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Chanakya & Pitiful Situation of USA

Date: 30 Jun 2011 22:11:30 -0400
From: Donald_G
Subject: Chanakya & Pitiful Situation of USA


"Ma'nus' yeno ma'nus'er tare sab kichu kare ya'y..." (P.S. 2192)


Great persons-- proper human beings-- do everything in their life for
the upliftment of other human beings. In their mind they also never forget
that animals, birds, and plants also belong in their vast family. For such
sadhakas, no one is alien because in their heart they understand
that each and every being wants to survive & live a happy life.
Why do human beings remain crying, feeling isolated in their own
suffering after losing their path in the Cimmerian darkness. Our love and
care will bring everyone close to us; nobody will be left behind-- crying
and suffering in frustration. On this auspicious crimson occasion we will
save everyone and provide them shelter from the burning flame of
illiteracy, starvation, and all kinds of troubles. Elevated human beings
come on this earth to serve everyone, all humanity plus the birds,
animals, plants, flora and fauna, & animate and inanimate objects-- the
entire creation...


Baba guides us that 2300 years ago a minister clearly warned his kingdom
of the ills of capitalism and gave the solution.

Now, in this modern era, the so-called greatest power on earth suffers
terribly from those very ills pointed out 2300 years ago.

The name of that sagacious minister was Chanakya of the Maurya dynasty.
The name of the county suffering today is the United States of America.

So the very seeds of destruction that now severely threaten to ruin the
seemingly once indomitable force of the USA were well understood by the
keen philosopher-sage Chanakya more then two thousand years ago.

In His Prout discourses, Baba highlights the accuracy and importance of
what Chanakya said, and side by side Baba has given us all the practical
answers for solving the woes of capitalism by establishing the era of


The famed pundit Chanakya put forth his views on political ethics &
economy in his nitishastra. He warned how the greed of capitalism will
strangle society and bring any kingdom to its knees.

Baba says, "Chanakya said that a business person who becomes extremely
rich is harmful to the state. If a king finds that somebody has become
extremely wealthy, he should reduce the person’s wealth and property by
imposing direct and indirect taxes on them. If he does not do this, the
vaeshyas may destroy the structure of the government unless they can
make it the tool of their exploitation." (HS-1)

Chanakya predicted that if the greedy capitalists remain unchecked then
they will take over the political arena in order to exploit the masses
and hoard more wealth.

And is that not exactly what we see happening today in the USA. The top
capitalist forces have lobbied for and put into legislation all they
need in order to accumulate huge piles of money, thereby strangling the
remaining 99.9% of society.

The common people in the US cannot get health care, unemployment is
rising, poverty is skyrocketing, housing is in crisis, education is
unaffordable - indeed each and every fundamental aspect of society is
spiraling out of the control. The common people can no longer survive,
yet still the capitalists are strategizing how to get even more money.
Such is the state of affairs in the US and that is the very hell that
Chanakya warned about ,long ago.

Chanakya's initial solution was to tax the wealthy. Yet we see that the
top vaeshyas in the USA have millions of tax loopholes, thus they are
able to evade taxes through fancy paperwork etc.

But that was not the only solution which Chanakya offered. See here
below what he says must be done if the capitalists escape the tax

Baba says, "Chanakya also said that if the imposition of taxes fails to
stop or control extremely wealthy vaeshyas, the king should poison them
to death through a secret agent." (HS-1)

So Chanakya mandated that those capitalists should be secretly killed if
they can't be stopped and continue to exercise their unbridled greed.

Before we pass judgment on Chanakya's words, let us see what Baba has
said in the very next sentence of His discourse.

Baba says, "These are indeed strong recommendations, but in that age of
social darkness there was no alternative." (HS-1)

Hence, Baba agrees that in certain circumstances such extreme action is
needed against those rapacious capitalists. Of course, in the present
age, we know that Baba has given Prout - that is our weapon for
combating capitalism. Our approach is not to kill capitalists per but
rather root out the disease of capitalism.

Please reference:

Fortunately back in the day, 2300 years ago, the capitalists heeded
Chanaky's guidelines and understood they were to give back to the people
- for the cause of social welfare.

Baba says, "[During the time of Chanakya] Vaeshyas received the good
advice that their responsibility was to earn money and undertake
charity, not to hoard wealth." (HS-1)

Thus, in those days of old those capitalists learned their lesson and
averted disaster. However, such is not the case today.

Baba says, "The vaeshyas of other times and other countries were unable
to fulfil the duties connected with their nature. Because the ignorant
people of ancient times were more religious, the vaeshyas used to
undertake a little charity in the hope of deriving some benefit in their
next life. But today in this age of materialism, vaeshyas are not the
slightest bit interested in undertaking charitable work in this life in
the hope of gaining some benefit in their next life." (HS-1)


As Baba points out above, today's vaeshyas have no conscience - neither
in the social nor religious spheres. Due to their purely materialistic
outlook, they only focus on gaining more and more wealth and do not show
the least bit concern about redeeming themselves for the future.

That is why complete hell is mounting in the USA. None should think that
America is the land of glory and freedom.

With each and every passing day, the common people become more and more
shackled by ills of capitalism. They are losing their houses, losing
their jobs, losing their land, losing their savings, and losing each and
every bit of peace and tranquility

Take a look for yourself:

- "About 39.8 million Americans were living in poverty, up from 37.3
million in 2007. The Census Bureau said the poverty rate -- the
percentage of people living in poverty -- jumped to 13.2 percent, the
highest level since 1997, from 12.5 percent in 2007. "

As high as the poverty level is, these numbers are deceiving because
even people "above poverty level" suffer from severe financial woes and
pressures. Right now, the systemic issue is that everyone in the US is
worried about money and scared about the future. All are fighting for
survival - there are no safety nets to protect anyone from falling into
the dark chasm of misfortune.

- "The Census Bureau also said 46.3 million Americans were without
health insurance last year compared to 45.7 million in 2007."

Clearly the US is not the place to get sick. One in every 5 or 6 people
do not have insurance, and then of those who do hold insurance, often it
is poorly suited to their needs, i.e. it does not cover basic health
issues, certain procedures, or it is so expensive that they have to
struggle hard to pay for it.

Verily, each and every aspect of daily life is becoming more difficult
to manage in the United States - and the problem is only growing. All
these material woes - housing, health care, employment, education etc -
then create a whole new series of issues.

People in the US cannot find mental peace:

- "An estimated 26.2 percent of Americans ages 18 and older — about one
in four adults — suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given
year...Major Depressive Disorder is the leading cause of disability in
the U.S. for ages 15-44."

-"A national survey has found that more than 8 million adults in the
United States seriously considered suicide last year."

Thus the horrors of capitalism do not just begin and end in the material
realm - it takes a huge toll on people mentally. At present, the US
population is being crushed: Mental stress, anxiety, worry, depression,
and other psychic ailments are pervasive throughout the land.

Today then we are seeing the grim reality of what Chanakya warned about
- and things are only getting worse.

                  THE SITUATION OF THE USA:

                    WHY ONLY GETTING WORSE

There are two basic reasons why things are still turning for the worse
in the United States.

Firstly, the common people do not yet understand that capitalism is bad.
Still people hold the top vaeshyas as being veritable heroes. People
like Bill Gates & Warren Buffet continue to be worshiped and honoured
like sages. Still people want to grow up and become like them. So that
is one problem: People do not know that capitalists are the agents of
hell; the general people in society defend the edicts of capitalism.

The second reason why things are only getting worse in the US is that
the greed of such capitalists knows no end. They are not content merely
to pile up more money than they can use - they want every single penny
until everyone else is totally destitute, nay completely ravaged.

Baba says, "Regarding earning money and hoarding wealth, most vaeshyas
today are pisha'cavats [ghouls]. In Sanskrit pisha'ca means “one who
breaks the neck of an animal and then sucks out all the blood, leaving
only the flesh and bones”." (HS-1)

So the warnings of Chanakya long ago hold true still today. That is why
in His Prout teachings Baba recognises the work of Charnakya.

At the same time, only Baba has given the expansive teachings of Prout
which can address & solve each and every problem and issue in society.

Our duty is to propagate those ideas in every way possible. People
need to hear the name Prout and learn what it is about. That is the
main aim at present.

                       BABA'S BLESSING:

                    PROUT IS THE SOLUTION

By His grace, Baba's hundreds of Prout discourses show the pathway
toward social equality and economic justice. Baba has given perfect
solutions and that is the only way for the US and other capitalistic
nations to escape the noose of the vaeshyan era as first warned about by

Baba says, "PROUT is the panacea for the integrated progress of human
society. It aims to bring about equilibrium and equipoise in all aspects
of socio-economic life through totally restructuring economics. Without
PROUT, socio-economic emancipation will remain a utopian dream. Only
PROUT can save the world from depression."

