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Supporters of Margiis

Date: 23 Jul 2006 23:47:52 To: AM-GLOBAL From: "Pandit_Sudhakar" Subject: Supporters of Margiis Baba "Andh tamasa' sariya' giya'che, Arun' prabha't, ha'se... " (PS# 2340) Purport: O' humanity, by His grace the crimson red dawn is smiling. The cimmerian darkness has vanished; it has disappeared completely. Today human society is getting awakened. Everyone's heart is getting exalted by His grace. His eternal love is spreading in each and every mind. By His grace I feel in my heart that everyone is mine-- no one is alien. All are close-- all are my own. Indeed this entire expressed and unexpressed universe, mobile and immobile, animals and plants, all living beings, everyone is my own. I feel I have a close, personal relation with everyone. All are my own family members. Within everyone I searched my beloved Baba. He is hiding and residing within all. In the remote corner of my mind, His love is saturating. His attraction is so great that it is not possible for me to keep myself separate from Him. By His grace I have only one desire: To merge into Him. The crimson dawn has reached. The staticity of darkness is evaporating away by His grace...
Namaskar, At this very moment one of the cowardly factions is howling and crying out loud-- pathetically wailing that 'If we move an inch and try to grab the power we will be ruined'. So in their duplicitous manner this faction has simultaneously began plotting, 'Let us coax the margiis to step into the line of fire for us so that we can become Kings'. This is pitiful thinking of the "leaders" of one faction. And side by side these same clan chiefs are scattering all about-- desperately running for cover. Top of all, however, in their lives such crude leaders never did one dharmic deed for margii rights etc. Rather in this regard they are veritable culprits and against margiis. Ironically, now in their extreme fear they are trying to push margiis toward the "hatchet" that is terrorising them. They are trying to coax margiis to fight their groupist battle. Who are these cowards? Why are they running scared? Where are they taking cover? What is their fear? All this and more is discussed below as we investigate this recent phenomenon: How in their frightened state the "top dogs" of EC are scurrying hither and thither with tail between their legs, hoping that someone will save them and deliver their selfish agenda-- i.e. the top chairs-- to their doorstep. This is the humiliating state of affairs nowadays with EC, the so-called "Effecting Change" group. About this, all are encouraged to write in with their observations and news.
Now the EC leaders are hypocritically posing as being the true allies of margiis, but this is nothing but their smokescreen. That is why no intelligent margii is befooled. Of course the heinous B group clan was surely the first to wage a war against margiis. Who can forget how Sarvatmananda & Co victimised innocent margiis, butchered the original BP manual, distorted Baba's famed discourse about margii rights, and made the ACB into a puppet board. All this nonsense Sarvatmanandji and his B group did. And thereafter Rudranandji and his H group empire completed the chaos by shutting the mouths of margiis and silently threatening any who came forward. So both B and H chieftains have a long history of harshly kicking our innocent margii brothers and sisters. And now, in the wake of all that, in their extreme fear the EC team is trying to pose as being the great benefactors of margiis. When in fact they themselves were the dark messengers of all the wicked deeds which those B and H leaders did against margiis. Those days when those cowardly EC Dadas were the footstools of Sarvatmananda and Rudrananda, then they did not give a damn about margiis. Never did they so much as lift a finger to help margiis. Not when the Bhukti Pradhan position was destroyed, not when the ACB was kidnapped, not when margiis were getting shunned for trying to stand up for ideology. It none of these situations did these EC Dadas help-- rather they did more harm. And still their inner heart's feeling towards margiis is no different. Only now these EC cowards see their defeat on the near horizon so they are hypocritically trying to be "the supporters of margiis" in hopes that they can get margiis to fight their war. But again no balanced margii is getting duped by EC's pathetic approach. All remember well the various pranks and injustices EC Dadas did in the past and continue to do at present.
