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Another Blunder

From: "Geoffrey Young" To: Subject: Another Blunder Date: Wed, 05 Mar 2008 22:11:42 +0000 Baba "Kato ka'l pare peyechi toma're, kato janamer pratiiks'a'y..." (P.S. 288) Purport: O' Baba, after so much time I have gotten You-- it is Your grace. I have been waiting for You for several lives, from one birth to the next. Baba, age after age I have been looking towards the path of Your arrival. Indeed in the hope of Your coming I have been sitting here waiting. Baba, You have forgotten that one person is sitting here all alone and calling You again and again in the dhyan and japa. Because You did not respond, until finally it struck in Your mind that one persons is calling You. Then at that very moment You came running and dancing with Your pink feet. Baba, even with the force of my sadhana I could not get You. But now You have come and showered Your causeless grace on me. You have fulfilled my desire. Baba, after so much longing and pain You have come close and become my very own...
Namaskar, In this ultra-modern era, various peoples, communities, and regions are chasing after political autonomy and self-governorship in the hopes of creating a healthy more prosperous state and inviting a glorious future. This we read about on a weekly basis on the internet-- with one of the most recent cases being that of Kosova. In a phrase, people get allured towards separation-- thinking that they can do better by themselves. However, Baba warns us that this secessionist mentality of breaking away and forming one's own smaller country is not the way to bring success in this present era-- rather it invites all sorts of pitfalls and problems. Baba says, "This age is not the age of big animals and small countries." (PNS-17, 24 March 1990) Here the point is that we now live in an interdependent world where success comes from joining together with others and not living as one's own island. Technology, global living, and the steady formation of a world language are making it more and more needed for humans to live in one unified society, as opposed to various disparate parts. That is why, in nearly all cases, the idea of breaking away and forming one's own country will not be an auspicious move. Unfortunately, various peoples like those in Kosova will undergo more and more hardships as they embark on their journey of political independence. No doubt being dominated, persecuted, and exploited by the Serbs is not the answer-- but neither is trying to exist on their own. Kosova will have to join up with another region, province or community like the European Union if they hope to prosper.
In modern history, many regions and lands have declared themselves as an independent country with much fanfare and hoopla-- i.e. with the anticipation that this will bring them lasting peace and happiness. Only to find out that this was not to be the case. Here below Baba points out what happened in the history of Bengal. Baba says, "Those same Bengalees who had once fought with all their might to unify Bengal presented a petition to the British in 1947 to once again divide Bengal in two. When the two Bengals were united in 1912 the Bengalees thought that they had won the fight. And when Bengal was again divided in two in 1947, again the Bengalees thought they had won the fight. What a tragedy of history!" (SC) Rightfully Bengal achieved unity in 1912, but then due to lust of power, religious dogma, and crude propaganda, that same Bengal split up in 1947. Then East Pakistan was formed as the Muslim population of Bengal wanted their own homeland. And the Britishers were more than ready to approve this as they knew it would bring disaster to the area. Hence, blinded by their dogmatic religious feeling and fleeting sentimentality, the division of Bengal took place. And some years later that same region of Bengal broke away from Pakistan and declared themselves as Bangladesh. And what was the result? The tiny country of Bangladesh has become one of the poorest, least educated nations in the world where drought, famine, illiteracy, unemployment, and poverty are rampant. In comparison, that portion of Bengal which remained connected with the greater India is much better off. Because the state of West Bengal benefited greatly from being part of a larger nation. Likewise, in another case, the independent land of Sikkim became a state of India in the 1970's and that has also proved highly beneficial. Because in this modern era, being part of a greater governorship-- so long as that governorship is fair and just, as opposed to the exploitative methods of the former Soviet Union-- brings stability to any land or community. That is why the people of Kosova will have to think long and hard about with whom they are going to join with-- because remaining independent is not a viable option.
Being separate means then that one will have to duplicate all the agencies, services, and works that would normally be provided for by a larger political governorship: From the military and schools, to food programs and fire departments, and so many other aspects of life. That is one of the main problems of separation or secessionist movements. In this complex world they can neither duplicate all those services on their own nor do they have the means to compete economically. So in this present era, the more people can live together under one political banner the better off they will be. That is why Baba has proposed the formation of a World Government.
