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Defective Style of Paincajanya

Date: Fri, 01 Oct 2010 08:38:48 -0000 (GMT) From: Singh_Manindra Subject: Defective Style of Paincajanya To: AM-GLOBAL Baba "Saba'r priya tumi saba'r a'pan..." (P.S. 4723) Purport: Baba, You are everyone's most loving and closest One-- everyone feels that You are their own. Baba, because You are, I am; And because of You this whole universe also exists. Baba, from the peak of the snow-covered, sky-kissing mountain to the deep, serene ocean; from the sun of the crimson dawn to the colourful evening sunset-- everything is Your divine creation. The flowers, fruits, shrubs, forest, and garden-- all are Your expressions. Baba, You are the divine Lord of everything. Baba, with Your compassion You are looking after one and all; You never hate anyone. Baba, You reside in the mind & You are in the heart-- even then I do not see You, but I feel You. Baba, You are so great: I am always asking Your forgiveness that You please grace me, and in full surrender I always do sastaunga pranam to You-- each & every moment. Baba, You are the most loving One, the most dear Entity of one and all. Baba, You have created this entire vast universe. Baba, You are so gracious...
Namaskar, As we see, commonly paincajanya is done like this. We all have to think if this is proper or not. First this Prabhat Samgiita is sung (PS #2526): Jaya shubhavajradhara shubhra kalevara Vya'ghra'mbara Hara dehi padam; Jaya Vis'a'n'anina'daka kleshavidu'raka Sarvadhiidha'raka dehi padam; Jaya A'dipita' A'dideva mantresha Maha'deva Bha'va'tiita abhinava dehi padam; Rajatagirinibha madhumaya durlabha A'nanda amita'bha dehi padam; Jaya satya sana'tana paramapadam. O, Lord Shiva, victory to You, the benevolent wielder of the thunderbolt, the one with white-complexioned body clad in tiger-skin – give me shelter at Your feet, O' Lord Shiva; Victory to the blower of the long horn, the remover of all afflictions, the Supreme entity Shiva in whom all intellect is sheltered – give me shelter at Your feet; Victory to the First Father, the First Lord, the lord of mantra, the God of Gods, Beyond thought, ever-new – give me shelter at Your feet; Lord Shiva the One who looks like a silver mountain, full of sweetness, difficult to attain, Blissful, infinitely radiant – give me shelter at Your feet; Victory to the supreme, eternal truth. This Prabhat Samgiita of Lord Shiva is often sung and we should see if this is complementary to Baba's teachings.
Our Ista is Baba. As Ananda Margiis we have reverence for Baba. Baba says the mind must be pointed. There must not be two Istas. Otherwise sadhana will go nowhere and one will degenerate. So we should not chant, "O' Lord Shiva victory to You" and then chant kiirtan, Baba Nam Kevalam. By doing so the mind will be bifurcated. The first half of mind will go to Lord Shiva and the little leftover will go to Baba. Ultimately everything will be ruined. Read Baba's below warning which is given in His Yoga Psychology book, "The Cult of Spirituality - The Cult of Pinnacled Order". Baba says, "The spiritual aspirant is moving toward the singular Supreme Entity, the pinnacled goal. If the mind accepts two goals, two Lords, the mind becomes bifurcated...Where the thought-waves or thought-movements are goaded by a single idea, and where the culminating point is also a singular entity – that is, where the attraction for other entities, for the crude world or the psychic world are all goaded unto the Supreme Self." (YP)
In the present-day style of paincajanya the following takes place. 1) First the song about Lord Shiva is sung. That brings the mind in a particular direction. 2) Then kiirtan and sadhana is done. That brings the mind in a second direction. Thus there are "two goals, two Lords, and the mind become bifurcated". While singing the bhajan the mind goes to Lord Shiva. And while doing kiritan and sadhana the mind runs towards Baba. That is very detrimental because goal is not one, but rather two: Lord Shiva with his horn and Shrii Shrii Anandamurti ji. Imagine that you trying to stand on two boats at the same time: One leg in each boat. So long as both boats remain stationary you may be ok. But if either starts moving you will not be safe. The situation will be disastrous. Nobody does such things. That is what Baba says in His above teaching about bifurcation of mind, which some simple and naive people do in their early morning paincajanya. That is why the song of Lord Shiva and our Ananda Marga kiirtan should not be done together. First some sing, "O' Lord Shiva, blower of the long horn, victory to You" and then chant kiirtan, Baba Nam Kevalam. First they ideate on Lord Shiva with His snake and tiger skin and then in the next moment they start thinking about Baba. That is disastrous.
Some sincere margiis get up early and do paincajanya but that sincerity does not yield a positive result, rather a negative outcome. Why? Because of the bifurcation of mind. And that is Baba's warning: The Goal should be one, not two or more. This is a very serious point because if one is trying to focus on two things you will lose the goal. On this critical topic, in His various discourses Baba always brings the story of the great devotee Hanuman and his pointed ideation on Rama. That is a very meaningful teaching for us.
