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Many PP's

From: "Seshagiri Das" Subject: Three PP's Date: Sun 23 Dec 2007 23:47:54 +0000 To: Baba

 == THREE PP'S ==

 Namaskar, All the various groups are opportunists and in it for their own power-- and their own power alone. This we can all see. That is why it probably comes as no surprise that in the near future our Marga may be faced with the prospect of having many PP's-- one for all the groups. Things have been moving this way for a while but these latest developments outlined below further indicate that this is a strong possibility. That is why it is just their lip-service when the various groups talk about unity etc. They have no intention of creating unity-- nor are they able to do so when they are busily licking their chops in hopes of getting more power. So whenever any of the groups talk about unity, one should understand that this is their befooling tactic-- nothing more. Here then is some of the latest news flying around. 


 1. As you know that Didi Ananda Giita' is now in third front CC-- i.e. she is on the EC team's Central Committee. Before that, she was CWWS, but Ranchi administration has kicked her out of the post. 
 2. For the last 2 months meetings have been going on. Nigma'nanda was adamant about making Didi Ananda Dyotana' as CWWS. But Rudra'nanda was insisting on having Didi Ananda Abhisambuddha' as the CWWS.

 3. Now some people are suspecting that it is not end of the conflict but rather it is the start. They say that in the near future one more division within the Ranchi administration is going to occur between Rudra'nanda and Nigama'nanda. 

 4. Because Nigma'nanda is not just a friend of Didi Ananda Dyotana. Rather they are sentimentally attached and deeply involved with one another. And this feeling is enough to fuel Nigama'nanda's departure from Rudra'nanda's castle-- thereby creating another split in the Ranchi empire NEWS ABOUT THE UPCOMING DMS 1. SDO Purulia has given permission to Kokata group to hold DMS on 30-31-1st January DMS. DM Purulia has approved it. Purulia court has also approved it. 2. Now Rudra'nanda camp has gone to the High court and decision will be made tomorrow about it. 3. Now the Kolkata group is making their Pandal etc. 4. Both sides are ready and organising for a physical fight.

 5. It looks that 3rd front (EC team) will have their DMS with alliance with the Kolkata group. 6. As you know that 3rd front had elected their CC on 8th of Nov in Purulia. After Diwali vacation, they went to court and now the court has heard them and accepted their petition of CC and referred them to the main case no. 122/07. So now 3rd front has also CC and now they can make their own CEC. They can work as organisation until the case 122/07 is disposed of. THREE PP'S Given all of the above, it seems quite likely that in near future there may be three PP's-- at a minimum. Rudrananda from the Ranchi side; Parmeshvarananda from the EC faction; and from the Bangla team, it is debatable who they will pick. Then of course, there is word that the Ranchi team will also soon split. So the whole scene is a hotbed of activity; it is like one live volcano that is rumbling on a daily basis. Who knows when it will erupt and spew out its lava. GOOD WTS AND MARGIIS SHOULD COME FORWARD Now the only response left is that good wts and margiis should come forward. The only reason that groupism has reared its ugly head and taken hold of everything is because up till now the moralists have been in a minority and disunited. But if good workers come forward then more and more moralists can rally around them. And in that situation, we can bring our Marga out of this ugly, groupist era. By Baba's grace, success is sure. Namaskar, Seshagiri

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