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Why Dhyana is Difficult for Some

Date: Thu, 05 Jul 2012 21:46:21 -0000
From: Kalpanath Deva
Subject: Why Dhyana is Difficult for Some


In dharmacakra, my Dada was giving some guideline about sadhana.

Dadaji raised the point that in various discourses Baba has revealed many secrets of spirituality. Baba has graciously given many significant points
related with our practices. And doing proper dhyana is one of those.

In further narration, my Dada told that usually these treasures are available in the discourses, but they need further explanation as well. Because on the one side, Guru's guideline is mantra for disciples; and, at the same time, His guideline is sometimes indirect. Plus, it has been given in a concentrated form. Always further elaboration is needed.

When margiis requested an example, then Dadaji told as follows - all done according to Ananda Marga philosophy.

My Dada began, 'Take the example of our relation with Parama Purusa. Baba explains in His discourses that, one should feel that Parama Purusa is the subject and you the devotee are the object. This outlook has a deep role in our dhyana; it is one very, very important matter. But many in our Marga are unable to understand properly. Even though Baba has clearly told this point in various discourses.'

Our Dada continued, 'So let me see if I can explain this by various ways and examples, so that everyone here will be able to see how essential this subject-object guideline is.'

'Parama Purusa is the subject and the whole creation is the object of Parama Purusa. You cannot make Parama Purusa as your object.'

He added, 'No one should encourage any complex or feel any problem. This is a very simple theory. Those who have a strong urge to understand proper dhyana will easily understand'.


At this point, my Dada told us all to listen carefully. 'Baba told in several discourses that in dhyana, the devotee should treat Parama Purusa as the subject. Means Parama Purusa is seeing you. Or you are being seen or constantly watched by Parama Purusa. So you are the object of His thinking. He is seeing you from all directions. You cannot hide yourself. So you are not seeing Him; He is seeing you. Do you all understand?'

My Dada continued: 'Some margis say "I try to see Baba, but have difficulty". But this is not the right approach.'

One margii there our Dada to please explain a little more.

Dadaji replied, 'For example: if you have created one mango in your mind then your mental eye is seeing that mango. Then you are the subject and the mango is your object. So it is in the case of Parama Purusa and devotee. Parama Purusa is seeing the devotee. And devotees are always feeling that 'Parama Purusa is seeing me. I am not seeing Him.'

'And while looking toward His Vara Bhaya Mudra image. If you go on thinking that "Baba You are seeing me always", and you feel like that, then it will
be better dhyana.'

'Not only that', said my Dada. 'Here is the critical point. When you are serving Baba, you should not think that, "I am serving Him with my own
desire." Here "own desire" means I (devotee) am subject. Because in truth I am not subject so I cannot serve with my own desire. Rather I should
fulfill the desire of Baba because He is subject and I am object here. If work is done according to His wish, then He is subject. And if work is done
with one's own planning and own satisfaction, then the small self is subject. But the proper system is that Parama Purusa should be the subject. So always one should keep in mind that Baba is seeing me and He wants to be served. And my duty is to fulfill His desire. Because here the sadhaka is engaged in satisfying Him, that's why Guru is subject. I am here to serve Him.'

'So the devotee must think "I am fulfilling His desire. What is His desire? HE likes service. That is why to please Him, I am serving Him. Not for my own satisfaction-- getting bliss etc." By this entire approach your dhyana will be very good.'


He then told, 'I will give you another example.'

'Suppose your friend came to your house and he was thirsty and he asked for a glass of water and you fulfilled his desire. That means you are object and He is subject. Because his desire was fulfilled. But if a friend came and you had strong desire to serve him and in that course of action you give
him some fruit and milk and he accepted and you became satisfied or pleased. That means your desire is fulfilled. Because He does not like to accept those items but you insisted. In this case you are the subject and your friend is the object.'

'Similarly, whatever service you are giving to Baba, you should think that you are fulfilling His desire. Because Baba's desire was to have service from
you so you are satisfying HIS desire - to fulfill His desire in dhyana. That is the goal and that type of dhyana is perfect. But if you have your own desire to serve and you are trying to serve Him and if you serve Him so you became happy, then that is not good. Because in that case you are the subject and He is the object.'

After receiving this spiritual teaching from my local Dada at dharmacakra, we all felt deep gratitude. We felt that by Baba's grace, our sadhana will
surely benefit from understanding how it works, namely that Parama Purusa is the subject.