"Furthermore, only PROUT is free from the inherent and exherent
staticity. In capitalism there is exherent and inherent staticity. In
communism there is extensive and intensive innate staticity. People
suffer from the ailments of staticity. These ailments will destroy all
forms of “isms” in the very near future. Wise people should utilize this

"We are near the last stage of the Vaeshya Era. If an impact is created,
it will help the suffering humanity. It is the most opportune moment for
creating an all-round revolution. This is a new sub-theory under
Proutistic theory and may be called gati vijina'na – the science of
dynamics in PROUT."



One other thing that cannot be overlooked about capitalism is that it
utterly destroys the human personality. People become worse than
animals. Even animals care for one another in their herd, flock, or
group. They all move together. They have their inherent feeling for one
another. Whereas in extreme capitalism this is not the case. Due to
extreme greed, people will cheat even their neighbors, nay their family

One clear-cut and graphic example is this. Animal mothers will always
keep their babies in sight - sleeping together - breast feeding - and
being around them all the time. In contrast, in the top capitalist
nations, a basic trend is that females (we cannot even call them
mothers) are more concerned about their own sex appeal than their
child's welfare, hence they do not breast feed their children and they
do not keep their children nearby when sleeping. Rather those females
fashion themselves as sex tools for males, and the baby comes as an
after thought. Of course, this does not apply to absolutely everyone,
but it certainly is a pervasive trend in capitalist countries. Some
females have even drowned their own babies if they felt their male lover
would be happier if she did not have babies.

Really the situation of people in the capitalist era is worse than that
of animals in many respects.

Thus in so many ways, the integrity of society gets completely washed
away by the excessive desires, ills, and distorted values of capitalism
/ materialism.

            Definition of "Real Discipline"

Lord says, "And what is discipline? The Sam'skrta term for `discipline' is
`anusha'sanam'. And what is anusha'sanam? `Hita'rthe sha'sanam ityarthe
anusha'sanam.' When the code of discipline is imposed with the spirit of
welfare, with the spirit of development, it is called `anusha'sanam' in
Sam'skrta. There is no corresponding English word." (AV-3 p.30)

Bull & Human Behaviour

Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2011 21:58:46 -0000
From: "Motilal Deva"
Subject: Bull & Human Behaviour


"Toma'ke bha'lo besechi, tumi shudhu mane acho..." (P.S. 2562)


 Baba, I love You; only You are in my mind. You are my dearmost One and
You alone are mine; You are the only moon in my mental sky-- mental
plate. Baba, except You, everything else in this entire universe is
temporary. Everything comes for a short time and then get lost into thin
air, into the oblivion. Baba, only You are beginningless and endless;
only You remain permanently-- eternally.
 Baba, nothing lasts forever in this world. At the end of the day, night
falls and the light of day gets engulfed by the darkness. Similarly, the
darkness of the night vanishes with the advent of the brilliant new
dawn. Thus everything in this world is changing, transient. But the
constant pouring of Your divine effulgence continues on and on-- it
knows no limit; it knows no end.
 Baba, I am loving You; You are always residing in my mind; You are my
only polestar. Baba, You are my Goal; You are my everything...

                 == BULL & HUMAN BEHAVIOUR ==

We have all seen how Baba uses all kinds of colourful analogies to help
deliver His message and put forth an important point for our betterment
and learning.

Some of these analogies are very easy to understand, some less so. It
depends upon the person and their experience.

What cannot be denied, however, is that each of these analogies hold
great meaning and insight into the life of every spiritual aspirant. So
we should strive to understand every morsel of Baba's analogies.


Baba has given one analogy about bulls and the burden of having an
inflated ego, asmita'. The analogy relates of course to our human
experience and sadhaka life.

To gain clear understanding of Baba's teaching, three things are needed:

(1) Knowledge about bulls;
(2) knowledge of Hindi or Sanskrit, and;
(3) knowledge of Baba's spiritual teachings on vanity, ego and devotion.

Once all the above three components are known, then the reader will have
complete understanding of Baba's teaching in this analogy.

Since I was not aware of the above I consulted with my acarya and now
share what I learned with all of you. Perhaps this is known to you
already, perhaps not. In either case we get opportunity to once again
review and contemplate Baba's divine teaching.

                        ABOUT BULLS

First off, as you may know, bulls can be quite terrifying creatures.
They have big, sharp horns, a menacing look, and a potentially nasty
disposition. Not only that, they are huge and can weigh up to 1000kg or
2200lbs or more, even as much as 2000kg or 4400lbs. So they can be quite
intimidating and ferocious.

Often these bulls live in areas where they are the biggest animals, as
usually there are no elephants nor whales where bulls reside. So when
full-grown and healthy, bulls consider themselves to be the strongest
entity alive.

When they walk this earth they are well-known for making this type of
sound, "Hmmm". This is their natural sound, especially when they are angry.

                           ABOUT HINDI

The next component needed to understand the analogy are two simple Hindi

The term "ham" in Hindi and other Indian languages means "I". And the
term "tum" in Hindi means "you".

That is also essential to understand Baba's teaching.

                     EGO, VANITY & DEVOTION

Then of course we all know that ego or I-ness has an inverse
relationship with devotion. The aim of our human life is to realise that
Parama Purusa is the Supreme Subject and Supreme Doer in the universe,
not our little "I" feeling.

We are to think, "O' Parama Purusa You are everything, because of Your
grace everything happens."

Baba says, "By His mercy one can [do] anything and everything. Without
His mercy even a blade of grass cannot move." (AV-30)

Baba says, "Gurukrpa' hi kevalam - “The Guru’s grace is everything.”
This alone is the supreme truth. This is the be-all and end-all of
life." (AFPS-8)

With this idea in mind, then one can lead a devotional life, realising
that His love, presence and touch guide us in all circumstances.

Baba says, "Through devotion you should realize that He is the life of
your life, the Lord of your inner heart." (APH-7)

By his grace, with devotion we can practically feel that He is the
be-all and end-all of life.

However, a devotional outlook is categorically impossible when one is
sunk in their own egoistic feeling. Then one thinks, "I am great, I have
done so many things, I am the king of the mountain" etc. In that case
one will give all credit to themselves, and not even think of Parama

Baba says, "“I did this, I did that, I’m not an ordinary man” – like
this. In devotion there is no scope for being puffed up with vanity."

Thus the more one gets absorbed in their own petty ego, the less one is
able to realise Him. Ego, or asmita', then is the main stumbling block
in leading a devotional life.


With the above understanding about bulls, Hindi and ego, then we can
best understand Baba's below analogy and how it relates with human life.

Baba says, "People say that a bull, when he is in the fullness of his
strength, [calls] Ham, meaning “I am great.” After he dies, the
[cotton-spinner] makes a bow with strings from his intestines, and it
produces the sound Tun, Tun, meaning “You are great.” Thus will fall the
ego ultimately. Therefore the wise will take the “You are great” stance
from the very beginning." (AV-23)

                    LITERAL EXPLANATION

Since the bull thinks it is so strong and walks around all day calling
"hmmm", "hmmm, "hmmm" - similar to the Hindi word "ham" meaning "I" -
Baba is making the joke that a bull is totally stuck in its own unit
ego, touting its own greatness, day in & day out.

However a day is sure to come when it will die and its body parts and
intestines will be used as a string on a machine to spin cotton. Then
the sound of that bull will be "tun", "tun" - similar to the Hindi word
"tum" meaning "You". Thus after its death, when its ego is crushed, then
and only then does the bull recognise Parama Purusa and repeat, "You are

Best then is to overcome the pitfalls of the ego early in life, and sing
His praises each and every day - why wait until death, like the bull does.

This is the humorous yet highly significant meaning of Baba's analogy.

                       WHAT IT ALL MEANS

With regards to our human life, we all know how when people gain success
and gather name, fame, prosperity, and fortune, then they often think
that they are really great - then their ego is on the top.

In that case, they are prone to a fall. In social life, their ego will
be a problem. But in their spiritual life it will be deadly.

Because with a big ego, one will forget Him and accumulate all kinds of
samskaras, negative karma, and sink oneself in all sorts of burdens.
When one forgets that the Doership is Him and instead drowns in the
mantra, "I am great - I did this" etc, then there is not an iota of
scope for devotion.

