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AM's View on Medical Pathys

Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2008 22:48:26 From: Surya Morales Subject: AM's View on Medical Pathys To: Baba 'Prabha'ter ravi bale ghuma'ye theko na' a'ra...' - P.S. 4703 Purport: Baba, by Your divine grace, the sun of the new dawn is giving the message: 'O human beings don't remain asleep in slumber anymore. You have a huge amount of work to do. A whole mountain's worth of work is in front of you t. Don't day-dream anymore; remove your lethargy. O' human beings, open your eyes and look toward the crying world at least once. Since ages & ages you have been sleeping in darkness. The whole night you were dreaming. Now do not sleep anymore-- this is not the time for lethargy and sleep. Get up. Serve those who are getting tortured and crying by removing their heavy load of pain and suffering. Look, the crimson dawn is spreading divine effulgence, everything is shining. The bright and glorious day is not far anymore. It is fast approaching. The day is coming when people will be liberated from all sorts of bondages, there will not be any pain or torture or exploitation. Everyone will enjoy blissful life. On the peak of the mountain birds are chirping and spreading this divine message. O' humans beings, the crimson dawn is knocking at your door, march ahead toward your cherished goal...
Namaskar, As sadhakas, one of our chief duties is to keep ourselves in tip-top condition and disease-free. Otherwise in an unhealthy condition, we will not be able to progress along the path of sadhana & spread His divine teachings. Here following is a brief look at the various pathys so we can begin to consider their strengths and drawbacks.
As we all have a three-fold personality -- physical, psychic, and spiritual -- so we have to keep all in proper condition...keep all maintained. There is one proverb in Samskrta:
Sariram vya'dhi mandiram 'Where there is a body, disease comes'.
In other words, the residing place of disease is the body. Disease may come so it is our duty to cure it.
Now the question is, which system of medicine is better. On this very point, each and every individual may have their own opinion. But the purpose of this letter is to highlight some critical things, what way Baba has given His own opinion. In one discourse Baba says, that in allopathy patients usually die because of selection of improper medicines. And you can understand the tragedy, since the medicines are crude and have poisonous side effects. Due to this, if the selection of medicine is wrong then it can create grave danger-- even death. So, two things are of importance here: (1) No doctor of any pathy can confidently claim that: This is the proper medicine', as their selection is only based on their "best guess", and on that assumption they administer the medicine. (2) If some medicines are crude-- virtually poison-- & have been given or introduced, then the patient may die due to this.
That's why Baba has jokingly made one rhyme. Baba says:
Shat ma'ri bhavet vaedhyah. Sahasra ma'ri cikitsakah (HS-1)
The meaning is, if a doctor kills 100 patients by introduction of the wrong medicine, then he becomes qualified as "Vaedyah". And if a doctor kills 1000 persons by the wrong medicines, then one becomes "Cikitsak". Here we should understand that "vaedhyah" means a less qualified doctor and "cikitsak" means a fully qualified doctor. In this way Baba makes mockery of the situation. So Baba is making a joke that one of the qualifications of being an expert allopathic doctor depends on how many patients one has harmed through the dispensing of their toxic allopathic medicines. The reason is that the introduction of crude medicine to a helpless patient invites catastrophe. And this is quite common and very obvious in allopathic medicines. Because they are more dangerous, more crude.
Many innocent persons on the other hand, believe that ayurvedic medicines are not crude. But such persons are wrong. Indeed Baba explains that ayurvedic and unani system of medicines, are all based on the crude introduction of medicines. That is, the administration of such medicine that can cause harm. So according to Baba's teachings, we have to understand. That when the body is there, then disease will come and it needs treatment. And to treat it, it needs medicine. And medicine can be given, only by guessing. That is, one can only guess -- one cannot know for certain-- before giving any medicine that this is absolutely the correct medicine or whether this is definitively the wrong medicine. So in this delicate situation, if medicine is not crude, then that is more safe.
For this reason, Baba appreciates homeopathic medicines. Because homeopathic medicines are very subtle medicines. And even if the selection is wrong, then in most cases it does not harm. Although the wrong homeopathic medicine may not bring about cure; yet it will not be as disastrous as wrong ayurvedic or allopathic medicines. And the special quality of these homeopathic systems is, that they are subtle and they work in a very deeper way. For, these medicines are directly working on the symptoms of the patient. That is highly beneficial. Baba says, "In homeopathy whose principle is "Samah samam shamayati" (like cures like), the disease is not treated, but the symptom of the disease is treated. No matter whether the disease is diarrhea or malaria, the symptom is treated and not the disease. Moreover, the medicine is applied in a subtle form. It is theorized that the subtle affects the crude, hence subtle medicine is applied to cure the crude disease. The more subtle the medicine, the more effective the result on the crude disease." (Disc Mahabharata, p. 21-2) In contrast, medicines of other systems do not work on the symptoms of the patient. But rather, on the symptoms of the disease. And Baba warns us that this can create problems.
