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Posing as Great Heroes

To: AM-GLOBAL From: Foster Davis Subject: Posing as Great Heroes Date: Mon, 10 Aug 2009 08:27:14 -0400 Baba PS Intro: In the second stanza of this song, the bhakta is talking indirectly about himself using a flower as a reference or symbolism. The inner meaning is that sadhaka is expressing how in the past his devotional life was so sweet and blissful but now his sadhana has become dry. So he is requesting Parama Purusa to "please grace me by showering me with Your divine love." That is the inner significance of the second stanza of the below song. Note: The audio file of this song has been uploaded to the AM-GLOBAL blog, "Alakha purus'a tumi, siima'ra bandhane ye a'mi..." (PS #932) Purport: O' Baba, O' Divine Entity, You are Alakha Purus'a [1]. You are everywhere but I cannot see You. Baba, I am bound by so many limitations. O Baba, please take me beyond the world of bondage to the kingdom of divinity which is limitless & infinite. Please grace me with nirvakalpa samadhi and make me one with You. Baba, You are beyond the relative factors of space and time. You are Bha'va'tiita [2]. The mind cannot think about You. Baba, You are nirgun'a, You are Gun'atiita [3]. You do not have any bondages or attributions; You are beyond all the gun'as, beyond all the binding principles. Baba, please grant me a wee-bit of Your cosmic grace. Baba, please look once with Your grace compassion towards that flower which was once saturated in sweetness but has since lost all its fragrance. That very flower whose nectar is lost and has withered away, please shower Your causeless grace and again lovingly pull that flower close to You. Baba, by Your grace I have come under Your divine shelter. My everything is residing within You. Besides You I do not know anyone or anything. By Your grace, I have surrendered my whole existence at Your lotus feet. Baba, I have only one longing: please remain ever-awake, eternally present, in my mind and heart. Please grace me by remaining within me always, so that I can perceive You. O' Alakha Purusa, You are boundless and infinite, please grant me nirvakalpa samadhi and take me to that divine world... Notes for Prabha's Samgiita #932: (1) Alakha Purus'a: ('Alakha' means 'invisible'; 'Purusa' means 'Witnessing Entity'). Of all the infinite attributions and qualities of Parama Purusa, one of which is that He is invisible and another is that He witnesses everything. Theoretically, we know that Parama Purus'a is everywhere, but we cannot see or perceive Him with our crude organs. That is why one of the names of Parama Purus'a is Alakha Purus'a. He is residing everywhere but we cannot perceive Him. (2) Bha'va'tiita: In His stance of bhavatiita (bha'va means ideation, atiita means beyond), Parama Purusa is beyond all physical manifestations and beyond all thought conceptions. Baba says, "Parama Purus'a, the Supreme Reality, is beyond all speech and thought: He is beyond the reach of the vocal cord. So He is bha'va'tiita ["beyond bha'va"]...The more one thinks of His infinite qualities, the more one becomes speechless, the more deeply one becomes absorbed in Him." (NSS, Disc:19) (3) Gun'a'tiita: One of the infinite characteristics of Parama Purusa is that He is beyond the gun'as, beyond all the binding principles like sa'ttvagun'a, rajogun'a, and tamogun'a. Baba says, "Why is He beyond the scope of all attributions [binding principles]? There are two reasons. One is that He is the creator of everything, so He is the creator of qualifications also, attributions also. So how can He be within the binding scope of those principles, of those qualifications? And certainly He is beyond the reach of these qualifications. In Sam'skrta, qualification or attribution is called “gun'a”, and He is called “Gun'a'tiita”, that is, beyond the bondage of any gun'a." (AV-12)
This entire letter is related with the following posting also: Namaskar, In these current times in our AM society it has become the 'fashion of the day' to "speak out" against the various ruling groups. Because now, after so many years of injustices, it has become commonly accepted that those in power are corrupt and going against Baba's teachings. In such circumstances, many opportunists are now trying to captialise on the situation by also "speaking out" and saying something-- hoping that this will enhance their own prestige & position etc. But in the past these same opportunists were the very bootlickers and arms & legs of those ruling exploiters. So to see everything in a straight way and get the real picture, we must apply our vivek. By that way we will easily be able to understand 'who is who' and 'what is what'.
