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Baba's Special Grace

From: "Shantatma Kerketta" To: Subject: Baba's Special Grace Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2010 07:13:20 +0530 Baba "A'lor pathik ese geche tamah na'shiya'..." - P.S. 467 Purport: The almighty Parama Purusa, the Traveler of divine effulgence has come and all the darkness has vanished by His august advent. The lethargy, drowsiness & staticity have gotten destroyed. The wall & gate of the jail have been smashed by His grace. In a flash-- blink of an eye-- He has destroyed the dogma and crudeness which had accumulated since hundreds of years. All the clouds of dilemma have been removed. Now all around the effulgence is spreading and floating in all the directions. O' my friends, family members, brothers and sisters, please do not remain distant and away. Do not keep yourself separate and alien. Please come close. Sing and dance with the happiness of the infinite attraction and inspiration of His divine vibration...
Namaskar, It is a well-known and established idea in the mind of each and every sincere margii that Baba's grace works in mysterious ways. To understand His liila is not easy; indeed His grace works very secretly. That is why it is said, 'Dharmasya su'ks'ma' gatih"-- Dharma works underneath, behind the scenes, and goes on working.
When Parama Purusa advents on this earth then that has some great purpose. And that purpose is to establish dharma in its proper place. And when dharma is established, then He leaves His physical form. But eternally He resides in the hearts of devotees. Those who have a little devotion understand this fact well that dharma has already been established on this earth. That's why not only in Ananda Marga but all around, we can clearly see how sinners are getting annihilated, one after another, as their misdeeds get exposed. Whereas in the distant past it was not like that. Negative elements were exploiting the whole society mercilessly and nobody could dare oppose them. This was the case in most of the countries and areas of the past. But now, the whole vibration has been changed. Greater awareness is there even in the minds of the general public, and of course especially in Ananda Marga this transformation has taken root. We should not forget that Mahasambhuti takes the human form only after a gap of thousands of years. And this time Baba wants to give a special teaching to the world. Namely that, in the absence of the physical structure of Mahasambhuti, His vibration is everything. And that alone is enough to generate and huge flow and give a spiritual blow to the adharmic forces. And by this way the sadvipra society gets established on this planet.
At the time of Lord Shiva, society was so primitive. So, He did everything wherever He was. The people need that type of direct guidance. And all along when in battle then everywhere He himself physically fought-in order to prove "God is with you". And at the time of Lord Krsna, society was only a little developed. So even then people were not believing that God's grace is something. And they were also not believing that without the direct involvement of Lord Krsna-- or without His taking up of weapons, the sinners will be destroyed. So to teach this very thing, that God's grace is enough, Lord Krsna took a vow not to take up weapons. His physical presence is enough. And after the Mahabharat this tendency was developed. In the common society, devotees started thinking that God's presence is in the physical sense. That's why different types of epics and poems and everything is written in such a way, that God physically came and did the work. So today the common Indian society believes this very thing -- that God physically came and did the work. And with the inner force gained by this belief, they are moving forward.
But now, Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji wants to create and give one furthermore teaching. Specifically that the physical presence of Mahasambhuti is not needed for managing all the affairs. Rather His grace is enough. He is present everywhere. Each and every person must have to realize this. Indeed, it is not hidden to anyone that Baba used to sit in one place-- whether it be Tiljala, Ranchi, jail, or Ananda Nagar-- and by that way He spread the gospel of Ananda Marga to each and every nook and corner of this entire globe. He sent various disciples as His representatives, first margiis and then WTs, and they were charged with His vibration. And His blessings and grace was moving in that way, according to His desire. And all around Margiis felt linked. So just by sitting in one room, without even going anywhere, in that way Baba has established dharma. And there is enough proof that in the absence of His physical body His grace goes on working. And by seeing His example in the life one can see that His modus operendi is different from Lord Krsna. Because at the time of Lord Krsna during each and every event, big or small, He was physically along with the Pandavas. Even when they went to kill Duryodana Lord Krsna was there and like that on so many occasions Krsna was moving right next to the Pandavas. But in the case of Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji it is not like that. Rather He sent out His margii & wt representatives in waves and proclaimed that 'Go do the work of dharma, My divine grace is with you'. So all the workers and margiis who have come in Baba's contact have experienced this. And still today one can realise that by doing sadhana, establishing His ideology, or doing His work in a sincere manner, then always His grace is there. If anybody is sincere in their efforts then anything can be done. So in His practical example of running the organisation, managing pracara, teaching sadhana etc, His grace was only working. And that is the case before 1990 and after 1990. Always. So Baba graciously created Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha to propagate and establish His ideology, Ananda Marga.
