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Negative Dhya'na Unknowingly

From: "Gagan Deva"
Subject: Negative Dhya'na Unknowingly
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2011 20:09:18 +0000



This is a topic that applies to everyone: margiis & non-margiis alike.

Because everyone - every human being - thinks. If one is not thinking then the mind will essentially disintegrate and die. So, by definition, we all think.

People think about their boss, their girlfriend, their enemy, their lost love, their money, their house, their pet dog, their misdeeds etc. People think about so many things. And when they think about that thing they invariably apply various tanmatras or inferences: touch, form, sound etc. In essence they are doing dhya'na, or more precisely negative dhya'na.

But what people fail to understand is that their thinking - or negative dhya'na - totally dictates their future to the degree that one will actually become or be reborn as what they were thinking about.

This has an absolutely dramatic, if not disastrous, effect. Let's take this entire topic step by step.


In AM, we have all heard the proverb, "As you think so you become." And we all know that we should ideate on our is't'a mantra cent-per-cent of the time. All these things we know. This theory is not new to anyone in AM.

But how seriously we truly consider the consequences of not doing this is another matter.

Baba says, "If the mental force is directed towards finite and crude objects, then the person is ultimately converted into crudeness. As you think so you become." (AMIWL-1)

Even then some of us may be thinking that, "This cannot happen to me - I will not be changed into crudity."

Yet that is exactly what happens.


As stated in the beginning everyone thinks; everyone holds an idea and image in their mind. The irony is that often times - due to human weakness - people do not hold their highest ideal in mind, but rather something else.

For instance, many Muslims are often thinking day-long about their hatred of Hindus. Likewise, many Jews think of their enemies in the Muslim world. They think intensely in this manner, with vivid imagery and with strong emotion.

And do you know what happens? Such Muslims actually are reborn as Hindus and such Jews are verily reborn as Muslims. This is the way it works.

Same is the case with Ku Klux Klan members who despise black people as well as with certain Frenchmen who hate Algerians etc.

Baba says, "It is the natural wont of the mind to take the shape of its object of meditation. If the object of worship is crude, say money or any crude thing, the mind takes the shape of that crude thing in the course of time. Hence the proverb “As you think so you become.” For instance, when someone constantly thinks of a ghost, he actually becomes a ghost one day. One then starts behaving in an abnormal way. Again, someone concentrates upon two hundred dollars, one day the person will become an actual dollar. Hence human beings should be very, very cautious in what they ideate upon, in their objects of contemplation." (AV-12)

Baba says, "One acquires a physical body according to the nature of one’s sam'ska'ras [unmanifested mental reactions]. Hence it is not at all impossible for a human being to be reborn as a hog, a worm, a tree, or even a piece of stone." (AMIWL-7)

So it is not just limited to a Muslim turning into a Hindu or a Jew turning into a Muslim. A person will turn into whatever they ideate on - and again everyone ideates. Indeed, at present so many people on this earth are sunk in the practice of negative dhya'na. Yet they are totally unaware of the severe ramifications.

In the above teachings, Baba pointedly warns us and categorically states that a person will become a ghost or crude money, or verily anything, even a hog, a worm, or a spittoon - if that is what they think about. So everyone should be made aware of the horrors of doing negative dhya'na.

There are so who intently think about their pet dog will be reborn a dog. Indeed whatever it is that we love or hate - or whatever we think about - that is what we will become, either in this life or the next.

Those who mentally curse their boss and think about their boss when not at the job will be transformed into that negative boss. They will be that one day.


One other thing should be said. This entire phenomenon is not like one magic show, as in "poof" all of a sudden one becomes a frog. It happens gradually.

For instance, if one thinks about their boss and their boss is someone who gets angry easily, then that negative vrtti of anger will soon take shape in their mind as well. And then due to that continued thought, or negative dhyana, in that very life or the next, they may become exactly like that boss, in all the ways - physically, mentally, everything.

So little by little we acquire the samskaras or properties of whatever we are thinking about.

Here is another example that people should be aware about.

In the west, people may not be afraid of ghosts, but they may be scared of so many other imaginary things. They may be paranoid that nobody loves them, and then sadly over time that becomes their living reality. They truly think and feel that really nobody loves them. This becomes their reality, even when others really do love them.

This approach or negative dhyana probably accounts for a huge number of the cases of depression and related mental diseases in the more so-called developed nations like the USA. People harbor a negative thought in mind and ultimately they become a living representation of that thought or fear.

As far as possible we should warn and teach those in the general society about this entire process. They must know about it, lest they destroy not only this life but the next one also.


All of the above applies to all Ananda Margiis as well. Just because we have been initiated into tantra does not mean we cannot fall onto that path of negative pratisaincara. Indeed so many sadhakas have fallen. We must be cent-per-cent involved in our sadhana. We must ideate and do dhyana on Him.

Unfortunately, by the looks of things, it seems that some Dadas may be doing negative dhya'na on their "groupist enemies". They may pass their days planning and plotting against their rivals. In that case, they will acquire those very samskaras and be reborn as a Bengali etc.

