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Human Baby in Monkey's Care

From: "Jorge Santana" To: Subject: Human Baby in Monkey's Care Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2009 07:18:53 -0500 Baba PS Intro: In the following song, the term 'parii' (angel) has been used to denote Parama Purusa Baba. So in Prabhat Samgiita, the term 'parii' does not mean some dogmatic religious angel. "Ghor timire ma'tha' nat kore bosechilum ekela'..." (P.S. 1946) Purport: In the deep cimmerian darkness, with my head hung low in shame and sadness, I was sitting along in an isolated place. One angel came from the golden divine world, extending its wings. The angel told me, "I am always along with you; you are never alone or helpless-- nor in the past were you ever alone. You are unaware that I am the angel of divinity and that I am your eternal companion. I reside eternally in your mind. So don't ever be perturbed or get affected by the spell of misery." The divine angel further revealed to me that, "Even if you are forgetting me and keeping distance, even if you don't remember or think about Me, I will never forget you. Lovingly I care for you and fulfill all your needs. Even by mistake I cannot avoid you. I always keep you close to me." In the deep, isolated dark place immersed in avidya maya, with my hanging head I was crying in misery. The angel from the divine world came close and blessed me...
Namaskar In Nama'mi Krs'n'a' Sundaram while talking about Lord Krsna's gifts to humanity Baba has also explained a little about Lord Shiva's contribution. And there Baba says that at the time of Lord Shiva society was very primitive. People were not even aware about the common basics of life. To address this, Lord Shiva organised the society in various ways. And in the field of music, Shiva invented different ra'gas and ra'giniis, and He also gave various systematic dances. Otherwise, prior to that, human beings were not aware about the science of music and dance. Especially their dance was not based on any system other than the way animals dance in their happy mood, without any system, just haphazard.
So because of the contribution of Lord Shiva, common people learned about music and they came to know what octaves are and they learned how to sing properly. In that ancient time musical instruments were very few. During Lord Shiva's period there was only the viina. And He created various types of musical notes which were very difficult to play but they had very high spiritual vibrations. The description of that music Baba has narrated in Shabda Cayanika'. Baba says, "When Shiva first started His musical sadhana then He had to do it with this viin'a'...This viina is a quite simple string instrument...Over time this viin'a' changed into different kinds of viin'a's and viin's, the sitar, esraj, tamboura, violin, and so many others...But Shiva had to make practically superhuman efforts with this primitive viina'. He had to invent the scale. He had to string his instrument very carefully to get proper sound. It was Shiva who made the ra'gas and ra'gin'iis. He introduced soul-stirring modulation into them." (SC-2, p. 127)
And this time when Parama Purusa came as Mahasambhuti in the form of Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji. He has given Prabhat Samgiita. Certainly Baba's each and every gift is unparalleled. But Prabhat Samgiita is one of the most unique. Because Prabhat Samgiita covers not only all the strata of human life but it resonates within the soft core of the devotional heart of each and every disciple of Baba. If one reads any Baba's discourse that may give knowledge and guidance, but it may not be able to give that type of feeling which vibrates the soft lyre of the heart. And with that vibrated devotional heart, devotees feel close to Parama Purus'a Baba.
We all know that Samgiita has three aspects to it: (a) song, (b) dance, and (c) music. All these three components Baba Himself taught and approved for His Prabhat Samgiita. Just like He has taught us the kaoshikii dance for which He has not only taught us the theoretical side but practically He taught us how to do it also. In similar fashion all the sadhanas that He taught, He showed us how to practice. So not only theory but practice also. This is Baba's method. For example when He taught Guru Puja, then He also told exactly how people should sit, in which asana, how to position their hands, what mantra to use, everything He taught.
Similarly in 1982 when HE started teaching Prabhat Samgiita, Baba gave the lyrics and its musical melody-- everything He taught. And each and every song was performed in His presence and got approved by Him- both the lyrics and melody. Here the critical point is that Baba's Prabhat Samgiita is given in different fashion. It is unlike the writing of other poets and musicians. Because BABA Himself has given its tune / melody to go along with the lyrics. And He has given the very strict guideline that His Prabhat Samgiita songs should be performed only in that very fashion which He has taught. All this is not some oral description I am giving.