So what is it that has EC shaking so badly in their pants-- what has them so terrified. After all, they just recently jumped onto the scene in an attempt to grab the top posts. So then why have they suddenly fallen from their perch. Why are they now running and scattering in every direction imaginable. Let us take a look at what has spooked them: - Firstly, they have all lost their nerve seeing their EC chief Citkrsnananda get charge-sheeted by acting GS Dada, who is in Rudrananda's pocket. This made every EC member squirm and wiggle. Because these EC cronies are just a bunch of cowards who spent their whole career kissing the feet of either Sarvatmananda or Rudrananda so that they (EC Dadas) could get some cozy chair. And now to lose all that and get charge-sheeted is too much for these EC cronies. That is to strong a reality for them to imagine-- for them to endure. So that is one reason why they are terrified and seeking cover in the trees etc. - The next thing is that in a blink of an eye Rudrananda had four EC leaders, i.e. Vandananandaji, Citkrsnanandaji, Dishuddhanandaji, and Parameshvaranandaji, unceremoniously removed from Governing Body. In a matter of seconds they were all gone-- finished. So once again, by witnessing this the EC fairies see all their selfish dreams get crushed to dust. Because for their whole life they have been living to get the post, and then in an instant it is all gone. That is why the EC fairies are scared to put their front foot forward. They are terrified. - Then of course inside their hearts these EC people know that everything they got in this life was attained by unseemly means: Their posts in the past as well as their slots on the Purodha Board. Everyone remembers well the underhanded events which occurred in 2004 that led to the formation of the Purodha Board. It was totally unconstitutional. Because those days EC members were allied with Rudrananda and Rudrananda manipulated the whole thing-- the whole election. And that time in 2004 the EC cronies gladly accepted Rudrananda's unholy gift and took up their places on the Purodha Board. That is how Cidananda & Parmeshvarananda etc got on the Purodha Board-- through a false election. But that type of crude cheating does not give any strength. Such fakes are not real Purodhas and not real dharmikas. So they do not have any inner strength or courage. That is another cause of the terrible fear these days. - And in general the EC clan of Dadas are scared because the bully Rudrananda is terrorising and threatening them in all kinds of ways. And either they have gotten beaten up or they are fearful of getting beaten up. That is another reason why they are trembling with fear. - Plus the EC camp does not have any supporters; they do not have any bonafide cadres. Because no one feels inspired to follow a bunch of cowards. In contrast, as evil as he may be, but Rudrananda has a whole pile of cadres who are ready to march to the end of the earth for him. Means Rudrananda's cadres are ready to tear the ears off of the lame ducks of the EC group. This is yet another scary thought for the EC group. So with all these things staring them in the face, the EC team is totally frightened and unable to do much. They think if they go against Rudrananda then they will be expelled and tossed aside in a matter of minutes. They will be beaten to a bloody pulp. That is why the EC cowards suddenly came up with the "bright idea" of encouraging the margiis to fight for them. Because still these EC hypocrites have a selfish desire to get the post but they do not have the courage to fight for it. So in their hypocrisy they are hope to trick the margiis to do their work for them and toward that end the EC team is putting forth all kinds of false logic and meagre justifications.
So all that is going on which is making the EC Dadas totally fearful. And then perhaps the most rattling event of all is that their chosen hero and selected general became totally stricken with fear and has opted to leave the country. Specifically, Vandana'nandji is running from the scene and jumping on a plane tomorrow-- July 24th-- and going to Singapore. So this is another scary turnaround for the EC bunch. Because all along they were counting on Vandana'nandji to provide the firepower for their rise to power. He was the so-called courageous one in EC who could stand up to Rudrananda-- or so they thought. Now however it has been exposed and revealed that Vandana'nandji is nothing but a dud-- an impotent cheese-ball. He has not an ounce of courage. That is why Vandana'nandji is relocating and escaping from the scene. So from top to bottom the EC faction is nothing but one hapless crowd.
Surely the history of these EC creatures is known to all. They were dragged up from their otherwise lowly stature by Rudrananda when Rudrananda wanted a few more tools to round out his arsenal. So from the get-go these EC weaklings were a bunch of cowardly tools, without any backbone. Rudrananda gave them their chance in life. And then on one fine morning EC cronies got the idea to get some more power. And that is when their clash with Rudranandji started. And ever since then Rudrananda has been washing the floors groupist office with the back-sides of the EC leaders. Because these EC folks are totally spineless, just mere eunuchs. So they are born cowards who are greedy for the chair-- yet too timid and fearful to grab the power.
Here Baba directly tells us that only those who are dedicated to Him and are committed to the ideology are truly courageous. Only they can stand up to adversity.