Stuck up in that kind of egoistic superiority complex, they will create
hell in the their personal life and their spiritual life will be nil. As
Baba says below, theirs is a "Himalayan ignorance".

Baba says, "When people perceive something through the mind, they think
that their sight or perception alone is the factor which determines the
existence of an object. This sort of foolish presumption is called
asmita' [ego]. Such people cannot understand that not only behind their
cognition but also behind their sensation there exists the radiant
reflection of an Effulgent Entity. This radiance is reflected not only
in the crude and subtle but in the causal entity as well, and is the
perfect semblance of His characteristic identity. Ignorant people cannot
think of anything beyond what little light reflection they see on their
own unit entities; their sense entities remain confined within that very
limit. And that is why the ignorant materialists do not want to
recognize anything beyond his observable world. This flagrant disregard
on their part is not mere arrogance but Himalayan ignorance." (AMIWL-5)

The only way out is to escape the shackles of one's ego and accept Him
as the sole aim of life. That is the intelligent way to live. And that
should be started from this very moment, not when one is old an gray, or
even worse - dead, like the bull.

                         BABA'S BLESSING

By Baba's grace He has given us the perfect recipe for living a life
above the fray of ego and vanity, ensconced in the spiritual ideal that
He is everything and that all inspiration and energy stem from Him. Then
one can serve all without vanity and reach Him by surrendering unto His
sweet will. No one then should live their life like a bull, sunk in
their own false sense of prestige and vanity. That is Baba's teaching to
us all.

Baba says, "Now, this complete surrender, complete self-sacrifice, is to
be done. But how? What is the secret? All human egos, all egoistic
expressions, are based on the vanity moving around the self, moving
around the “I” feeling, the first expression of existence. “I am” is the
base, is the fundament, of all egos and all vanities. You know, when a
man learns much or earns much, his ego, his vanity, gets puffed up. The
man gets puffed up with vanity, and under such circumstances he becomes
so conscious of his little existence that it becomes very difficult for
him to surrender before the Supreme. What to speak of surrender, even if
a logical theory is placed before him, he does not like to accept it. He
thinks that if he accepts that theory, if he accepts that veracity, it
will be humiliating for him. This sort of psychology misguides him under
such circumstances. How to surrender? This can be done internally with
the help of dhya'na [meditation in which the psyche is directed towards
Consciousness], and externally by ascribing Godhood to all external

"While helping the poor people your vanity may increase. You may think:
“I have done this, I have done that. I am not an ordinary man.” This is
a psychic disease. Actually, vanity is a psychic disease, a psychic
ailment. But if, while helping a man, a poor man, or a diseased person,
you ascribe Godhood to him, that is, if you think, “I am not helping a
man, I am helping God in human structure,” then vanity will not be
encouraged. What will be the reaction within the person? “This body,
this mind, this wealth has been given to me by Parama Purus'a, and
Parama Purus'a has come before me, God has come before me, as a
suffering person, and I am paying back that thing to Him. That is, the
actual owner of this body, the actual owner of this mind is He, and His
wealth I am paying back to Him.” So there will be no vanity."

"And I said that the internal process is meditation. In meditation,
Parama Purus'a becomes your object and you become the subject. You
become the seer and He becomes the seen. But the inner spirit of
meditation is that while looking at Him internally with your inner eye,
you should think: “I am not meditating on Him nor am I seeing Him
mentally. What is actually happening is that He is seeing me; that is, I
am the object and He is the subject. He sees whatever I do, He sees
whatever I think, so I am His object and He is my subject.” This idea
helps in freeing oneself from the serpentine noose of ego and vanity."



These below two posting clearly review the entire concept behind the
statement, "the umbrella of vanity", how that ruins one's life and how
one can feel His grace.


These below letters look at other interesting analogies that Baba uses
in His discourses to put forth His sublime teachings.

            Practical Aspect of Mysticism

Baba says, "Mysticism is a never-ending endeavour to find a link between
finite and infinite." (AV-23, p.101)

Note: Here Baba is indirectly giving the guideline that in the realm of
devotion one should have a particular personal relation with Parama
Purusa. And these relations are known as "bhava"-- whether they be
sakhya bhava, dasya bhava, madhura bhava etc. So these various bhavas
are that very "link between finite and infinite". Because with the help
of these relations devotees gradually come in closer and closer
proximity with Parama Purusa. Until finally by linking up in this way
the sadhaka becomes one with Him.

Why You Overeat

Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2011 22:43:09
From: Surya Deva
Subject: Why You Overeat


"Ta'masii nishir avasa'ne arun' prabha't elo..." (PS 3731)


 Baba, You are the Personification of divine effulgence. By Your
causeless grace at the end of the dark night the brilliant crimson dawn
has come. Your blissful presence is flooding my life with joy and
optimism. Baba, because of You each and every tune of the river of my
heart has gotten dyed in Your divine colour.
 O' Baba, O' Tamasu'dan, O' Dispeller of Darkness, by Your grace You
have removed all the defects and problems from my life and filled
me with the charm of Your dazzling colour. Baba, by Your grace the
sun has come in the eastern horizon bringing forth the basket of all
my hopes & aspirations. Baba, You are so gracious.
 Baba, with the flow and beauty of those colours and with the panoramic
circle of grandeur, my heart is joyously swaying in the countless
magnificent expressions of Your divinity. With Your grand arrival
everything has become sweet and blissful. Baba, by Your grace, in Your
divine liila my heart has become alive and full of Your sweetness; in
this magical way my divine journey has started.
 Baba, You are my polestar. Please keep my under Your shelter...

                 == WHY YOU OVEREAT ==

Overeating is a common phenomenon around the globe. People even
consciously say to themselves, "Today I am not going to overeat", but
still they do it. Many of us do it. It is not an easy habit to overcome.
The problem is pervasive.

As we know modern medical science and our AM philosophy both state that
overeating invites various diseases and decreases the lifespan. That is
why in family life and the general society, people try to control their

Even then overeating was a problem in the past, is a problem at present
and most likely will be a problem in the future also. Let us see why.


Those primitive humans had little security in life. They lived moment to
moment - captive to the weather and harsh ways of nature - never knowing
when they would be able to find food again. Life was unsettled. So when
the opportunity came to eat, they would purposely eat extra food and
store excess food in the appendix and then regurgitate that food later
when they would feel hungry. Indeed nature supplied them with "a second
stomach" and with their mental force they could regurgitate that food.

Baba says, "Human beings used to have an appendix to their intestines
for accumulated or excess food. As it was needed this food would
stimulate salivation in the mouth and be fully eaten and digested. The
proper eating and digesting of the surplus food in the appendix is
called romanthana in Sanskrit and ja'bar ka't'a' in Bengali. In good
English we call it "rumination" and in spoken English "chewing the
cud"...As the certainty of food supplies gradually increased, the need
for a corporal appendix to the intestines lessened. Eventually there was
even not the slightest need for it. Today a small vestige of it remains
in the human body although it is no longer used in times of distress.
Human beings have lost the capacity to ruminate." (Varn'a Vijia'na, p.285)

For thousands of years then those primitive humans followed this path:

Eat extra (more than what can fit in the stomach) -> store excess food
in the appendix -> search for food -> encounter food scarcity -> use
mental force -> ultimately regurgitate food in the appendix -> chew and
swallow -> fully digest that food in the stomach.

That was a central pattern of life. It was how those early human beings
Most herbivore animals still do this type of thing.

So this manner of overeating is an old human trait. Actually in the days
of old, it was out of necessity and the excess food was stored. It was
not over-eating per se; it did not all go into the stomach. Today
however, all the food we eat does go into the stomach. In that case it
most definitely is overeating.


Nowadays, in many lands, people's lives are more settled. This applies
to food as well. People have kitchens, a stock of food, and cooking
facilities etc. In brief, we are able to plan our meals - we usually
know exactly when we are doing to eat next.

Because of all these modern developments, we have lost the power of
regurgitation. Our bodies can no longer do that. That is what Baba has

Baba says, "As the certainty of food supplies gradually increased, the
need for a corporal appendix to the intestines lessened. Eventually
there was even not the slightest need for it. Today a small vestige of
it remains in the human body although it is no longer used in times of
distress. Human beings have lost the capacity to ruminate." (VV)

Due to a distinct lack of use, slowly over time, the appendix has become
very small.
And now if food gets in the appendix, it is serious problem. One will be
rushed to the hospital for an operation to have it removed.

Thus even though our bodies have changed a lot, still there is a
prevalent desire to eat to excess; it is common. So we should pay heed
to Baba's below mandates.


As we all know, in His Yogic Treatments book, so many disease,
sicknesses and ailments are due to overeating.

