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Not Just for Cold Storage

From: "Motilal Pandey" To: Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2008 22:23:14 -0500 Subject: Not Just for Cold Storage Baba Nam Kevalam "A'mi ga'n geye ja'i, mor kon sampa'da na'i..." (P.S. 3610) Purport: Baba by Your grace I go on singing the song. I do not have any type of quality or wealth other than this. I do not have lots of capital or a huge collection of virtues. Just I am completely dependent upon Your karuna' and krpa'. My future is entirely in Your hand. Whether You allow me to remain close or push me away it is up to You. But this much I know, that I am Yours. You have given me the gift of voice and that I am using for singing Your glory. And You have given me a heart which is full of yearning and love for You. You have filled my heart with the sweet nectar of devotion. Having all these things, again and again I surrender my whole existence unto You. Please You grace me and keep along with You...
Namaskar, We all know that Baba has bestowed timeless teachings for the entire humanity and that those things are stored in the form of cassettes, videos, books and various other media. In addition numerous other prize possessions are there related with Baba's advent on this planet.
Unfortunately nowadays all this has been put into jeopardy due to extreme group clash between the two camps. To date, B group has captured most of the items but even then some few things related with AN and other places are in the hands of H group. And simultaneously under the table both the side are inventing devious strategies for grabbing what the other has. One other terribly negative feature which they both harbour is that neither camp wants to share what they have with the general marga society. So the whole archive affair is in a state of chaos and dispute, subterfuge and greed. Because both the groups are in it for their self-interest-- just to have the bragging rights about what they have. Just to glorify their own camp. Neither has any interest in using the archive to propagate AM ideology nor are they able to properly care for the basic upkeep of those archive materials. So this is the tragic state of affairs going on these days with regards to the archive. If all these precious archive materials had been copied and rationally distributed amongst the margiis and field workers then the current tumultuous circumstances could be been totally avoided. That's why again these days, the matter of how to manage Baba's audio and video cassettes, books and writings, has been getting discussed. Since 1991, there has been a growing collection of these items, stored at certain selected places around the globe. And now there is one brewing question at issue, as to what is the best way to maintain these treasured items and the teachings they represent, and pass them on from generation to generation.
On this topic, distinctly two opinions are coming, which are leading in two different directions.
Some persons are of the opinion that Baba's audio and video cassettes, and His books and writings, should be preserved in a few places around the globe. So the future generation can understand how Ananda Marga ideology came into being and what its value/utility is in practical life. By this way, future generations will be able to establish Baba's teachings. So this first group thinks that by keeping the archive in certain limited places, things will be properly protected. And Baba's ideology will be carried and handed over to the future generation. And by this way the future generation will be highly benefited. Those who hold this above opinion, think that this way Baba's collected teachings can be carried from one age to the next age. This is known as the cold storage syndrome. Means people who adhere to this view, do not give emphasis to following and bringing into practice Baba's teachings. Because, to bring those Baba's guidelines and His dictates into practice is a difficult task for them. With the value of money and their political so-called power in the organizational sphere, they want to keep their supremacy by propagating this idea that Baba's "legacy" will be kept safely in the archive storage. And handed over to future generations. This will go on and on, one after another age. The problem is that, to truly adopt Baba's teaching is difficult. And to capture something and put it in an isolated place and brag around about those things is an easy job. That's why they propagate such an approach. So this is the critical point, which has been discussed since 1991 on different occasions. As I told above, one group wants to carry on and keep Baba's so-called "legacy" safe. And pass it on to future generations. And that so-called legacy will be in the form of books, cassettes, audio-video, etc.
But on this point, Baba's guideline is very clear: That only by putting Guru's teachings into practice, can those teachings get passed on from generation to generation. In the past also, we have seen that the same guideline held true. Lord Shiva's teaching is still saturating here in Indian soil and South-East Asian countries also. Not because of Lord Shiva's audio-video tapes or books, but because whatever He taught, people practiced in their life. And those practical teachings they observed, and taught to their children. By this way, generation after generation things are getting practiced. And Baba wants this very sort of practice to go on -- because this is the tantric system. To pass His teachings, His ideology to future generations. On this very point, Baba has given one significant Ananda Vanii, which is as follows: Baba says, "From place to place, from age to age, the elixir of immortality has been flowing forever. Through the medium of human structures this message of immortality is transmitted onwards...The wise and intelligent ideate... more on the Supreme desideratum." (AV #66) Please see the critical difference between this Baba's teaching, and the general miscalculation of the archive authorities. Baba's teaching is crystal clear: He wants that His ideology should be practiced in one's own individual life. And all those tools which are related to enhance and bring those teachings into practice, are needed to be distributed.
