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Whatever They Call It - It is Ignorance

Date: Sun 07 Jun 2009 09:41:22 -0000 (GMT) From: Pradiip Bauer Subject: Whatever They Call It - It is Ignorance To: Baba Introduction to PS #2327: In the following song Baba is lovingly guiding one disciple who is confused and totally immersed in materialism. "Cora'ba'lir pa'r'e keno gar'e ya'o ghar..." - P.S. 2327 Purport: Why are you building castles in quicksand. Have you never examined the matter carefully. That structure is shaking profusely because of the soft foundation. Since ages you have been wasting your time in constructing that castle on quicksand. You have invested huge energy along with blood, sweat & your own hard labour to build it. All the while you were indulging in your own dreamland-- foolishly thinking that this "thing" will give you permanent satiation. You were never ready to admit that this is temporary and ephemeral... Note: In the above song quicksand means materialism and castle means building one's life.
Namaskar, These days, most in Ananda Marga know that party politics is not good - even then a few advocate "unity" by joining various groups. These few persons may think this is the way to bring unity, and they call it unity, but in reality merging various factions is nothing but their misunderstanding or ignorance. We should investigate the how's and why's surrounding this misconception of unity as well as the true and proper way to create unity in our Marga.
We should always remember that whenever party politics is in vogue, then compromises abound. Thus when party politics and groupism are the essentially the same exact thing, then the arrival of groupism means the the watering down and loss of AM ideology. Groupism and AM ideology cannot exist side by side. One or the other has to go. Because like party politics, groupism means adhering to an agenda that is not AM ideology - some other selfish endeavor is operating. In that case groups begin making deals to satisfy their agenda, not AM ideology. It is just like when two parties in a political system are involved in talks about building a new road. The aim is not to serve the society, but rather to look good so they can stay in power. In that case, each political party will haggle to try and get the best deal for their team. One will say, "Give us the road then we will support your tax increase", and the other side will respond, "We will support your road construction but not only must you support our new tax bill, but you must not expose Governor Johnson for embezzling from the state." This is the way their talks evolve in party politics - not towards truth but towards selfish ends. The same is the case with groupism. All groups want to come into power - end of story. And to that end so many back door deals and scamming will occur. So regardless of whether people think that unity can arise from merging two or more groups together, the fact is that unity will never occur that way. It is their ignorance to think so because unity only results from ideology. And ideology cannot exist is groupism is present. Thus creating unity by merging various factions is a lost cause.
There are so many evidences where the party system has ruined a land. There are obvious examples such as the bloody massacres in Kenya and Zimbabwe a few years ago after their respective democratic elections. Then there are more subtle approaches such as in the US where things look civilised yet an entire nation of people have become slaves to the capitalist corporate structure. People may say they have freedom and unity in the US, but the truth is that all are at the mercy of top vaeshyas. That is where their cherished bipartisan system has led them. Each party fights for power, makes compromises and back door deals, and in the end the welfare of the people is compromised. Unity is never established - not in Kenya, the US, Sweden, nor the Phillippines - not anywhere. So we should be wary and vigilant about not letting any type of groupist or party rule come into vogue in our Marga. Although, since 1990 this has basically occurred through brawn and power, we should not let this party system become normal in our eyes. Today, most in our Marga think that groupism is bad. So we should not let a few let us believe that a merger of various groups is viable way towards unity. All that will do is validate groupism and invite this poison deeper into the fabric of our Marga.
To establish unity and the real Ananda Marga in AMPS, we must adhere to Baba's teachings. We are not like some country where all all live within those borders yet engage in a diverse array of lifestyle practices and beliefs. Within the US, there are so many religions yet all are considered American. Within Brasil, there are so many types political parties, yet all are Brasilians. Within Germany, there are so many ways of eating, yet all are Germans. Our Marga is not like that. We are not bound together by such superficial ties such as government leadership or political affiliation or geographic boundaries. Ours is a lifestyle. That is what makes us Ananda Margiis: We all live by the tenets as given by our Guru, Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji. Thus even if a so-called unity is created by merging various factions, and they impose their own agendas, that will not be Ananda Marga. Our Marga cannot be manifested by back-door deals or party agendas. That will never bring about the establishment or unity of AM. Because AM is not about existing under a particular leadership or group. It is a way of life as given by Guru. That is Ananda Marga. If Christians or Muslims were to invade our jagrtis and gain control, we could not then say they have they have taken over AM. Because their entire manner has nothing to do with Ananda Marga. Same is the case if groupists come to power in AM. The merging of various groups - each with their own dogmatic agendas - can never serve as establishment of Ananda Marga. Again, the vast majority of margiis and wts understand this well. Only there are a few pockets of persons who feel that merging the various groups will bring unity in AM. But unity can never result by mixing together different dogmas like Fake Ananda Vaniis and crude tiirtha programs. Unity only results from following the dharma of AM.