Baba says, "One day, I told you that while meditating on the Supreme you can not accept Him as your object. Because He is your subject. Everything
is His object. He is the Supreme Subject. Then how, during japa and dhya'na can He be your object? He can not be your object. So what is necessary –
and herein lies the charm – is that while doing japa and dhya'na, you should think that He is seeing you, you are His object. This thing you should
always remember during japa and dhya'na. That is the idea. That is the spirit." (Ananda Vacanamrtam-2)


About the above ideas, I will close my letter with this Baba's mandate.

Baba says, "You should make your life worthwhile through your sa'dhana'. How much can your worldly friends and relations do for you? After your
death your relatives may perhaps ask, "How much money has he left behind?" Your friends may go to the crematorium and indulge in flattering
reminiscences about you. Your husband or wife may cry for you for about ten or twelve days and then regain their normal composure. Your lot will
be only a profound sigh -- a record of the futility and frustration of your life. So do not waste your time lest you later have to repent." (Subhasita Samgraha -3, '92 ed p.63)

Kalpanath Deva

prabhat samgiita

"Ka'che ese bha'labese more tumi gecho ye bhule..." (P.S. 2278)


Baba, You might have forgotten how in the past You came close to me in an intimate way and showered Your love. That time I did not call You, nor did I do sadhana or any type of penance to get You; just You showered Your grace by coming to me. Only by Your grace You came.  

Whether I like or do not like, whether I care or do not care, still You go on pulling my heart in Your longing. Baba, by Your grace and by Your loving care and by the discipline, You always make me better and better so that I cannot fall into the wrong path. Baba, O' Lord, You please never be vimukh [1] ; and You please never be virup [1]. Please do not allow me to crush all my desires and longings. 

In my heart I always feel that my life, my prana, is just Your gift. This also I understand that You love me so much. By Your grace You made me understand that externally You are tough. Because when I do something wrong in my life and I have to suffer the consequences, that is Your way of disciplining me.  And in that way I get a lesson. And all this You do for my welfare. At then same time I understand that internally You are very soft, incomparable. You always arouse the feeling of love in my heart towards You.         

Baba, please always be ever-gracious so that I cannot forget You. You have done so much for me...


(1) Vimukh and Virup: In Nama'mi Krsna Sundaram Baba explains the meaning of these two terms. Vimukh means to displease the Lord to such a degree that He completely turns Himself away from you. And virup means to make Him furious with you. Although both are bad, of the two, Virup is comparatively better because then at least one is still receiving Guru's guideline and attention. Whereas if He is vimukha, then He is no longer even recognising you. So that is a terrible position and one should never behave in such a way as to make Him vimukh. For more about this see Namami Krsnasundarm, discourse #1.

Re: Scam of GS #4

From: "Mukesh Bhat "
Subject: Re: Scam of GS #4
Date: Thu, 05 Jul 2012 06:21:37


== RE: SCAM OF GS ==

~ Part 4 ~

Note: This is the fourth letter in this series. Please find links to the three earlier letters. - Eds


On 01 Jul 2012 Tarun Dada wrote:

"So GS Dada is trying to appease all those who loaned money by saying, “Just treat your lost money as a donation to Guru – do not think anything further.” This is his strategy to quell everyone’s anger and astonishment."

"Do others have more of the details? Waiting to hear."

My response:

I have a few points to add:


Now GS Dada Citsvarupananda started sending other central dadas around in order to pacify those who loaned him money. Those central workers were given the tough job of smoothing the situation over - and even garnering sympathy for GS because he got duped. How far have they been successful in this task? Well, suffice to say, our local acaryas and margii brothers and sisters who lost their funds are furious and want more of the facts.


It has come down to this: Not all the dadas, didis and margiis who loaned GS Citsvarupananda money are believing his story. Some are saying that GS did not get scammed by anyone, rather he himself fabricated everything and engineered his own scam on us – the margiis and dadas etc.

Now a huge commotion is erupting across Delhi sector and news of this entire scandal is fast spreading around.


There is a long list of those who were cheated by GS Dada in this financial scam. Already it was mentioned that many margiis from Delhi lost their money as did Kalyanmitranandji. Here are some others we can add to this long and growing list:

(1) Ac Dharmaviirananda Avt (RS Chandrigarh): Dada gave 15,000 rupees and that is all gone.
(2) Ananda Cittaprabha Didi, WWS: Didi gave RS 25,000 and that too is all gone.


What about you the reader? Do you have any more details about what is going on?

Mukesh Bhat


Ac Sarvatmananda & Ac Pranavatmakananda are also well-versed in collecting money for false projects and mishandling and diverting funds (money laundering) for their retirement.


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