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Re: To Brothers and Sisters Who Feel Baba Left Them #3

Subject: Re: To Brothers and Sisters Who Feel Baba Left Them
Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2012 05:14:31 +0200
From: amrit.lalloo



The very idea of "mahaprayan diivasa"  defeats the very purpose of Baba's advent on this planet earth. Baba has come to destroy dogmas,
narrowness, groupism and to replace these with rationality, neo-humanism and devotion.

Every year, 21 - 26 Oct., adherents are invited to to do kiirtan around BABA'S MAHASAMADII. Is this not tantamount to tomb worship? 

Do the adherents truly believe that (like the  shrine in Ajmer) they will get special grace by bowing and dancing around the tomb of Baba. Is this what Baba has taught his devotees?  This is nothing short of a lunatic idea of a sick, depraved mind. They advocate that mahaprayan diivasa is a solemn (sad) occasion and yet they continue to blow conch shells.

When I google searched Mahaprayan, some very, very interesting things came up. The film- MAHAPRAYAN - the last journey Of Mahatma Gandhi-Can we equate this with Shrii Shrii Anandamurti jii ? Does Parama Purusa have a last journey?

Another pop up MAHAPRAYAN - Payment Ananda Dhiira. Very strange! Mahaprayan and fund raising. Indeed, this has become the main motive - to make money by exploiting sadhakas: Indoctrinate margiis into the mahaprayan dogma and get maximum donations and cash from them in the name of mahaprayan. That is the agenda of such organisers.

Please, fellow Margiis, read what Baba has said about tiirtha (places of pilgrimage) and Varanasii. Don't be fooled by fakes, clad in saffron, hell-bent on infusing dogmas, narrowness and false hopes in the minds of devotees.

Follow the dictates of true Dharma. Baba is Dharma Guru. Follow and practice only what has been sanctioned by Him who is eternal. Baba is not Dead!! He is with you !

One last point. Is Mahaprayan Diivasa held for Lord Krishna or Lord Shiva or for the mythylogical Rama?  Why then for Lord Anandamurtii? Devotees are wise. They don't ever ideate that my lord is dead. Wisely they construct mandirs and not tombs and memorials.

Tomb worship is a terrible sin -  see note 1 below...

In Him who is eternal,


Baba says, "Not to call a thing what it is, but to call it something else, is known as slander. Therefore those who in the name of the beginningless, endless, formless Brahma worship idols, are indulging in deliberate slander. You must not give indulgence to this type of Mahapápa (great / terrible sin)." (Caryacarya -2, Sadhana, pt #18)

Those who follow dogma are also prone to indulging in contradictory notions. That is the case with the adherents of so-called mahaprayan as well. On the one side, they think that Baba is far, far away - gone; and, on the other side, they think that the tomb in Tiljala is a representation of Baba and that by going there and doing sastaunga pranam at the tomb and asking for boons, then He will satisfy your wishes and shower His blessings. This is their inherently dogmatic and contradictory approach.

"Prabhu, toma'r na'mer bharasa' niye aga'dh sa'gar pa'r'i dobo..."  (PS 2350)


Baba, surrendering in You has immense force. Trusting in Your name,  I can do anything. Nothing is impossible in this universe. I can even cross the bottomless ocean by having faith on Your name, keeping You in my heart, and holding Your feet. Baba, I will go on singing Your name while pulverizing all the obstacles and hindrances of pebbles & stones which come on the pathway of my forward journey. Baba, with the stroke of my feet I will crush them and march ahead, by Your grace.

Baba, holding Your flag in my hand and singing Your name in my heart, I will go on marching forward with my head held high - it is Your grace. Baba, by Your ahetuki krpa', I will bring the neo-humanistic era onto this dusty earth. The victory mark will be on my forehead.

Baba, by keeping You in the heart, there will not be any dilemmas or doubts in anyone's mind. The mind will be pointed, straight-forward, and clear. Everyone's longing will be satiated - permanently. Baba, by Your grace, I will shower my love and win over everyone's heart by my selfless service and sacrifice. I will honor everyone's right to live.

Baba, by keeping Your feet in the heart, one can do anything. Nothing remains difficult or impossible. Baba, please reside in my heart eternally...

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