Here Baba clearly shows us how to bring real unity - and it has nothing to do with partisan control or bipartisan leadership. Baba says, "Human unity is purely an ideological unity, which means unity in the psychic sphere. Where there is psychic unity, physical unity will also occur. In the realm of unity, unity is always psychic – ideological unity means unity in the subtlest level of the mind." (PNS-15) Baba says, "Along with the theory of spiritual inheritance, one Cosmic ideology will have to be propagated too, and that ideology is that one Supreme Entity the Cosmic Entity is the goal of all living beings. This spiritual sentiment will keep human beings united for all time to come. No other theory can save the human race." (TTP) Baba says, "To establish unity, the society will have to select an ideology which remains unassailed by any spatial, temporal or personal differences. That is why only Cosmic ideology will have to be adopted as the polestar of life." (POD #37) According to Baba, the only way to bring true unity is by rallying around one divine ideology, i.e. Ananda Marga ideology. No mixing or matching of groupist agendas can bring unity. To think in this way is mere ignorance. A few may claim this is the pathway to unity, but they will never get unity by this approach. Just they will get the pervasive, unending power politics and demise that are rampant in every nation, from Russia, to the US, to India. Let this not be the fate of our Marga.
By Baba's grace, He has blessed all with the understanding that AM ideology is the panacea for the humanity and it is His teachings that have to be established in our Marga, not any type of groupist leadership or mixing thereof. Only His teachings are needed to bring unity and by that way naturally the right people will emerge as leaders. Baba says, "A correct spiritual ideology is the only solution to the problems confronting the world. From this perspective we can call Ananda Marga ideology the philosophers’ stone. Just as the philosophers’ stone is meant to transform everything into gold, Ananda Marga ideology can, most definitely, find a just and rational solution whenever it is applied to any problem." (POD #36) Namaskar, Pradiip
First off, let us remember two common human traits are (a) to follow certain leaders and (b) to emulate what they see going on around them. Just as birds automatically fly behind their designated leader, most people do the same. A prominent politician puts forth a particular platform - whether it be a war effort or labor law - and then so many people get mobilized into action. Supporters and advocates begin to feel this is their plan. They may even feel it was their idea from the get-go, and that they are leading the effort. The truth however is that this plan was implanted in their mind by someone else - by their leader. And then they and others copied it and adopted it as their own. Indeed, in every democratic nation, party politics works in this way. A designated leader brews up a proposal and convinces party strategists. Then the general party members promptly support the platform, and in a short time millions of citizens become supporters. This is the way things work. People follow the leader. Similarly, when any group leader in AM says, "Come join our team we are going to bring glory to Ananda Marga, this is the way to unity", then a few people are enticed and join up. They think they are taking rational action spurred on by their own intellect, but in reality they have been lulled into someone leader's faulty plan. Of course it should also be recognised that in comparison to the general public, Ananda Margiis have a far more developed sense of vivek (discrimination). That is why only a few get fooled into following groupist leaders, whereas in the general society, millions get duped into following xyz type of leaders. Nonetheless, this is one reason why groupism has come into vogue in AM and this is one reason why a few feel that following this or that groupist agenda - or even merging various groupist plans - will bring unity.
