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Very Devotional Prabhat Samgiita

From: "Karma Rasa"
Subject: Very Devotional Prabhat Samgiita
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2012 23:05:21 +0000



Happy Prabhat Samgiita Day!

September 14 marks Prabhat Samgiita Divas - the 30th anniversary of when Baba graced humanity by presenting His divinely devotional compositions.

As we all know, in total, Baba composed 5,018 songs, for each and every occasion. Many songs depict the bhakta's strong love and devotional yearning for Parama Purusa. Following is one such song:

"Mor udvel hrdaye ele, keno bolo na', keno bolo na'..." (PS 3112)


Baba, by Your grace I had so much longing for You in my mind; I was crying for You - wanting to have Your close and intimate proximity. There was an extreme upsurge of love for You in my heart. I was deeply yearning Your presence. In that moment You graciously came. Baba, O' my Lord, You captivated me and made me speechless by showering Your immense spiritual grace. It was so blissful. I could not express my emotions and love for You. Baba, You came, in such an unexpected way; I could not comprehend the situation. When I found You so close I became completely dumbfounded.  I could not believe my eyes. Baba, I became motionless in that wonderstruck state. Alas, I could not serve You; I could not even do sastaunga pranam. Baba, why did You make me speechless, please tell me. [1]

O' my Dearmost, although we are very close I do not know anything about You. I do not know how or when You come and go. I have no knowledge about You. It is so painful; even then we are so close. Baba, everything I think or do, You know well. You know everything about me. But about You I do not know anything. Each and every moment I feel and realise that in spite of all my efforts to please You and hold You with the bond of my love, it is impossible. You cannot be bound; You cannot be held. Baba, I want to hold You but it is not easy. In my sadhana and dhyana I try to get You, but inevitably I fail. I understand my shortcoming: My love for You is like one thin spider thread trying to hold one great, big elephant. Similarly my little love is unable to hold Your vast Self. Baba, I wanted to have You close but I could not get You. Baba, why is it like this, please tell me.   

Baba, are You not aware that in spite of not getting You in shape and form, even then I love You. Baba, my heart cries for You on and on and I desperately want to have You; I want to get You and hold You. Baba, I want to have Your close proximity and bind You in my love and affection. Despite this intense longing, no matter how much I try I always fail to get You. Baba, You are beyond my comprehension. When I start doing meditation and dhyana and various devotional practices in search of You, then by Your grace initially I see You in sadhana. But as I delve deeper and deeper in my meditation the mind gets more concentrated and becomes more and more ensconced in that spiritual world until ultimately I lose myself in that divinity. [2]

Baba Your liila is unfathomable, please tell me why do You do this...


[1] First Stanza: The whole concept of the devotee being mute and speechless is reflected in the second line of the first stanza:

"Sab bha'v-bha'va'na' niye nile..."

And this same condition of the sadhaka being speechless Baba has described ,in these following excerpts from His discourses.

Baba says, "Parama Purus'a, the Supreme Reality, is beyond all speech and thought: He is beyond the reach of the vocal cord. So He is bha'va'tiita ["beyond bha'va"]. Shiva was also beyond the reach of ordinary intelligence. Although His body was composed of the five fundamental factors, He was beyond them. The more one thinks of His infinite qualities, the more one becomes speechless, the more deeply one becomes absorbed in Him. However He is viewed, He is seen to be the newest of the new - constantly new. That is why He has been described as bha'va'tiita abhinava ["beyond bha'va, ever-new"]." (Namah Shivaya Shantaya, Disc:19)

Baba says, "When a man is in Bha'va, it will be very easy for you to know it, because there will be a certain expression, not in the vocal cord, but from here [taps the Ana´hata Cakra]. Perhaps you have seen someone saying "Ba´ba´! Ba'ba'!", saying like this. Have you seen it? Because the expression comes from this point [indicates Ana'hata Cakra again]."
"Then when the aspirant crosses the cordon of the mutative principle, that stage is known as "Bha'va Sama'dhi." At that stage the aspirant feels
that he is with his Cosmic Goal. There is no Universe. At that stage, he ignores the entitative existence of the Universe. But he feels that he is
with his Lord. He enjoys Divine bliss, but it becomes very difficult for him to express, that is, he cannot express it." (Ananda Vacanamrtam - 12)

[2] Last Stanza: In the end of the song the devotee moves towards Him in sadhana and gets lost in Him. In that devotional state the unit mind forgets itself goes beyond the relative factors of shape and form: In that case one can no longer see Him either is just immersed in His divine realm where He is
shapeless and formless. This high spiritual state is nirvikalpa sama'dhi.

In His below cited discourses Baba describes this high attainment of sadhana.

Baba says, "What is love? It is the expressed form of devotion. Only one who has love for Parama Purus'a can take His ideation. Love is the expressed form of devotion. When does this expressed form occur? When it has its root or seed, only then it can occur. When there is seed, only then it will sprout. That seed is devotion. So, only that one can make oneself great, only that one can take the correct ideation of Parama Purus'a, who has the seed of devotion within. Let us see it from another view point. If one, after transforming mind into a point, without making it vast, merges it into Parama Purus'a, surrenders it to Parama Purus'a, then, in that case, individual mind does not exist. Then what happens? Mind merges with Parama Purus'a; there remains only Parama'tma and not the mind. This is called Nirvikalpa Sama'dhi." (Subhasita Samgraha - 19)

Baba says, "No matter how you attempt to judge. Him, be it from the standpoint of His learning, education, love, temperament or authority, you will fail to fathom Him. He is immeasurable, He is infinite. When one comes in contact with Him one attains. infinite a'nanda...When one experiences just a little extra joy, one tends to forget oneself. When one experiences infinite joy, what happens? One merges in the ocean of infinite joy thus attaining "savikalpa sama'dhi". When that flow of joy becomes so great that one loses. one's own identity and existence, it is called "nirvikalpa sama'dhi"." (Ananda Vacanamrtam - 7)

Best wishes to all on this wonderful occasion!!

Karma Rasa

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