Here is Baba's recipe for healthy eating habits.

Baba says, "For proper digestion, fill the stomach halfway with food,
one quarter with water, and leave one quarter full of air." (CC-3)

To do this, one must stop eating when one still feels a little hungry,
in the next few minutes a natural feeling of satiation will come. If
however, one eats till they are full, then that constitutes overeating
and within a short time after completing their meal they will feel
bloated, heavy, lethargic, and uncomfortable.

It is a very fine line between proper eating and overeating. The best
way to get success is to eat slowly, take limited portions, and be
mindful to stop eating when one is still a little hungry. If done
regularly, this will become your habit.

If one is not taking 1/2 belly, then that is overeating. And if one is
strict and eats only half-full, then that is proper. They will have
overcome the the primitive ways of old - i.e. eating excessively.

Even though we have lost the physical ability to ruminate, the psychic
tendency is present in the mind to eat more, even when we have had
enough. Still humans suffer from this weakness of mind. Not all, of
course, but many or most suffer in this way.

Overcoming this tendency of mind to eat more and more is not at all
easy, that is why many people regularly overeat.

It is an age-old human pattern. It particularly haunts those people who
are weak-minded or less developed human beings.

Another thing to keep in mind is that when eating roti or other dry
foods (chips, roasted grains and potatoes) and breads, then it is
imperative to drink lots of water in regulated quantities 1/2 hr after
eating. Because the body will need a lot of water to digest dry foods.
Whereas a soupy meal is comparatively easy to digest.

Also be be aware that for good digestion, the right nostril should be
dominant. Just before taking food, while eating, and up to an hour after
food. This alone will help eliminate so many stomach diseases. If anyone
does not know how to change he nostrils then write me back.


In His discourses on the Seven Secrets of Success, Baba discusses point
#6, known has pramita'ha'ra. This is an essential aspect of human health
and is directly related with our food intake.

Baba says, "Pramita'ha'ra, that is, balanced diet, balanced food. You
must not take this much [stretches arms far apart], you should take this
much [holds hands closer together]." (AV-12)

Baba says, "The sixth factor is pramita'ha'rah. The sixth requisite
factor is balanced and substantial, sentient food. A voracious man can’t
attain success. A voracious man always suffers from so many stomach
diseases. So, you should [never] encourage voracity." (AV-14)

As sadhakas, we are to take Baba's teaching to heart. Even though we may
have strong psychic inclinations to eat more food than our body can
handle - due to our attachment to our primitive manners - we should take
proper effort to ensure that we do not fall prey to overeating.

                       BABA'S BLESSING

By Baba's grace He has blessed us with the ability to overcome all kinds
of complexes and bad habits. That is the life of a sadhaka - to struggle
and surge ahead.

We should make the body and mind sound by proper life habits and not
fall prey to materials indulgences and excesses. The latter happens
primarily when the mind is weak and engrossed in worldly desires.

By following the ways of pramita'ha'ra, then we will have succeeded in
overcoming one of the most common weaknesses in human life - i.e.

Baba says, "Food should be substantial, though moderate in quantity.
This is pramita'ha'ra." (AV-23)


Note 1:                BEFORE EATING

The following are Baba's guidelines from Carycarya:

Baba says, "Before eating do vya'paka shaoca properly with cold water.
In an extremely cold climate use lukewarm water. The system is: Wash the
arms, the face, the legs, the neck and the genital organs. Then, keeping
the eyes wide open, hold a mouthful of water and gently splash the eyes
a minimum of twelve times."

"Before sitting down for a meal, invite whatever persons are present
around you and share your food with them. If they do not want to share,
enquire whether they have enough food with them or not."

"At the time of eating find a comfortable sitting position. It is better
to eat in company than to eat alone. Do not sit down to eat if you are
in an angry mood or in a debased frame of mind."

"If several people are eating together from the same plate, make sure
that sick persons do not take part. Otherwise healthy persons may become
infected. There is no harm, however, in eating together from the same
plate if there is no contagious disease among the participants. Rather,
this is a nice thing to see."

"It is good to take food when the main flow of breath is through the
right nostril. Even after meal, it is good if the flow of breath is
mainly through the right nostril and continues for some time, because
that is the time when the digestive glands start secreting a sufficient
quantity of fluids to help digestion."

"Eating when one is not hungry or only half-hungry is very harmful to
the health. So is eating rich food for days together or over-eating
tasty and sumptuous food out of greed, or not taking rest after the meal
before running off to the office, or filling the stomach with food. All
these habits are harmful to the health."

"(For proper digestion, fill the stomach halfway with food, one quarter
with water, and leave one quarter full of air.)"

"After finishing the evening meal take a short walk. This is very
beneficial to health." (CC-3)

Note 2:               OTHER OLD HABITS

Overeating is not the only habit we carry over from earlier times. Here
are habits that stem from when we were monkeys.

Baba says, "Some of the old habits still continue. Humans today fight
among themselves in the same manner as monkeys do. While fighting a
person cries, “Um, um” – this is a monkeys’ habit. Sometimes people not
only cry like this but bite with their teeth. This is also an old habit
of monkeys. Monkeys live in trees...while fighting on the branch of a
tree monkeys have to catch hold of the branch strongly with their hands,
so that they do not fall down and die. Human beings fight in a similar
manner. They also grin and grimace. This is an old habit of monkeys." (AV-5)

               Six Tastes of the Tongue

Baba says, "The six tastes are: tikta – neem (bitter); katu – chilli
(hot and spicy); kas'ava – plantain (alkaline); lavan'a (salty); amala
(acidic); and madhu (sweet)." (IF)

Note: Not only are there six tastes in the human pallet but they should
be taken in a distinct order. Bitter taken in the beginning and sweet
taken in the end.

Re: Guideline of a Blind Person

Subject: Guideline of a Blind Person
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2011 04:39:14 GMT
From: Bramavidya Deva



After reading this article I must say I think it is superb. I know from my own experience how important it is to stay connected to Guru Baba, even if I am not always doing "AMPS organizational work." I have heard similar stories over the years of margiis who regret having left the organization of AMPS due to their own weakness, but in spite of this remained devoted to BABA and feel He is Parama Purusa. I think you raised many valid points. It seems that this misguided margii made this ridiculous remark - "We must not worship the Form of Guru" - simply because he has not experienced devotion, nor experienced the connection of love between himself and Guru. It is indeed a sad condition.

It is this margii's ego that is preventing him from experiencing Baba in this deep connection. This margii must sing Baba Nam Kevalam with deep ideation and do extensive sadhana (including all other aspects of 16 points) and then this feeling that Baba is Parama Purusa will naturally come in his heart. Then, by Baba's grace, he will have one-pointed devotion for Baba.

Until that time, brother Prakashji should try hard and we should help him progress; and such a person should totally desist from making his inane statements about our Revered Guru, Baba.


Sadly this issue of brother Prakash Laufer (NY sector, making erroneous and misguided comments about Guru, the sanctity of Ista, and AM spiritual life is not an isolated occurrence.
Rather this has happened repeatedly - indeed it happens whenever the topic arises.
So there is no question of Prakashji making a typing mistake or forming the sentence in the wrong way. That is not the cause. The cause of his misguided comments is a blatant lack of devotional understanding and relationship with Ista (Baba). Otherwise what else could be the reason.
Here are two of the main letters which depict the problem at hand:

Guideline of a Blind Person

From: "Pradiipa Deva"
Subject: Guideline of a Blind Person
Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2011 22:52:47 +0100


"An'ur vyatha', etadine bujhale priyo, anuma'ne..."  (P.S. 4593)


 Baba, O' my Dearest, now by Your guessing You have understood the
feeling of this unit being. How You do not have time to come close to
me; rather, You remain sitting on the divine throne of Your devotees. On
that throne which is studded with jewels. So You do not have time to
look towards this little being.   People are demanding me that, 'Why do
you go on crying and why do you call that divine Entity who will not
come and who will never pay heed to your calling'. People also told,
'Don't you know, His heart is very hard like a stone. He does not care.
He knows all the scriptures all the shlokas all the mantras and bhajans,
there is no need to tell anything to Him. He will not pay heed'. In
spite of peoples' suggestions, I never get frustrated or hopeless.
Because by Your grace I know that I must get You. I know for certain
that at some point in this life of mine, up to my death even-- I know
that You will come to me. O' Baba, I am hopeful that You will grace me
and that You will come in the lotus of my heart and that You will make
my life successful...


To best understand this letter here is one important and unique story from the Acarya Diary.