Here the point is that in our paincjanya programs we should direct the mind wholly towards Baba and not towards any second entity, i.e. Lord Shiva. Our whole flow should be goaded towards Baba Shrii Shrii Anandamuti ji. That means we should select any of the hundreds or thousands of devotional Prabhat Samgiita songs that goad the mind towards Baba. That way when we do kiirtan and sadhana the mind will move in one concerted flow. There will not be any diversion or bifurcation of mind. If you sing Lord Shiva song and pray, "Victory to Lord Shiva clad in tiger skin", and then in the next moment you sing "Victory to Baba", then that is detrimental. In that case you cannot concentrate on Baba as the mind is bifurcated or broken in two pieces. The mind should be focused on one. That is what Hanuman did. As Ananda Margiis we should not sing songs about Lord Shiva or Lord Krsna at any of our AM devotional programs like paincajanya.
Baba warns us again and again on this matter of having one Goal. Why? Because in any given Hindu temple there are countless idols and simple margiis of Indian origin lump Hinduism into AM. Indeed just think of the Hare Krsna movement where they chant the name: Hari, Rama, Krsna, Radha etc. They chant so many names of the Lord. And this has gotten copied into AM by some. Yet Baba has warned us about this again and again but this simple truth is hard to understand I do not know why. The Goal should be pointed & singular, not two.
In our paincajanya program we should point the mind towards Baba, not Lord Shiva or Lord Krsna. By His grace then our kiirtan and sadhana will be successful. Then we will be like an arrow reaching the Goal.
Pran'avo dhanuh sharohya'tma' Brahma tallaks'yamucyate; Apramattena veddhavyam' sharavattanmayo bhavet.
Baba says, "The pran'ava (as regards spiritual practice, one’s meditation mantra) is like a bow, one’s unit consciousness is like an arrow, and Brahma is the target. One must aim without any inaccuracy and must oneself be like an arrow." (AV-34) In this above teaching, the idea is that you can't aim at two Entities, otherwise you will not reach the goal and your efforts will be futile. One must not forget the famous story from Mahabharata when Guru Dronacarya failed 4 of the Pandava brothers because they had more than one goal. Only Arjuna could get success and hit the target because he had one goal - his mind was not bifurcated by multiple goals.
The same thing Baba is making jokes how some dogmatic devotee is chanting countless names of gods and goddesses and sadly his mind is balkanised. Baba says, "A person whom I was very close to, a relative of mine, used to recite the following after taking bath: "Victory to mother Ka'li, victory, victory to Ka'li, victory to mother Ka'li of T'han T'hania', victory to mother Ka'li of Daks'in'eshvar, victory to Baba Ta'rakna'th, victory to Baba Vaidynath of Deoghar. O' Fathers! None of you should think that I am leaving out someone's name." After this he would say, "O' gods and goddesses, please forgive me if I have omitted any name inadvertently. Please assume that I have mentioned your name also." Does this yield anything at all? One says, "victory to mother Ka'li of Ka'ligha't" and in the same breath one says, "victory to mother Ka'li of T'han T'hania'."It signifies that the mind is moving both towards Ka'ligha't and T'han T'hania'. Can the mind become concentrated in this way? Certainly not." (Ananda Vacanamrtam: 9/10, p.114)
By Baba's grace we should again remember that in paincjanya we should not sing, "O' Lord Shiva, blower of the long horn, victory to You" and then the next moment sing Baba Nam Kevalam. By that way the mind will be confused, bewildered and bifurcated. That is the main essence of all Baba's above teachings. We should keep the mind focused only on Him and Him alone. Baba says, "You should also remember that for your movement toward your Is't'a, you have only to practise, your unification with your Is't'a is your only goal, the final desideratum of all the flows of your psychic propensities." (SS-12) Namaskar, Manindra Note 1: WHY LORD SHIVA AND LORD KRSNA SONGS IN PRABHAT SAMGIITA The question comes: Why has Baba given Prabhat Samgiita songs that focus on Lord Shiva and Lord Krsna. And the answer is simple. Baba has come for all and He wrote those songs for non margiis. There will always be followers of Lord Shiva and Lord Krsna; Baba has given something for them as well. As margiis we should learn those songs and for when we do pracara and teach non margiis. But those songs are not for us to sing in paincajanya or any other AM devotional program. It is just like when arranging food for elephants then you do not start eating that very elephant food thinking it to be yours. Likewise when teach those Prabhat Samgiita songs about Lord Shiva and Lord Krsna for non-margiis, we should not mistakenly think that we should sing those songs in our AM spiritual practices like paincajanya.