Nindantu niitinipun'ah...
Baba says, "What am I going to do regarding the mission of life? If logicians and philosophers condemn me, saying, 'That is a very bad man,' let them say this. Or if, due to my movement towards my goal, a certain portion of society appreciates my action, let them appreciate it - it won't affect me. I won't be assailed by such appreciations. And if, due to my action, Laks'mii-- the mythological goddess of wealth-- comes and resides in my house, it is good. If Laks'mii says, 'No, I will quit you forever, I won't remain with you.' That is, you will have to suffer from poverty. Then Let Laks'mii quit my house. And if, due to my course of action, due to my ideology, Pluto, that is, the god of death, comes and says, 'I'll take you,' let Pluto do it! I don't care! Or if, due to my course of action, due to my ideology, I am forced to live here for an indefinite period, I am ready to live here. You know life becomes boring if one lives for a long period, but I am ready to undergo that boredom, that monotony, for the sake of my ideology." (AV-12) In His above teaching Baba clearly guides us that by adhering to the AM adarsha then one naturally develops the courage and boldness to stand up for what is right-- for what is dharmic. Whereas if one is just involved in their own selfish planning and agenda, they will be scared of their own shadow, totally unable to do anything in this world. Such is the case with the EC faction-- otherwise what can be the cause of their continued cowardice mentality. Why else are EC leaders on the run with tail tucked between their legs.
So devoid of having any courage at all, the EC chieftains are trying to dupe the margiis into standing up for them-- so that EC cronies themselves can get the top chair. And part and parcel of EC's hypocritical plan is to try to convince margiis that in return EC supports them fully. But that is just a bunch of hot air and hypocritical garble. Because, as stated several paragraphs above, the EC is not at all concerned with margii rights. Otherwise for years they would have tried to give margiis a real voice in the organisation. For example they would have tried to repair the BP system which they themselves destroyed-- at the order of Sarvatmanandji. And they would have tried to give margiis a voice by trying to bring respectability back to the ACB etc. All sorts of dharmic works EC could be involved in to help margiis. But there was never anything done by them-- never. And still today EC is not doing anything for the cause of margii rights. Just EC hypocrites give lip service to such things. And the worst part is that such EC generals have no shame for the fact that for years they carried out Sarvatmananda's and Rudrananda's every order to close the mouths of margiis. They have no repentance for that. Proof being that now such EC leaders approach margiis without the least bit remorse and try to manipulate margiis into fighting their battle for them-- so that EC can become kings by the spilling of margii blood. That is why only two or three stupid and obtuse margiis are supporting the EC cronies, otherwise everyone else understands well that EC chiefs are nothing but bunch of cowardly hypocrites. And that is why at this very moment the EC leaders are running scared-- giving up entirely in the face of a little pressure. Because, devoid of dharma, they have not one iota of courage to stand up and fight their own selfish battle.
So this is yet another saga of the ongoing group fight for post and position in our AMPS. Where one or another faction is spitting on ethics, morality, and dharma and instead hoping to grab the chair by crooked means. This is the selfish agenda of all the groups-- including EC. However, no margii or field worker should feel frustrated and think that AMPS is destined to be ruled by groupism forever. It is not like that. Because a sweet momentum is on the rise. Around the globe margiis and field workers are taking up the cause of dharma-- of ideology. Margiis are studying and following AM adarsha and they are proclaiming that everyone must follow Baba. They are dharmically demanding that AMPS must adhere to His teachings. And this momentum is spreading and growing fast. Soon a great tide will come and these very margiis and sincere field workers will be the catalysts for great change in AM society. That is sure and side by side cowardly fakes like EC will fade into the oblivion. As there is no room in this universe for hypocrites and cowards. The world is for the brave-- for those who support dharma.
