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Quite Positive

To: AM-GLOBAL From: Arati Date: Wed, 24 Dec 2008 23:32:09 -0000 Subject: Quite Positive Baba "A'ma'r sakal dukher ma'jhe ele tumi dukhaharan'..." (PS 1421) Purport: O' Baba, You are Dukhaharan'. I was surrounded by sorrows & suffering; I was in big problem; my life was unbearable. I was completely miserable. But now, by Your grace, to save me, You have come with Your gazing eyes, silent footsteps, loving smile, and sweet face. Baba, by Your divine advent You have blessed me and rescued me by wiping away all my troubles and suffering. Baba, completely depending upon You with full surrender, in that very distressed and helpless condition, I was calling You and looking towards You. Raising both my hands in surrender I told, 'Baba, please save me; You are my only shelter. If You will not save me then who will.' Then at that moment You rescued me by showering Your grace. Baba, when I look around I see that because of Your gracious presence this entire universe has become vibrated & charged. The whole sky is enveloped in Your divine effulgence and my mind and heart is drenched in Your love. Baba, holding Your lotus feet, I sing Your glory in my heart and surrender to You...
Namaskar, Nowadays, there is a strong upsurge of thought and a grand awakening going on throughout our Marga. One can even say that this is the highest wave of renewal in AM since the pre-1990 era. So this is one very great development-- and it will surely lead to the creation of true unity in AM. At the same time, accompanying this wonderful resurgence, in all realms of our AM society, there is more and more heated debate and arguing going on-- it is quite prevalent, if not rampant, all around. Seeing this outbreak of contentious discussion, a few have become affected and even frustrated-- losing all hope, thinking that this whirlwind of arguing will send our Marga into some permanent state of disarray. Some are sunk in this notion. When in actuality, if we view the matter a little more deeply and see beneath the surface, then it becomes evident that all the debate and arguing is itself the manifestation of the great transformation and regeneration taking place in AM.
By Baba's grace He has built our Marga on the pillars of freedom of expression, open communication, logic, and rationality. Everyone is welcome to share their opinion and bring their view according to the given system. In His divine way, Baba has empowered each and every member of our Marga with the right to voice their say when they see any injustice or wrong being done. Baba says, "All A'nanda Ma'rgiis, when they see other ma'rgiis acting against the principles of yama and niyama, must make them shun this habit either by sweet or harsh words or by dealing even more strictly. Thus they will have to make the society strong." (GHC) Hence Baba's above guideline is but one of the many places in His body of AM teachings which grants the right for any sadhaka to speak out against any misdeed etc. In direct opposition to this, the dogmatic religions operate in a totally different way. They do not want there to be any rational discussion amongst their followers. Baba says, "The worst propounders of dogma --the kings of dogma -- do not want people to develop mental clarity. They do not want the penetrating illumination of the sun's light to pierce through the mists of dogma. They do not want people to bathe in the radiant light of the day and stand under the clear, unclouded sky...In fact, the very attempt to find the path of rationality [is] considered blasphemous." (PNS-16, 'Religious Dogma') Thus, as Baba states above, in the dogmatic religions like Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and Islam etc, to some or more degree, the lay people are forced to keep their mouths shut. Their opinion is not at all welcome. And if it is expressed, they will get wickedly punished for their audacity. For this reason their followers mostly keep quiet and do not say a word.
So today we are confronted with a scene of contrasts. Today in AM there is open and frank discussion about our current problems. And by this way in their confusion some in AM are thinking that this is plunging us into a deeper state of disunity. But in the true sense it is not like that. Whereas in the dogmatic religions, there are no heated debates going on amongst the followers. So it looks like they are all working together in a unified way. But this is not the case. Rather all those religious followers are wrapped in the cloak of dogma. Baba says, "All human beings want to lead a secure, harmonious life, and have the opportunity to express themselves and progress. However, religious dogma goes against these fundamental human aspirations. Some priests, for example, say that if women dance their feet will become useless, therefore they should not dance. This is dogma." (PNS-16, p.50) Thus in those dogmatic faiths the lay people keep quiet and do not say a word. But by witnessing this none should hastily conclude that because these religious followers are not arguing that it therefore means that they have achieved a deep state of unity. It is not like that. Rather due to the excessive onslaught of dogma those meek followers have been trained to accept their poor fate and suffer at the hands of those religious exploiters. This dogma is in their mind like cement. So there is not an ounce of unity in those dogmatic religions, their silence is due to the extreme imposition of dogma and wanton exploitation.