Each and every Prabhat Samgiita cassette prior to 1990 and each and every Prabhat Samgiita book carry this special instruction in the beginning. This following instruction has been given in relation with PS and what way it will be sung. For example in my pre-1990 Prabhat Samgiita book in the preface it says, "The author Himself has given the tunes, the songs must be sung to these tunes". So this above Baba's instruction is very clear. Here the singer does not have any freedom of changing the tune and melody of Prabhat Samgiita. Those who love Prabhat Samgiita and those who have love for Baba must have to follow Baba's strict guideline of singing of Prabhat Samgiita. Only in that way will they be benefited*. Going off the track they will not get benefited and possibility is there to get harmed.
Unfortunately in our AMPS many things are not moving in the proper direction. As in our individuals lives, spirituality is the most important of the three stratas. Similarly in addition to the various problems in the organisation on the physical and psychic planes, now also there is this problem of Prabhat Samgiita. So I feel this is the most critical one. Recently what I have seen, that some Margiis are going off the track in their singing of Prabhat Samgiita. Because of pseudo-culture like disco music, reggae, rock n' roll, these things have polluted the atmosphere. So, many simple innocent margiis are unaware that Prabhat Samgiita should not be sung in those negative filmy style tunes. But when we see critically at how all this is happening, then we will reach to the conclusion that sister Jyotsna is moving around Berlin and NY sectors with invitations in different units to perform and teach Prabhat Samgiita. Some of the Prabhat Samgiita cd's prepared by her I have along with me. After listening many times and comparing with Baba's original songs and melody, it is quite clear that the Prabhat Samgiita songs sung by Jyotsna, the melody for those songs are not according to Baba's direction. It should then be understood that just like any song where the melody is based on crude rhythm then it leads to degeneration and invites negative microvita. It can happen even if the lyrics are proper and the melody is crude. Because according to the rhythm and melody, the mind and inferences get motivated. That is why if from some distance any person listens to the melody of disco / reggae / rock 'n roll / Huuuu Haaaaa Huuu Haaaa, then crude vibrations generate in the mind. And then the mind will become a fertile place of crude microvita. So one such example Baba is giving below. He has given that if one sings 'ra, ra, ra, ra, let us dance and go to hell', then it will lead the mind towards degeneration. Same way Jyotsna is singing Prabhat Samgiita which is not based on the correct style which Baba guided. Surely then the outcome will not be positive. Please read below what happens after engaging oneself in singing crude melodies. Baba says, "If someone makes a sound like 'ra, ra, ra -- cha, cha, cha' or if someone sings, 'Follow my song! Let us sing and dance our way to hell', these are sound inferences, but they carry a very crude idea." (MVNS, p. 94)
The central idea is that when Baba has given the proper melody then nobody has the right to ruin those things and change the melody. I think that sister Jyotsna, maybe because of her innocence, she is not obeying those things but negative microvita is not going to spare innocence. Here I am not accusing any individual or party, I want to highlight the facts and figures. And with this proof anybody can easily assess the situation and see what way Baba wants and what way HIS Prabhat Samgiita got tainted / diluted. Just like Indian yogis since thousands of years ago they invented the system of yoga. And now non-margiis took those things and painted them in their own colour, in the colour of pseudo-culture. And now such distorted yoga is getting popular in advanced countries. But this so-called yoga of those advanced countries has nothing to do with the proper and true yoga.