Then there are some Dadas who are so fascinated with their new car. Such was the case of one Amurt worker in the USA. This Wt was enamoured with his sports car. Hopefully by now he has given up that negative ideation. If not, surely he will be reborn as a piece of metal or as a steering wheel.

Whatever may be, if we just do our mantra japa for a few minutes during sadhana, and then the entire rest of the 24hrs we are involved in all kinds of mundane thoughts and longings, then that most certainly will affect our future.

Because whatever direction in which the mind is colored is the direction in which we will grow. Whether it be money, fame, prestige, land, etc, whatever we ideate on will become our living reality, sooner or later. This is the natural law.

Thus we also should not get caught in the trappings of doing negative dhya'na.


The question that invariably arises is how are we to proceed. Here Baba gives the answer.

Baba says, "Whenever any thought arises in the mind, it should be immediately channelled towards Parama Purus'a. You should say: “O Parama Purus'a, Thy will be done“." (NKS, Disc: 23)

The only way then is to direct all our thoughts and energies towards Parama Purusa and serve Him in all respects, always. This demands strong sadhana and proper use of Guru mantra. Then we will be cent-per-cent safe.

Even then, as human beings we have so many emotions running through the mind. How are we to deal with all of these.

Here again, Baba has given us the answer and best tool: Prabhat Samgiita.

In His Prabhat Samgiita, the full range of human emotions are expressed and in each song those emotions are goaded towards the Supreme. So whenever we feel angry, then we should direct that anger towards Baba, not to our spouse, or boss, or whomever we are angry with. When we direct our anger towards Baba then we are thinking of Him and that is proper dhyana.

And that is the way all our emotions are to be addressed. Our love, our infatuation, our desires, our longings, our sadness, our loneliness etc. Each and every emotion is to be goaded towards Baba. Then our success is sure.

That is what Baba has taught us in Prabhat Samgiita.


This entire topic of doing negative dhya'na is a slippery slope. People the world over, non-margiis certainly and some margiis too, get verily caught in this negative approach and it ruins their future. All should be warned accordingly and all should then be extremely cautious and careful about how they ideate in life. No one should allow mundane or crude thinking - i.e. negative dhya'na - to be part of their mental flow, lest they wish to destroy their future.

Here is Baba's warning.

Baba says, "They say, “Why should I bother about such subtle things. I’m quite happy as I am.” Such people, engrossed as they are in materialism, are bound to be reborn in crude material bodies [like pigs, feces, and wood etc]." (PNS-11)

Human life is rare and we have all been blessed with the power of cognition. We are to utilise this in the best way possible and realise Him.

Baba says, "When one’s goal of ideation is Parama'tma', one attain  absolute progress. As one’s psychic object is subtle and expansive, one’s psychic body becomes subtle and expansive, too, and finally becomes one with the Macrocosm." (AMIWL-8)



This below teaching of Baba is also related to this entire topic.

Baba says, "You should remember to use guru mantra regularly before every action. One attains success in the field of action by the right application of guru mantra. Some of you, I do not say all, often forget to use guru mantra before starting an activity. If you do forget, repeat it after completing the action. When one no longer makes such a mistake, that is, when one always remembers to use guru mantra before starting any activity, one is said to have attained “dhruva smrti” or “fixed memory”. Dhruva means “fixed”, “stationary”. When, by dint of sa'dhana', one establishes oneself in dhruva smrti, one experiences an unbroken flow of bliss in one’s mind. In the scriptures, this intense spiritual bliss is termed “dharma megha'nanda”. Whenever you develop that sort of fixed memory, you will experience dharma megha'nanda'." (AV-7)

"Diner pare din cale ja'y, toma'r path ceye a'ma'r yu'g ye ja'y..." (2640)


Baba, my days after days are passing waiting for You. Since ages and ages I have been looking anxiously towards the path of Your arrival. But all that time has passed in vain. Baba, nobody is understanding my mental anguish; I am completely helplessly in love with You. So many tears have been shed waiting for You arrival, yet You are not coming.

Baba, in the daytime I imagine that in the night You will be coming carrying the lantern of hope, thus fulfilling all my deepest desires. I imagine that in my sleepless nights You will come and shower Your divine grace and my troubled eyes will be completely satiated by having Your blissful darshan.

Baba, when the night passes and You have not come then with deep hope I go on ideating that You will be coming in the morning, with the advent of the bright red crimson dawn. And like the effulgence of the rising sun You will wipe away the cimmerian darkness.

Baba, since ages my days are passing in longing for You. Baba please come...

WT Conduct Rules

"We are all the children of the same Father, we are all the members of the same family. By fighting against all kinds of evil forces, we will establish the glory of our Father and the glory of our family." (Point #13 of '14 Points', WT Conduct Rules)

Note: A few so-called senior, degenerated and disgraceful Wts are going astray from this fundamental rule by spreading the poison of groupism and by creating division in the society-- all of which is completely against neo-humanism. This is all happening due to greed, lust of power, desire for prestige etc. Unfortunately such persons are still in the uniform of Wts so we have to recognise them. As they have tainted the glory of Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji by their sinful, power-hungry ways. Indeed by all this they have destroyed the sanctity & unity of the family.

Note 2: Those who are sincere margiis adhere to this above cited rule since the spirit of this conduct rule is common to one and all.

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