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Improving Sadhana VII

To: From: Marcus "Mahadeva" Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2008 23:48:29 -0400 Subject: Improving Sadhana VII Baba "Toma'r katha' bheve din ket'e ja'y, toma'r chavi mane bha'se..." (P.S. 1391) Purport: Baba, by Your sweet grace my days are passing by blissfully thinking about Your divine glory & Your wondrous tales. Baba, by Your grace, Your beautiful form is always floating in my mind. O' my dearmost, when I think about Your sweet smile, then my mind gets inundated with waves of bliss-- and I completely forget about my existence in this mundane world. I forget all the days and dates. Baba, by Your grace when I think about You then I lose myself entirely in Your divine rhythm. O' my dearmost Baba, by singing Your glory and chanting Your kiirtan and moving around You, then my heart always dances in bliss. It is nothing but Your mercy and compassion how You have made me Your special medium. My situation is that of a musical instrument and You are the Musician. Or, I am a tiny drop of water and You are the vast, endless ocean. Baba, O' my Lord, by Your grace I am within You, and You are infinite. Baba, there is only one thing that I ask: Please always remain in my each and every breath. Baba, You are so gracious-- I love You. You are my everything...
Namaskar, By following His every system of life, engaging in deep sadhana, and applying our vision of neo-humanism, then no problem is too huge and no solution is beyond our reach. In that way what better way to begin than to sharpen our understanding of 16 Points. Here following is the next letter in this on-going series.
One time when I visited India I went with the impression that each and every person there wears a laungota. Now, after that trip, how far really all non-margiis are doing or not I cannot say exactly. But when I passed through the capital city and visited a gymnasium I met one male youth who was practicing various exercises. And I came to know that he does in fact wear a laungota. Though by his talk I understood that he wears it quite differently from our dharmic AM system. So what practices & customs the rishis taught long back in India got totally changed and diluted. Because when the laungota was first introduced thousands of years ago then surely the proper system was also given. But now nearly all non-AM youths are using the laungota incorrectly. Many overseas think that all the practices are present in India. But in the general society so many things have gotten completely lost. In that regard AM really is quite unique. Because all Baba's teachings are completely dharmic, yet outside AM so many false practices are being done. Prior though I was not thinking that proper laungota wearing was such a unique thing. I thought that all Indian citizens were wearing one because even I saw a picture of the great monkey devotee-- Hanuman-- and he was depicted wearing a laungota. Because in his mythological photo it shows him wearing a laungota. So I thought surely that everyone is doing. But now I see that it is not like that. Either people are not using one at all or they are wearing it incorrectly. And like that in general Indian society in each and every sphere, step by step, they are losing or have totally lost the dharmic way of doing things. Only it is Baba's grace that He has blessed us with one completely new outlook and all the proper practices.
So we Ananda Margiis are fortunate as Baba has lovingly given us all the perfect guidelines for living a healthy and pure life where spiritual attainment is guaranteed. In this regard 16 Points is the Supreme guideline. This below letter revolves around point #4 of Sixteen Points:
"Males should Always Wear Laungota" (Pt 4 of 16 Pts)
(a) The scientific system of wearing a laungota has many distinct advantages such as all around protection, hygiene, balancing the glands, sexual control. (b) Boys should start wearing a laungota upon entering adolescence when the glands develop and the pubic hair starts forming. (c) It is the duty of parents to educate their children on these matters.
(d) Some people like to emulate certain things females do. But one should know that the biological and anatomical needs of males and females are different. So adopting underwear or hosiery in place of laungota will not do. At least on this point males should not copy females.
(e) Wearing a laungota is a basic quality of all male margiis. Some fake type of margiis like to use hosiery type of underwear. But by wearing hosiery etc there is no benefit of the laungota system. No doubt for females it is okay but for males it is not proper. (f) In Ananda Nagar DMC / DMS when people bath in the river then they can easily calculate who is non-margii, a new margii, or strong margii by seeing whether that person is using a laungota or hosiery underwear etc. Because wearing a laungota is one defining factor for dharmic margii life. (g) A similar thing happens at different retreats also, where if someone is not using a laungota then everyone just concludes that he is a fake margii-- i.e. some type of coward who is trustless.