So when in 1979 devotees were attending Baba's General Darshan in Patna, then one of the discourses which is probably printed in AV part 1 or 2, in that very discourse Baba has warned everybody about the negative propaganda of yoga. "So now we see that yoga has been propagated in a very crude way. And true yoga lost its charm in the eyes of those people-- it remained as some physical exercise, nothing do to with the unification of atma and Paramatama." In similar way, Baba warned us in relation to Prabhat Samgiita. That this should be sung in proper style. Means in the way He taught. But some superficial singers like Jyotsna are ruining the things. So it is my request to all Margii brothers and sisters that please look into the matter. Compare her songs with the original Prabhat Samgiita which you may have from your collection of pre 1990 stage. And by comparing you will reach the conclusion that her songs are distorted versions. So in the name of teaching Prabhat Samgiita and doing pracar, what is actually going on is misleading. I do not have any malice against Jyotsna. But when the question of ideological concern comes then it is everyone's common concern not to allow Baba's things to go astray. And we all know that practicing a negative teaching is more detrimental than not getting taught that idea at all.
To make this point clear here is one story. There were 2 students of music who reached to one professional musician. And after getting interviewed by the music teacher, one student was asked to pay 500 dollars per month and and the other student was asked to pay 250 dollars per month. Since they were friends, both students raised the question to the teaching: 'Sir for the same class why are there 2 different tuition fees?'. Then the teacher replied that, 'One student has some negative knowledge about playing guitar. Because they learned those bad habits from one sloppy, incompetent teacher'. The teacher continued, 'So first my duty is to give some more extra time to that student and watch him practice. That is why he has to pay extra tuition fees. Because I have to ensure that he undoes those negative habits. And that is not an easy job. But when that student outgrows his negative habits and false knowledge about guitar that he acquired in the past then he will be at the normal rate'. The teacher further clarified that the 250 extra dollars is for wiping away his negative memory about those wrong teachings about guitar. And then when the memory will be clear then he will learn in proper way at the normal tuition rate of 250 dollars'. So this above story is not only related with musicians; but it can be with anyone. Just like some nursery students when they start learning the language if they had previously learned certain letters of the alphabet in the wrong way, then they do not like to forget that and then it is very difficult to teach them.
So not knowing Prabhat Samgiita is something which is not as bad as having learning incorrectly. If one learns incorrectly then many negative things can happen. (1) They will sing in their regular misguided way and they will not be benefited. (2) They will teach others those negative teachings and by that way those negative teachings will multiply. Just like how in India they think that Lord Shiva is a hashish smoker, and this Indian negative teaching got multiplied. This pracar went to one and all, around the globe. And now it is not easy to wipe away. I am hopeful that now entire Margii society all around the globe is more and more alert to save Baba's legacy. with this view I am putting forth this letter for your consideration. Namaskar, Jagadiish
Here Baba is giving one very good guideline about the importance playing the music according to the proper system. And that only in this way will one be benefited. Baba says, "The ra'gas and ra'giniis were created. There is no scope for any deviation this way or that. On this basis Sada'Shiva developed the science of musical notes, svara sha'stra or svarodaya, or shabda sha'stra. Due to the strict rules as outlined in the svara sha'stra, there is not room for any deviation at the time of singing. If any deviation is attempted one will have to break the established rules...Indo-Aryan music is based on a system, a rhythm; there is no room for any mistake, no scope for deviation." (APH, p. 359) Thus the sanctity of Prabhat Samgiita must also be maintained.