There is a related and ongoing dogma in the Jamapur DMS arranged every year. There margiis only allowed to sing those Prabhat Samgiita composed in Angika language. So mostly sing they sing the song of Lord Krsna, "Tum ho mere Krsna Jagata Pati (PS #4070), meaning O' Lord Krsna, You are mine. TUMA HO - MERE KRS'N'A - JAGATPATI - MAEN TUMHE CA'HATA' HU'N - DI -VA' RA'TI - - - TUMA ALAKHA NIRAINJANA PU'RN'A JYOTI - - - MAEN - JUGNU - KII - JYOTI KSHUDRA ATI - - - MAEN TUMHE CA'HATA' HU'N - DI -VA' RA'TI - - - TUM, HO - SRIS'T'I- MEN - A' -DI ANA -NTA, A' - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ------- - A' TUM, HO - SRIS'T'I- MEN - A' -DI ANA -NTA, KABHI KARA'L BHAYA'L KABHII DAYAL PRASH’NTA EK HA'NSI - SE TUMHA'RI VISHVA BECAEN -NA KHUSHI SE - TUMHA'RII JHU'ME JALADHI - - - MAEN TUMHE CA'HATA' HU'N - DI -VA' RA'TI - - - TUMHA'RE SA'TH MERII TULANA' NAHII - - -, A' - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - A' TUMHA'RE SA'TH MERII TULANA' NAHII - - -, TUMHA'RII UPA -MA' - TUM HO SAHII - - - MAEN SROTON KA' - PHU'L BAHA RAHA' THA' - - - TU'NE MUJHE - UT'HA' - KAR SHUNA'I GIITI - - - MAEN TUMHE CA'HATA' HU'N - DI -VA' RA'TI - - - TUMA HO - MERE KRS'N'A - JAGATPATI - MAEN TUMHE CA'HATA' HU'N - DI -VA' RA'TI - - - This clearly shows how mind gets bifurcated. Chanting Lord Krsna but then doing Baba Nam Kevalam kiirtan is damaging for anyone's spiritual growth. This type of practice is called pramad sadhana, the beginning is bad, the middle is very bad and the end results is the worst. All kinds of rituals which naive people do in various religions are full of pramad. For example in Ananda Marga there is a few things that are pramad, for example fake Mahaprayan. Why is the beginning bad? Because it gives the message that Baba is just a mortal human who has gone in 7th heaven. Why is the middle bad? Because you have to go there and take trouble (money and time are wasted) and take negative ideation and the entire approach keeps Baba distant. And why is the end worst? Because the outcome of the entire program is that the dogmatic idea is firmly established that Baba is gone and beyond the reach, like mortal human being. To achieve anything it needs a focused Goal. What to say spirituality, even if a student focuses on football but needs to solve mathematics, then their time wasted. They will not reach their goal. Similarly, when our goal of reaching Baba a is such a lofty one, we must not let the mind become bifurcated by singing songs about Lord Krsna & Lord Shiva etc.
Baba says, "Wherever the Is't'a is singular entity in name, form, and idea, in ideation and also in ideology, success is sure, success is fully assured. There is a story in this regard. Once upon a time some of the devotees asked Hanuman, “Hanuman, you are a great devotee and learned scholar also, and you know that Na'ra'yan'a means Shriina'tha, (Shrii means, Laks'mii) Shriina'tha means Na'ra'yan'a. Shriina'tha, i.e. Laks'miina'tha, Na'ra'yan'a and Ja'nakiina'tha i.e. Ra'ma are the same entity; but you never take the name of Na'ra'yan'a. Why?” Hanuman said:
“Shriina'the, Ja'nakiinathe Ca'bhedah Parama'tmani Tatha'pi mama Sarvasvah Ra'mah Kamalalocanah.”
"You know fundamentally there is no difference between Na'ra'yan'a and Ra'ma. Na'ra means Prakrti, Ayana means Shelter. Na'ra'yan'a means Shelter of Prakrti i.e. Cognitive Purus'a and Ra'ma, (Ram + Ghaun = Ra'ma) i.e. the most attractive entity of the entire cosmos is Parama Purus'a. “I also know”, said Hanuman, “that there is no fundamental difference between Ra'ma and Na'ra'yan'a, but you know my goal is a singular entity – singular in name, singular in idea, ideology and ideation. Ra'ma is my everything, I don’t know any Na'ra'yan'a.”" (SS-12)
*************************************** Next Life: Greed for Name and Fame
Baba says, "Those engaged in social service devoid of ideation on Parama Purusa, then when performing their good deeds they become greedy for name and fame. And they like to see the newspaper coverage of their great works." "So in this case the person falls under the instinct of greed-- because he is greedy for the popularity of his own unit name and fame. And due to the domination of this greed instinct, in his next life he will be born according to those reactive momenta-- which is depending upon the dominance of a particular vrtii." "So in natural course the Creative Principle will provide him with the body of a cat which is always greedy for food. A cat is so greedy that when sneaking into the kitchen to devour some food, even if the cat gets hit and jumps out the window; then just a few fractions of a second later that same cat again tries to enter into the kitchen via the door-- to again try to get some food. All due to its avaricious nature." "Thus this is the fate and next life of those who cannot control their greed. Here it should also be noted that Parama Purusa did not do anything to create this situation. Rather, according to the desires of the jiiva they will get their new life." (AV (B)- 10, 22 April '79)

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