Here is another reason why a few in AM have fallen prey to the groupist game plan of party politics. Human beings are greatly affected by their environment. The clothes they see others wearing, they also wear. The movies that are popular in town, they also see. And the way governments are organised, they also copy. Thus when democracy is in vogue and the two or three party system is evident in so many leading nations, then a few people in AM accept this as being the way to go. They feel there is no other option than this party system. Because this is what they see all around them. Even when Guru has openly denounced party politics, still a few get grossly affected by their surroundings and preach that as the way to unity. In this way, partisanship, bipartisanship, and tripartisanhip have been brought into AM and become more or less acceptable. That is why a few people regularly raise the point that unity should be created by merging together leaders from the various groups. They say, "Let there be a compromise of their various agendas, let them share the power, and let there be a joining of the leading factions." But by this way, our Marga will just be a combination of different groupist dogmas. Margii rights will be demolished, the BP system will be in shambles, scriptural distortions will be rampant, and so many issues and problems will pervade our Marga. Each group will be putting for their own game plan like the dogmatic Mahaprayan, Fake BP manuals, and the wrongful publication of Baba's discourses such as the distortion done to AM Revolution. Plus, behind closed doors, each group will always be gunning to eradicate the other group or groups in order to gain complete power and total control. That will be their chief aim in this type of so-called unity, not the establishment of AM ideology. This is the inevitable way that the party system (i.e. groupism) manifests itself in any land. There are no shortages of examples. So this party approach is not our way. We should neither fall prey to the follow the leader mentality as happens in the general society nor get colored by the current political milieu of democracy. We should be vigilant about this and always remember that just as party politics or bipartisanship has never brought unity or stability to any place, it will never ever bring unity into AM.
Accepting groupism on any level is not a joke. Meat-eaters feel that there is nothing wrong with eating meat; they feel it is normal. Homosexuals feel that there is nothing wrong with their way; they feel it is normal. Gang member feel that there is nothing wrong with joining a gang, they feel it is normal. Drug users feel there is no problem with doing drugs, they feel it is normal. Similarly, advocates of party politics feel that there is nothing wrong with the party system, they feel it is normal. The underlying reason is that such persons are submerged in that type of behavior and that has become all they know in this world. So they think it is fine. Tragically now, a few feel that that existence of various groups is okay and should be accepted in AM. That is why they propose unity by merging the policies and programs of these groups, rather than wiping out groupism entirely. But let it be known - and already most understand this - that unity can never be achieved by the back-door deals of bipartisan rules, where each group watches out for their own agenda and the care of the common people is lost and forgotten.
*************************************** Uniqueness of Ta'raka Brahma
Baba says, "A Maha'kaola is one who makes others kaola by his infallible spiritual guidance. But Ta'raka Brahma is a different Entity, a unique Entity for He is the spiritual preceptor, social preceptor, Kaola, and Maha'kaola, all in one. He is also something more: He acts as a compass in every stratum of society." (NKS, '97 Edn, p.50)

Messenger to the Mind

Date: Sat, 06 Jun 2009 13:17:04 -0000 Subject: Messenger to the Mind To: From: Satiish K Bhatia" Baba "Jeo na' ogo prabhu, anek katha' a'che ba'kii..." -P.S. #683 Purport: Baba, oh Prabhu please do not go away. Please remain with me-- I have many a tale to tell You. Please come to my home. Please understand this unique opportunity: I am all alone in the house. Nobody is here, so please come. Baba, in pleasure and pain, during both negative and positive situations, all the time I am calling You. And always I am remembering Your name. During all the 24 hours, whatever I do, my hands are always busy in work but my mind is at Your lotus feet. I remember You; it is Your grace. Even if I risk losing everything I want You to my heart's content. Baba, You understand my entire situation but You never console me. I am surrounded by the darkness these days. I do not have any happiness. Baba I do not want anything from You, only this much I want: That You please come close and sit beside me. The doors & windows of my mind are always open in longing for You, waiting for Your arrival. Baba my Lord, please do not go away leaving me deserted. Always remain in my heart...
Namaskar, In our Marga Baba has blessed us with a comprehensive spiritual-cum-socio philosophy that covers every breath of life-- both literally and figuratively. There is not one piece of anything which Baba has not described; everything He has touched. Naturally then for us, it is not a small task to be well-versed in each and every aspect of His philosophy. So here in our unit, we formed a study group and engaged in a series of discussions about the 10 vayus-- the collection of which is called: pra'n'a. Here following is the second half of our report. And we would certainly appreciate hearing the thoughts, feedback, and opinion of any and all family members.
As Baba tells us, the 10 vayus-- i.e. pra'n'a-- are the internal and external vital airs of the body. And they are best regulated & controlled through our practice of pranayama. While the internal vayus are mostly related with the inner organs of the body such as the lungs and heart etc, the external vayus relate more with our movements and interaction with the expressed world.