Since 1990, there have been so many who blindly supported one or another of the crooked ruling regimes. First when Sarvatmananda was at the helm, then he had hundreds and thousands rallying around him. When he said something then so many would jump according to his command. That is the way it was working those days. And in this manner of dealing various goody-goodies and bootlickers got rewarded with prestigious posts as they became ACB members, core-group members, and tattvikas etc. And in return these goody-goody post-holders stood by Sarvatmananda's every word and tried to smash down any truly revolutionary margii who came forward to oppose Sarvatmananda's nasty tricks. In this harsh cycle, many rational margiis faced terrible torture and abuse. Because those goody-goodies acted as the blind soldiers for Sarvatmananda's heinous regime. And when Sarvatmananda's era was over, then those same goody-goodies and opportunists jumped ship and latched onto the next ruling regime. And they "grew" accordingly. Under Rudrananda's years of rule, those same bootlickers of Sarvatmanandji graduated and became Rudrananda's foot stools. In that way those who were tattvikas became fake family acaryas or judiciary board members. Or they got some other reward. This is especially true in our overseas sectors like NY etc. Here the point is that no matter what the situation, all the while these bootlickers were eagerly defending and carrying out the orders of the ruling groupist Dadas, whether it was B or H group-- one groupist or other. In that way things were taking shape, and in that way many "walked into" an array of prestigious posts and became ACB chieftains and fake family acaryas etc. So now, when mayhem has come to the fore in Centre, to further enhance their prestige and advance their resume, these same cowardly people-- these same opportunists-- are posing as great heroes and speaking out against the rulers. Because the atmosphere has changed and it is socially acceptable for such opportunists to grab a megaphone and oppose any ruling groupist regime. They will not lose their post by doing so. In this way so many boot-lickers have magically transformed themselves overnight into so-called revolutionaries. And they are filling the internet with their tall-talks and cries for justice. This is the hypocritical scene these days.
To further clarify the situation, we should carefully see why these opportunists were keeping mum before as well as why they are now "boldly" speaking out. The root cause behind it all is their own cowardly nature and selfish personae. See for yourself: In this past these ACB type of boot-licking margiis were not very self-confident and they were terrified of going against "Centre". Plus what crumbs Centre was giving them they were satisfied with. If they got appointed to a sectorial committee etc, then they were pleased with that. And they felt that they got what they deserved. But now after years of licking the feet of different group bosses and after getting so many rewards for their allegiance, the 'hunger' of these opportunists has grown. Having gotten some post and position they thinking that now they are something great and deserve better. Plus they see that now when chaos has erupted in Centre, it is more or less "safe" to speak out as there will be no real negative consequences. In that way these opportunists have begun yelping like a bunch of hungry street dogs. That is why suddenly they are painting themselves as high revolutionaries. The overall scenario being that by this way-- through their tall talks of revolution-- these ACB type of opportunists are hoping and praying that others will honor them as being great heroes and dharmikas. That is one reason why they are coming forward these days. Plus since that they have gotten some post in the past, they think they themselves are now important and deserving of more and more prestige. So that is the second reason why all of a sudden they are barking out loud. And the third reason is simply that it is now safe to do so. The ruling group is in no position to "discipline" or "punish" anyone. In that cushy atmosphere, even spineless goody-goodies can muster up the courage to speak out.
But no matter how much they speak, one thing becomes perfectly clear. Namely that the words of these goody-goody opportunists are totally 100% devoid of any ideological value. Such opportunists are speaking only out of their own desire to get some higher post and prestige. That is all. They are not advancing the fact that Baba's discourses should be printed in full, or that Prabhat Samgiita should be properly recorded, or that the rights of general margiis should be restored, or that various dogmas like "Mahaprayan" should be rooted out. They are not championing any of these dharmic causes. Just these pseudo ACB type of margiis and goody-goodies are flapping their tongues and making noise out of their own selfish desire to get more post and be heralded as some revolutionary tantric soul. When in reality, the fact stands that they are nothing but hypocritical cowards.