Baba has instructed us on the safest, healthiest, and most effective way to wear a laungota. These following points lead us in that direction: (h) In India, there is an ongoing dogma that the genital should remain downward when wearing a laungota. But this is entirely incorrect. Because Baba has clearly directed us that the genital organ should always be lifted in an upward position when wearing a laungota. Then only will it give proper support, protection, & sexual control. (i) The laungota should always fit snugly; it should be adequately tight-- yet not uncomfortably so. But it certainly should not be loose. Because only when the laungota is sufficiently tight is it then safe for doing tandava, kaoshikii, asanas etc. Whereas if it is just loosely attached then various health concerns and / or diseases may arise such as hydrocele. Because a loose fitting laungota gives scope for the nerves of the testes to be stretched or ruptured. (j) A fresh, clean laungota should be put on after our daily bath. And in the warm season when we take two baths then after each bath we should change into a new, clean laungota. (k) Laungotas should be washed daily. (l) Each laungota should be air-dried fully before being worn. It should not still be moist or damp when putting it on otherwise that will only cause problems such as skin rashes etc. (m) One important point is that Baba is very strict that one's own laungota(s) is not to be used by others. Rather they are only for our own personal use. So at big retreats and DMS where it is quite possible that laungotas can easily get mixed up and mistakenly swapped around etc-- especially during the cleaning and hanging process-- then one should be very careful otherwise that is only inviting disease.
(n) Here it should be made clear that there is no set rule regarding the color of the laungota. Anyone can select a color of their own personal choice whether that be white, orange, purple, green, blue etc. All margiis have complete freedom to use any color they like.
(o) Having a laungota with a square back is better than one with an angled or diagonal cut as this gives more coverage and gives an over-all better fit. (p) Best is for a laungota to be of single cloth thickness all-around. No portion of the laungota should be 2 layers or double cloth as this makes it bulky, uncomfortable, and it takes longer to dry. (q) The overall stitching or fit of the laungota should be moderate. If it is too big or it is too long then it creates problems as then one needs to decide how to manage the extra material. So the design should be moderate: Properly proportioned and not too wide in the back etc. On this regard we should not blindly depend on tailors to do as they please, rather we should present them with explicit instructions / measurements for how the laungotas should be sewn. Otherwise they will be uncomfortable. (r) Another matter is that if the laungota is very big and there is too much material then the skin of the inner thighs will get scratched or rub. So the length and width of the various aspects of the laungota should be moderate-- not too big and not too small. (s) Some people use synthetic cloth for making their laungotas but that is unhygienic and unhealthy. Best is that laungotas are made from 100% soft cotton-- unpolished soft cotton. That is most hygienic because cotton can absorb sweat very quickly thereby saving the genitals from skin irritation etc.
(t) Actually around the globe the laungota is the speciality of AM. By seeing all the laungotas on the laundry line then anyone can recognise our AM jagrtis and ashrams quite easily. The laungota-- flying on the line outside-- is a trademark symbol of AM jagrtis in India. So when travelling around Delhi sector if you are in a new place and you cannot find the AM jagrti then just ask any local where is the building that always has so many laungotas hanging on the roof. And then certainly they will be able to point you in the right direction & show you where the jagrti is.
So these are some of the thoughts and reflections which got gathered from all around regarding point #4 of Sixteen Points. All margii brothers and sisters are kindly requested and most welcome to share any further ideas about this. Namaskar, Mahadeva
*************************************** Beauty of Sadhana
Baba says, "You must love the Supreme Consciousness (Parama Purusa) and come near Him...When you reach the closest proximity to the Supreme Consciousness, your mental waves will come in contact with His mental waves. Then you will understand what is to be done, and what will be the destiny of humanity in the near and distant future." "By your love for Him, you can easily understand this, and then whatever is necessary to be done for the welfare of humanity through Neo-Humanism, you shall certainly do. You have obtained a human form for this purpose; and your body will be fully utilized when you have reached the closest proximity to the Supreme Consciousness." (SS-16 (H), p. 10-11)

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