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Cause Not The Cure

From: "Geoffrey Young" To: Subject: Cause Not The Cure Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2008 23:31:42 +0000 Baba Baba Nam Kevalam "Toma'y a'mi bha'laba'si e katha' ki jeneo ja'no na'..." (P.S. 2953) Purport: Baba, I love You, This thing You know but it seems also that You do not know because You are not giving me any response. You never notice that I am always looking towards the path of Your arrival-- I go on sitting there in longing late into the night. Staying awake by fighting off my sleepiness. Baba my life is for You; my whole existence and my whole world is dancing in Your rhythm. To get You, and come close to You, and please You is my sadhana. What I want and what I do not want, nothing is hidden from You. Please grace me and colour my mind in Your color. And make me dance in Your rhythm, according to Your liking....
Namaskar, In this present era, hypocrisy and duplicity run rampant. People show themselves as one thing when in fact they are really something else. Currently, hefty capitalists like Bill Gates are posing as the great heroes of society by claiming that they are spending billions to find a cure to AIDS etc, yet it is the very underhanded ploys of such capitalists that has brought upon hellish syndromes like AIDS in the first place. Let us take a closer look.
While the exact biological or physiological cause of AIDS has escaped the eye of medical researchers thus far, it does not take much brainpower to understand that loose sexual behaviour is one of the main reasons behind the outbreak and spread of AIDS. Due to a totally imbalanced and degraded approach to life where open sex & multiple partners have become common, it was an inevitability that some nasty disease would result. In the past such outbreaks like syphilis occurred for similar reasons and now because of more dirty habits the deadly syndrome of AIDS has taken birth and is spreading like wildfire. In that hectic and panicked environment, all of a sudden various duplicitous capitalists like Gates present themselves to the society as heavenly angels who are going to free the society of such vile diseases like AIDS. They toot their horn and wave their wallets and chant, 'I have taken a vow to find the cure'. But not for one second should we believe them or appreciate their "sincerity".
As we all know, Gates' billions did not come from sitting idle and twiddling his thumbs. Rather his enormous wealth is a result of vigorously exploiting the world of all its resourses. That is how such capitalists operate. And in order to do this they resort to all kinds of tricks and manipulation. Baba says, "Suppose, a particular community has a high standard of arts (theatre, cinema, etc.) but the number of rich people in that community is comparatively few. On the other hand, the culture of another community is very undeveloped, but there is a greater number of wealthy people among them. Now, the latter [wealthy exploiter] group wants to maintain its exploitation over that [simple public] group having a more developed cultural heritage, and one of the ways to paralyze people in the psycho-economic sphere is cultural exploitation--to impose vulgar cinemas and dramas upon these good people." [NH-LOI] So in order to keep a community under its thumb, Gates and friends inject degraded media into the minds of the people so that they get caught up in those baser propensities and cannot rise up against the exploitation of such capitalists. By this way US capitalists can easily control them. Because the thing is, it takes a lot of energy and concentrated action to bring the mind to a higher place whereas to let the mind run in the depths of the sewer is quite easy. And the capitalists play into this phenomenon. Baba says, "As you know, the mind has a natural tendency to degrade itself; it flows more easily downwards than upwards. So if some people, by virtue of their wealth, impose vulgar cinemas and dramas on others..." [NH-LOI] If this happens then the result will be clear-- that poorer community will become quite degraded and will easily fall prey to such capitalists. And that is exactly what Gates and Co have engineered. With their capitalistic scheming these manipulators have hoarded all the wealth and resources from every near and distant land and used that to build their economic empire, unhindered by any protests by the people. Because the local people were terribly suppressed and cheated and therefore unable to recognise those capitalist exploiters for who they really were. Baba says, "This [pseudo-culture] will break their backs and they will become paralyzed. And these paralyzed, spineless people in future will never be able to stand unitedly against cultural or any other kind of exploitation. They can never do so because mentally they are completely dead--their capacity to raise their heads in protest has been crushed forever. How can they raise their heads again?" [NH-LOI] Thus when the masses get overrun by the injection of degrading stimuli then they are unable to stand up to the capitalists. In such a condition like in those African nations, all hope gets lost. Namely, the thought of rising out of their economic poverty became a forgotten idea. Due to the menacing and ghastly grip of the ruling first-world capitalists, it was a forgone idea that one day those impoverished people would find sunshine in their lives. In that case, sunk in woe with the odds totally stacked against them and with those capitalists standing on their heads, that exploited community just resorted to more and more degraded and sensuous habits like open sex to vent the frustrations of their shattered lives. But in the end, such degenerated ways only invited more chaos and destruction-- i.e. AIDS.
