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Should We Overlook This Nasty Situation

From: "Parahsakti Devii" To: Subject: Should We Overlook This Nasty Situation Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2010 21:34:31 +0530 Baba "Visa'de basudha' chilo eka' toma'r abhabe..." (P.S. no. 4863) Purport: Baba, prior to Your advent-- in the absence of Your divine presence and without and Your ideological guidelines, this whole earth was drowned in misery. Everything was here, but Your divine teachings were not. Even the little effulgence turned black because of the dominance of the pitch dark Cimmerian night. Light was not even able to shine because of the extreme dominance of staticity. So Your advent was highly needed. In the past, in the sky of the human heart there was a moon, but it was covered with the cloud of dogma-- improper thinking, full of ignorance. In the forest there were flowers but they had no fragrance. In the past, on the branches of the tree the birds were there, but they were not chirping. They were crying in agony sitting in their lonely way. In the corner of my mind there was loneliness and longing, but not You. Baba, smashing the Cimmerian darkness Your advent happened. Baba, You have vibrated everyone's existence with Your divine flow. It is Your grace, Baba, only Your grace...
Namaskar, Now it is commonly known that one top posted Dada spends so many of his waking moments with a particular Didi. Yet Baba has clearly given all Ananda Margiis - and especially Wts - specific conduct rules which clearly mandate the separation of the sexes. Indeed, everyone in our Marga knows that one Dada and one Didi are not supposed to be traveling and living together. Nor are they supposed to be gossiping on the phone for hours and hours about non-organisational topics. Unfortunately this is allegedly going in at least a select few cases. Before mentioning the name of one highly posted Dada who is seemingly indulged in this manner, we should once again review some of Baba's rules for Wts.
These following conduct rules apply to all wearing Wt dress - none are exempt. By this way the purity and strength of our devoted cadre is maintained. Baba says, "Avadhuta must not remain in a lonely place with any female." (32 Rules For Avadhutas, pt #13) Baba says, "One should not look at the face of the opposite sex except at the time of nursing." (37 Workers Rules, pt #15) Baba says, "You will protect yourself from sexual weakness and luxury." (Fourteen Points, pt #12) It is Baba's grace that He has blessed us with rules and regulations in all realms of life, by this way our Marga can be of a high moral standard and not fall prey to sexual lapses as has happened with so many churches, temples, spiritual groups, and so-called great sadhus etc. Hence, nobody in our Marga is above the rules; all must adhere to Baba's stated guidelines.
For all of the above reasons and more, many are telling that Dada Nigama'nandji must pay heed. Because he spends all his time with one particular Didi. They talk together, smile together, walk together, talk together, travel together, eat together, gossip together, joke together, and plan together - among other things. Everything is done together; that is the way Dada Nigamananda is reportedly conducting his life in connection with one Didi. Indeed they are so much like two peas in a pod, that if you have seen Dada Nigamanandji in the last year or two, then most likely you know exactly which Didi it is. Because they are always together. What they do or don't do physically is one matter, but they are so mentally involved with one another that they can hardly tolerate being separated. Such is the degree to which they are linked and attached. The most common complaint about Dadaji is that it looks like he is totally unable to exist without that Didi as his consort. They seem inseparable - period. Nigamananda recently brought that Didi with him all the way to Berlin sector. The idea of being there without her was apparently more than his heart could bear. So he arranged to bring her along. The only question left to ask: Is Dada Nigamanandji bigger than Baba's conduct rules? Are we to simply overlook this nasty situation? This is definitely a matter for us to carefully consider. One of the most pressing matters is that our senior Dada Nigamanandji seems to have indoctrinated his favoured Didi into behaving poorly wherever she goes. Some of her latest ventures are recounted below. Perhaps the biggest issue of all is that Dada's example sets a poor precedent for younger workers. It gives them the idea that they too need not follow the AM conduct rules as given by Baba.