In the section titled Pran'ava Dhvani, one demonstration is narrated. Baba calls a number of sadhakas into the room. Per His instruction, they close all the windows to eliminate any outside noise. Baba then explains that soon they will hear the divine sound, pran'ava dhvani.

At different intervals throughout this demonstration, Baba instructs those present to open their eyes and look at Him - ideate on Him. Then they are told to close their eyes and focus on a particular cakra. Almost immediately the margiis start to hear the eternal sound. At one juncture, Baba again guides the sadhakas to open their eyes and look at Him. They do so - concentrating intently on His form. Then they are told to close their eyes and fix the mind at a particular point. This time the sadhakas hear an even more melodious aspect of the divine sound. On each occasion, that Baba wants them to go deeper within, He requests them to look at Him.

In this demonstration, Baba guides us that by ideating directly on Him - on His form - the mind becomes pinnacled and one can reach the highest spiritual realisation. That is the key point to keep in mind as you read the below letter.

Those who have access to an acarya or avadhuta can ask and get the full account of this above story. All Dadas familiar with the Acarya Diary will be able to tell you.


Recently one margii put forth his own "guideline". Here it is for your review:

"We must not worship the Form of Guru" (one margii emailer)

Now we have to think whether this person has the correct idea about Baba's teaching or if he is in a state of delirium.

Please contemplate the below and share your opinion. Do you agree with the margii emailer or not.


Once again, the emailer has attempted an email about the spiritual philosophy and spiritual approach of Ananda Marga; and here is the key line that this emailer has put forth.

"We must not worship the Form of Guru" (one margii emailer)

Thus he is making a critical claim: As Ananda Margiis we are not to ideate on Guru's form. That means we are not to do Guru dhyana or Guru sakash etc. We are not to see Baba in dhyana. That is the claim he is making.

If this emailer had merely said that this was his own personal opinion, then that would have been fine. But he writes as if he is putting forth Baba's ideas. In that case he is bound to create confusion. For this reason a response is highly needed.

The best way to clarify and resolve this matter is to study and adhere to Baba's divine teaching.


In the first part of this letter, we shall address the emailer's chief claim that we are not to "worship Guru's form."

As we all know, as sadhakas, we progress on the path by establishing a personal link with Parama Purusa. By telling Him our problems, concerns, and difficulties, and by asking His grace in sadhana, a distinct closeness develops. Specifically, we make a personal relation with Him, by His grace. This is of utmost importance and stands as a unique aspect of AM spirituality.

Baba says, "All are advancing towards Him and while advancing towards Him they establish some sort of relationship with Him. That relationship is internal. It is purely personal. One may love Him as a mother loves her son, a wife her husband, a servant his master, or as the love between friends. This relationship is internal. It is purely personal." (Namami Krsnasundaram, Disc: 26)

As per Baba's guideline, developing a personal relationship with Parama Purusa is an integral ingredient of spiritual progress. And this relationship develops by communicating directly with Him. For that, a form is needed.

It is not possible to make a personal relationship with a shapeless, formless entity. One cannot speak with air, water, or electricity and say, "Mr. Electricity, please grace me, etc. That does not work. That does not harbor a sense of connection. One will not feel cared for nor loved. Nobody likes to talk with sound, energy, or electricity etc.

Rather sadhakas need someone with Whom they can communicate directly. To create that personal relationship, a form is needed. In Ananda Marga, we term that form as Baba. It is this form of Baba that we use in our dhyana and in our spiritual approach. By this way one can love Him and go close. By this way one can form a deeply personal relationship with Him: Through Guru dhyana, i.e. ideating on Baba's form. 

Thus when one emailer has declared, "We must not worship the Form of Guru", then we have to be critically alert. Because it is by ideating on this very form of Guru in dhyana that we develop a link with Him, by His grace. Yet this emailer is telling us not to do like that.


Here is another important way of looking at this matter. And here again the main theme is that by ideating on His form or image, the bhakta establishes a personal relationship with Parama Purusa. When this is not done - when people do not ideate on His form - then sadhakas cannot progress on the path. That is the key point and that Baba is revealing in His below teachings.

In His below teaching, Baba points out that jinaniis suffer because they are unable to make a personal connection with Parama Purusa.

Baba says, "For the jiṋániis, the intellectuals, the Goal is merely theoretical and impersonal. How can they expect a theoretical and impersonal entity to help them – and how can the jiṋániis even approach Him when for them His very existence is impersonal? So the jiṋániis, although they have recognized the importance of jiṋána or knowledge, have no future. They simply waste their valuable time, which is a very short span of hardly one hundred years." (SS-11, "The Essence of Spiritual Progress")

According to Baba, jinaniis only have a theoretical conception of God - not a personal closeness. They cannot speak with Parama Purusa. Theoretically they understand that there is a God, but practically they do not feel Him in their heart. Due to this major defect, they are unable to progress on the path - rather all their time is wasted. Such is their unfortunate fate.

Hence when one emailer states that - "we must not worship the Form of Guru" - then we should be extremely careful. Because without ideating on the form of Guru, then one cannot establish a personal connection with Him. Indeed, this emailer's claim seems to be identical to the stance of those lost jinaniis. Theoretically they acknowledge that God exists, but on the practical plane they have no such feeling in their heart. So their path is useless and fruitless.



Here again the main theme is that jinaniis do not have a personal connection with Parama Purusa in their heart. Theoretically they think there is a God but internally they do not feel Him. In their concept, God is just some type of energy like air so they do not have an internal link with Him. Their entire understanding is only theoretical.

By this following story it will be more clear.

Two females were quarreling over one newly born infant - each claiming that the baby is theirs. It became a big commotion in the village and ultimately the case reached to the court. The central issue was, "Who is the real mother."

After hearing both of the women express their claim that, "I am the real mother", the judge looked at them both and said, "You both have given very convincing arguments, how about if this newly born infant is divided in half? You will each receive 50% of the baby."

Hearing this, one of the women's face had an expression of delight, and she said, "That would be fine."  Side by side, the other woman began crying loudly in despair.

Seeing this, the judge understood exactly who is who. The judge declared that the one crying was the real mother and he then ruled that she alone should get the young infant. The judge remarked, "This is the true mother because she has an inner connection with the baby of love and compassion. Her connection and love for the baby is very practical. This other woman has no real love for the baby - she is a fake - her approach is totally theoretical."

With that the judge furthermore ordered that the fake mother should be thrown in jail. And indeed she was arrested in the courtroom itself and brought to the local prison.

Jinaniis are like the fake mother. They think that, "God is around me and God exists", but they do not have that practical inner feeling of love and warmth in their heart.

Their manner is like someone eating a sweet made of clay.

Only a dry jinanii can do like this. They only have theoretical knowledge. They cannot practically feel the sweetness of Parama Purusa.

It seems the emailer is also in this same boat.


Finally, Baba describes the situation of bhaktas.

Baba says, "The future is with the devotees and with no one else." (SS-11, "The Essence of Spiritual Progress")

Thus Baba clearly states that bhaktas are on the proper path and in this next teaching Baba explains why.

Baba says, "In the realm of devotion He is purely a personal Entity. He is mine, He is my Father, He is my closest relative. He is my bigger self. He is not a second entity; that is, the relationship is purely a personal one. There cannot be any love with an impersonal entity. One cannot be in love with an impersonal entity. Love requires a personal entity." (Ananda Vacanamrtam-12, A Purely Personal Entity)

Thus, the success of the bhakta lies purely in creating a personal relationship with Parama Purusa, by His grace. And this personal relationship stems from ideating on Him - i.e. on His form - in dhyana and thinking about Him throughout the day. That is the blessed approach of the bhakta. They feel that, "Parama Purusa is mine and I have a very close and personal link with Him." This is their approach.

Unfortunately, this deeply devotional approach is totally lost on this emailer. The emailer has no idea how one makes a personal relationship with Parama Purusa. That is why he writes, "we must not worship the Form of Guru." No one should get misguided. All should know that ideating on Baba's form leads to liberation - there should not be any doubt or confusion about this.


Here below Baba points out why people like this emailer should not try and explain the dharmic and devotional teachings of Ananda Marga.

   Baba says, "The scriptures should always be interpreted by qualified scholars, competent philosophers, and penetrating thinkers. If one tries to interpret a profound scripture with superficial knowledge, the interpreter appears ridiculous and the audience is confused."     
   "There are some people who are neither scholars, nor philosophers, nor penetrating thinkers, but merely wander about interpreting scriptures...They utterly fail to present the proper matter in the correct perspective before the audience...[and] do more harm than good to the society."
   "[They] interpret the scriptures just to exhibit their intellect--to procure for themselves a certificate of erudition. They remain far from the living spirit of the scriptures." (Namah Shivaya Shantaya, Disc: 14)


Here we have to conclude that this person is not speaking on behalf of AM but rather speaking on behalf of dogmas which he collected from his neighbors, pastor, parents, Semitic religion etc. This e-mailer does not understand Ananda Marga ideals yet he is promoting himself as a great preacher of AM philosophy. For this reason, his claims are totally off the mark.