Every Margi knows that to stimulate the growth and creation of sadvipras, AM ideology should be taught. To that end, inspiration and encouragement should be given to practice sadhana. And related Baba's cassettes, audio and video, should be provided for providing congenial atmosphere and satsaunga with Guru. These audio-video materials of Baba will help in enhancing the practice of shravan, manan, niddidhyasan, kiirtan, japa, iishvara pranidhan, and dhyana etc. When people will listen directly to devotional discourses from Baba's own voice on a regular basis, before or just after their sadhana, in their own home, then it will be their day to day habit and reminder to follow those glorious guidelines. But unfortunately, our central archive is moving in a completely different direction, in illusion as to the results it will bring. Baba is teaching us in the above Ananda Vanii, that ideal human beings are the courier, vehicle, or mediums to carry His ideology from one age to another. Baba is guiding us that ideology if it is lying in book form, is useless. But if ideology is under practice, then that will be passed along to the next generation. Otherwise the future generation will not care to look into those books which are lying in the library. One can see the history that such books are often eaten by bugs and termites of those museums. Or sometimes invaders destroy them. And in India, people have witnessed that thieves also take away those things and sell them in the black market.
So here, it is my request that we should follow Guru's guideline. Not be misguided or disillusioned by false propaganda of the Central Archive that "These archive materials are for future generations". Our duty is to arouse the consciousness in the minds of all Margiis around the globe, to think on this guideline of Baba-- AM ideology must be practiced. And the tools which Baba has given for this end need to be distributed among all. So that the needful end of practicing ideology can be realized. In the following Baba's teaching, Baba guides that human beings are the real mediums to carry the ideology from one age to another. Baba says, "Shiva felt that there should be proper media to propagate the grand and lofty ideals He was teaching."
Toma'r pata'ka' ya're da'o ta're bahiba're da'o shakti ["Give strength to the person to whom you give the flag to carry"].
"Otherwise who would be able to carry forth so much knowledge, wisdom, intellect, and such a deep spiritual cult? Incompetent people cannot be expected to carry the legacy of anything. If I teach something to an incompetent or undesirable person, it will bear no fruit, it will get wasted. A heron can never learn to speak like a mynah bird, no matter how much it is trained. The incompetent person is just like the heron." (AV-7, p.56) So by this it is very clear, that Baba wants human beings to incorporate His teachings into their own lives. And only this way can people become competent to carry His teachings forward. To this end, Baba's audio and video are indispensable tools for inculcating spiritual values--which in turn are the backbone of such competent persons or sadvipras. So on this basis, the only practical way to utilize Baba's audio and video, books and writings is to distribute them and make them available to all Margis around the world. In whose hands such tools will have real practical value. And through whom, Baba's teachings will truly get carried from generation to generation. Rather than lying uselessly on the book shelf.
Baba guides us in another Ananda Vanii that theoretical knowledge in the absence of practical knowledge is not useful--or indeed that it is useless. Baba says, "Book knowledge that cannot be utilized in life has no value." (AV-7, p.56) So by this way it is clear, such approaches which seek to stockpile Baba's audio-video, on bookshelves in selected sites around the globe for "future generations", have no value--it is just their dogma.
I close my letter with Baba's blessing, that dark days are coming to an end and a bright future for all is soon to arrive on the horizon. "So your future is bright-- not only bright, but guaranteed. A new spiritual life free from all sorts of dogma is sure to come in the near future." (SS-18, p.37) Namaskar, Motilal
*************************************************** Psychic Disease of Caste and Racial Supremacy So-Called Developed Countries Are Also Involved
Baba says, "As human beings were not able to unravel the mystery of this diversity, they wrongly preached the doctrine of racial supremacy, resulting in hated of their fellow human beings and heartless cruelty, and indulged in savagery and bloody warfare - these were the darkest and the most lamented chapters in human history." "Sometimes people are wrongly led to believe that the white people are perhaps superior to the black population, and that the blacks are only a little higher than our animal ancestors on the scale of evolution." "Even today in Europe, particularly in Spain and Portugal, and in the U.S.A., South Africa and Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), one unmistakably notices the curse of this ignorance. But is racial supremacy."
Note: Same disease is working with caste dogma ***************************************************

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