However, a large political governorship does not mean that all the economic resources of that vast area should be diverted towards one place or people-- such as what the former Soviet Union did by exploiting all their satellite countries and diverting all the monies to Moscow. That also is not the way. So along with a larger political governorship, there must be the creation of self-sufficient socio-economic units or regions-- i.e. our samaj system must be in vogue. Unfortunately, in the fervor of the moment, due to cheap sentiment, or the lust of power, many peoples and communities pursue political autonomy as the first approach-- and that invariably leads them into the kingdom of darkness-- it creates so many unforeseen problems. That is why the chief answer in all these circumstances is either for a region to remain with their current political leadership and demand proper economic rights. Or if they are to separate then quickly they must link up with another larger state or nation. That is the only way for their survival. That is Baba's teaching. And it is this idea which we must propagate all around so that more and more do not fall into the allurement and trap as happened with Bangladesh and Pakistan. Then only will the future of places like Kosova be bright, otherwise they have a hard and impassable road ahead of them.
By Baba's grace we are to propagate His teachings all around and help the world live as one common people where all the lands and communities have the resources they need to gain success. Separatist movements in and of themselves are not the way. Baba says, "So the important thing is that all are the progeny of the Supreme Progenitor. According to this, there will be unity in the physical stratum, and so will there be in the psychic and spiritual strata. But to strengthen this unity yet more, there is one more factor which should be there, and is there - that factor being the common goal for all the children of the Supreme Father - the merger of all in Him. All have come from Him and are in Him; therefore, all people will have to live together." (Disc on MHB: 'Planning for the Mahavishva') Namaskar, Jiivan Mukta
Although we are an organisation and not a nation, the same theory applies to us. Creating more and more separatist movements and separate organisations does not bode well for our Marga. It merely means that due to their dogmatic outlook some want rulership and in so doing all the systems of AMPS will have to be duplicated and reinvented under some other leadership. And that obviously will not work. There will neither be the resources and there will be unhealthy competition and feuding between the various organisations. While dozens if not hundreds of pages can be written about this, suffice to say that we must learn how to live as one organisation, as one unified AMPS. Otherwise we will never be able to grow and propagate Baba's teachings to the humanity.
******************************************* Unworthy Children of Parama Purusa: Fortune 500 Members (March 2008)
Baba says, "The capitalists of this modern world are anti-dharma, or antisocial, creatures. " (POD #1) Baba says, "These capitalists are the unworthy sons and daughters of the Cosmic Father because they go against the principle of cosmic inheritance." (PNS-15) Note: The famed Forbes Magazine has just released (Mar 5, 2008) their latest 'Fortune 500' list which highlights and glorifies the wealthiest people in the world. Of note, Warren Buffet, with a worth of 62 billion dollars, of Berkshire Hathaway companies has taken over the top spot, previously held by Bill Gates for the last 13 years. Also, now there are 5 Indian born capitalists in the top ten. In addition, due to the internet, there are more billionaires under the age of 40 than ever before, with one self-made billionaire of the age of 23. In their glory as well as in the glory of modern-day capitalism, Mr. Forbes writes, "Never before in human history have so many people in so many parts of the world advanced so quickly economically as has happened in recent years." In AM however, our view of such capitalists is totally different. In our eyes, such Fortune 500 members are diseased and suffer from extreme greed & avarice. Due to their misdirected ambitions, such avaricious capitalists deprive simple, honest, and hard-working people of the basic needs and amenities of life, as they pursue and hoard huge wealth. According to Baba, the wealth of this world is the common patrimony of all; all are the children of Parama Purusa and the wealth of the world should be distributed in a Proutistic way among all so all may live in a healthy and comfortable manner on this earth. But this disease of extreme capitalism and the hoarding of wealth is currently in vogue and it will continue on and on so long as the exploits of such Fortune 500 members are glorified. Each and every boy and girl will look upon these Fortune 500 members as the heroes of this world, until the truth comes to light about such wreckless capitalists. Thus we must raise awareness and preach the principles of Prout that over-accumulation of wealth is anti-social and a diseased way of living. Otherwise, people of all walks of life will continue to direct all their energies in this ill-fated direction, thereby impoverishing others and degrading themselves. Only when such huge accumulation of wealth becomes analogous to the raping of women, the molestation of children, and the dealing of drugs etc-- will people realise the gravity and harm of this gross capitalist mind-set. Only then will humanity move away from this psychic ailment and instead adopt the neo-humanistic values of Prout. So we need to raise awareness and counteract the capitalist propaganda that states that one is only successful if they have accumulated millions upon billions of dollars etc. Only then, will the world stop glorifying such Fortune 500 members and adopt the benevolent ways of Prout.

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