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Thief!! Thief!!...

Date: Thu, 04 Dec 2008 23:11:38 -0400 From: Donald_G To: Subject: Thief!! Thief!!... Baba "Yeo na', yeo na', a'r'a'le yeo na'..." -PS no. 3379 Purport: Baba please do not play hide and seek. In this game please do not hide Yourself. Please do not go far. I am just an ordinary unit being, even if I forget You please do not forget me. Please do not keep me away from Your shelter. Sometimes You come close and sometimes You go far away from my mind. When You go away then I am completely dry-- empty inside. Why don't You understand my longing and pain. Why don't You remove my mental impurities. Baba, please grace me...
== THIEF!! THIEF!!... ==
Namaskar, One of our high-profile acaryas has written one book where he has copied various sentences word-for-word from Baba's originally printed discourse and published them under his own name. Plagiarism, as we all know, is a serious crime in the publishing industry. As this acarya is a world renowned professor and well-published author, the situation is most serious. The second major issue is that this acarya / professor is equating Prout with capitalism. Yet Baba has emphatically rejected the materialistic approach of capitalism and given the God-centered philosophy of Prout. So Prout is diametrically opposed to capitalism, yet this famous margii professor is equating Prout with capitalism by describing Prout as "collective capitalism". From cover to cover, the acarya's book, "Socio-economic Democracy and the World Government: Collective Capitalism, Depovertization, Human Rights, Template for Sustainable Peace", is riddled with so many grave problems and unethical aspects, it would be impossible to cover them all in one email. Here in this initial letter, we will address two critical points: (1) Plagiarism, and (2) Prout as "collective capitalism". And I will present distinct proof about his crime of plagiarism. Everyone is encouraged to review and evaluate the matter, and write letters of complaint to the university and publishing house involved. Because it is a very negative trend, crime, and sin that Baba's words are being plagiarised and His ideas misrepresented in the publishing world.
Professors lose their jobs, authors are discredited, and writers are jailed on accounts of plagiarism. It is against the law and a most serious crime. Baba Himself also condemns such duplicitous & fake authors who engage in plagiarism. Baba says, "It is not possible to guide others merely with cheap, superficial knowledge, like a half-baked pandit who reads a half-a-dozen books and then spouts a few mouthfuls of grandiloquence, and who has obtained a doctorate degree by plagiarising others’ works." (PNS-10) Yet, one acarya professor has taken in upon himself to plagiarise Baba's own words in a high-profile publication that is circulating all around the globe.
Now see for yourself what this margii professor has written and compare it with Baba's original words. THE PLAGIARISING PROFESSOR WROTE: "In communism, the society is reduced to a production-distribution mechanism under a regimented system of control." (Socio-economic Democracy and the World Government, p.3) BABA'S ORIGINAL DISCOURSE SAYS: "In the commune system, society is reduced to merely a production-distribution mechanism under a regimented system of control." (PNS-14, 'Cooperatives') Thus the acarya/professor literally copied from Baba's original discourse and placed it in his own book without any reference to Baba. There is no mention of Baba, no mention of Shrii PR Sarkar, no footnote, no nothing. Just the plagiarising professor lifted Baba's highly unique sentence and placed it in his own silly book as his own. And this is not an isolated case, the entire book, "Socio-economic Democracy and the World Government...", is filled with plagiarised sentences. The plagiarising professor is stealing from Baba directly. And not just that, but entire paragraphs, nay chapters, are mere repeats wherein he is just rewriting Baba's original discourses. The sequence of words, phrasing, and ideas are regurgitated versions of our AM books. That is how this professor has "written" his book.
This type of fake writing cannot be tolerated. Baba says, "The artist or litterateur who assumes the responsibility of leading humanity to the path of light from the caverns of darkness will have to heed the road signs of that path. It is not possible to guide others merely with cheap, superficial knowledge, like a half-baked pandit who reads a half-a-dozen books and then spouts a few mouthfuls of grandiloquence, and who has obtained a doctorate degree by plagiarising others’ works." (PNS-10) Hence when the publishing industry considers plagiarism to be a crime and when Baba Himself harshly rebukes this nasty habit, then it is our moral duty to write the publishing house and the university to charge-sheet the fake author. If we fail to act, more and more people around the globe will write books by stealing Baba's divine words exactly. That is sure to happen because Baba ideas are unique yet not well-known, so various writers will look towards AM books with greedy eyes and deceitful intentions. We must act and nip the problem in the bud. Everyone is encouraged to file a complaint against Prof Dhanjoo Ghista's book, "Socio-economic Democracy and the World Government" (2004). As we speak, he is getting the second edition ready for publication. This trend of plagiarism must not continue. Prof Dhanjoo Ghista is a senior-most & world renowned professor & author so he is well aware about the ethics of academic writing. It is a tragedy that he has committed this crime against Baba. Prof Dhanjoo Ghista-- who is also a family acarya & long-time margii-- is a professor at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, and the publisher of his book is Imperial College Press (
The second matter for review is this false notion that throughout his book, Prout is being referred to as "collective capitalism". This is totally wrong and Baba wholly rejects the idea of His Prout philosophy as being associated with capitalism in any way, shape, or form. Here Baba condemns the very practice and idea of capitalism. Baba says, "Capitalism means dogma." (Prama-4) Baba says, "Considering the collective interests of all living beings, it is essential that capitalism be eradicated." (POD #2) Baba says, "Capitalism must be forced to abandon its ferocious hunger by taking strong measures." (POD #2) And then Baba goes on to clearly rejects all aspects of capitalism such as group capitalism, collective capitalism etc. Baba says, "No matter what form capitalism takes – individual capitalism, group capitalism or state capitalism – capitalists will always prefer centralized production. All these forms of capitalism are essentially the same." (PNS-16) Yet throughout his book, and indeed in the sub-title itself, Dhanjooji is terming Prout as collective capitalism-- "Socio-economic Democracy and the World Government: Collective Capitalism, Depovertization, Human Rights, Template for Sustainable Peace"-- thereby giving credence to the very notion of capitalism as well as misrepresenting Prout. We must not allow this to continue.