By Baba's divine grace and compassion the day of peace and dharma in AM is coming soon. Baba says, "You too should keep moving forward, and you will also attain victory after victory-- there is no doubt about it. Therefore continue your efforts tirelessly, do your duty and you will be surely crowned with success." (SS-18, p. 14) Namaskar, Sudhakar
*************************************************** Monkey Dictionary
Baba says, "The most developed species of monkey has a vocabulary of about 800 words. The most undeveloped human beings living in certain forests have a vocabulary of about 950 words. Thus, the undeveloped humans have only a slightly larger vocabulary than the most developed monkeys. The most developed species of monkey is the 'ulluka' in Sam'skrta (red-faced apes) which have a larger vocabulary than other species of ape. Each of their words, such as 'kieun', 'kiawn', `kwee', etc., has a different meaning. But no one has yet taken the trouble to compile a dictionary for them." (AV-8, p. 10-11)

About One's Liking... Part II

Date: Sat, 22 Jul 2006 23:47:03 +0530 To: Subject: About One's Liking... Part II From: Manomohan Sanyal Baba "Ta'i bhavi mane toma'ri smaran'e, path cale ja'i toma'ri sharan'e, A'ma'ra boliya ya' bha'vito hiya', ta' nahe a'ma'r bujhi ja'garan'e..." (PS 715) Purport: Baba, due to my extreme vanity and ignorance, in my heart I was thinking that everything-- all my material possessions like money, wealth, post, position, might, and strength-- is really mine and that they will remain with me up to eternity. In this way I was deluded. But By Your grace You have blessed me with samvit* and an awakening has come. Today I have realised that al those worldly things are transitory: They are not mine. They do not belong to me permanently. Rather I have come alone onto this dusty earth and one day I will depart this earth and will have to leave everything behind. Baba in this universe nothing is mine except You. O' Lord, You have given me the gift of bhakti and with the devotional mind I can understand that You-- and only You-- are mine. Because of this I am always singing Your divine glory and I am always engaged in the depths of Your ideation. in my heart I feel that You are everything. Every moment I follow Your path and ultimately by Your grace I surrender at Your alter-- O' my Lord. Baba Your liila of Yours is unfathomable: It is full of diversity. On the one side all the organs of my existence are engaged in negative engagements and crude dealings. That voice is drowned in its own arrogance and makes utterances filled with its own ego and audacity; and the eye is glued to its own feeling of superiority and vanity. With this vain outlook, there is disdain and disgust for others. All these negative features rampant. And then on the other side these organs do all kinds of positive works and dharmic pursuits. They engage in shravan, manan, niddhidhyasana*, dhyana, japa, dharana, kiirtan, and puja etc. Baba in this liila of Yours all these negative and positive activities are happening right in front of Your very eyes. You can see it all happening before You. Baba, my mind is wild. I do not have the necessary strength to control it and therefore ask for Your mercy and surrender at Your lotus feet. By the shadow of Your infinite grace, by Your divine compassion, by Your sweet ideation, by doing kiirtan and sadhana etc, I can control that wild mind which is running under the intoxication of maya. Baba, by Your grace I can keep that wild mind cool, calm, and quiet-- pointed towards Your divine Self. Baba, You are my ultimate shelter; I surrender at Your lotus feet... ASTERISK NOTES (*): *Samvit: Baba says, "The popular meaning of sam'vit shakti is "awareness"-- awakening from slumber. With the help of sam'vit shakti, unit beings become aware of their existence. They realise that they are the crown of creation, the most evolved beings whose goal is to attain the supreme rank and dispel the darkness of the avaran'ii shakti of avidyamaya." (APH-4) *Shravan, Manan, & Niddhidhyasana: Here below Baba explains the special import of these three devotional practices. Baba says, "To attain Him human beings have to take recourse to shravana (constantly hearing His name), manana (constantly ideating on Him) and nididya'sana (constantly meditating on Him)." (TK-3)
Eds Note: Here is part 1 on this topic:
Namaskar, In this grand expressed universe, there are so many beings of all shapes and sizes who do so many things. Everyone has their own liking and disliking. Everyone has their own preferences and distastes. This is the natural pattern of this worldly existence. And side by side people put immense emphasis on the fact that such and such engagement or activity is enjoyable whereas another is not. In this way so many judgements are cast about various pursuits. Some like reading whereas others like videos; some like kiirtan whereas others like VSS camps; some like having chapati & subjii (vegetables) whereas others like going to McDonalds; some like sadhana whereas others like bowling. Like this people have their own preference and liking. And accordingly they will sing the glories and treasures of their favourite items and vehemently cry out about those things which they despise. This is the way of the world.
And the peculiar thing is that people never stop to think that it is they who are the cause of their liking or disliking-- not the activity itself. They do not realise that it is their own mind which is the reason behind their enjoyment of a particular activity or not.