This type of problem comes when a person does not know the subject at hand yet decides to say something anyway. Why? Because of their huge ego: "I know this, I know that, I can preach about this." That is the main problem and that is what has happened in the above circumstance.

We should all take a lesson from this: Until one has truly read and studied the entirety of AM philosophy - and practiced sadhana sincerely - then commenting on Baba's teachings is not easy. Most end up going astray and doing harm. And that is just what this emailer did. He veered far from Baba's divine teachings.

The other tragedy is that new margiis often follow such pseudo-intellectuals & half-baked jinaniis, thinking them to be masters. That is most appalling and unfortunate. We should not allow this to happen.

Baba has written very clearly about this deeply devotional topic in countless spiritual discourses of Subhasita Samgraha. Baba's teaching is that in our regular sadhana practice we are do dhyana of Guru - we should ideate on Him. That is Baba's expressed teaching which He has repeated again and again in so many discourses.

On this matter, the e-mailer is holding an opposite opinion from Baba. This person is terribly confused and says that the worship of Guru's form is blasphemy. So his approach is directly opposite that of Baba. For this reason we can say that this emailer is merely expressing his delirium - nothing more.


By Baba's grace He given the pathway for how to create a very personal and intimate relationship with Him. Every Ananda Margiis has this capacity, by His grace. By ideating on His image in our spiritual practices like Guru sakash and Guru dhyana, and thinking about Him always, then naturally a closeness forms.

There is only one simple reason then why this emailer is misunderstanding the situation. It must be that he is not doing proper dhyana - otherwise what could be the explanation.

By ideating on Baba's image - or His form - we are able to develop a very personal relationship with Him. By that avenue we realise that Brahma and the Guru are one.



As we all know, Taraka Brahma is Parama Purusa's divine advent onto this earth wherein He assumes a human form. And it is this form - His appearance as Taraka Brahma - that is so unique and important for every sadhaka.

Here is Baba's special teaching about Taraka Brahma from Ananda Sutram.

                          1-25 Bhávah bhávátiitayoh setuh Tárakabrahma.

[The bridge between Nirguńa Brahma and Saguńa Brahma is called Táraka (Liberating) Brahma.]

"Purport: The common point bridging together the empirical state of Saguńa and the metempirical state of Nirguńa is called Táraka Brahma. Táraka Brahma appears in saguńa [embodied] form as Mahásambhúti." (Ananda Sutram, Chapter 1, Sutra 1-25)

So in Ananda Sutram Baba is guiding us that by ideating on His name and form as Taraka Brahma, one can will attain liberation. That is His great boon upon every seeker.

Here below Baba furthermore expresses the special quality of Taraka Brahma.

Baba says, "Táraka Brahma is the middle point and can fulfil the function of both [Saguna and Nirguna Brahma]. He guides, loves and favours His affectionate sons and daughters. His children say that He cannot live without loving them and address Him, “O our great Father, our affectionate Mother, our All, we remember Thee, we adore Thee. O Witnessing Entity, we offer our homage to Thee, Thou art the only rescue in this crude worldly ocean, so to Thee we surrender ourselves.” This complete surrender is the summum bonum of all spiritual sádhaná." (Idea and Ideology, Átman, Paramátman and Sádhaná)

Clearly, by Baba's above teaching, it is most beneficial and indeed absolutely needed for every sadhaka to ideate on the form of Guru. By ideating on His form we are able to attain moksa. Without His blessed form, salvation remains but a dream.

Thus when on emailer writes, "we must not worship the Form of Guru", we can all easily understand that this emailer is blind as he is going directly against Baba's divine teaching.


The emailer referred to in the above letter is brother Prakash Laufer of NY Sector. In his letter of Sunday, 10 April, 2011 titled, "Ananda Sutram, Carya Carya, Dharma and Dogma", he clearly wrote and argued that, "we must not worship the Form of Guru". So everyone can decide for themselves about Prakashji's standard. Or best is that we should all communicate directly with him ( and offer to help bring him on the path of devotion.

Only Remedy

Baba says, "It is the duty of all human beings and especially those who are devotees, it is their mandatory duty to always think that, 'I am a  machine and the controller is Parama Purusa. He is the machine man and I  have to work according to His desire. I have to fulfill His desire. This  body of mine is a machine and it belongs to Him. This is His machine and  this machine has to do His work.' If one constantly thinks in this way
then the vanity of action will never sprout. This is the only path to  save oneself from vanity. One has to think 'I am just one machine; I am  a tool and according to His desire I have to work'."  (SS-16 (H), p. 81, DMC Agra 19 Feb 84)

Re: Stupid King of Blind Cabinet

From: Carson Deva
Subject: Re: Stupid King of Blind Cabinet
Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2011 17:08:17 -0400



Note: This letter is in reply to one group's false allegations.

I totally agree: It is both shameful and sinful to give a higher place to PP Dada than to our Revered Baba during any DMS program.

On the DMS stage, PP Dada can be 1/2 foot high but in that case Revered Baba's place must be 5 feet high. Baba's place must be clearly above and unparalleled.
Unfortunately, at the recent 2011 Ananda Purnima DMS, the organisers did not do like this. Rather, they placed PP Dada on a pedestal higher than our Beloved Guru Baba.

It is also true that various top Dadas see PP merely as a political pawn to put forth their own agenda. That is why they prop up the status of PP. That has been going on since 1990.

But as stated in the original letter of this thread (link appended below), the post of PP is social not spiritual. Yet some Dadas, with - an ulterior motive in mind - have designated PP Dada as the spiritual head. But that just is not so - Purodha Pramukha is a social post. All the reasons posted about this earlier are appended at the bottom of this email.

Now I wish to bring up my new point.


Here today I also wish to give a reply to Ranchi's false justification of 20 June 2011 which is appended below. Apparently they did not like the first posting on this topic, but since they had no logic and reasoning to stand on they came up with one bogus allegation.

They called the photo of PP Dada at DMS "fabricated" and "confusing". Yet what they failed to state is that this is the very photo which Ranchi themselves distributed across the entire globe. This is the photo which is featured on their own sponsored website. No one altered this photo in any way. This is their photo. They are the ones who took the picture of PP Dada Vishvadevananda sitting above Baba on the DMS stage. No one else took this photo and no one fabricated it in any way.

As proof of all this, please see the attached screenshot which details how this photo was published on their official Ananda Parivara website newsletter. Ananda Parivara is the official NY newsletter from the Ranchi front. In addition we have attached a jpg version of that same picture. But again, they are the ones who brought this photo to fore. It is their work from start to finish. Thus they are in no position to accuse anyone of "fabricating" the photo.

Indeed team Ranchi could not logically reply to any of the substantive points raised:
(a) PP was seated in a higher and more respectful place than Baba;
(b) PP is social post not a spiritual one;
(c) top Dadas manipulated PP for their selfish gain;
(d) and more.

Since they had no reply to any of the above, Ranchi had to scramble for some other allegation. So they came up with their false accusation that "someone fabricated the photo".

This was their false and utterly ridiculous attempt. They accused "someone" of posting a deceptive photo of PP on the DMS stage. But that is entirely wrong because they were the ones who took this photo of PP Dada sitting on a higher level than Revered Baba. And they uploaded it to the internet for all to see. Yet they levied an accusation against someone else.


And that is exactly what Baba says people do when they are devoid of logic and reasoning - they make bogus allegations.

Baba says, "Where reasoning fails, vilification becomes the sole stock-in-trade. When you hear abuses from these frogs-in-the-well, you can take for granted that the grey matter in their frenzied brains have no functional residues left and that they have come to you only to convince you of their helpless and fey [crazy] condition." (Subhasita Samgraha, Part 3, Shreya & Preya)

Thus team Ranchi put forth their false allegation because they had no legs to stand on.


Even then - still to this day - those at the helm of Ranchi may say that "it was the camera angle" or "it was the side from where it was taken" or any other ludicrous justification they might give. But you know that?