When Baba Himself so strongly rebukes the greedy ways of capitalism then we should not allow anyone to write books that equate Prout with capitalism or any of its forms like "collective capitalism". Baba says, "I prefer not to mention the views of those who directly support capitalism, because their opinions are not worth noting. They want the shortcomings in society to remain so that they can continue to exploit the situation." (HS-1) Baba says, "These capitalists are the unworthy sons and daughters of the Cosmic Father because they go against the principle of cosmic inheritance. They should be cured of their ailments. To fight capitalism is therefore within your goal." ('Talks on Prout') Baba says, "Capitalists create hindrances on the path of human beings to prevent them from becoming one with the cosmos – to prevent them from becoming great. So capitalism is anti-Dharma and the actions of capitalists are also anti-Dharma." ('Talks on Prout') Who then can think that we should link Baba's ideas of Prout with capitalism. Yet that is what one professor is going on the global level through his book, which is an international seller.
Here Baba points out how capitalists have drifted from the goal. Our infinite thirst is to be goaded to the Supreme, not towards the material world. Baba says, "Human beings have unquenchable, infinite physical longings and out of these physical longings capitalism came into existence." ('Talks on Prout') As we know, this entire world has been created by Parama Purusa-- everything is His property. That is Baba's Prout teaching. But capitalism says something totally different. That is why Baba wholly rejects it. Baba says, "According to true spiritual ideology the system of private ownership cannot be accepted as absolute and final, and hence capitalism cannot be supported either." (POD #1) Here again Baba's idea is that no form of capitalism-- whether it be individual, group, collective or otherwise-- is to be supported. Baba says, "In the West there is individual capitalism and group capitalism. In the East there is less individual capitalism and the predominance of state capitalism." (PNS-18, 'Q & A 4') Baba says, "No matter what form capitalism takes – individual capitalism, group capitalism or state capitalism – capitalists will always prefer centralized production. All these forms of capitalism are essentially the same." (PNS-16) Yet, from cover to cover, over the course of 300 pages, our plagiarising professor is agina and again equating Prout with "collective capitalism" and misguiding one and all.
Here Baba orders us that if an author cannot preach the gospel of Prout properly, then they should not write anything at all. Baba says, "If one is not able to give the people proper guidance, then at least one should not misguide them." (NSS: Disc 14) Thus, Baba condemns the faulty notion of calling Prout as "collective capitalism" and wrongly spreading this idea around the globe.
So there are many points at hand. Why did Prof Dhanjoo Ghista plagiarise and why did he link Prout with capitalism. Only for sure he himself knows his motives but surely what he did was wrong, illegal, and unethical. Prof Ghista may have plagiarised because he thought no one would find out, or because he did not have the brain to understand Baba's ideas so he just copied them. That the plagiarising professor will have to explain himself. Why he equated Prout with capitalism is more clear. Right now it takes courage to reject capitalism. Even with the economic meltdown, the world is still advocating a free market economy. So it takes a brave heart to go against capitalism. Dr Ravi Batra has the requisite courage and intellect and that is why his books properly represent Prout and reject the ways of capitalism. Prof Ghista is not of that quality. Lacking the requisite courage, he wrote an entire 300 page book describing Prout as "collective capitalism" because he wanted to be embraced by the powers that be, i.e. the status quo. Otherwise what could be the reason why he has done such a thing, when Baba Himself rejects capitalism and all its forms. What Prof Ghista does not understand is that soon the world will be utterly sick of capitalism. They will not even like to hear the word. And if they think that Prout is merely a form of capitalism, then they will reject Prout outrightly. That is another danger involved by calling Prout as "collective capitalism". So this whole matter of plagiarism and misrepresenting Prout is quite serious for many reasons.
Now, by Baba's grace, the only thing left to do is to make a dharmic stand and not allow people like Prof Ghista to plagiarise Baba's books nor to misrepresent the ways of Prout by calling it "collective capitalism". Everyone is encouraged to write to Dhanjooji's university and publisher to stop the upcoming second edition of his so-called book. Baba says, "The real significance of the words sa'hitya or “literature” is inherent in the word itself, for the characteristic of literature is “to move together,” keeping abreast of the trends of life. Literature is no invention of the superficiality of social life, nor is it the colourful spell of any fantasia. Rather it is the portrait of real life – an external expression of the internal recesses of the mind – a bold and powerful expression of the suppressed sighs of the human heart. In order to preserve the sanctity and prestige of its name, literature must maintain its rhythm in pace with the dynamic currents of society." (PNS-10) Namaskar, Divyayoti
******************************************** His Divine Grace
Baba says, "When one realises Him, all the accumulated sam'ska'ras or the reactive momenta of one's heart melt away into nothing. All the doubts of one's mind disappear. All the auspicious and inauspicious deeds of the sa'dhaka get destroyed." (Subhasita Samgraha, pt 2, p. 32)

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