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Understanding Their Mindset

Date: 16 Jul 2011 13:56:44 -0000
From: "Sudhakar Deva"
Subject: Understanding Their Mindset


"Bha'lobesechi a'mi toma'y, jar'ata'r yato a'hva'n..." (P.S. 4628)


Baba, I am loving You. No matter how intoxicating the worldly
attractions & crude allurements are; no matter how much they call out to me
and try to pull me, in my heart I know that this is not Your divine
attraction. Baba, by Your grace, I understand that these crude things will
not bring me under Your divine shelter.

Whatever flowers are blossoming today, tomorrow they will wither away.
The mala which was smiling in vibrant colours, tomorrow it will become one
with the dust. This is how this changing, panoramic universe unfolds; this
is the way this transitory world works. This is Your divine liila. Nothing
in this world is permanent. Baba, by Your grace, this spiritual truth You
have made me understand.

Baba, when the dark night ends then the shining and glittering moon
becomes faded and faint. It loses its charm. Baba, in the most loving and
beautiful way, in the end ultimately everything gets its place at Your
lotus feet. That is the final stance of this grand creation.

Baba, by Your grace You have made me understand that all these worldly
attractions do not lead unto You. Baba, You have given me samvit and
awakened to the fact that these worldly allurements are not meaningful.

Baba, all this is Your unfathomable divine grace...


Everyone has their own mindset and with that mental outlook they express

For instance, various people have their own way of describing Baba.
Indira Gandhi characterized Him as a magician who was a threat to her
reign; the communists and political leaders thought He had the chicanery
to attract followers and befool the people; bhaktas think He is Parama
Purusa; and some groupists have their own style. It all depends upon
one's mindset.

Let's look at a correspondence from long ago in order to gain insight
into a particular mindset that is still prevalent today.


In the post 1990 era, Ac Candranthji requested Pranay Kumar Chatterjee
(aka Rtambar) to write him about his experiences with Baba, realisations
in sadhana, as well as what circumstances led him to leave the Marga.

As many will recall, PK Chatterjee was the first General Secretary of
AMPS who worked tirelessly for AM in the early years. And then, in this
Divine liila, PK Chatterjee drifted away from Ananda Marga for many
years. Even then, we should not think of him as just an ordinary citizen
- he still had devotional feeling for Baba.

So Candranathji wrote him to learn the details and gather the history of
those early days with Baba.

In his reply, PK Chatterjee wrote Candranathji about his entire history
in AM. And when talking about his laukik family, PK Chatterjee wrote in
his letter on page 3 about the day that his mother died. To express that
event, PK Chatterjee, a native Bengali speaker, used the word
"mahaprayan". That was how he described his laukik mother's death - i.e.

Then, in his book of 2006, Ham Nahin Bhu'lenge (We Will Never Forget),
Ac Candranathji recounts this aspect of PK Chatterjee's life, and on
page 24 he also used the term "mahaprayan" to refer to the death of PK
Chatterjee's laukik mother.

                    WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN

Here the point is that the term "mahaprayan" is the normal word Bengali
speaking people use to describe the death of a respected human being,
such as PK Chatterjee's mother. Indeed, PK Chatterjee himself used this
word, as did Ac Candranathji.

The mahaprayan term then is not some special devotional term to describe
the physical departure of Taraka Brahma. No doubt, Sarvatmananda is
selling the term as such and he himself coined the mahaprayan term in
AM. But the fact remains it is a term used regularly for the death of
respected and even normal human beings. That is its usage in Bengali.

The fact that Sarvatmananda has used such an ordinary and common term
for Baba speaks more about Sarvatmananda's own mindset than Baba's true
stature. In his groupist paradigm, Sarvatmananda has less regard for
Baba, that is why he has repeatedly indulged in distorting AM books etc.
No one who has great reverence for Baba as being the Parama Purusa would
do such a thing like purposefully ruin Baba's original discourses. But
Sarvatmananda did. And it is with that same mindset that Sarvatmananda
has applied a word, i.e. mahaprayan, to describe the physical departure
of Taraka Brahma.