One other astonishing fact is that these fake revolutionaries who are sitting on the ACB core group do not express an ounce of repentance for their dirty past when they themselves were the ones who tortured and humiliated good margiis who came forward to oppose Centre's injustices. Because the history stands that since 1994 various courageous and brave margiis opposed the various injustices and wrongdoings committed by the ruling groups, and it was these very fake ACB type of revolutionaries of today who were outcasting these good margiis and spitting in their faces. Being the bootlickers of either Sarvat or Rudra, this was going on for years and years. Where those on the ACB were rudely and harshly ostracizing and putting egg on the faces of those sincere margiis who were raising the call for justice. This was the ongoing scene, especially in overseas sectors like NY, Suva etc. Yet today, not so far as one syllable is being uttered by these bootlickers about their own dark past and what harm they caused to innocent margiis. Such opportunists have yet to utter a word of repentance. That is why, after seeing the matter from top to bottom, anyone can recognise that these opportunists are just fake revolutionaries whose misguided actions have nothing to do with dharma or justice. Just they are in it for their own stomach-- nothing more. So no matter how much they write on the internet who is going to give credence to their endless flapping. Plus when the situation becomes even a little bit difficult, then such hypocritical opportunists will again fade into the woodwork. In that case who is going to trust them.
Here Baba reveals the nature of such ACB type of fake revolutionaries who are selfishly barking to advance their own cause. In the past they pounded on the face of innocent margiis who were seeking justice, yet now these opportunists have grabbed the megaphone without expressing a word about their shady dealings-- past or present etc. See here Baba's guideline. Baba says, "There are a few opportunists whose very nature is to exploit their fellow humans. But they will not confess this openly." (NHNS-1, 'Liberation of Intellect') And that is exactly what we are seeing today with regards to the current batch of fake revolutionaries. They never admit that in the past they were the top bootlickers of Centre who stomped on the heads of innocent margiis etc. Here below Baba further reveals that such opportunists who have suddenly "transformed" themselves into fake revolutionaries will not last long. Their days are numbered. Baba says, "The opportunists who utilise a situation to create rifts in the society will not get any scope to do so when exploitation is removed." (AFPS-3)
Finally, may we all pay heed to Baba's stern guideline about these tall-talking ACB type of opportunists & board members who are now barking about revolution. Baba says, "Do not be misled by anyone's tall talk. Judge merit by seeing the performance." (CC-2, 'Society', pt# 27a) In sum, we should understand who is who by looking at their conduct and not by their words. Following this dharmic guideline of Baba, it then becomes quite clear that those ACB type of opportunists and overseas pseudo tattvikas who are suddenly waving the banner of revolution are nothing but sheer hypocrites. By their duplicitous actions it is all quite apparent. No need to mention their names here; we all know them well.
By Baba's infinite grace these weak-minded opportunists will shirk in the dharmic rise of the crimson dawn. And By His grace that grand era is now upon us. Baba says, "Today the clattering chariot wheels are turning. That din is making the hearts of the opportunists quake. This is the decree of fate. The pace of change is fast accelerating." (SC-10)
With Baba's blessing all righteous minded margiis and wts are coming together step by step, ushering in that era of neo-humanism and forming one human society. At the same time the hypocritical and selfish ways of the opportunists will be revealed. This is Baba's ultimate decree. Baba says, "The opportunists tried in the past, are trying at present and will try even in the future to fulfil their narrow desires by keeping the human race disunited. By severely reproaching this opportunistic craftiness through your noble deeds, you draw nigh the unknown strangers living far away and build a healthy world-based human family. Ignoring the brute forces, the sky-kissing arrogance, hypocrisy, immorality and glib outbursts of the conceited people, go ahead towards your cherished goal. The blessing of Parama Purus'a shall be with you alone." (A'nanda Va'nii #40) Namaskar, Purusottama
The day is not far when all remnants of groupism will be gone and our AM society will be one. This is Baba's grand blessing upon us all. Baba says, "Smashing all these barriers, we shall all sit and eat and drink together in the same compound, bound by the ties of one human family." (NSS: Disc #2)
**************************************** Honey is Eye-Medicine
Baba says, "Floral nectar can be collected from lotus and is very good for all kinds of eye diseases, including retinal detachment...To extract the honey, you have to employ the same method as doctors use to extract blood. This is because many ants and insects feed on the honey. A syringe can extract it without getting clogged up." (PNS-16, p. 33-34)

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