few centuries ago, to today's situation horror in Darfur, there runs a common theme: Unbridled attacks on native peoples. The Native Americans were wiped out by the invading Europeans-- as were the aborigines of Australia, as well as so many other groups by various attackers. From century to century, untold harm has been meted out to indigenous peoples. Mostly because outside parties have the sole intention to gobble up that land and pillage their natural resources and / or take over that region. Either this is done by entering that area as a minority and slowly becoming a majority-- as the white settlers did in the Americas and as the Chinese did in Tibet. Or it was done by coming in and grabbing the resources of that land as the British did in India. In either scenario, it spells d-i-s-a-s-t-e-r for the local peoples; they will either be exploited or ruined entirely.
Basically, whenever there is an outpouring of people from one area to another, there is going to be harm inflicted on native or local populations. That is not to say that the non-native community never suffers any blows, but history shows that the outside aggressors usually impose their will and dominate the local people. Currently, there is a growing population of "overseas Chinese" living in Southeast Asia and Africa. Although they are a minority in those regions, they are flexing their muscles and using their psychic strength to slowly, slowly control the economies of those regions. This is one very real trend that is going on. "Chinese control at least 55 per cent of the Malaysian economy; Chinese control at least 22 percent of the Indonesian economy; Chinese control at least 44 per cent of the Thai economy; Chinese control at least 22 percent of the Vietnamese economy and 11 percent of the Filipino economy." Those "overseas Chinese" have not traveled to those lands to become one with the local people; rather they have gone there to take advantage of the situation-- to exploit the local workforce and resources for their own economic gain. While the situation in Darfur is expressing itself in a much more ugly and bloody manner, the underlying cause is the same. Outside nomadic peoples, i.e. Arab Muslims known as the Janjaweed, have over the years toured through western Sudan, i.e. Darfur, to get water and food etc. And, at first, these nomads were basically welcomed-- or at least unchallenged-- by the local people. However, as water and other resources became more scarce, the Janjaweed took a much more offensive and barbaric approach that has now erupted into full-blown genocide that is going on now in Darfur. And this comes on the heels of so many other human disasters, whether we look at what happened in Bosnia, western China, satellite countries of the former Soviet Union, or elsewhere. Time and again outside aggressive forces have utterly shattered and mutilated the lives of local people-- for the sake of stealing their resources or swallowing up their nation.
In response to all this, our Prout philosophy has the ideal answer. Basically, Baba's mandate is that the native people must be protected and they must be enabled to govern and be in charge of their own land area. Baba says, "All the resources in a socio-economic unit should be controlled by the local people. In particular, the resources which are required to produce the minimum requirements must be in local hands, and all the industries based on these resources will have to be controlled entirely by the local people. Local raw materials must be fully utilized to produce all kinds of commodities necessary for the economic development of a socio-economic unit. Local people are those who have merged their individual socio-economic interests with the socio-economic interests of the socio-economic unit they live in." (PNS-21) By His above mandate, it is clear that Baba gives full power, protection, and right to native peoples to manage their own land area and its resources. That means the native people of Darfur should be free to mange their region, same with the Jews in Israel, as well as the Tibetans etc. Prout does not tolerate the ways of any intruding population. Baba says, "No outsider should be allowed to interfere in local economic affairs or in the system of production and distribution, otherwise a floating population will develop, causing the outflow of economic wealth from the local area. If this occurs the area will become vulnerable to outside economic exploitation and decentralized economy will be undermined." (PNS-21) Thus, according to Baba, there is no scope for an outside clan to enforce its will on a native community. Because if that happens, there is going to be devastation and destruction in that land area and to those people. Yet the entire history of mankind is the history of outside exploiters ruling over native populations and creating hell all around.
So then what should be done in Darfur? How does Prout aim to bring peace to the region? There is only one way. Those nomadic Arabic tribes-- the Janjaweed-- must be removed and kicked out of that area. So long as they remain there the local people will be suppressed and verily exterminated. So those Janjaweed have no right to remain there and peace can only be restored to that area by physically removed those nomadic Janjaweeds from the region. That is the only way out. Thus, according to Prout, if the local people of Darfur are unable to remove those Janjaweed intruders, then some sort of national or international coalition of forces must be mobilised to remove them. That is the only way to respond. Of course if diplomatic measures could work then that would certainly be welcomed. But by all looks at the issue, it seems that physical force would be needed to remove those nomads. The bottom line is that those nomads must be cleared from the area and be granted another place to live and the local population of Darfur should be free to manage their own regional territory.
If the nomads are not removed, we will witness the obliteration of that local Darfur community. And not just in Darfur, but around the globe if this practice of allowing outside aggressors to come in and dominate an area-- either through physical force or by economic means-- then no people will be safe on this earth. China is a monstrosity waiting to explode. Just as they did with Tibet, the Chinese are sending their burgeoning population to various corners of the globe-- not to become one with the local people, but rather to control them through economic power. Then of course there is the global Muslim population whose aim is simply to swallow up new regions through population growth. By allowing men to have countless wives who give birth to dozens of children, the Islamic strategy is to swallow up local populations. And then of course we have seen for years how US capitalists have changed the face of this earth through their ruthless economic policies. So we will see untold harm if outside aggressors continue to get scope to impose their will on native people. It will be an absolute disaster and no one will be able to breathe freely.
By Baba's grace He has given Prout to restore balance and peace on this earth, forever eliminating problems like the horror we see today in Darfur. Baba says, "PROUT is the panacea for the integrated progress of human society. It aims to bring about equilibrium and equipoise in all aspects of socio-economic life through totally restructuring economics. Without PROUT, socio-economic emancipation will remain a utopian dream." (AFPS-9) Namaskar, Divyajyoti
Here Baba outlines some of the techniques employed by outside groups to dominate a local ethnic population. Baba says, "The Chinese sent many people to settle in Tibet so that the Chinese population would outnumber the population of Tibet, and finally Tibet would become a part of China. When Manchuria was occupied by Japan it was renamed Manchu-ko, and many Japanese settlers were sent there so that the Manchurians would be outnumbered by the foreigners. The same thing happened in the case of Ireland. England sent many people to settle in the northern corner of the country." (PNS-19) Baba says, "The Gorkhaland movement, which is demanding a few districts in the northern part of West Bengal, has reached a climax. The Gorkhas, who had settled there from outside the state, are now demanding the formation of a separate state by taking advantage of their Indian citizenship. They have launched regular agitations, called strikes, looted, plundered, burnt property, murdered and virtually brought the law and order situation to a stand still. In fact, the barbaric call for “An eye for an eye” has been the dominant political slogan, and now there is no rule of law in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal...In fact, the Gorkhaland issue is not an isolated political problem of a particular ethnic community." (PNS-19) The only solution in all such circumstances is to remove that intruding party from the area. The rights of local peoples must be upheld and and that invading group must be helped to live in their own area.
************************************** Some Medicines
Baba says, "The third health-determining element is kapha, or the liquid, viscous portion of the body. Excess kapha creates spontaneous heat within the body which manifests externally as fever...Ginger is the enemy of kapha, the destroyer of kapha. Thus one name of ginger in ayurveda is kapha'ri. Similarly, arum or elephant root is the destroyer of arsha [piles] so arum in Sanskrit is called arsha'ri or arshaghnii." (SC-3, p. 103) Note: The first two health determining elements are va'yu and pitta.

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