Mano karoti....
Baba says, "It is the human mind which is the cause of bondage or liberation. If the mind is in bondage, the person is also in bondage. Similarly, if the mind is liberated the person is also liberated. After all, it is the human mind which engages in auspicious actions." (NHNS-1) Here the point is that one's preferences in this world are first and foremost based on the quality or status of their own mind. A crude mind will like crude activities whereas a subtle mind will like subtle activities. Everyone's standard is different and accordingly they find physical engagements or psychic pursuits that are pleasing and appealing to them. Yet all the while they think that activity itself is great or bad when the reality is that it is their mind which has a particular sort of attraction and liking, or not. And one other point is that since the mind is always changing-- always going up or down, always contracting or expanding-- that is why people's own interests and passions change. What one likes today one may or may not like tomorrow. And what one did ten years ago what may not have the slightest interest in that activity now. So behind one's liking or disliking, one's own unit mind is the cause-- not the activity itself.
And this same rule applies to sadhana as well. There are many who tell that sadhana is boring and dry and that they prefer to do something else with their time-- like computer games or running etc. Should we therefore put the blame on sadhana. Of course not. Because we know well that there are many others who sing about the sweet ecstasy and divine enchantment of sadhana. So it is just a matter of the quality of one's own mind. Here-- with regards to the intuitional practice of sadhana-- the key point to remember is that it is the most subtle of pursuits for the human mind. Why? Because Parama Purusa is that most subtle Entity. And the whole practice of sadhana is based on the aim of getting Him. So to engage in that endeavour of sadhana one needs a subtle mind. This every sadhaka knows.
However for the common people the whole thing-- the whole pursuit of sadhana-- is just a mystery. But one way of explaining it is as follows: If in the science lab one tries to see bacteria with the naked eye then one will quickly become bored and frustrated. Because bacteria are too small to be seen by the human eye. Rather a microscope is needed to see that bacteria. So with the help of that microscope one can deeply engage in experiments with those bacteria etc. And one can make all sorts of observations. Then looking at that bacteria will be interesting and captivating-- all because one has a microscope to see.
Similarly to see Parama Purusa it needs the help of a refined mind-- pointed intellect and devotional longing. Otherwise sadhana will be boring and one will prefer to do something else. So it is not the activity of sadhana that is the problem per se-- just one needs a proper instrument to engage in that art of meditation. Here one has to remember that trying to do sadhana is itself the best practice for really doing sadhana. It is one's attempt in sadhana that allows the mind to become a proper tool for practicing sadhana and diving into that supreme bliss. That is why Baba encourages and guides us in countless ways to regularly do our sadhana and related practices. Because by this way the mind will become more and more subtle and eventually one will gain success. Here in full colour Baba Himself explains this endeavour. Baba says, "The Supreme entity is durdasha. In the case of Parama Brahma human beings cannot see Him as easily as they can see the external objects with help of their eyes because He is 'Oran'niiyan mahato mahiiya'n'. That is, He is smaller than the smallest, yet greater than the great. To see subtle molecules and atoms one requires the help of scientific instruments. Just as one requires an intellectual and scientific vision to conceive of atoms, one needs a spiritual vision to know the Supreme Entity. To attain Him human beings have to take recourse to shravana (constant hearing), manana (constant ideation) and nididya'sana (constant meditation). The Supreme Entity is Gurha, that is, He is lying hidden in the innermost recess of the human entity. To attain Him one must penetrate deep within oneself, and for that the development of an introversial outlook is essential an extroversial outlook will be no assistance. What we call inanimate matter with our extroversial vision is actually a conscious entity if analysed with an integral outlook." (TK-3)
So by practicing sadhana and engaging in subtle pursuits then one will develop that desire and capacity to more deeply dive into the sweetness sadhana-- true meditation. Then the mind will be subtle enough for that divine exchange which occurs in the intuitional practice of sadhana. This is Baba's explicit guideline in so many discourses. So none should think that meditation is permanently beyond their grasp or out of their reach etc. And one should not fall into the delusion that true sadhana does not really exist. One should not give up in this way. We can think of it this way: A human being can contemplate so many things which an animal cannot. Similarly what a spiritually elevated soul can perceive and meditate on subtleties which an ordinary human cannot. So one's duty as a sadhakas is to make the mind more and more refined so that it can easily and smoothly drift into that subtle, blissful world of sadhana.