Due to our AM lifestyle another critical point is needed to mention. That, because of the practice of proper food, asana, sadhana, and ideation, the mind becomes subtler and subtler. And that affects the body also. So the body affects the mind, and the mind affects the body. By following AM teachings, the entire existence becomes more subtle than common non-Margii citizens. Due to this change, the body of Margis becomes more sensitive. So Margiis have to be very cautious and alert while taking and selecting any type of medicine or pathy for their treatment. The same medicines of ayurvedic and allopathic system can be more disastrous for Margiis in comparison to non-Margis. In some cases there may be no other option. But for the overall treatment of the body, in our practical approach one chief option main remains: Taking treatment via homeopathy. Baba says, "The principles, application and philosophy of homeopathy are completely different from [other] medical treatments. Homeopathy treats the symptoms of the patient, not the disease or its symptoms. So there is very little possibility of causing harm, even if the diagnosis is not quite correct. A doctor with good powers of observation and a subtle sense of discrimination can easily prescribe remedies according to the patient's symptoms." (HS-1) Namaskar, Surya
Some claim that the ayurvedic system is supported by Baba. But that is not correct. Baba says, "In the pure ayurvedic system, there is no surgery." (MHB, p.21) So in support of surgery Baba says, "Homeopathy should embrace surgery, and if this is done it will be good for the all-round welfare of the people." ('Guidelines for Commencing Microvita Research') So, surgery is of great value and pure ayurveda does not include surgery.
And the Ayurveda system should not be confused with the vaedyak system given by Lord Shiva which does include surgery. Because Lord Shiva Himself approved the vaedyak system of medicine. But this vaedyak system got a serious blow after the arrival of Buddhism. Since then various dogmas and superstitions were injected and that had a horribly detrimental effect on the progress of medicine. Rather it sent medicine back into the dark ages. Due to the dogma of Buddhism, the dead body was prohibited for use in dissection. Thus because of Buddha's dogmatic influence and that of the Puranic religion, India went far behind in surgery. At the time of the Mahabharat period, surgery was quite common. And that was not due to ayurveda; rather, it was because of vaedyak shastra. In the Discourses On the Mahabharat Baba has revealed the above fact. History is there that King Jarasandh, at the time of his birth he was born via cesarean, and the doctor was the lady doctor Jara' who stitched Jarasandh's body parts together. This marked how the people of that period were well acquainted with surgery. But later on this science of surgery faced serious problem, due to the dogmatic beliefs of Buddhism, and research on medical science could not be done. So India lagged behind, in surgery. (Reference Disc MHB, p.24)
Baba says, "Visa cikitsa (treatment thru poison)is native to India, and its first reference is found in the Mahabharata period. Later on this visa cikitsa (treatment thru poison) was encouraged not by Aryans, but rather by non-Aryans, and South India, especially Malabar, saw it expand a lot. These people attribute the origin of visa cikitsa (treatment thru poison) to Lord Krsna, i.e., visa cikitsa (treatment thru poison) was originated by Krsna. And vaedyaka shastra was originated by Lord Sadashiva..." "But the originator of visa cikitsa (treatment thru poison)was Lord Krsna. In the Mahabharata period, it was appreciated a lot, and people discussed it and practised it by applying different venoms such as the venom of the snake, the venom of the spider, the venom of the scorpion, etc., to cure snake bite, spider bite, scorpion bite, etc. In course of time, it was neglected. At last it had some place in the royal family of Cochin. This system is neglected nowadays, but if it is encouraged, a new system will be added to medical science." (MHB, p.22-23)
*************************************** Food Problems and Their Solution
Baba says, "Planet Earth is rich enough to feed a far greater number of people than the present population. But due to lack of coordinated co-operation, collective efforts, a proper ideology and proper planning, the human society has been fragmented into many belligerent groups and sub-groups, and into rich and poor nations. Because of this fissiparous tendency, human beings are presently incapable of producing enough food to meet the demand. The tragedy is that there are enough resources to supply proper food to all human beings in the world, but the defect lies in the present approach of the existing socioeconomic systems." (PNS-13, p.44)

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