There is no way for them to escape this truth. The stage was small and it was all plain as day what happened. There is no question that a camera angle ruined the scene. The photo was undignified simply because the reality of the way things were set-up on the DMS stage was totally improper. Guru must be given a far higher place than PP. The fact that PP's seat was higher than Baba's is their fault, not the fault of those circulating the photo. Only in-charges suffering from a low-minded outlook could have set-up the stage in this way. That was the misfortune, not anything else.


The following are some concluding points to keep in mind.

The ideal way for the DMS stage to be set up is to have Baba's photo elevated at least 5 feet off the ground. Then there is no doubt or hairline measurements about who has the highest seat and who is the Revered One. Then PP can sit on some sort of cushion if he wishes, whereby he is a few inches off the ground or 1/2 foot if needed.

Many of the general margiis and field workers in attendance did indeed feel uncomfortable and devotionally wounded by seeing PP's seat above that of Baba. So it is not just a photo that is wrong. The entire ambiance and aura of the DMS was negatively affected by this. Just ask those rational-minded margiis and Wts who attended.


Let us all contemplate this below teaching. By this way it is sure no such mistake will occur on our DMS stage again.

Baba says, "Trtiiyaḿ Gurupújanam. I must have reverence for the Guru. What is the Guru? “Gu” means “darkness”, that is, darkness in the psycho-spiritual sphere. And “Ru” means “dispelling agent.” That is, he who dispels darkness from my psychic and spiritual body is the Guru. “Gu” means “darkness”, “Ru” means “dispeller”. “Trtiiyaḿ Gurupújanam.” That is, you must have respect for the Guru." (Ananda Vacanamrtam-12, Shiva's Seven Secrets)



Here below are two section of the earlier letter on this topic.


Let's begin with a quick review of our tantra tradition.

As we know, we do guru dhyana at the sahasrara cakra. That is the highest point of the human experience. That spot signifies deep regard and reverence. It is the pinnacled point of the human mind. Indeed that is the tradition in tantra: To goad the mind upwards, never lower.

And indeed in all aspects of our spiritual life, Guru's place is the highest and the most revered. Nobody is above or on par with Guru. This is the main teaching of tantra.

Because when Baba is the Guru and He is Taraka Brahma and perfect in all respects, then naturally His status is unparalleled.

Baba says, "The one formless, beginningless and infinite Parama Brahma (Supreme Consciousness) is the only entity to be attained by living beings – That alone is Jagat Guru (the Supreme preceptor), That alone has revealed Brahmavidya´ (intuitional science) to us through the medium of the name and form of Anandamu´rtijii. Unit beings must be made to appreciate Its majesty." (Caryacarya, part 2, Sadhana, point #1a)

Yet some for their selfish reasons are trying to prop up PP Dada - i.e. one mere mortal born in bondage and prone to avidya maya - as being the revered one. Indeed this drama has been going on in one way or another since 1990.

So we should investigate why this is being done and clear the air.


First off, we should all understand that the post of Purodha Pramukha is a social one, not a spiritual post. Here are the reasons why:

(A) Caryacarya itself is our social scripture. And CC-1 lays out the social duties of purodha pramukha. PP Dada's duty is to act as head of this worldly organisation AMPS. In this capacity, PP is the "chief of the purodhas".

(B) PP has zero ability to arrange his own mukti & moksa; in that case what can he do for others in this regard. Nothing. PP is himself not liberated and obviously cannot grant that to others. This furthermore shows that his post is purely social, not spiritual.

(C) PP cannot give any new scripture or shastra. Our AM scripture is perfect and complete - all delivered by Guru Himself. If PP wishes to write a story or commentary he may do so. But he is unable to contribute even one syllable to the shastras of Ananda Marga.

(D) Organizational executive decisions related with social affairs must reach to Purodha Pramukha for his discretionary review. This is one of his social duties.

(E) PP's post is lifelong - not longer than that.

(F) In the Purodha Board, PP's single vote has decisive meaning, though his order can be overturned. Hence, PP's order is not final; his decisions are subject to review.

(G) Each of the judiciary decisions also must reach to Purodha Pramukha for his final approval. This again deals with the social sphere.

(H) Purodha Pramukha is chief of the purodhas - which is a social board in our AMPS.

(I) PP Dada has no great spiritual power anointed to him by God. Just he is one purodha selected by his peers to serve as the chief of the board.

(J) Plus PP has so many more social duties and responsibilities.

By all this it is quite clear that the post of Purodha Pramukha is a social post - not a spiritual one - in our Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha.

In our Caryacarya, Baba has given various provisions about the social post of Purodha Pramukha. The post of PP is just one of the many social posts in the organization wherein PP Dada deals with worldly affairs, not spiritual emancipation etc.

The question remains: When the position of purodha pramukha is clearly a social post, then why do some try to turn it into a spiritual one by giving maximum reverence to PP Dada and placing his seat higher than Baba's.


In the section cited below, you will find Ranchi group attempt to deflect the wrongdoing elsewhere by levying a false allegation.

On 06/20/2011 03:05 AM, A'nanda Ma'rga Praca'raka Sam'gha wrote:
A Controversy:

The photograph of DMS stage (Pratikrti of most beloved Baba and Rev. Purodha Pramukh Dada Ac Vishvadevananda Avt) sent by AM global is fabricated and confusing. 
The way photographs has been taken, from the nearest point of Rev. PP dada's stage, it seems that stage is above then the Pratikrti but it is not so. 
If you see another photo it will be more clear. If same photo will be taken from the nearest point of the Baba's Pratikrti, stage of PP dada comes in down level.
So don't get confused as AM global unnecessarily trying to create controversy.

In Him,
Naresh Kumar
AMPS TEAM Reporter

Only Practitioners of Dhyana...

Date: 25 Jun 2011 21:31:33 -0000
From: NJK Deva
Subject: Only Practitioners of Dhyana...


"Iisha'n toma'r vis'a'n' bejeche, alasata' dure sare geche..." (P.S. 2496)


Baba, Your divine call and thundering voice is resonating all around & has removed the staticity, dogma, and lethargy from everyone's mind. Those negative things which were impeding the path of human progress have disappeared into the far distant horizon. Now the degenerated state of dogma cannot remain any longer. Living beings have gotten new life, smiles, and joy due to the rejuvenating spirit of neo-humanism. The world which was sleeping in the past is getting awakened. New leaves and flowers are beautifying the green vegetation and trees. Everything has been filled with the colours of flowers & fruits-- ensconced in the feeling of service to one and all. Now there are no narrow sentiments or dogmatic thoughts which can hinder our forward movement. Now there is no one to create obstacles on our path towards our cherished Goal. The time has come that, under this free sky and beautiful environment, I should go on marching forward undauntedly towards You. O' Parama Purusa...


We have all heard and read about how Baba says that we are to 'sit on the lap of Parama Purusa'.

Baba says, "One is sure to reach one’s destination. And what is the destination? To merge into Parama Purus'a, to sit on His Lap." (AV-22)

This He has repeated in numerous discourses.

However, to understand its inner meaning and true import, one must be a sadhaka of dhya'na and have a high intensity of love for Parama Purusa. This Baba also says. Otherwise it is just an empty show or play of words to say, 'sit on the lap of Parama Purusa'.

So this letter is only geared towards those who are pointed practitioners of dhyana.

The idea being, without one's sincere practice of sixth lesson, the phrase 'sit on the lap of Parama Purusa', will remain misunderstood, if not a mystery.

That is why some wrongly conclude that the phrase, 'sit on the lap of Parama Purusa', is only related with the mantra from our AM shraddha ceremony or that it only could happen in PC with Baba. They do not realise how it is also related with dhyana. They do not understand that one can sit on Baba's lap in sadhana.

On the whole though, there are countless sadhakas who are quite familiar with the inner idea & true import of sitting on Baba's lap in dhyana.


As we know, the phrase 'sitting on the lap of Parama Purus'a' is not meant to be taken literally. Taking the phrase at face value is to lose the inner import.

The question then remains, what does the phrase imply. What is the actual meaning and inner intent behind the phrase: 'sitting on the lap of Parama Purusa'. How is it possible for this to happen in dhyana? What form does it take.

That is what this letter aims to discuss.


Before moving ahead, here are a few important points to note:
1) A sadhaka attains salvation by sincere dhyana, i.e. exclusively by His causeless grace. In proper dhya'na Guru is gracing the sadhaka.
2) From the human perspective, all we can do is dhyana and ask for His grace.
3) With first lesson one can only get mukti (liberation) through savikalapa samadhi but by dhyana one can attain moksa (salvation) through nirvikalpa samadhi.


As most any practitioner of dhyana will admit, the practice of 6th lesson is not easy: It demands sincere and proper effort, and, most importantly, His grace. Without devotion, all those steps in dhyana are mechanical, or may even seem to be fruitless.