Here Baba guides us that He lies within an that it is human dharma to attain Him. And by His grace all will get success in this mission-- all will experience that eternal bliss of Parama Purusa. This is His expressed guarantee.
"Tilesu Taelam dadhineva Sarpih".
Baba says, "He is there in you as the oil is in the oilseed. Crush the seed through Sa'dhana' and you get the oil. Separate the mind from Cognition or Consciousness; and see that His resplendence lightens up your whole inner being. He is like butter in curd ; churn it and He will appear from within. Churn your mind through Sa'dhana' and Parama Purus'a will appear like butter from curd. He is like a subterranean river in you. Remove the sands of mind and you will find the clear and cool waters within." "Thus it will be seen that for all creatures there is only one desideratum and it is Parama Purus'a. Move inward and you will attain Him-- What will you say to Parama Purus'a then ? What should be your prayer ? It should be "O Lord, lead me on the correct path. Let not my intellect be distracted from the path of Truth." You are all the children of Parama Purus'a. You will certainly attain Him. You will not deviate from the path of Truth. To attain Him is your birthright. The meaning of Ga'yatrii chhanda is this-- 'O Lord of this resplendent light that pervades all, let not my mind, my intellect, deviate from truth. Show me the way. Lead me on the correct path. I meditate on thy Divine Effulgence so that my intellect is guided towards You'." (SS-19, 'Salvation & Devotion') Namaskar, Manomohan Eds Note: Here below is the link to part 1 of this topic:

About One's Liking...

Date: Sat, 08 Jul 2006 22:59:03 +0530 To: Subject: About One's Liking... From: Manomohan Sanyal Baba "He Prabhu, toma'r liila', bolo ke bujhibe..." (PS 1524) Purport: O' Prabhu, O' Baba, please tell me who can understand Your divine liila. It is beyond human conception and perception. Baba, You are ava'unmanasogocara*-- You are beyond the scope of the sensory organs, words, and mind. Baba in trying to understand You, one's intellect will be defeated each and every step. With their own mind no one can explain this divine liila of Yours. Baba, in this world so many things happen: The great cosmos swirls through space; meteors shoot across the sky; stars form into constellations; animate and inanimate entities come into existence; and days and nights come and go. Baba, I do not know the answer why*. And why the earth and sun exist, that also I do not know. To get all these answers, to know "why", who can tell. Baba, the more I know the more I realise that I am ignorant-- that I do not know. The more I know the more I realise that there are entire worlds of things that I do not know*. And not only that but what little I do know, that will one day disappear. Baba, why do living beings come and why do living beings go. That also I cannot answer. Baba, by Your divine grace, this entire world is full of magnificent beauty and charming flow. But which direction it goes, that also I do not know. Baba this liila is beyond human understanding. Baba, if You do not shower Your grace by telling the answer then who will tell. Baba, only You are the home of all knowledge and truth. Baba, please be gracious and do not remain beyond my conception and perception. Please reside eternally in my heart... ASTERISK NOTES (*): * Ava'unmanasogocara: Here Baba gives a very clear explanation of this Sanskrit phrase. Baba says, "Parama Purus'a is beyond the scope of word and thought--ava'unmanasogocara." (SS-9) By this we can understand that Parama Purusa lies beyond the realm of the 10 indriyas and above the unit mind. Indeed one cannot get Him with their sensory organs. Nor can one get Him with their intellect, nor by thinking; in trying to get Him that way the mind gets suspended. Only by His grace when the mind is fully concentrated can it reach up to Him and in that case the mind has left its home and gone beyond its boundaries and reached to the abode of Parama Purusa. * Ta'ha' kichu na' ja'ni: This phrase from the second stanza of the song indicates that the devotee does not know the answer to all these things. The sadhaka cannot explain the whys of this vast universe. * Yato ja'ni, tato na'-ja'ni: 'The more I know the more I realise that I do not know'. This circumstance is just like the frog living in the well. And while in the well they figured out all the facts and figures of the universe-- they thought they knew everything. Because they considered that small well to be the entire universe. And then one day they jumped out of that well and they realised that there were so many things that they did not know. Similarly, that is the state of the sadhaka in the above song. The more they learn the more they realise how ignorant they are. Because this universe is vast and most of the things they cannot explain.