In the early 1990's, AM was going down a similar road as those fake religions. Those in the helm were imposing one after another dogmatic proclamations such as the eradication of BP rights, Mahaprayan, Fake Ananda Vanii, scriptural distortions etc, and due to their unawareness and cowardly nature the general Marga population was just accepting those dogmas-- in response no one was raising any point against those exploitative actions. So there was just fake sheen of unity all around. But now the scene has totally switched. All around margiis and field workers are coming forward and discussing how to apply Baba's divine guidelines to organisational life. So by Baba's grace we have moved away from unity in dogma and we are step by step moving towards unity in ideology.
By looking around and evaluating the state of affairs in AM it evident that there are numerous positive transformations taking place. 1. Everyone's debating the way AMPS should proceed itself is a sign of margiis' and wts' investment in the organisation. If there was apathy all around then people would not care about the collective and they would just attend to their own unit existence. But because in the core of their hearts Ananda Margiis are linked with AMPS, for that reason they are arguing and vehemently discussing the various viewpoints. So this type of psychic investment in AMPS is completely positive since it demonstrates everyone's involvement and will bring about a bold new phase in AMPS. 2. Those not understanding the way things are going these days in AM think that everything is awry. They get confused by seeing all the heated exchanges. But Baba explains that this is nothing but a period of pause whereby our AMPS will get cleansed and renewed and then be able to move ahead exponentially faster in the upcoming period of speed. And Baba furthermore explains that pause is a necessary feature to bring the ensuing phase of speed, growth, and development. That is why Baba proclaims that periods of pause are wholly positive and beneficial. So none should think otherwise. 3. By there being so much ideological discussion, at least by this way new dogmas cannot sprout up and the old dogmas are getting eliminated. So that is another great development. 4. With their increased awareness margiis and wts want to see things fixed in AMPS and everyone wants to follow Baba. No one is proclaiming that we should start doing dogmatic idol worship in AM. Rather everyone agrees that Baba's AM ideology is divine-- there is no dispute about this. And there is less talk about people's private agendas and more interest in implementing Baba's guidelines. Given this entire combination it is only a matter of time before our AMPS becomes a sterling representation of His perfect teachings.
By Baba's grace our AM society is collectively shedding itself of all dogmas and quickly moving ahead-- reaching that grand new era: The apex of human expression. Baba says, "Modern, educated people must be liberated from all sources of dogma and petty isms. They should reject the worn out shackles of the past and welcome the new, crimson dawn with an open mind. This will prepare the way for all-round success in human life, and the attainment of the highest fulfillment." (PNS-16) Namaskar, Arati
Here Baba demonstrates how the ruthless communists are no different than the dogmatic religious leaders. Baba says, "Question: Why was everything in communist countries done under the dark veil of the iron curtain?" "Answer: Because they were conscious of the loopholes in communism and they did not want the world to know what they were doing." (PNS-18) So the communists also never allow freedom of expression because they are attached to their ugly dogma-- even though they are aware that it is inherently faulty.
When any of the dogmatic religions like Christianity divide into various factions then there is not a whole whirlwind of chaos. Just everything breaks apart into pieces with each content having their own dogma to follow. And there is no concerted effort to unify all the scattered factions. Each fragment peacefully rallies around their own dogma. So this is all their superficial display of unity. In contrast, in AM there are various perceived splits all around but none are content to just follow their own dogma and let the others go by the wayside. The overwhelming majority-- all rational wt's & margiis-- wants to see everyone together under the unified front of AM ideology. That is why there is so much contention in AM these days. Because no one is satisfied by seeing any group break away. And all the arguing is about how to bring everyone back together-- how to achieve unity. That is why all the heated debates going on nowadays is a good thing-- it is a healthy development.
************************************************* Good Sadhaka
Baba says, "The mind of the man whose consciousness or discriminating judgement is awakened-- whose power of judgment is intense, always remains wedded to the 'Buddhi'. That is to say, his rein (mind) remains constantly under the control of the charioteer (Buddhi or discriminating intellect), and so, quite naturally, his organs remain loyal to the Buddhi. Random rambles of the organ-like horses (organs) will cut no ice with him. But in a case like this if the horses (organs) be bad and untrained, i.e. the organs are faulty, it becomes impossible for the charioteer (discriminating intellect) to get the desired result. Hence for the right functioning of the chariot (body), well-trained horses (organs) are indispensable. A sadhaka (spiritual aspirant) also should train himself likewise. His mind, body, intellect, and organs should be directed towards the Blissful Spirit (Shreya)." (SS-4, p.9)

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