Now let's see some of the ways the unnamed Didi has been affected. When in Delhi sector, this Didi spends cent-per-cent of her time with Dada Nigamanandji, or entertaining other Dadas. Because that is what Nigamanandji taught her to do. And now she is spreading those "teachings" in other sectors. Didi is so attached to Dada N that in order to be with him in Berlin sector she pretended to have work in NY sector - that was the only way she could manage to get to Berlin sector to be with Nigamananda. Didi pretended her time in Europe was a mere stopover before going to NY. Hence after the Berlin DMS Didiji toured NY - and here is what she did. Upon arriving to NY, Didiji immediately glued herself to one Dada. She went everywhere with this Dada. Because that is what Nigamanandji trained her to do. So right away she and one not-to-be-named Dada traveled together alone in a car all over the USA and then they toured through Mexico as well. And the entire time it was just the two of them in a car and then they were together wherever they stayed at night. It seems Baba's divine conduct rules were just let in the dust as this Didi and Dada traveled together, as though they were man and wife. Didi acted as though the whole thing was quite natural since this is what she does with Nigamanandji when in India and in fact she was in NY to champion his cause. So she felt very "at home" moving around with this new Dada - always at his hip. However, most of the margiis were very uncomfortable seeing this. Because the whole affair was very un-sannyasi-like. It was weird to be watching this Dada and Didi go all over the place, confiding in each other, and sharing each and every moment together. Everyone started whispering and wondering about them - and rightly so. Because all margiis understand this type of behaviour is totally against Baba's conduct rules. Yet Didi was quite casual about the whole affair. Some say she encourages Dadas to go against wt conduct rules - all because she has been an ongoing victim of Nigamananda's ways. Thus the poor dealing that Nigamananda taught her is spreading around the globe - luring in other persons. That is the terrible harm. All this has very serious ramifications - which we shall discuss.
First, one other point that must be added: Because of the wrong teaching delivered by Nigamanandji, his favoured Didi is unable to develop sisterly bonds or even manage normal conversations with other Didis. Always she feels she must be with the Dadas - entertaining them in some way or another. That is why when in Delhi sector or any other land, this Didi keeps her distance from other Didis. She neither works with them, nor travels with them, nor speaks with them, nor eats with them. She is not friends with the Didis. Thus her entire approach is 100% polar opposite of Baba's mandate. Baba says, "It should be remembered that a woman’s friend is a woman and a man’s friend is a man." (CC-1) All in all the plight of this Didi is a bit sad and unfortunate - and no doubt the brunt of the blame rests on Nigamanandji's shoulders.
Here are some of the harmful repercussions of Nigamananda's actions: 1) If a leader or group controller like Nigamananda is not following Baba's teachings in his personal life, then it becomes the trend amongst junior workers to follow that misguided manner as well. And that is what we see unfolding today. 2) Nowadays, there are a growing number of wts who follow this "loose style" of living. It has begun spreading like cancer. To remedy the situation a plan is underway to contact all such workers involved in sketchy or questionable dealings and give them the opportunity to rectify their behaviour. If they do not, the only option is to bring the matter to one and all in hopes that circumstantial pressure will help such workers to mend their ways. The main aim is to stop the loose behaviour - not to expose a particular worker or pool of workers. 3) The vast majority of Wts are very good. They adhere to Sixteen Points and they know how some Wts are behaving. Indeed it sickens them to see such things. So they know what is going on but they do not want to openly oppose such events, like Nigamananda's manner, because that will only invite unbearable victimisation. So they keep quiet.
While at the outset, the tactic may not be to "go public" when we see Dadas and Didis unusually close, what we can all do is softly and gently approach those doing wrong and ask them to rectify their behavior. They should not become one bad example such that in their old age they lose sight of dharma, as happened with Nigamananda. That makes for their own degradation and sends a poor message to new and younger workers. Thus we should all help our workers adhere to the tenets of AM - this is first and foremost for their welfare.
By Baba's grace, we can bring our Marga back to its glory by setting an example of pristine behaviour and inspiring or pressurizing others to do the same. We cannot allow some Wts to slide in this way. Overlooking the matter is not the answer, rather that only invites more problems. Baba says, 'Hence, all Ananda Margis, when they see other Margis acting against the principles of yama and niyama, must make them shun this habit either by sweet or harsh words or by dealing even more strictly. Thus they will have to make the society strong." (GHC) Namaskar, Parashakti
*************************************** What Every Intelligent Person Should Do
Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji says, "Each and every intelligent person of the world, everyone who has an iota of intelligence, should try to goad all their energies, all their propensities unto Him. He is the Supreme Shelter. There is no alternative." (AV-3, p.33) Note: In today's crude capitalist society where the degenerated ways of materialism run rampant, the common people rush head-long into negative activities. But we Ananda Margiis must not get affected or swayed by this mass movement-- where people run without thinking and ruin themselves. Rather as sadhakas, we should do what is intelligent. We should be intelligent. And per Baba's above guideline the most intelligent people are those sadhakas direct their energies toward Him and surrender everything unto His lotus feet.

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