Eds Note: After reading this letter be sure to read part 2:
Namaskar, This whole letter is deeply linked with doing sadhana and attaining Him. As we all know He is the abode of Bliss, He is that most subtle Entity, and He is the Divine One. In that case we should best understand how we can all march towards Him and get Him. And to do that one should be familiar with the inherent tendencies and status of their own mind. These below points were given to me by my family acarya and they may be helpful for others as well. Kindly write in with your thoughts and suggestions.
In this trifarious world there are so many different activities and various engagements. And about all those activities and engagements, people make so many proclamations and declarations. Some say they feel good doing this or they tell that they feel bad doing that. Some say that doing sadhana is boring and that it makes them feel sleepy whereas some say that their mind gets concentrated when they go to the movies or when they sit at the computer and do email. Some tell they feel energised when they play football and when they go hiking; and side by side they express that they get tired when they study biology or read philosophy. Some say they are at their best when they sing kiirtan and others say they like going to the market and gossiping with the people all day long etc. In this way people have so many interests and disinterests-- so many likings and dislikings. So the question is, how does it all work; why does a person like one type of activity and not another. Why is one activity exhilarating for one person and why is it boring for another.
In our Ananda Marga scriptures it is well described in countless places how human existence is the movement from animality to divinity. This everyone knows and in our practical experiences we can see this happening-- both with ourselves and with others. Baba says, "As a created being, everybody in the universe by birth is a pashu, an animal. But the standard of beings is to be exalted towards divinity, towards godliness. A pashu, that is, an animal, becomes man, man becomes god. This process, the process of exaltation, the process of upliftment, from animality to godliness, is your sa'dhana'." (AV-1, 'From Animality to Divinity') So to one degree or another, all are on the march from animality to divinity. This Baba describes above. Some may be moving quickly some slowly-- but all are moving. And the key point behind it all is that each and every human being is at their own psychic stature. Some are closer towards animality and some are closer to divinity. It all depends on the quality or standard of their mind. So there are various stages of mind and not only that but this mind is ever-changing. It is not static. So there are two points: The first is that everyone has their own radius to the Cosmic Nucleus-- that means that everyone has their one unique mental make-up. Just as no two snowflakes are exactly alike, similarly no two human beings are perfectly identical. All have their own mental characteristics and quality. And the second point is that one's mental standard is ever-changing. Each and every breath one is moving either closer towards divinity-- closer to the Cosmic Nucleus, or one is moving towards animality-- away from the Supreme Hub. So everyone's mind is unique and everyone's mind is constantly undergoing change. This situation everyone in AM understands.
Now to apply this theory to the practical world, we can say this: That people like activities according to their mental standard. Here Baba gives us one clear cut example. Baba says, "Let's say an alcoholic and a sa'dhu go from Patna to Benares. The sa'dhu will join the company of other sa'dhus on some riverbank, while the alcoholic will locate some pub." (AV-3) So according to their mental standard people engage in the world. That is, those things which are on par with the state of their mind are the activities they like. As Baba explains above, an alcoholic prefers to go to the pub as that matches up with his mental tendency. That is why when he arrives at a new place he will seek out a drinking pub. Hand in hand, that same alcoholic will not like to go to the riverbank and do sadhana with the sadhus because that activity is far above his psychic standard. Doing sadhana will not be of any interest to him-- rather the alcoholic may feel bored or even frustrated by it. Why? Because it is more subtle than his crude mental framework. Similarly, the sadhu will always prefer to go to the riverbank to have the satsaunga of other sadhakas etc-- as that is on par with his psychic standard. That sadhu will not like going to the pub and being surrounded by all those alcoholics. The sadhu will find that entire scene at the pub to be quite suffocating and abhorrent. Because his mind is subtle and accustomed to refined activities like contemplation etc, whereas drinking alcohol and engaging in lewd behaviour is quite tamasik. For that reason the sadhu will not be attracted to going to the pub. Why? Because that environment is much cruder than his mental make-up. So according to their own mental status people like a particular activity or not. They neither like things that are above their standard nor below their standard. People like those engagements most which are directly on par with their psychic state-- and doing those things gives them energy and enjoyment. Those activities are suited to their psychic level; therefore they like those things. So the whole equation hinges upon one's own mental standard-- not the activity per se.
