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Loving Communication of Bhakta & Parama Purusa #9

Date: 03 Feb 2012 20:06:48 -0000
From: "Vara'bhaya Deva"
Subject: Loving Communication of Bhakta & Parama Purusa #9



~ PS #1158 ~

Here is the next song in our series. The following review of Prabhat Samgiita #1158 is comprised of three distinct sections:

(A) Transliteration

(B) Line Meaning

(C) End Notes

Please be sure to read each section carefully as they build upon each other. Kindly send your suggestions, comments and thoughts.


Ga'ne ga'ne eso manera ahmka'ra gunr'iye diye
Pra'n'e pra'n'e mesho ks'udratvera siima'na' sariye diye 

Kii a'che ka'ha'ro mane, bha've kare gopane
Sabai tumi samabha've ja'no, calo saba'ike mane niye
Tumi calo saba'ike mane niye

Toma'r ba'hire kichu je na'i, sukhe duhkhe saba'r tumi je t'h'ai
Saba'ra kotha' samabha've bha'vo, calo saba'r pa'ne ta'kiye
Tumi calo saba'r pa'ne ta'kiye


Baba, please come in endless songs [1], pulverizing the ego of my mind. Please merge in my heart and remove the boundary of my smallness [2]. [3]

Baba, whatever one has in their mind, whatever they may be thinking or secretly doing, [4] You know everyone equally [5]. You move ahead keeping everyone in Your mind. O' Lord, You move on keeping everyone in Your mind.

Baba, there is nothing beyond You. In joy and sorrow, You are everyone's shelter. You think about everyone equally. Baba, You go on looking after all. O' my Lord, You go on looking after all.

Baba, You are my Saviour, I surrender at Your lotus feet. Please shower Your causeless grace...


[1] Please Come in Songs: Through the chanting of songs You come; when I sing I feel Your proximity and You, in your role of Darpa Harii, pulverize my ego.

Baba says, "Parama Puruśa is called Darpahárii, which means “Pride-snatcher”. One thing He will not tolerate is ego. He is uni-purposive and multilateral: He is doing everything at once. He is running the whole universe, so He is multilateral. But He is uni-purposive because He has only one purpose: to bring all His creatures back to Him, to merge in Him again." (Ananda Vacanamrtam-31, Surrender at the Altar of the Supreme)

[2] Smallness: Here, smallness refers to the feeling of the jiiva or unit self: "I am a human being; I am alone; I have so many limitations; I have this or that." All these are feelings of the unit "I".  And the request of that unit being is: "Make little "I" one with the Supreme "I".

Note: When reciting the mantra with each and every respiration in sadhana, the unit merges into cosmic. That is the idea expressed here. In result, the unit becomes cosmic; the microcosm becomes macrocosm. With the help of the mantra, the waves of the unit "I" become one with the Cosmic "I". (For more about this read the chapter, Mantra Caetanya.)

[3] Meaning of First Stanza: When I sing the song, O Lord, please come in my close proximity and remove my ego so I can surrender at Your lotus feet. In my sadhana, please merge Your Divine Self in my heart, and make my unit I-feeling one with the Cosmic-"I". O' Lord, please remove my smallness and make me one with You.

[4] Parama Purusa Knows Everything: O' Parama Purusa, You know everything about everyone. There is nothing outside of You. Whatever a person is thinking or longing for, You are fully aware. In this vast cosmos, it is impossible to keep a secret from You. All knowledge resides within You. You witness every movement and thought. You are aware about one and all, always. The entire creation is Your thought projection. That is why everything is known to You. Nothing is less or more; You know everything completely, i.e. all the ins and outs.

[5] You Know Everyone Equally: Baba, You know everything about everybody. It is not that about some You know more, and about others You know less. It is not that some people You treat in a special way and others in a distant way. All are Your progeny and part of Your creation.

Baba says, "A microcosm, a unit being, may think, “I am an insignificant person, I am not educated, I have neither intellect nor erudition nor wealth. Does Parama Puruśa think of me also? – Me, a very small insignificant microcosm?” They should remember that Parama Puruśa not only does think of them, He is bound to think of them by force of circumstances. Parama Puruśa cannot think, “These are just very ordinary human beings merely managing to make both ends meet – I can’t think of them!” He cannot think like this, because by providential decree the Macrocosm is bound to think of His created objects – He cannot forget them."

"And does He think only of a human being, or only of a white ant? No, He thinks of all."

Sama pluśińá sáma mashakena
Sama nágena sama ebhistribhih lakaeh.

"He looks upon a tiny white ant with as much love and affection as on a mosquito. Nor does He think of a large mammoth more than other entities, for a mammoth has a mind just as an ant has. So He thinks equally of all: He thinks of a white ant or a mosquito with the same seriousness as of a mammoth or an elephant, and He attaches same importance to each individual creature as to all the three worlds. So you understand that you are not at all insignificant: your existential value is very great." (Subhasita Samgraha-18, Macropsychic Conation and Micropsychic Longings)

Note: Here it should be understood that devotees feel His close proximity whereas others do not. That is why non-devotees blame Parama Purusa for not caring about them. But their accusation is baseless as He witnessnes everything, everyone

Varabhaya Deva

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