Here following Baba names all 10 vayus and then specifically describes about the 5 external vayus. Baba says, "The internal vayus are prana, apana, samana, udana, and vyana...The five external vayus are: (1) Na'ga: It resides in the joints. This na'ga vayu helps with jumping and extending the body." (2) Ku'rma: It is found in the different glands of the body. Kurma vayu helps with the action of contraction. The way a turtle contracts by withdrawing its limbs into its body is called kurmabhava. since this va'yu help in effecting ku'rmabhava, it is called ku'rma vayu." (3) Krkara: Krkara vayu is scattered throughout the body. It expresses itself in the increase or decrease of air pressure. Krkara va'yu help in yawning and stretching. Ordinarily, yawning happens right before falling asleep and stretching, right after waking up." (4) Devadatta: The devadatta vayu bases its action on the increased or decreased pressure of food and water in the stomach. Devadatta va'yu rouses thirst and hunger. (5) Dhanainjaya: As a result of internal or external labour, the body feels the need for sleep. The feeling of sleep or drowsiness comes from this dhaninjaya va'yu which pervades the body, and so the living being drowses or falls asleep." (SC-1, p. 48) So the external vayus control many of our bodily actions and functions with the external world. And here below Baba explains more about this: Baba says, "The five efferent airs, viz,. Naga, Kurma, Krkara, Devadatta and Dhanainjaya, control expansion and contraction, yawning and hiccup, hunger and thirst, sleep and drowsiness." (SS-2)
Regarding the functioning of the internal vayus Baba gives the following guideline: Baba says, "The vital energy is generated in the unit-body through the media of five afferent airs and five efferent airs. Of the five afferent airs, viz, Prana, Apana, Samana, Udana and Vyana, the Prana, situated between the navel and the throat controls the functions of lungs, heart etc; the Apana, situated below the navel (i.e., between the navel and the anus) controls the excreta like stools, urine etc.; the Samana, situated within the navel, keeps the equilibrium of Prana and Apana; the Undana, situated in the throat, controls the vocal chord (power of speech) and the Vyana, permeating through the entire body, does the office of circulation of blood, secretions etc" (SS-2) So in total the internal and external collection of vital airs or vayus play a tremendous role in the overall function of the body.
One special aspect the vayus play is their irreplaceable role of carrying the message & feelings from the motor and sensory organs to the mind. Baba says, "The organs have their expressions, when Prana (the collection of the ten vayus) comes into contact with the mind."
Here Baba describes in detail the special way that the prana or vital airs function within the human structure. In particular Baba describes the unique way these vayus bring the feelings to the mind. As we all know, the organs (indriyas) basically receive stimuli from the environment etc, and it is the role of the vayus to carry the essence of those stimuli to the mind. So while some may think that vayus are just an esoteric aspect of our spiritual philosophy but in reality they perform a tremendous part in the overall day to day functioning of the human body and mind. Baba says, "According to the five functional distinctions of speech, action, movement, excretion and procreation we determine the individual characteristic of the motor organs. There are functional distinctions among the sensory organs also: the ear receives sounds, the subtlest of the tanma'tras, and so it imbibes the greatest amount of sattvagu'na. The nose is tamogu'nii in the highest degree. The ear and the skin are sattvagunii and the tongue and nose tamogu'nii..." "The greater the control one has over this vital principle of pra'n'a, the stronger is one's power to accept or reject sam'ska'ras. These acquired sam'ska'ras are perceived in the mind during the still condition of the pra'n'a' wherein it finds it fulfillment. You are taking pra'n'a's help every moment of your daily life. Just as you feel the heat or coldness of things through tactual inference or sparsha-tanma'tra, similarly you know their hardness and softness through pra'n'a. Suppose there is cotton and gold of equal temperature. The eye sensory organ will see them, the skin sensory organ will feel their hotness or coldness and the pra'n'a will feel the hardness of the gold and the softness of the cotton. The ear sensory organ will hear the song and the pra'n'a will appreciate its melody. The ears will hear the scandal and the pra'n'a will receive its harshness and severity; and thus hearing will become hurt and feel pain--it will hold anguish (dha'rya) in the mind. This capacity of the pra'n'a to hold feelings we call the vital core or marma." (SS-4) Would welcome hearing everyone's thoughts on this unique-- yet sometimes overlooked-- topic. Namaskar, Satiish

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