Some people operate under the misconception that such and such activity is no good because it makes them frustrated or sleepy. There are some who say this about sadhana. And then they arrive at the faulty conclusion that sadhana is not good because it make them tired etc. So they blame the activity-- they blame sadhana. But this is not correct. Because for other people-- for those who are more developed-- sadhana is quite a blissful and enchanting experience. It is full of love and His divine grace. Here the whole point is that the activity itself that is not the problem. The activity is what it is-- whether it be reading, kayaking, running, studying, or doing meditation. The activity in and of itself is not the root cause of one's boredom, interest, or frustration etc. Rather the degree of interest and level of engagement one has with that activity depends upon one's own psychic standard. Therefore it is not that sadhana makes someone sleepy. Rather it is that one's mind is not adequately advanced to properly engage in sadhana. In that case they feel bored or tired. That is the way it works. So it is not the activity that is at fault-- rather it is all dependent on one's psychic standard. That is what makes an activity blissful-- or not.
At the same time, as we have concluded above, one's mind is always moving and always changing. It is always going up or down. Therefore, no one should feel that they are stuck in the same place forever and ever. Since the human mind is always changing and evolving, human life itself is mobile. Therefore an activity one likes today one may not like tomorrow-- simply because their mind has changed. In the general society, people's mental standard does not shift all that much. It changes no doubt-- but not very much. Because they are constantly thinking upon the same static ideas, in which case there is little room for the mind to grow. Rather it may even get more crudified. Whereas those on the path of AM can undergo a huge transformation. Because invariably throughout the day one will attempt to engage in subtle pursuits like kiirtan and sadhana and that will help the mind to grow. And not only that but the more the mind does those spiritual activities the more the mind becomes adjusted to them. That is why we see that at the beginning sometimes new sadhakas struggle a lot with sadhana but then as they practice more and more their minds dive deeper and deeper into that sublime practice. Because their mental structure has changed-- it has become more subtle. So none should lose hope that sadhana is forever out of their reach. Rather through on going practice and sincere effort one will certainly become more involved in their meditation. In that case two things will happen: One will derive more bliss from their sadhana and secondly one will lose interest in those old mundane pursuits. Certainly this is something we have all seen and experienced since coming into Ananda Marga-- since moving on the path of bliss.
Again let us say that Parama Purusa is that highest and most subtle one. He is the abode of ecstatic bliss and eternal life. Theoretically every Ananda Margii accepts this truth. But in the practical sphere sadhana may not always be so easy or interesting etc. That is why from top to bottom we have to prepare ourselves for doing sadhana by taking sentient food; doing half-bath and asanas regularly; following yama and niyama; having satsaunga; doing manan (thinking of Him), shravan (singing and hearing His name), niddhidhyasana (ideating on Him). All these revolutionary practices transform the mind into a more subtle sphere. And then by His grace and by directing and channelising our minds towards Him, little by little-- or even very quickly-- the mind will get transformed such that it will be more highly attracted towards Him and have a deep desire to engage in that subtle pursuit known as sadhana.
By Baba's divine grace by following the path of AM and sadhana the mind will get more refined and subtle-- thereby allowing our existence to blossom. Baba says, "If the mind is narrow, Brahma sa'dhana' is futile....The narrowness of a unit mind in bondage is removed by the sustained effort to perform sa'dhana' at home and in the society at large. Through the all-embracing practice of sa'dhana' one will achieve the fullest expression of one's potentialities." (SS-6, 'All Shine with His effulgence') Here below is Baba's divine guarantee that we will attain Him. Baba says, "All are moving towards the nucleus of bha'gavata dharma. Everyone's individual journey ultimately terminates in Parama Purus'a. Just as the earth is moving around the sun, and the moon around the earth, similarly every individual human being is moving around Parama Purus'a. Your sa'dhana' is nothing but an attempt to reduce the distance between yourself and Parama Purus'a...Establish yourself in that dharma and your victory is assured." (AMIWL-10, 'Bhagavad Dharma') Namaskar, Manomohan
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