By understanding Sarvatmananda's mindset, we can understand his actions
like the invention of the mahaprayan term and function. And we can also
understand whether we should support such things, or not.


As disciples of Baba we should think carefully. Just as we do not rally
around the way that Indira Gandhi or the communists have described Baba,
similarly we should use our viveka before rallying around the way
certain groupists have classified Baba by their term, "mahaprayan".

                         BABA'S WARNING:


According to Baba, so many groupists and jinanis come onto this earth
with their own personal agendas and narrow-minded objectives. The dogma
of the mahaprayan program is one such example. Baba warns us about such
things again and again.

                  Maha'jano yena gatah sah pantha'

Baba says, "So many scriptures say so many things, and they are
sometimes contradictory to one another. Now what to do? What is an
ordinary man to do? Whom to follow and whom not to follow? “Smrtayoh
vibhinna'h”. There are so many social codes in the world. Whom to follow
and whom not to follow? And amongst intellectuals [and groupists] there
are so many – there are diversities of opinion. One intellectual doesn’t
[[carry]], doesn’t recommend, doesn’t support, the views of others. And
it is the greatest weakness of intellectuals [and groupists] that they
always encourage disunity. They always support heterogeneity. And one
spiritual aspirant, once upon a time, remarked that these intellectuals
[and groupists] are polished satans." (AV-12)

Life is too short to be swayed by the mindset and agenda of various
groupists. They will always try to lure you away from dharma and into
their own camp. That is what such groupists do.

They will take a mundane term like mahaprayan and try to project it as
being one great spiritual event. When in fact the term mahaprayan is
just an ordinary word. Yet they have hijacked this word for their own
agenda and applied it to Baba. We are not to be guided by such persons.

                        BABA'S BLESSING

By Baba's grace, we are to follow the practical yogi - those who have
dyed their hearts and minds in His colour, not in the trappings of any
groupist strategy.

The ways that both PK Chatterjee and Ac Candranathji employed the term
mahaprayan in their writings shows that this word is just meant to
depict the death of human beings - it is not to be used for Parama Purusa.

Yet, due to their own shallow mindset, some groupists would have you
believe otherwise. We should not be swayed by their logic. Ours is the
path of truth and dharma, not narrow-mindedness and groupist agendas.

Baba says, "So you are to follow the path, you are to follow the cult,
and you are to do according to the approaches of the aspirants of the
past, the kaolas of the past. You are to be practical in your life of
occult science. Your only object of ideation is Parama Purus'a, and not
any dogma, nor any scripture." (AV-12)



Baba says, "There is a secret technique to raise this serpentine coil
[kulakundalinii]. Previously this technique was not clearly given. At that
time some people thought it proper to keep it secret. If something harmful
to individual or collective life is not given, that is good; but the useful
things must be given. People will be more attracted to do sadhana." (DKG,
p. 22)

Note 1: This was the prevalent dogma in the past in India that so-called
gurus of the past did not like to share their all their knowledge or
reveal all of their techniques to their disciples. They were thinking
they should keep something 'special' for themselves otherwise their
prestige and own value will be lost. So they did not tell all those
things and they died with those special techniques.

In that case, their disciples only got 99% or so of what the guru had--
not everything, not that last 1%. Gradually then from one generation to
the next 1% kept getting withheld until finally everything got
completely diluted.

And now in places like India in the name of spirituality, only dogma is
left. This is the reason why. This applies to other fields as well such
as medicine etc. This same type of withholding of information and
technique occurs. This dogma and defective way must be stopped.

Note 2: Baba has given the idea in Namah Shivaya Shantaya that when one
gets proper students who are eager and capable, then in that case tell
them everything. Do not withhold any information or keep anything
secret. That will be disservice to the society.

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