Ananda Marga is dharmic. Hypocrisy & duplicity have no room here. This is the kingdom of BABA. Whoever did anything wrong, right away they became turned upside down. They fell on the ground, and the chair was on them. It means, their chair got tilted and their chair sat on them. So the post which they were holding, that very post boomeranged on them and became the force behind their own exposure. And that post became the force to make them reap the consequences of their own negative actions. So the Ananda Marga chair is so peculiar. For example, when Sarvatmanandji became the unquestioned king in 1991. And the wheel of dharma just moved a little, and he was thrown away into a chasm, somewhere. And the same thing is going to happen to with anyone who follows such a negative trend. So all should be alert, because today or tomorrow this is eternal game is going on. Wherein they are indulging in another type of tyranny and injustice.
Overall we can say that Baba has planned that this very time, His physical presence is not needed to establish dharma - as was the case in the Mahabharat battle. In the Mahabharat, although Lord Krsna did not take up arms, but He was present there in the battle field. This time, Baba wants to teach the whole society that the grace of Parama Purusa is everything. He is physically there or not, but His grace is always there. By different events, the idea will be more and more clear, that God's grace is everything. In and invisible way it is that unseen force working behind. And with this force, dharma is getting established. Unfortunately, these things society was not believing up to now. Most could not fathom that the invisible force of Parama Purusa, is everything. Yet when we analyse the last 14 years' history of Ananda Marga it is getting clear: That Baba's force is doing everything. And it will only get more clear, gradually. That Baba is not gone. In His invisible form, He is sitting within our mind. And His vibration, His grace is working in the entire universe. And the whole physical, psychic and spiritual field of all the living and non-living flora and fauna are getting metamorphosed gradually, in the rhythm of AM ideology. And negative forces are getting annihilated. Nobody can save them. Dharmic people are not helpless anymore.
Those who still do not have faith on this, they will see that by this metamorphosis, in the entire society Ananda Marga philosophy is going to be established. In the very near future. Let alone inside Ananda Marga. And those who are spreading the nuisance of groupism, they may be Bengali group etc, Baba will throw them out. Now it may not be clear, what way they will be thrown out. Same way it was not clear when Dada Sarvatmanandji was in power in 1992-3. Everyone was thinking that he will rule Ananda Marga up to the end. With vanity he was busy in curtailing Margii rights, and doing distortion of Baba's many discourses. Nowadays if anyone is also following the groupist path of any factional agenda, then they will meet a similar blackish fate. So like this everything is now moving in proper flow; Baba is taking care. As changes have come in the past, in the same way with His force, everything will be alright. This Ananda Marga is made by Baba, and He is managing all the things. Dharma is on the rise and negative, groupist persons will not have any place in Ananda Marga in the near future. We should convince one and all to give up any groupist tendencies and adopt the ways of neo-humanism. That is where their welfare and victory lie. Clutching onto the fray of groupism is not good for anyone, their demise is impending.
Here follow is Baba's blessing: Baba says, "In order to annihilate evil doers and restore dharma, Parama Purusa showers His especial grace and compassion. This special effort is necessary because the place of dharma is above all else. Its importance is greater than that of anything else. For those who put dharma above everything else, their victory is assured." (AV-22 Hindi) Namaskar, Shantatma
How the wheel of dharma is moving so fast; it is incredible. For example: Communists started exploiting in 1917. And their hypocrisy and tyranny went on for several decades, in an uninterrupted way. Almost 75 years total and then later on, they got annihilated. Today, so many politicians are getting exposed through their ill deeds when in the past politicians were trusted as second gods. And so many unjust elements of life are getting exposed. Due to His sweet grace, society is becoming more evolved and can see what is right and wrong. In that process, rightousness prevails and those ill-doers lose their face in society. Those following dharma have His grace and get success whereas those involved in selfish agendas that run contrary to universal welfare get exposed and meet defeat - due to their own wrongdoings. Dharma will not support this misdeeds any longer. We see this happening both inside and outside of AM. His grace is dictating the flow in all directions.
******************************************** Origin of Few Musical Instruments
Baba says, ""Our tabla is a metamorphosed form of this mrdaunga. Some people believe that the tabla came from Persia but this is not the case; the tabla originated in this country. From Persia we have gotten the sitar and the gazal. Although the viin' originated in this country and has been here since the time of Shiva, we have gotten its descendant, the violin, from Italy." (SC-2, p.128)

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