Depending on one's devotional feeling and quality of mind there are various phases one may undergo in dhyana.

First, if one's mind is down and one is not feeling love towards Parama Purusa, then that sadhaka will not even like to practice dhyana. Rather sixth lesson will seem boring or mechanical, and one may just do it for one minute at the end of sadhana, or even not at all. And in that condition, they will not even like to talk about Baba in a devotional manner. In every sadhaka's life this type of feeling may come at one time or another.

In contrast, when one loves their own child then they will always be thinking about the welfare of that infant and they will always discuss their darling baby with their friends and family members. So in the next phase of dhyana, when one feels more love towards Parama Purusa, then one gets the idea that 'I should talk to Him and do something for Him'. In that flow, when doing dhyana, one tries to serve and please Him. Yet even in this stage, His image may come and go in the mind, and one might find it difficult to concentrate. This seems to be the common experience of many sadhakas.

In spite of that, if a sadhaka goes on practicing and struggling in dhyana, and asking for His grace, then that will invariably lead one towards the next tier in dhyana.


Finally, when by Baba's grace one feels immense love for Him and a deep yearning to get Him, then one will like to practice dhyana more and more. The sadhaka will feel a strong surge of love and wish to hold Him tightly and embrace Him in dhyana. And when this feeling reaches its climax and culmination, then by constantly thinking about Him and Him alone, and using one's dhyana mantra and calling His name, then one unique moment comes when one forgets oneself, by Baba's grace. That is the stage of losing one's identity wherein one's mind remains absorbed in Him.

This is the cherished state. It may continue for some time such that one will not even realise that the time is going by, until at some stage one may again gain their unit awareness.

However, at end of one's life, after finishing their worldly duties, a deserving sadhaka gets the special grace of Parama Purusa and leaves their body and becomes one with Him. In that case, they do not come back or take rebirth. Whereas, when experiencing this high state in dhyana, one does come back into their unit existence after sadhana.

And even if one does not experience this type of merger in dhyana during their life, but by grace of Parama Purusa that feeling can come at end of life, as per Baba's guideline in Supreme Command.

Here it should be added, that these above realisations in dhyana are essential for understanding the meaning of the phrase, 'sitting on the lap of Parama Purusa'.



So dhyana has various stages and degrees; even then it is not uncommon for a sadhaka to complain that they have no such feeling or experience like this of Baba in dhyana.

Here we have to understand that doing dhyana is a difficult process and we should furthermore understand why it is difficult.

Being human, we have all come from from animal life and to some or more degree we all cultivate animalistic desires. The more prevalent these desires are, the more they prevent us from moving towards Him in dhyana. That is why doing sadhana can seem like an uphill task. Even then the goal of life is to realise Him in our sadhana, and for that reason we must continue and persevere in this endeavor. Otherwise one will just be stuck on the treadmill and endless cycle of life and death. Indeed the illusion of maya keeps us in the dark and makes us unaware of the divine truth. The only way to escape this cycle is to go close to Parama Purusa. This earth is not our permanent abode-- our ultimate destiny is to realise Him.

And on the very practical level, if our dhyana is not good, then we have to sincerely ask ourselves if in our daily routine we are practicing shravan, manan, niddhidhyasana. For only with the support of these practices can dhyana be done. For more information about this please reference our AM books.

So as sadhakas, the main thing we should remember is to cultivate more and more love for Him. In its broadest sense, dhyana is the culmination of all one's activities. So we are to remember Him always from morning till night, singing His name, listening His discourses, serving His creation, and doing His sadhana. Plus, we should always request Him to grace us with more and more love for Him. Then, with His divine compassion, our quest in dhyana will become successful.

Otherwise, if we live our lives in a mundane way and just think by closing our eyes for a few minutes in the morning and evening that magically we will get Him in dhyana, then our practice will not be fruitful.

Baba says, "Dhya'na is withdrawing the mental propensities from all extroversive entities, and then collecting those withdrawn mental forces, mental propensities, and urging them towards the Supreme Entity. If there is no love for the Supreme Entity, this movement cannot be done. Where there is no love, the mind will not run after Him. So dhya'na also becomes meaningless." (AV-1)

So love is an essential requisite for true dhyana, and that love gets cultivated by thinking more and more about Him, by including Him in all our thoughts and movements through the day. Then our love for Him grows more and more, and by His grace our dhyana becomes successful.


In our worldly lives, we generally achieve something by this common step-wise process. First an idea comes in the mind, then one develops the desire of having or achieving that thing, and then finally one gets that object or outcome. This we have all experienced in our own personal and professional lives.

Similar is the case in dhyana. First the idea comes to think about Baba, then one feels a strong urge to get Baba, and then by His grace after continued effort one receives Him in dhyana. Then one has truly fallen in love with Baba and it is in that depth of love that one may lose their own existence while doing dhyana.

This happens by His grace and by the constant effort of wanting to merge in Him.



This then all leads us to the real meaning of 'sitting on the lap of Parama Purusa' and how intense dhyana is an essential requisite.

The phrase, 'sitting on the lap of Parama Purusa', is characterised by one's strong urge of wanting to become one with Him. The phrase 'sitting on the lap of Parama Purusa' parallels the idea of 'merging into Parama Purusa'. These two phrases express the same concept: That of a sadhaka losing oneself in dhyana, wherein the mind actually loses its own unit identity due to great love for Him.

Initially, a sadhaka feels love for Parama Purusa and one feels separate from Him. And then, as that love mounts more and more, a certain moment may come when one completely loses their individual identity and becomes one with Parama Purusa.

When, by His grace, the loving attraction and divine pull towards Baba becomes so great that one forgets their own existence in the pursuit of getting Him, then one is 'sitting on the lap of Parama Purusa'. Thus 'sitting on the lap of Parama Purusa' and 'merging in Him' mean the same thing; the only difference being, the first is a devotional expression whereas the latter is more philosophical.

Baba says, "One is sure to reach one’s destination. And what is the destination? To merge into Parama Purus'a, to sit on His Lap." (AV-22)

In more technical language, when one loses their own individual existence in Cosmic Self, then this is nirvakalpa samadhi. That is also the meaning behind the phrase, 'sitting on the lap of Parama Purusa', i.e. becoming one with Him.

And this merging only happens in dhyana, when by His grace, one calls Him and yearns for Him with such love, that one loses their own unit identity.

Thus sitting on the lap of Parama Purusa occurs only at the zenith point of one's dhyana practice. And it refers to that high stage of dhyana wherein one has forgotten their own unit existence and become totally absorbed in Baba.


Here Baba gives us His recipe for how to attain Him and sit on His lap.

Baba says, "What a good man should do, what an intelligent man is to do, what a spiritual aspirant to do, is always to remember his loving Father. And this is what meditation is. Why should he always remember his loving Father? Because he will have to keep in the closest psychic and spiritual touch with the Supreme, because He is the Supreme abode of all. And finally one will have to sit on His lap. That is the final Desideratum." (AV-12)


By Baba's grace, He has blessed us by bringing us on that path of tantra sadhana and filling our hearts with innate love for Him. By this way, we are sure to sit on His lap and become one with Him. That is our birthright and our destiny.

Baba says, "Whenever anyone develops an intense desire to merge in Him, Parama Purus'a immediately arranges to impart lessons how to move towards Him, how to merge in Him." (SS-11) Baba says, "One who loves Him will merge in Him, will become one with Him." (AV-5)



By Baba's grace, it is our birthright to become one with Him: To shed ourselves of all unit qualities and merge with His divine Self.

Baba says, "Each and every entity has the right to move towards Him, and to be one with Him. And when the mind becomes one with Him, the mirror is lost. There cannot be any more reflection. There cannot be any more Jiiva'tma'. Jiiva becomes one with Shiva. “Pa'sha baddha bhavet jiiva, pa'shmukta bhavet Shiva” – Jiiva will become one with Shiva. This is the human goal. This is the Desideratum." (AV-3)


Some in the Marga may not yet have all their sadhana lessons, yet Baba says not to delay. According to Guru, every sadhaka should practice sincerely and get all their sadhana lessons.

Baba says, "Human life is short. It is wise to get all the instructions regarding sa'dhana' as soon as possible." (CC-2, 'Sadhana')

So every AM sadhaka should get all their lessons, including dhyana, as quickly as possible. Every sadhaka then should be sure to consult an acarya about this and make proper arrangements to get their remaining lessons. Because it is only in dhyana that one can realise what it means to sit on the lap of Parama Purusa and become one with Him.

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