Due to years and generations of torment and exploitation by the capitalists it was inevitable that some nasty disease or epidemic would pollute the people. The capitalists knew it, their advisors knew it, and Mr Gates knew it-- everyone knew it except the exploited masses. So those capitalists moved ahead with their sinister plan in order to capture the wealth. And then when an AIDS type of syndrome did unleash its fury on the unsuspecting public, then those duplicitous capitalists like Gates wave their rosy flag in the eyes of the people and say, 'I have come to help'. So the whole thing is one nasty ploy from top to bottom.
It is just like if one hunter in the jungle digs a huge hole in the ground and then covers it with leaves, branches, and loose grass etc. And then on the top he places a piece of cheese. Then when one unsuspecting animal walks by and smells that cheese it will fall right into that trap and plunge down into the depths of that hole-- totally stuck down there and unable to get out. And then with a false smile of benevolence the hunter peeks his head down there and says to the innocent yet injured animal, 'Hello there Mr Zebra, I have come to help you'. And the zebra, unable to recognise who is who or what is what, naively believes that the hunter has really come to help. When in the true sense that deceitful hunter was the cause of the zebra's injury and that hunter has no intention of helping that decrepit zebra. But in his deplorable state, the zebra remains unaware of the hunters original intentions.
Our dear Mr Gates is no different from that sneaky hunter. With ravenous eyes Gates and his slick capitalist bandits have engineered a global monopoly and ruined the lives of millions and billions of people from east to west by diverting all the wealth from those impoverished states into their own pockets. And they have pushed the faces of the common people into the mud, taking all hope out of their lives and leaving them to run in the muck of degradation. All this Mr Gates and his capitalist allies have set up. Thus there is no question that they are the cause of all this social unrest which expressed itself in the outbreak and spread of the AIDS virus. This is no hidden secret. But like that injured zebra in the above example, the common people do not have the eyes to see what is what and who is who. So when Mr Gates flashes his bankroll and offers to help, then those people hail him as a hero and clap for joy. This is the outrageous scene that is taking place nowadays. It is horrifying and nauseating all at the same time. So there should not be any confusion about this. None should think that the capitalists have come to save the society from any type of epidemic. They are not the saviours-- but rather the cause. All done with mal-intent.
The first step of course is to continue to set up our AMURT camps all around and cooperate with other like-minded NGO's (non-governmental organisations). And at the same time we are to open the eyes of the people and raise the social consciousness so that all can rightly recognise the damning schemes of those dreaded capitalists.
By Baba's grace with coordinated cooperation we will able to rid the world of struggle and strife and help everyone advance towards the Cherished Goal. Baba says, "There will be peace and happiness in the Universe, and, established in one indivisible ideology, humanity will march forward toward the Supreme Goal. Victory be with you!" (Disc MHB, p.53) Namaskar, Jiivan Mukta
Here below are a few of the slippery lines issued from the tongue of Mr Bill Gates. With his duplicitous words much of the public gets temporarily duped by his well-wishing and call for the cure of AIDS. But in the same moment, behind the scenes, Mr. Gates is making huge profits by exploiting all the resources from the poorer nations of the world, thus putting those people further into the depths of living hell. In that case who is going to get befooled by Mr. Gates deceitful actions.
"Bill Gates said there is "a new sense of optimism" in Africa because "the world is doing far more than ever before to fight AIDS"." "Mr. and Mrs. Gates, co-chairs of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, addressed the opening ceremony of the 16th International AIDS Conference." "the Gates Foundation pledged $500 million to the Global Fund, and encouraged other donors to step up their contributions." "Noting that "stopping AIDS" is the Gates Foundation's "top priority," Mr. Gates emphasized that "we have to do a much better job on prevention"."
So these are but a few of the statements which Mr Gates has issued. But when his own bank account is bigger than all of the African nations combined, and when his brainchild-- Microsoft-- has wrapped all the world's resources around its finger, then how can any balanced thinking person really believe that Mr Gates is truly concerned about the plight of the people. Rather he is the chief cause of their misery and disease.
The day is not far when the intentions of these devious capitalists like Mr Gates will be known across the globe. At present such capitalists think they have it all figured out and are sitting pretty. But Baba guides us below that the glory days of such capitalists are numbered. Soon their demonic behaviour will be exposed in front of all. Baba, "Those demons in human framework, whom those poor fellows trusted; to give ovations to whom those people rushed to meetings with thousands of garlands; for whose satisfaction people used to don [wear] special kinds of caps to cover up their sins....Those demons in human form do not think that after their demise a real evaluation of their ideals and actions will take place." (NH-LOI)
*************************************************** Everyone Should Know and Practice
Baba says, "The greatest quality of a person at a meeting or debate is the capacity to convince others. The highest quality in the battlefield is 'yudhi vikramam', or valor in the battle. While in danger, one's great quality is patience." (AV-4)

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