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HQ: In India or Abroad

From: "Marc Pele" To: Subject: HQ: In India or Abroad Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2008 23:27:08 +0000 Baba "Tumi kii ceyecho ja'ni ni to a'mi, tumi kii diyecho kichu ja'ni" (P.S. 1980) Purport: Baba, what You want I do not know, but what You have given me-- about that a little I know, by Your grace. I have not offered anything to You, only I have always gone on extending my own hands in order to get more and more. Baba, You have sent me on this dusty earth with human form. Indeed You have certain plans and programs to get done by me; You have certain desires and hopes that I do not know, nor do I want to know. Only I know that I have wasted my life in useless altercations and lethargy. The precious time of this human life has gone in vain. At the proper moment awareness has not come in my mind. Time has passed like this. My days have passed in self-indulgent activities and entertainment. Today I am sitting in the desert counting the stars. Baba, still I have full faith that You will grace me and bring me onto the right path...
Namaskar, Ever since 1990, and especially of late, various people have been in a huff & a puff about where our HQ-- the Central Office of AMPS-- should be. There are a few who want it removed from India completely. Some are totally zealous for this to happen. Whatever may be, we should choose a place for our Central Office that is best for the propagation of AM. So we should take a closer examination and see the pros and cons of having our HQ in India, or not.
As we know, to do anything in this world a proper environment is needed-- a place that is conducive for growth. The conditions should be most suitable for the success of that project. This fact everyone knows. So, for example, if someone is building an office for family planning then it has to be decided whether that that office should be placed in Antarctica or in Beijing, China. The answer is obvious: In Beijing. Because it is the Chinese population that is exploding and a family planning office would certainly thrive in Beijing. In contrast Antarctica is barren and basically unpopulated. Secondly, if a new obesity program were to be started then should they put their office in Somalia (Africa) or in a city in the USA. Here again the answer is obvious: In the USA. Because the US population suffers terribly from obesity whereas the people in Somalia have no such problem-- rather they suffer from a shortage of food. In that case the office is most apt to be successful in the USA. So the central idea is that each and every office must find a place or region that is most suitable for its growth and development.
Before deciding where Central Office should be we should first remind ourselves what Ananda Marga is. And then we can decide which place is most appropriate for its headquarters. As Baba is the Dharma Guru incarnate, His AM ideology is naturally the essence of dharma and stands as the perfect testimony for tantric life. Obviously then the offices of AM should be placed in a region that will support the proper growth of AM.
Each and every land has its own unique characteristics and specialties, or pra'n'a dharma. Baba says, "When the national characteristics are expressed in a particular vein, we may call it the Pra'n'a Dharma of the nation." (APH-4) And here below Baba describes the pra'n'a dharma of India. Baba says, "The thoughts and ideals of India are quite different from the other countries...Since ancient times, India has been adhering to her distinct Pra'n'a Dharma. Regarding life and the world, the Indian people are certainly spiritually inclined. They look upon each and every thought and deed as part of their spiritual practice." (AFPS-6, 'Pra'n'a Dharma') Thus according to our Sadguru India is that one country where the mass of people are have spiritual ideas embedded in their very way of living. And here below Baba explains more about the traditional way of life in India. Baba says. "The reason is that in ancient India, children studied from the age of five till the age of twenty-five. They lived virtuous, disciplined and holy lives and received extensive training in spiritual knowledge as well as some degree of mundane knowledge. At the conclusion of their student careers, they returned home to adopt the life of householders. As householders they continued to cultivate both spiritual knowledge (para') and mundane knowledge (apara'). When they reached the age of fifty, having met all their family commitments, they would adopt the life of a Vanaprastha and retire to a forest to concentrate on the cultivation of spiritual knowledge." (AFPS-6, 'Pra'n'a Dharma') By His above description it is clear how for generations and generations the entire mode of living in India was geared towards spiritual thought. And here Baba concludes that each and every aspect of Indian life is based on spirituality. Baba says, "Thus all aspects of Indian life were based on spirituality. This subjective approach to life became the Pra'n'a Dharma of Indians." (AFPS-6, 'Pra'n'a Dharma') So by His above teachings it is clear that the land of India has a special link with the sublime ideals of spirituality. And it is not just one place that Baba describes this phenomenon but many. Because this entire thesis Baba discusses at length in His discourse 'Spirituality & India' from AV-28 chapter 20 Hindi edition.
Thus when the mass of people in India are inclined towards spiritual ideals then it only makes sense that at least for the time being our HQ should remain in India. That is not to say that Indian margiis are more spiritual than overseas margiis-- it is not like that. That is not the comparison to be made. If anything overseas margiis have a very special samskara because even though they grew up in materialistic areas still they did not get drowned in that but were attracted to the divine ideals of AM. That itself is a special characteristic. At the same time it has to be recognised that the mass of people in India-- whether margii or not-- are far more ensconced in the ways of tantra than other countries around the globe. That is why if any of our avadhutas is walking down the street with their skulls in a bag then the people will have reverence for him-- thinking him to be a great tantric and a well-wisher of society. In contrast if anyone is caught moving around with skulls in most overseas countries then they will either be arrested or questioned by the police. The people there will think that our avadhuta is crazy. Reason being those local citizens and officials have no inherent appreciation for the dharmic ways of tantra. And like this there are thousands and thousands of examples of how the people in India will naturally support so many of the tantric ideals which our Marga preaches. In that case AM has a supportive environment in which to exist-- and will not be under attack each and every minute, or rejected outrightly. Thus even though the land of India is not without its clashes-- both past and present-- still it has to be recognised that India remains the best place for us to keep our HQ. This land is most suited for the successful build up of our Marga.
By Baba's grace the day is fast arriving where the sublime ideals of AM will touch each and every human heart. Baba says, "Remember, everyone is entitled to sa'dhana'. For this, nothing neither pedigree, education, knowledge nor any asset, is necessary except only two things - implicit faith and sincerity. Arouse these two things through your will-power and victory is yours, it must come." (SS-4) Namaskar, Mahendra Note 1: This is an involved topic where lengthy, lengthy letters can be written so there are certainly more aspects and points to discuss. But many senior margiis around the globe maintain that these points all support keeping our HQ in India, at least for the time being. That will be best for our AM mission.
******************************************** "A" GRADE DEVOTEES
Here is Baba's guideline: "As Parama Purus'a knows better than me about my own needs, why should I ask Him for anything? He knows exactly what I need for my development." A mother knows more about the needs of her child than the child itself. When the child weeps, the mother instinctively knows that the child is feeling cold, for example, and covers its body with a blanket. The child stops crying immediately. Just as the child is dependent on its mother, human beings are dependent on Parama Purus'a. That is, "I know that You will surely do what is good for me. So why should I ask You for anything? It is meaningless, as You know better than me where my best interests lie." So the higher-grade devotees do not pray for anything. Their simple approach is, "Parama Purus'a, please do whatever You think is best for me. All I want is to give You joy through my actions." (AV-4, p.65-6)

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