In all of Jyotsna's CD's, her dealing and approach towards Prabhat Samgiita is totally against Baba's system. Means what she is doing is way off the mark-- negative. For example on her CD titled, 'Dancing Divinity, Jyotsna blatantly overlooks and ruins the sanctity of Guru's guidelines and compositions. In particular just see Jyotsna's misguided rendition of PS #138-- A'mi jedike ta'ka'i hera o ru'p keval. In her adulterated versions Jyotsna breaks all of Baba's rules by changing the melody, adding crazy sounds and words, and so many things. In that song (138) Jyotsna wrongly introduces her own made-up words that have absolutely no sense at all. For instance throughout the song Jyotsna crazily cries out:
Yaaaa-heeeeee, yaaaaa-heeeee, yaaaaaaa-heeeeeee... Yaaaa-heeeeee, yaaaaa-heeeee, yaaaaaaa-heeeeeee... Yaaaa-heeeeee, yaaaaa-heeeee, yaaaaaaa-heeeeeee etc
Jyotsna does this yelling of this crude sound in quick succession througout the song. So this newly-created tamasik sound by her was placed there and sung in the Prabhat Samgiita in order to make it crude. This was her intention-- to make it crude like typical negative western pop tunes. Indeed it is embarrassing to listen to Jyotsna cry out like this on her CD. And it is a tragedy to Baba's holy Prabhat Samgiita. ...But non only that on that same CD Jyotsna terribly ruins another Prabhat Samgiita as well. Here I am talking about Prabhat Samgiita song #66, "Rum jhum, rum jhum nu'pur ba'yaye..." Jyotsna's crude rendition is done using the tune of some hotel cabaret dance music. That means instead of following Baba's divine tune, Jyotsna negatively inserted a degenerated melody line that is common used in prostitution halls. This is the common fact. Newer people may not recognise and think I am stretching it. But so many senior margiis are appalled by Jyotsna's negative dealing. Because it is so disgraceful she switched the tune like that. So every Prabhat Samgiita song which Jyotsna sang on that CD is infested with her negative adaptation. And not only this CD but all her CD's are like that. Her CD titled-- Crimson Blossom-- is one raucous display of how to ruin Baba's Prabhat Samgiita. To read about that visit:
All told there is a crew of 4 core members involved in this negative campaign. To make their money at any cost. Chiefly responsible are Inner Song led by Kamala (formerly of NY now in SUVA) and Narada (Suva). Their main relation with Ananda Marga is as a money-making venture. Both of a long history in this and now it is going on full-fledge with the profiteering done by Inner Song for their personal bank account. For that reason they encourage and propagandize about Jyotsna's so-called legendary status in order that they can make money. And their partner in all of this is Cirasmita (NY) as she runs Inner Song in that sector plus Cirasmita is engaged at times in puffing up Jyotsna's image and invites her to be that main attraction at the Prabhat Samgiita retreat in NY. And in all of this hype, Jyotsna plays the part "so well". She walks around retreats as if she is some Prabhat Samgiita goddess. She stands by the booth selling her CD and autographs (signs) people's copy as if she is an established star and great singer when all along she is actually ruining Prabhat Samgiita. So this is the unfortunate scene and the main culprits are the foursome of Jyotsna, Cirasmita, Kamala & Narada. For years and years it has been like this, if there has been some improvement of late, please do share - that will be wonderful news. Aside: You might be aware that Jyotsna's personal preferences and dealing are quite questionable and against Baba's viewpoint.
Please read this following explanation by Baba as it relates to this whole entire posting. Baba says, "The world of music today is like a person without a proper guru or proper training. People want to show they can play without having paid their dues. They are selling themselves for gold without realizing that the real value of music is being lost thereby. Gold is becoming even cheaper than glass. Whenever a ra'gin'ii is a little difficult they only show that they can play the notes without going deep into the music." (SC-2 p. 129)
Just as when a monkey abducts a human baby and drags that infant throughout the forest jumping from branch to branch. By that way the human baby gets completely affected. In the same way Prabhat Samgiita has been grabbed up by some greedy person who is hankering for money and fame.
*************************************** Advent of Mahasambhutis
Baba says, "Lord Krsna came about 3500 years ago, when the war of the Mahabharata took place. People's individual qualities then had not taken a collective shape. People did not know the art of living collectively...they fought among themselves because they had no collective sense. Lord Krsna thought that if He combined all there would be collective spirit in the true sense of the term. Then alone all human faculties would get expanded. He tried to make people understand, but they did not understand, because there was no collective spirit in synthesize them all Lord Krsna was born." "Lord Krsna wanted to bring about a social synthesis, the seed of which was sown by Lord Shiva." (Disc MHB, p.6-7) Note: In the same way Baba advented to form one synthetic human society. But unfortunately, groupist leader in H, B, & NIA are doing just the opposite. They are engaged to balkanize and disintegrate it. But what Baba has planned, i.e. to form one human society, that is going to happen. Because it is His wish.

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