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Way to Improve Sadhana #2

Date: 17 Oct 2012 19:27:05 -0000
From: "Indranath  Dev"
Subject: Way to Improve Sadhana

~ Part 2 ~

(Note: This is the second letter in this series. A link to the first letter has been appended below.)

"Devotional life is no different. There is love - there is yearning - and there is an inherent desire to be more close. And the way to satisfy that desire of closeness is to request the Lord to grant me more and more devotion." (Way to Improve Sadhana - 1)

Yes, this is so true...the other way to think of it is this: Who does not want to go close to Parama Purusa? Those who are arrogant or self-important feel no need to ask for Baba's grace and devotion. That is certainly one category of person.

They think, "Whatever I need in life I will manage myself."

Such persons give undue importance to their petty self or unit ego. They suffer from the false notion that whatever they need they can satisfy with their own strength. They are utterly oblivious to the fact that they do not create their own energy. All the energy they have they derive from external sources like air, water, food, light, etc. And Parama Purusa is the ultimate source of all energy - directly or indirectly.

So when Parama Purusa provides you with all the energy you have then how can you say it is yours when it comes from someone else. Only those suffering from the delusion of materialism cannot understand this simple truth.

The reality is that nothing belongs to them - it has all been graciously given by Parama Purusa. Due to this fundamental lack of knowledge and this deficit in understanding, they wrongly brag about themselves. They are unable to conceive of anything beyond their unit "I" feeling. Because of this egoistic approach, their mind becomes dry as a bone. They forget about Parama Purusa entirely - what to speak of developing an intimate relationship with Him wherein they request His grace and closeness. This they do not do. By this way their mind becomes hollow and weak as they are centering around their own unit self.

Such is their egotistical feeling, and hence they will not ask bhakti from the Lord. But this is not their greatness, but rather their defect. Such persons are far from Parama Purusa. Immediately they should take steps to decrease the gap by asking His grace - asking for devotion.

Baba says, "While utilizing one’s energy one should pray to Parama Puruśa, “O Lord, I am working with the strength given by You. Let me not make the mistake of taking it to be my own power. Let me not forget You, O Lord.”" (Ananda Marga Ideology & Way of Life - 9, The Devotee and the Lord)

Asking itself stems from a feeling of love, humility, and the realisation that Parama Purusa is the Provider and Source - the nearest and dearest One. Without Him, nothing can happen. But to feel this way requires a certain amount of devotion. And those with that threshold of devotion will certainly place requests before the Lord. They will request His closeness - i.e. to grace them with more devotion. That is the request.

Thus in devotional life, with increasing feelings of closeness and proximity to Parama Purusa, comes the desire to ask for His grace. In true love this always happens.


Parama Purusa gives humans the requisite strength to face problems, resolve them, and proceed on the path. Whatever strength He has given, one should utilize in performing sadhana - sitting idle & asking for His grace will not do. One must put forth proper effort, yet at the same time understand that it is all achieved by His grace. On the path of spirituality, when a sadhaka is involved in sadhana, an aspirant cannot even move one step forward without His grace - what to speak of attaining mukti or moksa. Nobody can achieve the Supreme Rank exclusively by their own doing - no matter how much they try. When one climbs the ladder of devotion, a time comes when one inherently feels the needs to ask for His grace.

Those doing dhyana can easily understand this because in dhyana one must request or ask for His grace. Only by this way can dhyana be successful. So one must put forth a request - and what does the bhakta ask for? His grace, His closeness.

Indeed, by becoming more and more involved in sadhana - one feels His magnificence as well as their own helplessness. So a sadhaka asks Parama Purusa to grace them with the strength and devotion to proceed onwards.

After all, overcoming all earthly bondages and controlling the mind and all the associated propensities is not an easy feat for any human being. Good sadhakas realise this and request His grace. In each and every sadhaka's life this moment arises.

Daevii hyeśá guńamayii mama Máyá duratyayá;
Mámeva ye prapadyante Máyámetáḿ taranti te.

Baba says, "“It is very difficult to surmount this Máyá, because she is very powerful. How can such a small, ordinary human surmount this Máyá?” “Mámeva ye prapadyante máyámetám taranti te”. “Only the one who has taken shelter in Me can surmount Máyá”. Individual effort alone will not suffice. How can one free oneself from the saḿskáras accumulated while under the influence of Máyá and thus cross that dreadful ocean? A devotee has said, “Bhavámbodhipotam sharańam vrajámah”. “I will not be able to swim across because sharks will devour me. It is an impossible task. So what shall I do? I shall board a ship and sail across that ocean. Oh Parama Puruśa, please be the ship which carries me safely to the other side.” “Bhavámbodhipotam”. Ambudhii means “sea” – the bháva samudra; potaḿ means “ship”. Saranam vrajámá signifies, “I shall take shelter in that ship for I have no other way.” Thus, the intelligent people, the devotees, know that Parama Puruśa is the only shelter, the only patron. There is no other path, no other alternative." (Ananda Vacanamrtam - 7, The Divine Drama)


PS Intro: Baba is for all and He has graciously composed this following Prabhat Samgiita for non-margii bhaktas who have devotion for Lord Krsna. So we Ananda Margiis should learn these types of songs so that we can present and teach them to non-Ananda Marga sadhakas, i.e. devotees of Lord Krsna.

"A'ma'r ka'n'u kotha' gelo, kotha'y luka'l, khunjiya' hayechi sa'ra'..." (P.S. 4113)


Where has my Lord Krsna gone. Where is He hiding? I have been searching Him all day long. And now it is evening-- so since morning to evening I have been searching. In His longing my eyes are showering tears.

I am wandering around in search of Him. In longing for Him, my eyes are raining tears. My beloved Lord Krsna is neither in Vrindaban, nor Gokul, nor is He in Mathura. Where has He gone? From which divine world is He playing His flute and herding his cows.

What type of bond of love am I tied up in. My heart is aching. I am completely restless in His love. Where is my dear-most Lord Krsna. What type of love is this. He has taken away my heart, my mind. And He has given nothing.

What type of liila is this. In a flash I lost everything. I will not care about any types obstacles. I will go on searching Him non-stop. I will go on searching my dear most Lord Krsna - my Life of the life, my Polestar...

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